Firefox crashes always within 5 minutes

Signature: NS_ProcessNextEvent (nsIThread *, bool) | Mozilla::IPC:MessagePump:run(Base::MessagePump::delegate*)

Yes, it's a problem with the software of Trusteer.

  • bug 1159484 - 37.0.2 Firefox hangs with report of Trusteer

Please, do not comment in bug reports

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  • Firefox crashes after a few minutes surfing


    I am having some problems with my Firefox for a week now. After a few minutes, my Firefox crashes while I browse the net.

    Could you please have a look at my ID Crash?
    Thanks in advance.

    Crash-ID: bp-6b36d6fa-6f3e-43de-af01-664212150120

    Hello D1nky, please update your graphics drivers and check if the problem exists.

    as temporary difficulty disable hardware accelerationand check again.

    Thank you

  • Firefox crashes always start upward to the point Windows 8.1

    I just installed Windows 8.1 on my computer. Then, I installed the latest Firefox. The installation is completed successfully. But everytime I open Firefox, it crashes just after 5 seconds.

    Here is my report id: Crash ID: bp-8e22c917-2066-4a30-8fec-cf26c2140626

    Thanks for your help.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}
    While you are in safe mode;
    Press < Alt > or < F10 > to display the toolbar.

    Windows; Tools > Options
    Linux; Edit > Preferences
    Mac; name of the application > Preferences

    Then Advanced > General.
    Find and stop using hardware acceleration.

    Dig safe web sites and see if there is still a problem. Then restart.

  • 41.0 Firefox crashes

    Good day, so, as mentioned above Firefox crashes every 5-10 minutes after the launch, even in safe mode and with the extensions disabled. You will appreciate all the help possible, thank you for your time and attention.

    30.09.2015 BP-c15a07c2-2F06-48fd-ba5d-b325d2150930 07:26
    30.09.2015 BP-fcd511b1-6629-4882-982d-96a422150930 07:07
    30.09.2015 BP-12577c86-84cb-431C-9e34-e89472150930 07:05
    29.09.2015 BP-adde52a4-616f-44FB-a0d9-2404c2150929 21:39
    29.09.2015 BP-3c11a97f-7719-4287-961d-c52572150929 20:56
    29.09.2015 BP-6fa3ae35-9220-4001-a76a-c2bcd2150929 17:08
    29.09.2015 BP-3ef3f64c-5627-45a5-B2E5-030862150929 16:44
    29.09.2015 BP-3bec9de1-700a-4B16-B841-622482150929 16:41
    29.09.2015 BP-2f7b97e0-80d2-4263-B60F-876382150929 16:37
    29.09.2015 BP-85238d86-1CAF-4627-882c-3d0042150929 16:35
    29.09.2015 BP-70f4c6f9-c599-4120-8841-aedbe2150929 16:33

    Try the new patch from yesterday 41.0.1.

  • Firefox crashes unexpectedly

    My Firefox crashes unexpectedly within seconds using the internet. I use the latest version, I run my program of protection anti-virus, installed the Mircosoft Security Scanner, I updated my plugins, I installed the "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" provided by Firefox and I tried to use Firefox in Safe Mode, but it keeps crashing. I need a solution to this problem!

    What I ended up doing was re - install the whole Firefox and that seemed to work. No problem, also didn't save link of your favorite on a project of electronic mail. Unfortunately, I don't have that.

