Firefox and serious problems with the police on the websites bloglike.

Firefox on my computer has some serious problems with the police on some sites, such as: twitter, tumblr and a few other bloglike.

Twetter / thumblr / other


Yes, it is more likely a hardware acceleration problem or a problem with the specific fonts (rendering).

You can do a test of fonts to see if you can identify the corrupted fonts.

You can use this extension to see what fonts are used for the selected text.

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    My Client is to have a serious problem with the Contact form Widget that I can't seem to figure out how to fix.

    I created a website for a client and inserted a widget of Contact form on the "Contact us" page Whenever someone uses the form, e-mail receive my client shows my e-mail address as the sender. So when they "meet" the email, the response is sent to me and not the person who sent the original message. This creates a major problem in that I get flooded with answers e-mail while my client's potential customers go without a response.

    When I look at ' Site Manager > email system > Workflow information > e-mail address on the site administration Console, it displays my e-mail information. This is what needs to be changed?  If this is the case, what needs to be placed in this field for the email address of my client receives presents information email senders in the field "from".  My client wants to be able to click on reply and the message sent to the right side. They would be very angry if should be cut and past shippers Correo electronico of the body text on all the contacts they receive.

    Their feeling is that if I can't find a way to make the contact form works as it should, then there is no need for them.

    Can someone help me understand this? I really don't want to disappoint my first client.

    Congratulations for your first customer! =>

    Looks like you can have your email in places where your customers email should be.

    Here are the places you need to change your e-mail address.

    First adjust the answering of your web form is your customer email. Screenshot: and

    Second set Emails to come your clients e-mail system. Site management > system email > set default "from" e-mail. Screenshot:

    I always go through each email system and check the e-mail address after you set the default value. I found that it doesn't always change them for some reason any. Note: If you are on a lower to webCommerce plan your list can be shorter than what is shown.

    Make sure that the email you the list of customers is also an email they want in public.

    Also provide information on the TSA that thetrickster888 is good information.

    I hope this helps.


  • I have Photoshop CS5.1 Extended with free upgrade to CS6. How do I re acquire this upgrade?  I upgraded my laptop from Vista to Windows 7 and had problems with the way he ran I did a full clean install of Win 7 and am trying to re install all my

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  • Firefox and Chrome problems with computer Samsung Windows 8

    I got a new laptop from Samsung series 3 a few days ago. I installed Firefox and it periodically only half loads certain web pages such as Yahoo and Facebook, out of all the photos and the tabs. This does not, unless I completely uninstall Firefox with all my information and reinstall it, and then it gives me a few hours and I have to repeat the process. So, since I hate IE 9 and 10, more even than their predecessors, I installed Google Chrome and have exactly the same thing happen. I read in the forums of Firefox and Chrome, it seems to be a problem with the Samsung computers, but none of the fixes there helped me. All I have this problem and it fixed or have a solution?


    the problem is Samsung built the program support center.  This is a specific problem of Samsung.  To fix just remove Samsung support center program by using Add/Remove Programs, and then the cache of Firefox clear and all would work fine.

  • How to solve a serious problem with the Battary of my T500 laptop?

    Hi Forum,

    My laptop is Lenovo THINKPAD T500 2055, and its main features are the following:

    -T 39, 6651 SBB 9 CELL LI-ION BATTERY
    -Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz, 6MBL2)
    -8 GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module 4 GB (2 x 4 GB) 1066 MHz DDR31066/PC38500 DDR3 SDRAM SoDIMM Kingston.
    -HDD 2 GB Intel Turbo Memory cache.
    -ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 with 256 MB.
    -160 GB of HDD, 7200 RPM.
    -Windows 7 complete edition with the latest Service Pack (x 64).

    My problem with precision and brevity is the Battary. I was using my laptop with the same battary since 01.01.2009 (almost 3.5 years), and the battary works quite OK.

    Most of the time, that my laptop is plugged and work with electricity. However, A very short time, I used the laptop while it is running on battery power, however, I used to empty the weeks of the dough from time to time, i.e. all 3, I unplug the charger and continue to use the laptop until I see the orange warning sign (5%), then, I connect again.

