Firefox is completely black

When I open the firefox browser, this morning, he did an automatic update. After the update the browser does not display anything, no menu, no Web, no Favorites pages. It is completely black.


Hello Edymarj,

Here is the solution to your problem. Please see Firefox displays a black screen or a screen blank after update 33

This solves your problem? Let us know.

Thank you.

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  • IPhone 6 s completely black screen

    So I bathed recently with my phone by accident, but I jumped in the pool I checked my pockets and realized my phone was there, so it did not take more than 5 seconds before he was out of the water.

    After that, I put the rice for 48 hours and allow it to dry completely. I then tried to turn it off, but he showed me the recovery screen (itunes logo and charger), so I plugged into my PC and restored the phone after a little fight with a few error messages. Essentially the device got restored and it turned on and worked perfectly fine - or so it seemed. After a while I turned it off the to cool as it was quite hot. After about half an hour I tried to start back upward and it came to the unlock screen and I entered the password and the Sim card code, but once I tried to unlock the sim card it freezes at the «unlock...» ", and then the unit turns off.

    Now, the screen is completely black and unresponsive. I tried to do a reboot with the button home + power, also put it in DFU mode and restored several times (I can restore the iphone despite the screen is black because itunes recognizes the device). All I hear is the sound that comes when you connect and disconnect the device from your computer. Another thing to note is that, while the Treaty restored it disconnected and connected several times, but at times very practical so I think it's supposed to make this (same locations in the process) every time

    Maybe it's a screen dead, but I'm on vacation now for another 2 weeks so I can't send to repairation at the moment, and I would really like to have a phone for other weeks here.

    And also the unit is hot, even if I have it plugged into a long time ago (30 min) which leads me to think he's working on something.

    Thanks in advance

    Contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation to establish your available service options, which may include services off-warranty / replacement:

  • Tecra M3 - when the motorized screen is completely black

    Hi all

    I really need help with this one!
    I plugged my tour through an S-video to a flat screen and watched a movie and throughout the film, everything worked very well. I stopped regular and normal. Went home and it start and started regularly and I go into my profile and startup programs started running; It froze!

    The mouse icon was surrounded in a cube that was slightly shaded vertical lines. I restarted my computer and as it started showing the logo "XP" when it starts, it displays blue line oriented vertically once more but in the whole of the totality of the screen in groups of 4, all the corners of the screen, then when it is supposed to display your profile to choose to sign in there went blue and showed and error gives me enough time to read and stop.
    When restarting again the screen is completely black and never displays anything.

    I am able to connect via s-video for device that never to see the picture or just a regular screen but the problem now is that it shows these crazy characters across the screen as a sign with the point on top and courses I m able to do the options because I'm familiar with computers , but it does not allow to run regularly.

    I need help please this situation!


    Akuma's right, if you have the same problem on an external monitor s seems to be that the motherboard or the graphics chip is defective and must be replaced.

    In your case I would contact an ASP. They can check your laptop and swap the motherboard. decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • The button on my lockscreen does not work on my phone. Recently, my screen went completely black. I can turn on siri. How can I get my screen to turn back?

    My 5 IPhone lockscreen button does not work so I use touch help to the screen power off and screenshot. As I was using my phone my screen went completely black. I tried to plug it into a charger and call but the screen still won't turn. My phone vibrates when I call and I can't turn on siri. I tried to search the Internet on how to re-enable it. Everything I've seen involves using the screen lock button but obviously I can not use it. How do I reactivate it?

    Hello tumbler3100,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that your iPhone screen is returned while you were using it and the on/standby button does more either. Because your iPhone is always vibrate when you call and you are able to use Siri, it seems there is a problem with the backlight on your iPhone.

    Because you have a separate hardware two related issues going on with your iPhone, I suggest putting your iPhone in an Apple Retail Store or Apple authorized service for an assessment of your device provider. More information about these options can be found in the following link.

    Apple - Support - Service Response Center

    See you soon!

  • Satellite A500 - screen is completely black

    I got my laptop Satellite A500 for about 4 months and already there is a problem with it.

    After that I had played a few MMO on it for a while so I decided to power out of the night. The next day I started my A500 and there was a completely gray screen and I waited for at least half an hour before holding the power button for 6 seconds just to restart, so when my A500 started to the top of the screen was completely black, but the power LED light was off, but the only lights which were the key commands on the Panel next to the screen and the power light to indicate that it carried out.

    After several tries, the problem had been held, is anyway to fix this?

    Hi mate,

    Have you plugged an external monitor? I mean without it it's hard to say what causes this problem, but I guess that he associated material s. So if the external proceedings, I think that only the internal display is the cause maybe the FL inverter?

    Anyway, in both cases you need assistance from an authorized service provider. Guys can check your laptop and fix it for you. :)

  • Satellite L500 - screen is completely black after stand-by

    I have a L500 and after that my computer is on standby, the tried to reactivate it. Now it will not display anything on the screen its completely black and have no idea of what should happen or do.

    Can anyone help?


    You see something on a screen? The internal screen is probably defective, so you don t see anything.

