Firefox does not load.

Firefox does not load. I have installed Kaspersky Internet Security and everything was working fine until it wasn't. I then uninstalled Kaspersky, but Firefox still load.

Since I love Firefox I restored my computer to an earlier state and that fixed everything, then I installed another Kaspersky product and everything was perfect. Now the problem is back.

I don't know if the problem is on the side of Kaspersky or Firefox, but I would prefer not to restore again and I have no more troubleshooting ideas.

Firefox starts in safe mode of Windows.
When I double click on the Firefox icon the mouse indicates the load of the FF, but then, it does not start. Chrome starts very well.
Contacted Kaspersky, but their first troubleshooting tip didn't work.
Under Event Viewer, I can see the details of the accident for Firefox, but I can't read and I do not know if they are related to the FF does not.

I'm agree with unintelligible Firefox and then put it back, but I don't want to lose my bookmarks, modules, themes, etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

You can start Firefox in its own Mode safe? Hold SHIFT and start Firefox: You could at least make backups of Mode without failure. I heard wrong with anti-banner Kaspersky features, if you can try to disable browser protection components in Kaspersky to see if he can coexist with Firefox on your system or not.

If you need to back up things without starting Firefox, go to your profile folder copy. It must contain everything down to your history of bookmark backups and extension settings.

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    So I have this problem, Firefox does not load when I connect with a wifi but when I change my connection to different wifi, that's going to walk again.
    even if the first wifi works fine on my computer because I can connect to the internet with another browser.

    Many programs can "phone home" for the updates and such.
    These work yet?

    Type of topic: preferences #advanced< enter > in the address bar.

    Under Advanced, select network.
    Search for configure how Firefox connects and then press the settings button.
    If you use a proxy server, make sure that these settings are correct. If there is no
    proxy, first use No. Proxy. If there is a problem, then try Proxy system.

    Some problems occurs when your Internet security program has been implemented.
    trust the previous version of Firefox, but not more acknowledges your
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    • Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (for example, you are using the latest version).
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    Firefox does not load the flash of the Firefox home page

    It's not Flash, but a film WebM.

    <video xmlns="" poster="data:image/png;base64,<base64 data>" src=""></video>

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
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    26 of Firefox does not load the home page. Instead, it load the previous session, regardless of what has been entered in 'Options '. The browser runs in Win 7.0 64 bit; Norton Internet Suite 21 provides security features. There are some solutions 'cloud', also running as Google Drive, box, Skydrive and Cubby. The browser behaves in the same way in all my machines (installation and the OS is similar to that described above) and no amount of reset 'Options' seems to affect it. Nor is it affected by the way that Firefox is closed. This is obviously a bug that should be fixed.

    You can check if you have a user.js file in the Firefox profile folder that affects the pref browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once true value.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)
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    A naughty site prompted me to a lot of Windows security to scna for threats. After I discovered that it was not authentic I ran a restore of the system and with retroactive effect of a day. Now Firefox does not load when I click on the desktop icon. I am running XP Pro, Firefox 9.0, Quickheal antivirus. What is a common fault?

    You can run a clean installaation of 10 Firefox and check

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    Firefox does not load addons. They are enabled and compatible, but they don't work. He started after I removed the second screen of my computer. Time, only thems and HTTPS everywhere, TabScroll and TabScope work.

    I found the problem. I had to uninstall the Youtube Autoreplay plugin and now everything works. Thanks anyway

  • My firefox does not load and I tried everything. What should I do?

    Hi, here's the problem somehow an hour ago my firefox just stopped working, it does not load any page, all I have is a blank page and the signal that firefox loads, no errors, no nothing. I tried the steps detailed here:

    Did not work.

    Also, I thought first of all a problem of the internet, because the pages worked very well a momment and the other nothing worked, I called call support my Internet access provider and we did an uninstall of root of firefox, that didn't work either, we also checked the ports to Skype to see if the traffic was slowing down Firefox , but this isn't that.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    It was very good work. Play well.
    Please report your last post as solved while others will know.

  • Firefox does not load after clearing cache - why?

    I'm on a Mac. I deleted my cache and Firefox stopped working immediately. I deleted Firefox in my Applications folder, downloaded from the Internet and re-installed. Still, he does not start upward. When I click on the icon in my Dock, it said "Application is not responding. I have re-installed 3 times without success.

    I read that I could try to change my profile somewhere within Firefox, but if the application does not load, I can't access to this!

    Help, please!

    Your problem is solved on?
    Creation of a profile resolved your problem?

    If yes then please mark this thread as resolved, else feel free to ask questions.

  • Firefox does not load the password files

    Firefox uses two files to load and store passwords:
    signons3.txt and sign. Lite
    The two files are present in the profile and both are filled with relevant information of password. However, the password manager, which is located under Options, remains empty. When I opened the Web pages that require passwords, and which I know for sure that they are in the files of passwords, firefox does not work shall complete them boxes apprioriate. Logical, as the passwords are not loaded in password manager

    Additional information:
    When I now save a password for a Web page, it does not store the information and fills the boxes on the Web page.
    [This problem occurred when setting back the old profile [copy - paste] in the right folder I found through cards help-resolution of problems-show]

    No I have not thought about it.
    Make a copy of the entire profile.
    copy the old information in the newly created profile

    Took an old signons3.txt from backup
    Has taken the last signon.lite that contains all of these passwords
    Both of these placed files [Replace] in the new profiel

    and voila. Everything is back

  • After I connect usb cable thro one ipod, firefox does not load, but other browsers work fine. ?

