Firefox is filled in form to a certain website (disabled AutoFill)

After that I had a few problems with it (+ security problem), I decided to delete all my firefox passwords.
When I had done what most of the annoying auto-fill-in stuff has been resolved, but a Web site (that I visit fairly regularly), it seems to keep filling an individual username and password everywhere where there is a field for one. Even if it's just a normal field with a title it will fill this username.

How can I get rid of this?


This web site that you said you bookmark?

First configure you Firefox to not remember your history.
Try to go to Tools > > Options > > Privacy > > Firefox will: change it to never remember history

If you bookmarked the site, delete it from your bookmarks:

Clear your recent history (eight):

Then, go to the website of he and see if the AutoFill forms

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