  • Suddenly, Firefox crashes every few minutes - reset/reinstall without help

    Suddenly, Firefox crashes every few minutes.
    Reset/reinstall without help.
    Dozens of incident reports have been sent.
    W7 professional.
    BP-4d77235e-6f1e-4D4E-80ED-568e22150429 29/04/15 09:59
    BP-f654cc0e-4379-4c26-8335-ff7bc2150429 29/04/15 09:00
    BP-4aef9821-6aff-46b6-9827-666c12150429 29/04/15 09:00
    BP-8efe7e6c-1AC5-4746-A769-5eeea2150429 29/04/15 08:42
    BP-e3202185-4BAD-48df-ac4d-d2eb62150428 28/04/15 11:28
    BP-6a5186b3-6d82-44ec-AFED-6461d2150428 28/04/15 10:30
    BP-9cebb099-6e3d-4cc7-8B8F-a35992150428 28/04/15 10:29
    BP-92f82214-7328-4AD1-9DF0-2382d2150427 27/04/15 11:51
    BP-0ce3d4c4-3f1f-4B66-a37f-3d5062150427 27/04/15 11:51
    BP-21e7b59f-7c73-495e-a8fd-9d16c2150427 27/04/15 10:08
    BP-3d12f6d2-b8d9-4098-adc4-1d9132150427 27/04/15 07:17
    BP-f0d19c24-9692-40A4-93BC-8041a2150425 25/04/15 15:19
    BP-757fd125-29aa-4521-B61D-fb25d2150425 25/04/15 14:45
    BP-db6c25c5-6816-4166-ba79-66f352150425 25/04/15 14:18
    BP-4023a864-44FC-492b-a917-04dca2150425 25/04/15 14:18
    BP-cf7b59da-04d5-4624-8754-b17012150425 25/04/15 13:36
    BP-6d74204c-8f5e-4414-b5b5-24c362150425 25/04/15 12:49
    BP-b74e3210-3d94-4003-97b8-84d8f2150424 24/04/15 17:25
    BP-1f49b173-aff9-4abb-A330-d728b2150422 22/04/15 12:21
    BP-36b6c76d-8aa5-4133-aff0-d368f2150415 15/04/15 18:00
    BP-a1e3705f-5553-4695-9405-b8d262150415 15/04/15 18:00
    BP-43837ac8-f0fb-451D-a609-41e652150415 15/04/15 18:00
    BP-27bc79fd-0dbf-4e6e-8692-8b2e52150415 15/04/15 15:00
    BP-374ebabf-EB68-4D9D-a657-572c62150415 15/04/15 15:00
    BP-715092f5-82ac-4BB2-8a78-76dd32150415 15/04/15 13:42
    BP-b6721c11-D542-497a-895F-577c52150415 15/04/15 13:21
    BP-0661d03a-3F13-444e-8f86-af5542150415 15/04/15 13:21
    BP-49adcbfa-CFCA-4641-B125-da04b2150415 15/04/15 12:07
    BP-ea6b55f0-d0f5-4342-ac4c-2e50e2150415 15/04/15 11:20
    BP-e506c488-4eb0-4a9d-A281-427c52150415 15/04/15 11:07
    BP-fe3acf97-71d6-4c25-B640-c35fe2150415 15/04/15 10:52
    BP-32c1257c-65df-4880-a47a-143182150415 15/04/15 10:50
    BP-26cbfc42-387b-4D17-bd3c-16f0a2150415 15/04/15 10:50
    BP-36a70d15-F04E-4258-8598-496852150415 15/04/15 09:58
    I am a web designer and depend on Firebug - this is a nightmare for me.

    Thank you


    Oops. Apology.

    You have the hotfix again, incidentally?

  • Firefox crashes every few minutes. Reinstall, format, memtest ok, ok disc. No change.

    My PC worked well, but I decided to format it because it was time.

    I did, and when I was using the recently installed firefox, it crashes. And again a few minutes later and once again, and so on.

    Tried disabling modules, disable synchronization, reseting Firefox, reinstall Firefox, format again, install a windows update 7, but he continues to do so.

    Run memtest overnight, all perfect. Hard drive is perfect too.

    I don't know what to do now, so I followed the steps detailed here:
    and now I ask you about this.

    If you need more information, please let me know.

