Firefox for Android v41.0.2 no menu available (no three points) two OnePlus


After Firefox starts with hardwarebuttons enabled on both OnePlus has no way to access the settings menu in Firefox due to being no hardware button and the menu on the screen (three dots) button is hidden.

Solution: Software buttons enabled in Android settings restart Firefox and the menu will appear next to the button tabs again button.
Please note, you can disable software buttons in Android settings again until you restart Firefox the menu button are still available.

I have not found anything in all: config for PIN or force the menu to stay visible with buttons. Is any option available?

See you soon,.


jscher2000 thanks a lot, you me headed in the right direction!

In fact, I was not able to open the menu because an Android has not been set.
Have enabled on two OnePlus buttons, you can assign additional actions to double-click and long press of a hardware button, so open/close menu must be assigned in any way to one or more buttons.

I've attached a screenshot of the parameters of the system Android (German)
This can be found under settings-> buttons

Hope this helps

PS.: Good to know that a bug is recorded to improve this as a feature request, and also good to know that it works you must only know how (re-branded action open menu button)

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    I think that the new Manager will memory out of the operating system, but for now, it is possible to realize the management of memory with

    Also with regard to the amount of memory is needed for Firefox for Android. The most recent I could find is:
    "The binary is about 35 MB, uncompressed after installation, it's about 60 MB"

  • Firefox for Android does not implement HW keyboard shortcuts, please add the same as the desktop version!

    I use a bluetooth keyboard and noticed that the classic keyboard shortcuts do not work with Firefox for Android. This is a major gap, with chrome, you can use the same shortcuts on the desktop version, it would be nice to have a comparable feature on Firefox for Android too.

    Hardware keyboards are a useful supplement to the tablets and the last iterations of keyboard 'sexy' as one that is available for the Google Nexus 9 are practical and folio desiderable.
    Please add this improvement soon!

    Thank you!

    Hello, this is a mainly managed by the community support forum is probably not the right place for the characteristics of the request (we are unable to implement all the features & devs read here).
    Please use for either your reactions or if you think that it is a missing feature in the browser file a bug at

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    Reset does not exist for Firefox for Android.

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