Firefox 5 adjustable to stop a connection and/or exposure has a bar of progression rather than a single "load"? I miss my 3 version after update.

Firefox 5 adjustable to stop a connection and/or exposure has a bar of progression rather than a single "load"? I miss my version 3


You can use this extension.

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  • When I open Firefox, tab keeps flipping quickly between 'Connection' and 'new tab '. The browser does not connect to any site.

    This occurred just after the visit to the site of isohunt. I got a message saying "Firefox stops."

    IsoHunt from installing a program, will you allow?" (or words to that effect). I gave permission then the problem started.

    I used Firefox on my iMac for a long time without any problem. I'm running OS X 10.7.5

    I hope you can help

    I have this problem on my pc but I was watching youtube then fallout new vegas nexus so I closed it and then start playing a game, and then when I opened firefox again it was flashing between tap connection and new

  • Out of the blue my HP C4205 stopped the connection and is simply display offline?

    I just received this print by a friend that it is no longer used, replaced black ink and after you get the printer to recognize the new cartridge, it was good to go. Now a week later all of a sudden the printer shows offline and will not be a link to the PC at all. The printer still works even if, like the copy function works.

    Using my logical head I'd say it's the cable (I checked that it is plugged properly), but I know printers can be very finicky sometimes so hoped there was a way out of trouble before you go out and buy another cable.

    I use windows 7 32 bit, any help would be appreciated...

    Varial, have you installed the printer using the CD that came with the machine? If so initially, allows to run although the process of unistalling the printer and reinstlaling it.

    Start by going through programs and features, devices and printers and Device Manager and make sure that the printer software is completely removed, uninstalled or deleted.

    Then in the start menu, click RUN and type "%temp%" and press ENTER. In the folder that opens, I want to delete all the files and present records which will allow you to remove them (some will not allow you, and that's fine).

    After doing all this and restart your PC, follow the link below and install the software full control and available through the download of HP drivers:

    Let's start here, and if that does not work, we will try other solutions. My next idea is to use a different driver than the one you have been downloading in its place.

  • Personas do not work with firefox 3.6 and yet he directs me to the personas rather than themes page why?

    I've recently updated to Firefox 3.6.3. and I was wondering why I can't use personas, I discovered that they are not compatible with 3.6. But my problem is that whenever I click on 'Get themes' in the section modules, I've redirected the page to personas and tells me I need to upgrade to get the most out of the site (essentially, downgrade to version 3.5) is there any other way around this?

    == I upgraded to 3.6

    Personas (light themes) are integrated in Firefox 3.6.

    Where did you see that they are not compatible with 3.6?

    This is the reason why they probably do not work for you is your Firefox User Agent string is marred by another program you have installed, or maybe a failed attempt to usurp IE 6.

    • Type of topic: config in the URL bar and press ENTER.
    • If you see a warning, you can confirm that you want to move forward.
    • Filter = general.useragent.
    • Preferences that are bold, one line at a time, right-click and select Reset.
    • Then restart Firefox

    Check out the Web sites or modules incorrectly report incompatible browser and find what version of Firefox you are using

  • A friend signed Facebook on my computer and Mozilla now goes automatically to the page rather than mine.

    How to reset the computer so that I get my own Facebook page when I log in Facebook?

    Somewhere on the Facebook page, I think that in the upper right, is a logout or logout of choice. It is one of the menus that drops an icon or your photo. Clear cookies will also sign your friend, but you might want to locate this menu item for use later, just in case these cookies do not contain any important data you want to keep. And in the case where you wait for someone to be on your computer, so that they are unable to access your Facebook account!

  • I'm in a browser session and pop-up windows opens a new window rather than a tab of FFox. How can I cause a pop-up open in a tab instead of a new window of FFox?

    I'm under FFox 4 on Windows 7 completely up-to-date. I use a stock trading platform (called Desk of Trading), which requires the use of pop-ups limited. With IE 8, the pop - ups appear as tabs, but with FFox, they open a series of new windows and fill the taskbar!

    You can watch these prefs the subject: config page.

    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

  • How can I get attachments and other parts info to read in English rather than the computer crypt?

    whenever I have open attachments by email or visit a Web site to open an attaachment online, a kind of computer jargon opens instead of the attachment.

    1. What is the extension of file attachments?
    2. What program they open with right now?
  • Yesterday, I allowed Firefox download the new program... and now I can't find the Firefox toolbar to sit upstairs on the left. Where is he?

    April 29, 2014, Mozilla has offered a new update and let it install. Now, the bar tools Firefox or whatever orange line allows me to look for sites of course is not there. Where is he?

    29 of Firefox and later versions have the interface Australis which seems different from the UI in Firefox 28 and older versions.
    With interface Australis, the orange Firefox menu button has been replaced by the three Menu button at the right end of the Navigation bar on the bar.

    See also:

  • Firefox is remove my development extensions loading firefox, how can I stop this, I lose work

    I develop Firefox addons. Since the update to Firefox 18.0 removes my development extensions/files in the profile folder loading firefox, how can I stop this, I lose the job!

    It seems if being arrested do not know if it was a version update or disabling encryption EFS in Windows of profile records. I noticed EFS seems to cause problems in general.

  • WRT54G loses connection and will not let me connect again

    WIFI at home was great for 2 years, then every sudden in the last 2 weeks I lose my signal on my laptop and iPhone. Then, I can not find the signal, or if the device detects the signal it wont let me connect. He hears no even except my wep key, I get a message saying that I can't connect to the network. Usually, if I unplug my router and the modem I can connect and wifi takes about 24 hours or so I lost. Any help?