    If an external monitor stays black I would try to remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter. Then wait at least one or all the night. Now connect the AC adapter and install the battery. Before you turn on the laptop, make sure that the battery is fully charged. Now, try to start your laptop and check what is happening.

    In the worst case it serious hardware malfunction and that means that you would need professional assistance service authorized in your country.

  • iPhone 6 pictures come out completely black with flash on

    Why my pictures come out completely black when you use flash? Even if I take a picture where there is light with the flash they come out completely dark. The phone that I'm having a problem is iPhone 6 and iOS is updated. What is apps that are the cause of the problem? Or is it a hardware fault? Ive tried resetting the phone, uninstallation of third-party applications and made sure it wasn't the phone case causing the images to emerge from the darkness.

    To ensure that this isn't related software, set it back to the factory, using iTuns on your computer settings, as explained in this article:

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    Configure manually the personal data, do not use the last backup or install 3rd party applications. Then test the camera without any or the protective film attached.

    If photos are still hurt, it's hardware related and the phone must be repaired by Apple.

    Find an Apple authorized service provider

    Apple iPhone - contact Support - support

  • I have synced clips successful but video and audio are not visible until it is developed to the timeline. Returned results completely black film without sound. Any tips?

    I have synced clips successful but video and audio are not visible until it is developed to the timeline. Returned results completely black film without sound. Any tips?

    Please give as much information as possible on your support. The video and audio works in QuickTime player? What are the specifications of media?

  • After that the, GRAYSCALE U8 type IMAQ image turns into a completely black image.

    I want a threshold, the image of u8 after, but the result is the image turns into an image.before completely black, i use and the interval is (0,0) .where is evil? I really appreciate your help.

    Unless you enter a value in the entry 'Replace the value' threshold IMAQ, your output pixel values will be 0 and 1.  In a grayscale image, you will not be able to see anything.  Try to define the 'replace' value to 255 and see if the data appears.  Here's a note from the help file on this function.

    Note  Use a binary palette when you see an image that a threshold was applied in mode replace. However, what range to use for viewing depends on the replacementvalue. For example, viewing a picture of threshold could be achieved with a palette of gray. However, in this case, please use a replacement value of 255 (white) to better see image of threshold.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600: Officejet Pro 8600 copies are almost completely black

    Copies of the Officejet Pro 8600 are almost completely black.  The party central - perhaps an ich in width - is somewhat readable.  Printed documents are okay. This printer is 2.5 years old and worked fine in what concerns all the until today.  Thank you.

    Hello @Tim1943 and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you use in the copy output problems.  I would like to help!

    I would recommend starting with a power reset.  Unplug the power cord from the printer and the power outlet, then wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, plug back in the printer. Make sure that you connect the printer directly to a wall outlet. Make sure to bypass any surge protector or power bar.

    I suggest you then plug the power to the printer into a different wall outlet.

    Another recommendation would be updated the firmware of the printer:

    Printer updates for HP Officejet Pro 8600 (N911), 6600 (H711) Officejet and Officejet 6700 Premium (H711) e-all-in-One Printer Series

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • album went completely black

    Can someone help me? My album has gone completely black, I can't see all the images. Any advice?

    Hello, I managed to solve the problem to do this:
    * I turned off my phone
    * I removed the SD card
    * turn on the phone and once again. Place the SD card, and when I turned it on it worked fine.

    Process of weird, but it worked

  • HP LaserJet 200 color M251: HP LaserJet 200 color M251 only prints completely black pages

    While in the middle of printing a 24 page document, printed pages went from perfectly readable to completely black (black Coal Mine).  The cartridge is only around the age of 2 months and a lot of toner.   I deleted and reinstalled the printer, but the problem remains.  To me it looks like a hardware problem (circuits) at this stage.  Thanks in advance for advice about the diagnosis further.

    Thanks rb11, I realized these things (support page, etc.) and the problem persists.  I could add the image of the first page that turned out to be totally black when printing.  If all goes well, I can attach a jpeg file, illustrating the speed at which the page went to total darkness.

  • [HELP] My Adobe After Effects composition makes it completely black

    This is a composition I have come out completely black and I don't know what is happening. He did not go to some of my compositions.

    Here is a video showing what is happening:

    You marked your layer as a Guide layer

    If your comoposition behaves as it should. Guide layer is a layer that is visible in the composition, but is not made. So to remove the Guide marking right click on the layer Layer and uncheck Guide layer.

  • My 5610 all-in-One displays only a completely black page.

    I replaced a cartridgein of black ink HP 56 my 5610 All - in-One.  It now prints only a completely black page rather than text.

    It is when you copy only or does it also occur when you print from the PC?  Did you mean a blank page?  Troubleshooting pages here can help.

  • When I import my photos into lightroom, the images are completely black, so I can only see the image in the browser. How can I solve this?

    When I import my photos into lightroom, the images are completely black, so I can only see the image in the browser. How can I solve this?

    Go to Lightroom preferences

    Click the performance tab

    Deselect the graphics processor

    Restart Lightroom

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

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