    Fortunately, I never had problems with the battary or the cell phone, and when I charge the laptop usually it shows sign full (100%).

    Suddenly three days ago my laptop starts to blink and the orange sign battary constantly in charge shows 100%. When I try to run on the battery by disconnecting the AC adapter, the laptop immediately loses its power and stops immediately.

    What do you do? Could you please give me useful tips to solve this problem?

    I'd be greatly and sincerely appreciate all of your entries!

    Thank you for your consideration of my request and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Replace the battery!

  • Just bought Wndows Vista and having problems with the port for Palm 125

    I just bought a Windows Vista-based computer and have problems with getting my 125 Palm to synchronize with the desktop computer.  I get an error message saying: "No available Com1" what should I do?

    Thank you


    Don't ask me the procedures step by step that I did, but I finally success!  I uninstalled Palm Desktop and started from scratch.  I unplugged the Hot Sync cradle by the USB port, then I installed Palm Desktop from my drive and then update Palm Desktop on the Palm for Palm M125 site.  It still does not, I manually added a port and manually changed to COM1.  I then pressed the Hot Sync button and in the Device Manager, a folder has become available "device named" with Palm Desktop as a subfolder.  It is always active, I updated my computer for Palm USB driver.  Miraculously it worked.  Thanks for your help, but as usual everything it needed, it was patience and trial and error to solve the problem, since it does not seem to be a quick fix related this topic.

    Message relates to: Palm m125

  • Webview from landscape orientation to portrait mode causes the font size to become smaller and a problem with the context Menu

    Hi, I have a webview with inline html. It works fine except that when I pass in landscape mode, the screen fills fine and the police grows, but when I go back to portrait fonts are tiny, even smaller then when initially in the portrait. I am installing this on a Z10 with cascades 10.1 SDK. Is this a Bug somewhere in the SDK or BB10?

    Another problem I have is in Web mode, the shortcut menu appears when I touch a Word. I is no need to use the context menu. How can I get rid of him. In the case where I would like to someday use this menu, I would need to add code to it. I can't find the code. Where can I find it?

    Thanks for your help



    I' to propose taying far WebView as much as possible and using TextArea (with type HTML). There are still a few bugs present in WebView that make it unpleasant to use.

    You cannot get rid of the context menu, so it will disappear once you remove WebView. You can still share with other methods.

    This may seem more work and it's probably, but it's going to do to improve the user experience and fewer headaches for you.

  • Serious problems with the 6.16 update: reboot page & chat

    First of all, I want to mention before, if there is no problem with Skype, it would make my computer all freeze where I by force to restart my system. If she didn't answer I could not force the program to close and would be forced to stop and start again.

    An hour or two there is something like it happened and so I restart my computer. Restart Skype updated during this time. When he came I went to my main group chat and it froze my computer, forcing me to do a hard cock down. For the next couple hours, it's the same thing. Even when I tried to disable my internet so I couldn't even open Skype. It is only now, 4 hours later that I am able to access Skype and the rest of the features on my computer, something I wasn't able to do.

    With this update, the display for the bubbles of text is not something I like. Timestamps are gone even if I still have the box checked to have these timestamps. I can't scroll to see previous messages and certain user setting have been forgotten or reset. I'm not happy about all of this change suddenly that I'm already rather on the fence with how much I love Skype.

    I'd like a way to return to the old interfaces without suffering a decline in quality with calls and video.

    The cat new UI is provided with the version only. You can uninstall this 'special' version and install the version with the old chat UI window.

  • BlackBerry Bond serious problems with the GPS on BB jump with OS 10.3.1


    I have 3 problems with my BB jump; for 1 of it, I write here a solution.

    When I get on the maps of BB (installed by default) with location and a Wi - Fi enabled connection, my position still show that I'm somewhere in Basel (Switzerland), even though I live in other countries European. I tried the settings, and I can't find anywhere any preset location. Is it not strange that the GPS is not able to find my REAL position? Please let me know what I can do to be legitimate spotted.

    the other secondary issues which I hope will be resolved with upgrades:

    1. the sound of the keyboard cannot be completely reduced, even if the sound is at a minimum.

