Firefox crashes when I pressed the Browse button to upload files

Windows 7 x 32 Firefox 10.02 the program crashes constantly when I press the Browse button (such as gmail attachments, virustotal programs and so on.)
PS I've already eliminated the registry problems and attempted to delete MRU registry, such as mentioned in this topic:


Cor - el will no doubt come with suggestions. I will list the accident report Details incase they help someone. The accident occurred when a component associated Windows is in use. Have you ensured you have no background task running, and no unnecessary plugins Firefox are running.

No reason to expect to be directly related, but a previous incident with the same signature took place when bookmarks were used, and the solution in this instance was:

I found out that an option in Microsoft File Explorer caused the crash.
To solve this:
- Go to "Organize"
- Choose "Folder and search options"
- uncheck "Automatically expand to current folder"
 Now Firefox won't crash again!

Your reports for s CrashID all have the same signature

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  • IPhoto crashes when you press the info button

    Since very recently, IPhoto crashes every time when I press the info button to enter people information a photo. I have version 9.4.3. running on OSX version 10.8.5. I added the first lines of pages and the pages or error report, if that can help anyone. I tried to repair the basis data, but without success. I am very grateful for any advice on this issue.

    Process: iPhoto [552]

    Path: /Applications/


    Version: 9.4.3 (9.4.3)

    Generation information: iPhotoProject-720091000000000 ~ 1

    App item ID: 408981381

    The external application ID: 15017489

    Code type: X 86 (native)

    Parent process: launchd [139]

    User ID: 501

    Date/time: 19:50:47.475 2016-01-04 + 0100

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F2560)

    Report Version: 10

    Interval since last report: 34492 sec

    Crashes since last report: 3

    Per-App interval since last report: 905 sec

    Per-App crashes since last report: 3

    Anonymous UUID: 23235B01-625D-2A47-6A8F-352C3092B10A

    Crashed thread: 0 dispatch queue: - wire

    Exception type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

    Exception codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000c53b6a10

    If you use iPhoto 9.4.5 or an earlier version, iPhoto will crash whenever you try to use maps. It is no longer supported.


    The first versions of iPhoto 11 started to plant for many users suddenly last month.

    There is a problem with the functionality of the site, because Google maps will no longer be supported.

    See the solution of Huxly647:

    Huxly647 , November 20, 2015 12:05 AM
    Re: iPhoto crashes after opening several times in reply to carvermon Useful

    I found a solution that works for me...

    1 goto /Applications/

    2 delete the files 'googlemap.html' and googlesearch.html

    IPhoto no longer crashes, site does not work, but it doesn't bother me too much.

    Let me know if it works for you guys...

    Deletes two files "googlemap.html" and the googlesearch.html of iPhoto application bundle prevents the JavaScript running inside and causing the accident.  Log of course do the same thing. So it's pretty clear that something happened at the end of Google.

    To access the files inside the iPhoto application select it in the Finder and ctrl-click on it. Then use the command "Show Package Contents" from the menu.  Open the content subfolder and then resources.

    Do not try this fix without making a copy of the iPhoto application before trying to delete the two files of the entire application.

  • Firefox crashes when I press the button clear cache. Please tell me how to fix this. Thanks in advance.

    Firefox uses a lot of memory and slows down considerably. I tried to clear the cache, but this browser caused from freezing. I rebooted, rebooted and upgraded to 5.0 with no improvement. Please notify.

    I have Firefox 6.0 running on Vista.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the subprogramme which 'clears the cache', et al, has a incomplete, incorrect disposal problem, "in use" or "infinite loop" elements, such that it crashes when you try to do.

    After a few tries, I found that the best way to solve this problem is to do the following (it is easier than it sounds):

    (1) close all tabs of Firefox and Firefox windows

    (2) lance the Task Manager and stop all processes "Firefox" (i.e., it is possible that more than one may be running, even if you did all of the step (1)).

    (3) go to the folder Firefox cache, usually located in < system drive > \Users\ < your personal folder named > < something > \AppData*\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\. default\Cache and destroy everything that appears under this directory (n. b., you should not require administrative level to do this, if so, try to do this in 'Safe' Mode). {* AppData may be a "hidden" folder}

    (4) start Firefox, select Tools-> Options->
    Advanced-> network-> clear now.

    (5) close Firefox.

    (6) restart Firefox.

    Firefox ran faster after that I did.

    Good luck!

  • 37 of Firefox crashes when you use the browser of peacekeeper test

    Hi guys, I've updated my browser Firefox 37 and it crashes on me whenever I use the browser of peacekeeper test. I had no problem using the website in the past. Whenever I update my browser I have run the test to compare previous results as well as compare results with Google Chrome.

    It works very well with chrome, but crashes 2 minutes FF37 test. I tried to run in Mode safe as well, but it still crashes. My plug-ins are up to date and I tried a refresh as well. I don't have any other applications while running the test, just the browser was opened with a tab. I am running Windows 7.