    Last crash:
    bp-401869b2-2488-4b2a-bc71-31c7f2130616 6/15/2013 9:23 PM
    bp-4ca9ebb5-70a5-40b9-95b6-ac8be2130615 6/15/2013 8:46 PM
    bp-05a69596-3286-48c4-85fc-0966e2130615 6/15/2013 8:09 PM
    cd20e0b9-f7e5-4486-ad6c-af2447154b09 6/15/2013 6:55 PM
    bp-f996cfb1-b5bb-4118-a8cc-9dd042130615 6/15/2013 12:55 AM
    bp-8d051efd-a6c4-40b9-830c-491412130615 6/14/2013 10:27 PM
    db94257f-4b2d-4523-9180-31ffbbf90c38 6/14/2013 10:03 PM
    bp-01a14449-9c8c-4019-96dc-b0ecc2130615 6/14/2013 10:01 PM
    bp-dcd8bad3-691b-473c-b2a8-ad7d22130615 6/14/2013 9:48 PM
    bp-bf8ef1e9-ec3a-444d-831e-383cc2130615 6/14/2013 9:48 PM
    bp-12ade04d-e7a6-48a2-bc93-b35532130615 6/14/2013 9:33 PM
    bp-b1ce76a1-1519-4389-b340-8b1ff2130614 6/14/2013 1:59 PM
    bp-482d78dc-18d1-4bfb-a47a-219a72130614 6/14/2013 1:59 PM
    6bd8af27-acc5-4772-a400-69c2037e115f 6/14/2013 4:41 AM
    bp-9af131c4-1e9a-4ac9-bd23-c59252130614 6/14/2013 2:20 AM
    bp-196c5070-22f6-43ae-a329-82b1a2130614 6/14/2013 12:06 AM
    bp-6ed91851-7159-42b7-afff-8a7982130614 6/13/2013 9:53 PM
    bp-7038abb4-4440-49f7-a274-3b49b2130614 6/13/2013 9:21 PM
    bp-95f1792f-651b-4ac0-afbb-fc5ee2130614 6/13/2013 9:18 PM
    bp-6bf018c2-7c73-4388-9f3f-e3f422130613 6/13/2013 8:38 PM
    bp-6d7fdae5-3a58-4ce1-beff-7a7e62130613 6/13/2013 12:42 PM
    bp-9ed38af8-1afd-4c17-8ae9-18d092130613 6/13/2013 12:50 AM
    bp-ac06df03-6766-41a0-8494-832d12130612 6/12/2013 2:00 PM

    I've updated the Bios, as a user of this forum suggest me: (Spanish)

    And now is solved, so that was the problem.

    My PC:
    AMD Phenom II X 4 940 Black Edition
    ASUS M3A78-EM
    8 GB memory
    Sapphire Radeon HD 4850

    Original Bios version: 1502
    Bios Update: 2701

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • Firefox crashes because as his tent to update the last website I went to have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and always the case. How can I erase this site so it seems not for her? Also happens in safe mode.

    Firefox crashes because as his tent to update the last website I went to have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and always the case. How can I erase this site so it seems not for her? Also happens in safe mode.

    Follow the suggestions mentioned in the following article:

  • my pc seems to have picked up some malware some body called on this subject there is say my computer crashed completely within 72 hours but I was still 20 minutes in bed at a time can help you

    my pc seems to have picked up some malware some body called on this subject there is say my computer crashed completely within 72 hours but I was still 20 minutes in bed at a time can help you

    Hello paulfletcherza,

    It's a scam; don't worry about this.

    Microsoft does not contact you and / or allow someone else to contact you.

  • 37.0.2 Firefox crashes often

    Firefox crashes every few minutes. No matter if I watch a video on Youtube or have just one tab open with Google on it and nothing else happening.

    I tried 'safe mode' and she always does. Here are the last few (many are ones I made using a Youtube video which I can get for crash there, even though the latest accidents little happened when I post this message here).

    Here are the latest "subject: crashes" links:

    • BP-4431a7ef-8C61-43da-8904-b07d32150427
    • BP-31f75cab-A186-458d-B7B7-5c0e62150427
    • BP-ede1b730-E199-49C0-8295-0dca52150427
    • BP-e1199181-2117-4DEB-a891-4cf802150427

    Here are some of them. I have a fight of 50 or 60 more if you need it.

    This is probably caused by Trusteer report post, you have installed on your computer? If so and you do not need, please remove it, otherwise please contact them for assistance.

    They are an annoying extension that some banks require that you use. It tends to cause problems in Firefox on once a year.

  • How can I fix Firefox crashing whenever I have many tabs open?

    I'll try to keep this short. I'm used to be a Firefox user for a long time... as he was released from first. I've always had problems with it crashing when given the many tabs open. I could not take more and jumped ship. After a brief period using Chrome, I decided to install the 31 version and try again.

    I still have the same exact questions. The problem has persisted through generations of computer with the increase in power and memory.

    Currently I am running an i7 4770 k with 32 GB of RAM and a GTX 770, SSD, etc.. I just installed Firefox yesterday after fed up with Chrome and some of its questions. Firefox crashed at about 6 - 10 times since then.