    2. the sound of the camera has no parameters to kill noise when shooting.

    Thank you.

    citizen_ka wrote:

    It is true that I didn't try the device under the sky :).

    Well, there you go. Go outside with a view of the sky, no buildings.

    What part of the world, what country are you?

    citizen_ka wrote:

    the volume is set to minimum maximum and still makes audible clicks when entering.

    Minimum only.

  • BlackBerry sudden Z10 and serious problem with Z10 NEED HELP Please

    I have a z10, one of the first who came out in Toronto (if it is one)
    (difference), a few hours ago, I fell into a serious and sudden

    I was able to swipe left and right between the pages of apps, even fall down
    Since the Summit, but I cannot open anything, not even not making a call or settings

    Any time I try, for a fraction of a second, it looks like its about load
    something then nothing. (image slides to the right quickly and goes back
    each attempt)

    So I first did a reset, same problem, so I did a battery pull (15 minutes) and the problem is.

    I tried via USB to do a backup on blackberry Manager and maybe do a
    Re - install everything, but when I was invited to the password
    my camera on my PC, it told me that it was (I use a wrong password
    This blackberry on my computer 4-7 days a week, twice a day sometimes for an
    year and I have never miss typed my password, nor have I changed it)

    After trying everything to make sure that the first letter was maybe upper/lower
    cases, even my other possible phone password, nothing worked...

    On the 5th unsuccessful attempt my phone prompted me to type "blackberry", which
    I did, then I typed my password on my phone that I type in about 15 times
    one day because I put my phone in a lock in 5 minutes and has always said that he was wrong... I'm no attempt of 9/10 on and lost
    for options.

    Please if anyone can give me any suggestions, or even how do I back up my phone
    and now, or I have a previous backup of whipe form 4 months ago that I
    I wouldn't come back in the worst cases.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Well... If you are in 9 out of 10 here and you don't mind not to restore your device, then enter the password again once and then the device should enter the device wipe mode. That will reset your device to factory setting and then you can start fresh by reloading your backup made the earlier

  • Fixed the pc and now problems with the operating system.

    So a few weeks ago I had replaced my motherboard fried and all the rest. Windows claimed to resurrect my computer, my copy of Windows 7 is not legitimate and does not accept my product key. Any advice on how to fix this?

    If your license of Windows 7 comes with the previous motherboard, it is not transferable to a new motherboard.

    If it is a license upgrade of retail that you bought in a store, the motherboard, you take a match it must have a previous qualification licence.

    You can also try the following:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Unable to connect to the internet and have problems with the help of program network Toshiba

    Original title: I can't go on the internet?

    I try to go online to check my bank account and net work of toshiba program will not cone upward on my screen.i have a blank page.

    Hi Alice,.


    Please join Microsoft Community where you can find the necessary information on Microsoft products!

    You are unable to connect to internet and unable to use a Toshiba network program.

    1. what browser do you use?

    2 are you able to open other sites?

    3. Once you get a white page?

    4. do you get error messages when you try to open the site to the Bank?

    5 did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    6. who is the program of Toshiba network you're talking about?

    To work the issue with cannot connect to the internet:

    Method 1:

    See the site:

    The problems of Internet connection

    Note: Apart from using the Internet connectivity evaluation tool, all the other steps are applicable to Windows 7 as well.

    To work the issue with Toshiba program:

    Method 2:


    Reinstall the boot program:

    Step 1: Clean boot

    When the computer starts to boot, programs non-Microsoft will not be started and would avoid any interruption of their share.


    Check out the link:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: once you are done with the boot, follow step 3 of section to set your computer to normal startup.

    Note: If in case, you are connected via a connection wireless, and then when you start the System Configuration utility to perform the clean boot, click Startup and Services tab one time and check wireless see corresponding section are checked (enabled).

    Step 2: Uninstall the program


    See the site:

    Uninstall or change a program

    Step 3: Install the program


    If the problem persists, then you try to get help on the Toshiba forums site:

    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, let know us and we would be happy to help you.




  • Select and mask | Problems with the selection in the process of disappearance - CC 2015.5

    Hi all!

