Firefox crashes when the accessign sections on Ebay

When you go to and access certain sections, "Selling Manager Pro summary" especially, Firefox crashes.
He do not plant on the home page, on this particular section.
We tried to remove history, cache and cookies and it worked OK for a while and then started to get blocked again.


I just disabled an add on: ' The camelizer, Amazon price Tracker 2.4.4 and it looks like that's not crashing on the Ebay page.»

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    == a site using flash is open

    I use Windows 7 and I have the same problem. When I went to 3.6.4, Firefox would be to lock up whenever I tried to play any flash video. I have tried several sites and it would lock up every time I have to close by the Task Manager. I've updated the Flash Player and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing could solve this problem.

    I read that they supposedly separated the plugins like flash in a separate procedure to keep firefox crash if flash does, but apparently they didn't do this right. I had to go back to Firefox 3.6.3 worm and flash works without any problem in this version. Seems that firefox must correct 3.6.4 since it seems he's messed up video flash for many users, if not most. It is useless if it can't play flash since almost all Web sites use this format!

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    4 accident being the relocation reports:

    One of the reports speak; dui70.dll
    Search engine Bing;

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    I would really like any solution because I have always used Google start page and you want to keep it this way without having to start with i.e. altavista and go to google from there.

    This seems to be related to the new "doodles" with Olympic events. I hope that the problem will end this week.

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    This is because you use the free download manager, please uninstall it and use default downloader for Firefox.

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    You are welcome

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    Hi everyone: I'm all leveled for windows 10 so I don't know if this problem is Microsoft or Firefox. Firefox did just update me you. So I decided to start here. All of you who every time that I put my laptop to sleep. Firefox crashes when I reopen it Firefox. It will restore my tabs. It's always annoying. you go this process every time I take my laptop out of position by I refresh Firefox already. To the point to put my computer on standby Firefox works fine. This has happened several times now. I'm running out of ideas, any help would be appreciated. Jenny

    Yep, those are reports of error ID's, but they are a bit bland - 38.0.5 for that charge very quickly.

    Use help > about Firefox to trigger an update of Firefox 40.0 which has lots of Windows fixes 10 of compatibility on the previous version.

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    My attempts to solve the problem so far:
    Uninstalled Firefox & my anti-virus program, removed Mozilla dirs Program Files and AppData and cleaned the registry. Then reinstalled Firefox after the restart, still hangs on the first click on a link. Even impossible to kill the process, help to only to restart.

    I tried on another Windows user; does not help. Still the same symptoms.

    PS: Related to this thread:

    Thank you for your support. Given the quick succession of versions of Firefox, I just waited out 37. My problem is over now.

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    Firefox crashes when in Facebook, it has only just begun this doing, I get (Firefox does not) at the top of the page. I tried in IE and have no problem. I connect using Lastpass.

    Try to update to the latest version, if you have not already done.

  • Firefox crashes when I access my modules page.

    Firefox crashes when I access my modules page. I have to use the Task Manager to unlock it. Some addons (AdBlock) still work. Others (NetVideoHunter) do not have. I would like to delete all the Add-ons and to start over, to see if it makes a difference, but when I access my modules page press the button 'Delete', FireFox crashes - so what am I supposed to do? I love Firefox because it is simple and usually without glitch - until now.

    Hey furdeal - if you want a fresh start, you can simply reset firefox. This will keep your bookmarks, passwords and history, but will remove all extensions and custom preferences.

  • Firefox crashes when I try to save files to a Web site

    When I try to download a site info Web Firefox unresponsive. The only one you can do is to close Firefox and start all over again.

    Of course, the initial response was spam.

    If you've read this article: Firefox crashes when downloaded files are checked by virus scan

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    Firefox crashes when starting, during session restore. New Firefix uninstalled then installed. The same problem. Firefox title bar says "Firefox (not responding)." Just, it crashes, does not display even a single page. What should do? Tried - safe-mode, same result.

    If you see a Firefox window that says "Not responding" and then see the article Firefox crashes or does not - how to fix possible solutions.

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    Firefox crashes when I try to create a new email in hotmail, or send an e-mail. It's a browser problem, because when I try to do the same thing in safari, I have no problem.

    Firefox crashes when loading certain pages

    Go through this article carefully. Check and tell if its working.

  • Firefox crashes when you open no matter what context menu - Save as download window, window options, etc.

    This is the third time I had this problem with firefox...

    Firefox crashes when you try to upload images, files, etc. right click context menu opens (with bookmark, save the page, save the image, options etc) but after selecting an option, save the image or another, the real save as dialog box does not open and firefox crashes.

    say many pages open the download and clear history... I can't do that, trying to open the download hangs there, too. like, trying to open any what other dialogues.

    the first time that this has happened, the only solution I could find was a total wipe and re-install (simple uninstall/reinstall didn't work... it had to be weeded manually in the registry).
    the second time that I got just to rebuild my system, so I just do a fresh install on a fresh OS.

    This time I can't seem to solve the problem of uninstalling and re - install...


    discovered what he was doing!

    After trying safe mode of firefox and safe mode of windows and any number of other things I gave a little upward for a bit there, but I woke up from a dream in the middle of the night thinking ' based on the conduct in question, it * must * be something in the shell that is the cause. " (Sorry, I dream of geek).

    so I grabbed a shell viewer editor - ShelleExView ( (had to use a yucky, any browser to download) and gave him a race.

    I have listed all the extensions of the date they were added as a clsid and trying of think back to when the problem started... about a month or so, after a new system, reinstall. and through a little trial and error disabling, I found the culprit.

    It is an overlay Manager icon set by what is called WagerLogic. After looking into the company's name, I have to assume this was related to one of the annoying "just lost real money on our virtual casino" pop-ups that infest the net nefariously scenic for an easy mark as orphaned Dickens.

    I disabled it and voila! Firefox is still in full function.

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