Firefox for Mac 36.0.4 Desktop edition-name? Why not list Web site edition?

make a simple list of the last edition of the software.


That may exist somewhere, but I agree that it is not obvious to find. Here are a few less obvious places to check:

You can use the "Releases of Firefox" page to see links to notes for each release of version:

You can use this page to check the current version of mouse on the links:

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  • Firefox for Mac (latest version)

    Yesterday I installed the latest download of Firefox for Mac.
    It seems that I can't visit a Web site, because I always get the message that the certificate is issued by an unknown authority.
    I spent most of the day, find a solution and am fed up now with Ff I found several help pages, which suggests to remove cert8.db Ff is closed, reset Ff as well as several other solutions. I tried everything but nothing worked. No Web page has a valid certificate according to Ff.
    I know well with Ff I have used for years on Windows, Linux, and Android and never had problems of this kind.
    I'm on Osx 10.10.3 (released yesterday, April 9, 2015, with the last Ff available for Mac.
    After spending a whole day to useless troubleshooting only one question remains: Ff is for Mac is not compatible with the new Osx 10.10.3?
    Thank you.
    René Hasekamp.

    said reneh

    In Avast I have disabled the option to shield Web "Scan for secure connections. Firefox now works

    You must contact the Avast support and ask about it. Other types of protection
    programs have also caused problems. Most resolved in their support.

  • Firefox for Mac does not recognize a valid SSL certificate

    Firefox for Mac does not recognize the SSL certificate that is valid for this site, I got: It gives a warning "not reliable." However, the Firefox for Windows does not give a warning. This happens even if I clear the cache and it happens in the Mavericks and OS of Yosemite. The certificate is up-to-date and with Comodo. Firefox for Mac is now the only browser producing these errors (v. 39, put updated) - Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome are not. Our hosting provider has said it's probably a browser issue, perhaps having to do with intermediate certificates in Firefox being obsolete. I really hope you'll solve the problem, as it's annoying for us when we're going to do right by our customers and pay for the SSL certificate. I have attached a picture of the warning and the other from what you see on a PC: a pop-up that says it is a verified SSL certificate and gives details about the issuer, the period of validity, etc.

    COMODO should you sent a link to download the file 'bundle' containing the intermediate certificates. Who needs to go in the same directory as the certificate of your site. If you are using a control panel, your host can probably help with this process. And if you bought through them, shame on them for not taking care of this for you already!

  • Uncloseable pop-up windows in firefox for mac


    Some Web sites will open the pop-up windows, even if I have a pop-up blocker enabled.

    The problem with these pop-up windows, it is that they have the option close as for other windows of Firefox for Mac.

    This results in the ToolTip remains open and the only way I can get rid of it is to stop completely from Firefox.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Maybe you could try the keyboard shortcut command + W (close the current tab) or command + SHIFT + W (close the current window) when the pop-up window appears in the foreground.

  • 'Lights' do not show in windows pop up and pop unders on Firefox for Mac 38

    Since I installed Firefox for Mac 38, 'lights' do not show in windows pop up and pop unders.
    Today, I installed Firefox 38.0.1 and the problem persists.

    I found the culprit: that's the theme Simple white (version 2.2b16).
    I removed it and now everything seems to work perfectly.

  • How to install Firefox for Mac USB 3.0 drive external and run portable Firefox?

    I recently acquired a new laptop MacBook Pro 10.9 Mavericks, and I'd like to install Firefox for Mac USB 3.0 hard drive Mac compatible external and import my 16 MB of legacy of a compatible PC USB 2.0 HD bookmarks and Firefox run as a portable application, as I did for years on my EOS 7 years would be Dell Inspiron XP laptop.


    If so, I would like to do the same with Thunderbird...


    There are portable versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, but Mozilla does not offer them directly. You can get of Links are below:

    All you have to do is open and point your USB installation directory

  • I have an iPad and you'd like to raise my list of bookmarks of Firefox for MAC to my iPad; is it possible automatically?

    I have a MacBook Pro under OS X 10.5.7 and an iPad running iOS 6.1.3 2.
    On MAC, I have Firefox for MAC v 19.0.2 and Safari 6.0.3
    The iPad, I have only Safari for iPad. I always use Firefox as my browser for the MacBook, but there is no Firefox app for the iPad.

    My Safari bookmarks automatically updated the MacBook to the iPad, but not Firefox for iPad. Is it possible for the auto update from Firefox instead of Safari to the iPad? If not, is there an easy way on the MacBook to hold Safari bookmarks up-to-date with bookmarks in Firefox, so that the iPad share my Firefox bookmarks?

    If this is not possible now, you count that is possible for MAC users who also have an iPad?


  • What is the URL from where I can download 10 Firefox for Mac?

    I can't use Firefox 11 for Mac because it does not yet support an add-on I need security. So, I want to go down to 10 Firefox for Mac in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    However, I could not find the URL from where I can download these two versions of Firefox for Mac 10. Yes, I tried to put several keywords in the search field: 'Download' 'downgrade' etc. 'Firefox' "previous versions". I still couldn't locate the URL.

    Would you be kind enough to send me the URL?