    Since you have already updated the firmware on your router, you reset your router and re-configured all the settings on your router? If this isn't the case, then press in and hold the reset for 30 seconds button... Release the reset button... Unplug the power cable from your router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable... Now re - configure your router...

    If your Internet Service is cable follow this link

    If your Internet Service is DSL follow this link

    When you re - configure all your router settings, you must change some settings under part wireless router...

    Set the channel on your router 11-2, 462 GHz Wireless and that the broadcast of the SSID should be activate...

    Then click the sub-tab under Wireless 'Advance Wireless Settings' and change the tag to 75 interval... Change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304 change the RTS threshold to 2307... Click 'save settings '...

    Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect...

  • Alert: "State of connection and power supply home" on vcenter 5.1.0

    Alert | : connection and power host on Vcenter 5.1.0 and Exi 5.1.0 State trigger will does not but its execution such as available on direct access to esxi.

    This Aler trigger automatically after you again 'to connect to this host.

    Please help me solve problem

    Be sure to vCenter Server is able to resolve the host name and vice versa. Add a host record - A with the IP address of your host (which btw. is always visible on your screen) to your DNS server and you connect to the host by its FULL domain name, rather than by its IP address.


  • Can I return to 38.0.1 Toolbars take too much space: subject bar not minimizable and attachments are a separate tool bar rather than online.

    The massive 38 version of space around the titles and toolbars; the "subject" bar takes the massive space and is therefore no longer minimizable and attachments display in a new toolbar background rather than in the bar as to, subject and SIZE.

    This makes useful reading the text or a very small image. See the image on 2 different screenshots.

    Thanks, Eddie V

    Wayne Mery said

    It seems to me that you have not yet installed

    THANK YOU, WAYNE. This addon got the + and - back themed bar releasing much needed content space.

    It leaves the 'bar fixing' at the bottom that is just a minor inconvenience, takes little vertical space. In the old system, it was just an element in the list of properties for incoming e-mail.

    Once again, thank you very much for your excellent help. Best for you, Eddie

  • Satellite M40X-169 when it is connected to the wireless device stop with restarts and blue screen


    I had the problem with my laptop when I connect and get connected to the wireless network. My laptop stops with the Blue error screen, then restarts.

    Maybe you can help me solve this problem, because I can't work normally when I need to be connected.

    Plaese help me.


    It is not easy to give you a precise answer, but try to remove WLAN card from Device Manager, and then restart the device. You can also check the Toshiba download page and try to install the latest driver for the WLAN card.

  • Satellite L40 don't stop with power connected and is not in sleep mode

    Hello world. I hope someone can help me. Basically, there are two problems: one with judgment of the laptop (Satellite L40 - 17U (Vista 32 bit Home Premium SP1)) down when power is connected and the other with closing the lid and put it to sleep.

    1. in recent weeks, it all of a sudden won't stop, whenever power is connected. When it's on battery, it will stop. When the power is connected, and I try to stop, it seems that it closed down (all activity stops and the led goes off) for about 1 or 2 seconds, then it goes back.

    2. when I close the lid (all settings in Vista are set to put the laptop in a State of 'sleep' when the lid is closed), the laptop enters a State where it cannot be recovered by stopping by pressing the power button for 10 seconds to close completely. When closing the cover, only the battery LED continues to Flash orange (the way it should be), but apparently the laptop keeps consuming power, because when I restart later (first having to close as described above) tends to be quite an empty battery as it was before the next redΘmarrage it (like go from 100% to 65% in 30 minutes as "standby mode"). Also, when I open the cover, the other LEDS will on new (green), but nothing happens.
    After the restart first by pressing the power button for 10 seconds to close, I often get the message that Windows cannot be started and run the system repair.

    I just do a completely clean install with the product recovery CD (has not installed SP1 yet), updated to v1.90 BIOS, but the problem remains.

    I'm afraid that my only option will be to bring him away for a warranty repair, but knowing that these repairs can take weeks, I'd rather try a solution here could someone recommend me first. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

    Thank you
    Daniel Breslauer

    Hi guys

    Never had this problem on my laptop, but with regard to an other users here in the forum the BIOS might help solve such strange behavior for laptop
    To be honest the closed question is unclear for me I noticed a problem before on my laptop but the update of the BIOS helped.

    This is why I recommend update BIOS first.
    If the problem still appears, the ASP should take a look in the notebook.

    Good luck

  • my laptop suddenly stopped to connect to any bluetooth device. I restored my system and removed the programs installed before having this problem.

    my laptop suddenly stopped to connect to any bluetooth device. I restored my system and removed the programs installed before having this problem.

    Hi sh8kdown,

    Thanks for posting this question in the Microsoft Community!

    I understand that you can not connect to Bluetooth devices on the computer. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Rest assured that I will do my level best to help you.

    (1) what is the brand and model of the computer?

    (2) what is the model number of the Bluetooth devices?

    (3) you get an error message?

    (4) did you of recent changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest the following methods and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    Method 2: Troubleshoot issues with Bluetooth devices

    (Applicable to Windows 7 as well)

    Method 3: Error: "Pilot of Bluetooth device not found" when you try to connect a bluetooth device: 


    Add a Bluetooth device to your computer:

    Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device:

    It will be useful. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards!

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