Firefox load ad site while displaying the correct url

Attempted to load:, displays some site infomercial (those that replace obsolete sites), while showing the "" in the url. Earlier today, a reboot later, it was ok, now he does it again. Active phone, the site's browser works fine, reinstalled firefox, the problem remains.

And on the final check before you click "publish", it works again.

I have little experience in linux and don't know where to start looking for this.

Firefox on Ubuntu 12.10 17.0.1

Edit: problem occurred again, got a screenshot

Edit: now I got it on my phone as well, whatever it is, it is not firefox. Thanks for your reply though!


Encountered the same problem on all browsers and mobile phones.

It seems that Powned forgot to extend the domain with the Registrar name.

You can read about it here

Kind regards

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