    I'm a heavy browser. I have normally accumulate tons of tabs open, more than 100 + tabs open at the same time (maybe more, I've never counted). I understand that this may use a lot of memory, but I have a ton of memory. My use of the system does not exceed 30% never, but Firefox crashes regularly. I'm actually a little surprised that it seems worse now that she has never in the past. It crashes, I restore and it will crash again in 5 minutes. I don't have any add-ons installed. I had Ad Block Plus briefly installed, but I uninstalled that, once these accidents have begun.

    What is Firefox, no Add-ons, no extra charges, nothing else to change its performance. It crashes constantly. It is perhaps just the last attempt before I'll look elsewhere.

    Hello, Yes, it looks like an accident of lack of memory (probably due to many tabs open). you could try a port 64-bit firefox who will be able to use all of the available memory:

  • Firefox crashes after installing c. 28.0

    Just installed Firefox 28.0 for Mac (via the browser) and now can't restart the program. It crashes in safe mode, after a minute or two.
    I pasted the information since the last report of crash, I sent.
    I am posting this Chrome so I can't do any automatic stuff that you would recommend. Here are all numbers of crash of today report it draws > Application Support > Firefox > Crash Reports

    Update your security related software Trusteer report . If this doesn't help not try to disable or uninstall. The Trusteer report software is likely to need updating for each new version of Firefox, but can't always update automatically.

    Trusteer is apparently aware of the problem and try to get updates.

    Please report about how you will.
    It may be interesting to know exactly what that software and the version is that you are having problems with and then the version that is updated and hopefully that solves the problem.

    Forum of the cross of character references

    • Report your Crash ID
      (More similar 5 - same signature)
    • Crash Signature: [email protected]
    • Related bug:
      Bug 985428 - falls in rapporttanzan28.dll (report of Trusteer)
    N.B. Trusteer staff reported We found the problem and started an update of our users population. The fix will start to reach the clients in the next few hours. 2014-03-19 14:52:56 GMT
  • Firefox crashes on my Samsung Galaxy S with Cyanogen. Is there something to do about it?

    Firefox has been crashing for always on my Samsung Galaxy S. I always thought it was because Firefox for Android was not mature, but it's been a while and other people don't seem to have the same problem.

    I have the last stable Cyanogen mod. Firefox will almost always crash after a few minutes of navigation, even using a single tab. In addition, it is very slow. Is there something to do about it?

    I found the problem!

    The culprit was Add-ons. If I remove all add-ons, firefox works fine. If I install adblock, it crashes. I have not tried with other modules at length, but I don't think that adblock doesn't do anything in particular.

    Firefox does not warn users when an add-on will cause problems of this kind?

  • Firefox crashes on Windows 8

    I'm going to do common things (Facebook and youtube recently) and firefox randomly crash all the ~ 15 minutes more or less. I've had this computer and windows 8 during about two months and had no problems before, Internet Explorer still works fine and I'm under Firefox 19, all my plugins are up-to-date and it freezes even in safe mode.

    Here are the latest reports of crash:


    After verifying that the bug I note a recent comment that 20 of Firefox is not affected by this problem. So the best advice would now be upgrade to Firefox 20 using the beta chain. Note

    My personal opinion is that the use of beta is a good idea especially for more advanced users, any problems will be seen 6 weeks earlier, but the process of decommissioning on the output channel is relatively simple and is always going to be a secure version. The downgrade is expected to solve all the problems, because you will go back to a version you used six weeks earlier.

  • Firefox crashes randomly and without warning


    I have a problem with my Firefox crashing constantly, any Web page I'm on. Sometimes it crashes after I've been online for a few minutes, sometimes it crashes immediately on startup. I just never know when it's going down, but he always does. I completed all the steps listed on the Web site of your support:

       Update your software
           Update Firefox
           Update your plugins
           Update Windows
           Update your drivers
           Update your Internet Security software
       Check for viruses or spyware
       Check to see if the crash happens in safe mode.

    I did all that, and the crash always happens in Mode without failure. I am still able to connect for a few minutes between the accidents, but as you can imagine is pretty boring. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    Of course, you have already read Try Firefox plant - troubleshoot and prevent assistance fixing crashes , creating and using a new profile.

    1. While in the questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode also disable all plugins
    2. See troubleshoot and diagnose problems of Firefox_8-make-a-new-profile

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