    This is the website of guardian of peace:

    I sent the Mozilla Crash Reporter.

    Appreciate your help... Thanks in advance!

    Edit: included peacekeeping Web site.

    Hi @user293, @jscher2000 , and @cor-el, thanks a lot for your comments and help with this question, I've had. I tried to disable WebGL and ran to guardian of peace, and it worked well. There is no crash.

    How to disable WebGL: []

    I guess now disabled shouldn't really pose a problem for me? When the new version of Firefox was released in may, I'll turn on WebGL and see if this problem has been resolved.

    Thanks again for your help guys... it is very appreciated!

    Edit: help link included for deactivation WebGL

  • * Fixed! (I hope!) * Firefox crashes / accidents by clicking on the Browse button to upload files

    I was about to put this problem here but I found a solution, I wanted to make this post so I hope that others may benefit.

    I checked all the current solutions on the Forum, but none of them worked. To reinstall Firefox, creating a new profile, disabling and troubleshooting plugins, start in safe mode, by unchecking the option "expand to current folder" in files from Microsoft Explorer... I even ran ' sfc/scannow' in an elevated command prompt and rebooted my computer. Nothing.

    However, I went browsing on other forums and someone mentioned a program called CCleaner. I had used this program years ago and knew that it is reliable, then I installed once more and clean Windows, my apps, and the registry.

    It worked! Difficulty easy and nice I wish I knew about 3 hours ago. I hope that this has helped others out there, you can find CCleaner here:

    Let me know if this helped!

    (EDIT: Nevermind, the problem came back.) (Help?)

    Thanks for your help John, fortunately I managed to solve the problem. You were right, it was based on Windows. I noticed that there are a lot of people with this problem and almost no solution. So frustrating! For those who have the same problem, what I did. I hope it'll work for you.

    1 Start computer in "Safe Mode with network. Press F8 on your keyboard while your computer starts up, until it's in Windows. You should be able to select this option. Check if the problem still persists. I hope not. It didn't with me so then...

    2. I did a clean boot of my machine, to make this early success, type "msconfig" in the search box, and then press ENTER. Click on the 'general' tab, then 'selective startup '. Clear the checkbox "Load Startup items". Now, go to the services tab, click "Hide all Microsoft services", and then click on 'Disable all' for all that is left. Click OK, and then restart.

    To see screenshots of this process, go: here. And click on what operating system you have. This will also explain what you should do after you did a Reboot own. Follow the instructions and I hope it solves your problem.

    It is a Windows problem, because it mainly affects browsers the amount of troubleshooting on this subject in the browser support forums is staggering. Without what I see, I looked for hours trying to solve this problem.

    I hope that this will help people who come here looking around for a similar question.

    Once again, thanks to John99 and Wesley Branton. I'm sorry I may have lost your time!

  • 18 Firefox crashes when you press browse to upload a file?

    FF18 is installed, it crashes when you press the Browse button to transfer a file.

    Well after running Sfc/scannow, which took a few hours to run the question seems to now be resolved, and so my apologies for the reflections it was Firefox!

    See you soon,.

  • 16.0.2 Firefox crashes when you press browse to upload a file

    Using XP Pro Firefox crashes whenever I press a browse button. I have to force close with the Task Manager. I tried to delete the keys of registry MRU such as suggested in a previous question closed, but that did not help.

    Try to delete the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox profile folder to reset all the actions file.

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "create a profile":

    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.

    You can also try resetting Firefox:

  • Crash when you press the [...]

    I got various random crashes when you press the button [...] in the various 9.0.1, CVI function panels but I have not found a model so far.

    1. open Control Panel function for SetCtrlAttribute
    2. for "Attribute of control", press the button [...] and select the item of «Format"under «Format and precision...» "found under"control settings.
    3. press the button [...] to 'value of the attribute.  For me, he won every time CVI.

    Thanks in advance for any help!  If all goes well, there is a quick fix that I find this feature very useful.


    It is a known issue with CVI 9.0.1.  This link should fix the problem for you.  Let me know if it does not work.


    National Instruments

  • ElliteBook 8460p will not be running when you press the Start button

    Hi Ant classmates.

    I am facing a problem with my 8460p ElliteBook. When I press the Start button it won't start and I need to apply some mechanical vibrarions so he reacts to the button. I guess that there is a problem with a connection inside. The thing is that he does not always fail, but it happens more often. I'm afraid to send it to HP support and resume with a message like "the problem didn't see the - up." I'm close to the date limit of warranty, but I need my laptop for 3 more weeks for professional issues. What should I do?

    Thank you

    Hello Angelica,.
    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure, I suggest posting in the trade forums, since it is a commercial product. You can click here for the link.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

  • Why Satellite Pro A300 does not start when you press the power button?