    Firefox works fine and is my favorite browser but after I connect ipod to my computer it will not load. Even after that the ipod has been deleted firefox always not load until the pc is rebooted.

    Yes, you must complete the process.

  • Firefox does not load one right of pages.

    for example his does not not right of the Mozilla page is - this loading facebook
    don't tell me to clear cache I did. I also uninstalled all my plugins and addons.
    It did not work. I used ctrl + shift + r key to reload the css of the page, it has not loaded.
    I reinstalled the browser, it does not even load the page with style sheets.
    view-> basic page style is also selected.
    I am running windows 10. I upgraded from 7 to 10 preserved .firefox profile of win7, but it got too slow loading of pages I refresh for her. Since then its charge is not some pages.
    Oh and my system date is correct.

    in case you're an avast user, please disable https scanning in avast:

    1. Open the Avast dashboard on an affected system.
    2. Select settings in the left side menu.
    3. Adopt a Protection Active.
    4. Click on customize next to the Web Shield.
    5. Uncheck the option "Enable HTTPS analysis", and then click ok.


  • Firefox does not load SSL or menu or scroll bards

    Hello. First of all, I will enumerate all the difficulties that I tried to get that out of the way.

    1: complete the new installation of the operating system with the new recent firefox installation, don't add on or extensions.
    2: complete uninstall of firefox, including protected and hidden files and folders, as well as the registry entries.
    3: Firefox reset or refresh.
    4: many anti-virus and evil/spyware scans (none detected).
    5: effects Windows XP, 7, 8.x and linux including dists Mint and ubuntu.
    6: tested on different computers.
    7: worked in the subject: settings by scanning (any difficulty).
    8: tested with and without firewwall or AV.
    9: tested to the same problems with Internet EXPLORER, CHROME, OPERA and several browsers, linux, never had a problem.
    10: checked and updated the player adobe flash, shockwave and java script, no solution.

    The problem:

    A: no matter if a direct link to click or open in new tab or window new. Firefox won't load the bottom side of the page scroll bars, nor will it load the menu "file, edit, history, e.t.c." bar, bar none of bookmarks, the BACKSPACE key is disabled, no back or forward arrows.

    B: the only thing that works is the top down arrows on the keyboard, not even the keys pgup/dn num pad work. My scroll down mouse button does not work. I can move the mouse around as usual, however if I right click on an empty part of the locked page I get a window pop up with back arrows, record, info page options, however the previous and next arrows are greyed out most of the time.

    C: the SSL lock does not appear on locked pages / stalled, it is a security issue.

    D: I often have to right-click on the link and open in new tab or window again several times before that firefox doesn't actually load the page correctly.

    In conclusion, the only way I could get was to go back to firefox v29.x and lock the auto update.

    Hi terratracks, the change was not on purpose - whatever ' one just made a mistake. The pool of test must have too few people using this combination of features (private windows, tabs navigation) for picking up before publication.

  • Firefox does not load pages unless moves the mouse or keyboard is pressed


    I saw this problem listed several times before this post, but none of the solutions have helped me.

    I am using Firefox for ages and the latest 3 updates or so were expose this problem. When I try to load a website, Firefox will start to takes me to the page and then hang. The circle in the tab will stop moving and it will stay there until I move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard. As long as the mouse moves permanently or the keyboard keys are pressed, the page will load very well. The same thing happens with YouTube. The video starts and then freeze unless the keyboard/mouse is moved. Firefox also has this problem when I try to download a file from a Web site. The download starts and then hang on until I move the mouse or press a button, then it will continue for a few seconds and hang on again until I repeat the movement of the mouse or press the keyboard button.

    So far, I tried to update Firefox, Java and Flash; Starting Firefox in Safe Mode; uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox: do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Firefox with removing profile and creation. I ran ad next and malware detection with no infection found tools: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, SuperAntispyware, and AdwCleaner scan Microsoft security, Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy, utility Kasperky free Security Scan and Anti-rootkit TDSSKiller.

    The only thing I tried that 'seemed' to work was from Windows Mode safe mode with networking and run Firefox there. I was able to watch YouTube videos without freezing and websites seem to load properly. Of course, I can't run in Mode safe all the time.

    I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like when Firefox crashes on Google News. Note that the images in part loading, but a good number of them is waiting or not loaded.

    I hope someone can help me, because I like Firefox and I wouldn't switch to Chrome or (shudder) IE.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Firefox does not load after update on 09/12/14

    I downloaded the recommended update and Firefox could not connect to the server. Restore my computer to an earlier time and OK all worked.

    Hello Reh3335, normally these problems are caused by a security/firewall software which does not recognize and therefore blocks the new versions of firefox. If please delete all the rules of the program for firefox to your firewall and let it detect the new version of the browser again.

    Difficulty of problems connecting to websites after Firefox update

  • Firefox does not load some facebook games

    I use Firefox 20. Can I play Facebook games like Angry birds. Flash player is not the problem, because YouTube works fine. Games crazy taxi, cube, Jacquet does not, not even the page - full white.
    I tried with other browsers, it works.

    Hey Mayouran

    Do you use any addons like Adblock ad blockers more? If so, try
    deactivation and run the game, if it works

    the addon to remove and reinstall it should help
    I had the same problem running the game that bind you until I did it.

    hope this helps

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