    I've just updated Photoshop 2015.5 CC version.

    I am currently working on a design that needs cutting contours.

    So I picked all the areas belonging to the background of the image and then click on the "select and mask" to refine the edges and then clear my selection as I usually did.

    But instead, my selection disappeared...

    My steps were:

    1. Selection of the areas to clear with "themagic wand tool.
    2. Click on 'select and mask' (output parameters: output to the selection).
    3. Click on 'OK'.
    4. Selection has disappeared!

    I have provided all the tools to their default settings, but nothing has changed.

    I tried to close and reopen the case, repeat the steps to delete the background, but I always feel the question.

    It is a big problem for me!

    I hope that there is someone who could help me/us with this!



    I actually asked the new workspace me first thing after update, because I wasn't getting.  It's different enough that you need to learn everywhere, I'm afraid, but it is definitely an improvement when you become familiar with it.  See Julianne Kost guide below, but I suspect that you may need to adjust the sliders that control the opacity of the background.  Or simply click on the transparent part to start the selection.

    Select and mask "Julieanne Kost's Blog

  • serious problem with the network card drivers

    Ok. I've been messing around last night, playing GTA San Andreas on my laptop. I wanted to see what the resolution that I could run in, so I tinker with them a little more. I tried to apply a change and my laptop screen keeps flashing between 'off' black and black 'menu of the game' and I had to manually turn off because nothing has worked. When I rebooted, I found that I had no internet. This happens fairly regularly (my laptop is a bit grumpy and so it the wireless), so I don't think about it. But this morning, when I really need to search for a document, I found that I couldn't connect to the internet - or via my wireless ethernet cable. I think I'm done at the root of the problem, however: when I go to Device Manager, every single "network card" has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. If I double click on one, it says under device status as "this device does not work properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for the device (code 31)." After seeing this, I was indirectly bothered to download/install the latest drivers for the two most important cards (Intel Pro / wireless 3945ABG and RTL9101 Realtek PCI-E). They said facilities were successful, but after a reboot, I always saw all connections and it has not responded to my ethernet cable.
    If I right-click on one of the cards and choose "update the driver software", then select the new drivers manually, it starts to install it and then says "windows has detected software driver for your device but encountered an error...". This device does not work properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (code 31).

    I don't really know where to go from here (I'll try to update BIOS driver, but I'm skeptical that it will help), and any help at all would be much appreciated. I called HP and they said my warranty was up and wanted me to pay for their "advice".

    The laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6920us.

    Thank you very much!


    What system do you currently use?

  • Urgent: Facing serious problems with the installation of BEEP

    Hi all

    This was a pain for me now,

    I installed the BEEPER and his works fine. Its set up on my desk and I connect to the databases locally. But when I restart my system, OC4J would not get initialized and so I'm not able to launch published BEEP. Among the various warning messages following me:

    * WARNING: Source Code C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\xmlpserver\xmlps
    erver\WEB-INF\lib\ldapjclnt10.jar (from WEB-INF/lib/directory in C:\OracleBI\oc
    4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\xmlpserver\xmlpserver\WEB - INF\lib) has the same thread
    Ename but is not identical to the /C:/OracleBI/oc4j_bi/jlib/ldapjclnt10.jar (of < c)
    Ode-source > in META-INF/boot.xml to C:\OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\oc4j.jar). If
    There are different versions of the same classes, he's going to be hidden like the lat
    TER is already visible in the search path for the xmlpserver.web.xmlpserver:0 charger.
    0.0 *

    Now I tried to copy the file on to a device at the chance of another, but still no. I reinstalled the JDK and BEEP twice but still no luck... I mean, is there a way to solve this problem. Can any body please help me with this as to why I get this warning message. When I try to reinstall the BEEP it asks me to fix it... is it possible that I can reinstall my system completely and not repair.

    Need for emergency assistance (if any body wants the screenshots, I can predict that too)

    Thank you


    the warning you have posted is just a warning and normally BI Publisher (OC4J) works even with this warning. There must be something else wrong.


    P.S.: If it's an urgent question it might be a good idea to open a SR

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