    Suddenly my new Satellite Pro A300 does not start correctly when you press the power button. The situation is the following: when I press the power button is displayed the opening of Toshiba (Leading Innovation) and the disappers image quickly. Then there is a black screen for about 30 seconds. There is a rectangular frame with the text Microsoft Corporation under. And nothing happens however long wait.

    In order to get with the trial starting I then shut down the computer by pressing the power button until the computer turns off. ("The hard way to close")
    Now, I press the power button shortly to turn on the computer. Then, the computer starts normally with the photo to open Toshiba and after a few seconds, I wonder to open the computer in safe mode or in normal mode. I now choose to open in normal mode and the computer opens normally and is ready to work.

    What should I do to get a normal departure procedure?

    When the laptop starts normally (after choosing normal mode) stop your laptop properly using START > shut down option. Next launch should be normal.

    When the OS is moving towards the low irregularly will always ask you how to start this new (secure or normal mode).
    The same thing happen on my Satellite A300.

  • Two Macbook Pro, both does not start up, when I press the power button, I hear two disc bit Caryl, I see little light on the front on the displasy release button, black screen, no edge

    It was weird because I've NEVER had two computers have the same problem before. They are the model 2008 2.2 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 6 g of RAM, models of 128 GB of hard drive, the two Yosemite running, both had new hard drives, cables, batteries and RAM installed OWC (Apple approved reseller) and I use Macs for at least 20 years. In about a week, one just blacked out while sitting on my desk doing nothing, the other does the same on a week later. When I press the power button, I hear the drive hard hum twice, then all I get is the little light on the screen release button, that's all. Black screen. fails, nothing. I can press the power button and it will fit off the coast. Is it possible that some of them have infected somehow, or possibly send me the malware that has infected my system? I would not normally only, but for all of them to go down to one right after the other with the same problem just made me think, it must be the same cause, but what?  I had been in a war of fire recently with very ugly people, and I've never seen two Macs have the same exact problem in a row like that right.

    I took readers on the Macbook Pro, put them on sleds and threw them in my PowerMac, and both seemed fine, no problem, started well upward, ran utility disk on them, no problem, so I started to the checklist. Reset the PRAM. Nothing. SHIFT key at startup. Nothing. D at the start. Nothing. V order at startup. nothing. I wouldn't mind even their evisceration and making a portable useful with the parts of the two, but until I find out what the problem is, what can I do?

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it, I've supported every button I can think at the start, tried an inch USB key, boot and disk, this is the same Caryl bit both of the car, no chime, black screen, that's all.

    Thanks for your help.

    Damicon999 wrote:

    Is \Is possible for someone they have infected somehow, or possibly send me the malware that has infected my system?

    no chime, black screen, that's all.

    I don't think they are infected.

    The startup chime indicates that the Mac has made the initial diagnostic tests and there is no hardware problems or fundamental software.

    No edge in your case is a problem.  I think it's the luck of the draw to have 2 failures.

    In or out of warranty you can get for free a 'Apple Service Diagnostics' OTC test

    Genius of booking


    check the warranty

  • Hi, actually I want the program stops when you press the stop button. but the problem is the program is runing in loop only he doesn't return tile view deleted complete execution of any body can help me for this.

    Hi, actually I want the program stops when you press the stop button. but the problem is the program is runing in loop only he doesn't return tile view deleted complete execution of any body can help me for this.


  • My cd-writer/DVD disc tray does not open when I press the Open button. He is not blocked and has no disk in it. How can I me t to operate?

    Cd-writer/DVD disc tray does not open when you press the Open button, or when you use the buttons to control the media on the keyboard. How can I restore it to its operating state?

    Hi John,.

    Please let me know exactly what happened when you tried my suggestions of first and second.

    Of your most recent post, looks like you're watching the wrong part of the Device Manager. Optical drive is listed under "readers of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM". The info you gave appear under "drives". If the drive is not listed under "readers of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM" or there is no such section in Device Manager, then Windows do not see. If windows can't see it then this means that there is no power or that the drive is broken.

    When you pushed the drive back in, the player no longer has much of the book or did you have to push all the way. If the latter, it means that the drive has no power or is broken.

    With respect to the opening of the case, I guess I should ask first if it's a laptop or desktop?


  • Workin in Live View mode when I press the zoom button to focus, I get a white screen with an x 5 or a wr 10 x

    Working in Live View when I press the zoom button to focus, I get a white screen with an x 5 or x 10 written.  I do not get the image of zoom.  He just started this today and I used it for years.  Any help?  Thank you.  OH, I have a 450 d (rebel xsi)

    Thank you very much

  • Acer Iconia tab 10 B3 - A20 crashes when you use the volume buttons {has only "System-UI"}

    When I press the volume buttons, I get the error {has only "System-UI"} and the screen goes black.

    I have tried factory reset already - did not work.

    Interestingly, the error doesn't occure while watching videos.

    Pls help its really annoying

    Well the new update solved the problem for me

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