    I found my own answer. This answer works for all versions of Firefox, not only for version 10, not only for the Mac.

    The URL is From this URL, you then navigate to the directory (aka subfolder) for the version you want to download.

    Of course, you need to know how to download from an FTP: / / URL.

  • I tried to acivate the code to get the license for photoshop cs6 extended student and teacher edition for mac and it says that the code has not been activated

    I tried to acivate the code to get the license for photoshop cs6 extended student and teacher edition for mac and it says that the code has not been activated. Am I missing a step?

    Using redemption code

  • Why Twitter's Web site is not working properly; for example, the list drop-down settings?

    Many links on Twitter's Web site do not work in Firefox for Mac OS. For example, the 'gear' at the top of the page icon will not produce a drop-down menu so that I can disconnect. Instead, clicking on it sometimes produces basic account settings, but nothing else. The button "Compose a new Tweet" does nothing.

    I gave permission to Twitter to do anything and everything under "subject: permissions. I deleted all cookies on Twitter about the possibility that one of them has been altered. I can log into the twitter website and see other tweets.

    I'm running the most recent versions of the operating system Mac and Firefox and am not having problems with other sites I visit.


    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.

    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • latest version of firefox 3.6.6 will not open Web sites

    The latest version of firefox 3.6.6 does not work on my windows xp computer. He will not open Web sites. I have now downgraded to an older version of Fire Fox.

    == I've updated to the latest version of firefox 3.6.6

    It seems that you're still using Firefox 3.0.19 version or your useragent is messed up. Try updating Firefox, see updating Firefox to the latest version

  • The incognito in 39 of Firefox for Mac does not work

    When I connect to Gmail with Firefox for the Mac sha256 39 - 7da80d615390fc65f0f5540ac2fbaa6e5d8e8e0b and close the tab, then immediately open gmail again it automatically logs me on my same Gmail account if I use private browsing.
    Private browsing is not suppose t maintain all information so how is able to access my Gmail account without my entered password?

    I don't know how the private browsing mode works on Mac because you can close all the tabs, but still operating application Firefox (the menu bar is here), so it is likely that you have not finished the session mode PB.
    You will need to close and restart Firefox to get rid of cookies that make the site remember you.
    Closing tabs does not seem to be enough.

  • Is the latest version to 31.0 for Firefox for mac?

    On my Mac, I click Firefox, then Firefox and find that I am under Firefox 31.0.
    Nothing no indication if this is the latest version or not.
    Previously, I had an idea that I was not running the current version.
    And I got a pop up box that showed that the computer tries to connect to the Firefox
    installation - I can't remember the exact name - that - I believe - began updating
    This box pop up ran for a while and doesn't finish before disappearing unretrievably
    from the screen that I took computer redundant measures.
    So... now I wonder:
    Do I have the latest Firefox installation or not?

    No, the latest version is Firefox 37.0.1. 31 Firefox is only if you are running the enterprise version of Firefox (if you're at home, you shouldn't be).

    You can download and install the latest version of and just install on your current Firefox. It will save all of your data.

  • Firefox for Android only displays the desktop version of gmail rather than mobile.

    Android only question.

    I prefer to access gmail via a browser rather than the gmail app. Tests of other browsers on Android (Chrome and Dolphin) I see that they display a mobile-specific version of the gmail Web site.

    Firefox for Android only displays the version of office on my Nexus 7 (5.1 runs Android 2012) - and therefore more difficult to read and use. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Pinellas Chuck

    Well, Yes, it's that Word annoying Tablet.

    What I'm going to describe is difficult to type, so I hope that you can open this page on your tablet.

    Select (0) and copy the following text on your Tablet if possible to avoid the excesses of type: Android; Tablet;#Android; Mobile;

    The forum linkifies this first part, but it is not supposed to be a link.

    (1) open a new tab to Subject: config (type about: config the Awesomebar and hit the arrow go or tap Enter).

    You can bookmark it for easy future access.

    (2) in the search box, type agen and make a pause while Firefox filter list

    (3) scroll down to the bottom and look for a preference named general.useragent.site_specific_overrides and confirm that it has its default value true. If it is set to false, press the reset button for it back to true.

    (4) scroll back up and press the big button "+" to the left of the search box to add a new parameter

    (A) the name of the preference must be com (for all Google sites) com (for Gmail only)

    If you type this, beware of the correction automatic insertion of spaces and be sure to remove those.

    If paste, remove the part after that.

    (B) on the right side, type Boolean and in the popup, change it to a String

    (C) the value of the preference should be Android; Tablet; #Android; Mobile; -in other words, substituting Mobile for Tablet.

    If you type, pay attention to the excess spaces.

    If gluing, remove the preference name and extra space before this part.

    (D) then click on create

    If you open must now use the mobile layout.


    Edit: To clarify the name of preference options.

  • I need to use an older version of FireFox for Mac (version 3.0) to be compatible with another program; How can I get?

    My company uses SalesForce CRM and recently switched to Macs. Unfortunately, some features in SalesForce are not compatible with the latest version of Safari or any version of FireFox 3.0 and we must be able to use these functions. How can I download this version for Mac?

    Install an older version of Firefox watch article how to find and install.

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