Firefox on Android sync returns "could not sign."

I have Firefox for Android beta v39 and Firefox for Android v38 installed on my phone (Lollipop 5.0.2) and little matter which of these browsers, I try, when I have connection for synchronization, it gives the message "Unable to connect"... I have installed on my linux desktop v38 and it works with the same credentials. I tried to reset the password, and it also does not help, because the problem is always the same... Desktop Sync works and it does not work on Android. Any suggestions?


I understand that Firefox for Android returns: "could not sign" I am happy to help you. Let's try a new connection by removing the account first.

  1. First unplug the account settings under 'Accounts' Android
  2. After listening to remove, open a new window in Firefox
  3. Go to
  4. Connect once more and make sure that in your account settings, that data usage is set to auto sync.

For troubleshooting, you have any content blockers or filters/proxies on your device?

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    I have this problem, tried all means but couldn't solve it. I'm installing peoplesoft on my laptop. PS HCM 9.2 and peopletools 8.53.

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    Please let me know if I'm missing something here. Even tried with SYSADM, but no luck.

    Thank you


    My bad. Actually I'm supposed to run record. I was running it from the server folder.

    It's real record where I suppose to run AE:


    Thank you


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    Can you direct me to a page to work with this file, or provide an alternative? Thank you!


    As you have found the error [access denied: 530] This means that the problem is with access. The user name and password that you enter is incorrect or you don't have the appropriate permissions.

    I suggest you to contact Godaddy to reset the password or reset the permissions.



  • Could not sign in imessage. An error occurred during activation.

    Hi all -

    Just started doing this message this morning after signing imessage and restart. I get the same error for facetime on mac. I've updated to 10.11.6 July 23. I have a serial number for the mac. I stop and cleared NVRAM memory at least 5 times. Any help/ideas would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

    Hello pawwright,

    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know how important if iMessage working on your Mac is up to you! If I understand correctly, you can not sign in iMessage on your Mac since the update of OS X El Capitan and get an activation error message. I would start with the procedure described in this article:

    If you get an error when you try to activate FaceTime or iMessage

    Also, if you are using an iPhone with iMessage, as well as on your Mac and other devices, I try to connect on iMessage on all your devices, restart your iPhone and sign in on your iPhone first iMessage. If iMessage activation is successful, then try to connect in iMessage on your Mac again.

    See you soon!

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    I have done a virus scan, cleaned up one piece of adware, rebooted, and it worked all of a sudden. I don't know what exactly caused to start working, but he did, so I consider this issue closed.

  • Firefox for android sync since 34.0.1 update

    Hello. Since Firefox updated to version 34.0.1, I can't sync one of my favorites of the browser. Whenever I try to open the 'sync' in the settings (of Firefox itself), it hangs and won't let me open it. Since the update. Even, I can't directly sync with android settings... it does nothing. Thanks for all help!

    Hi Ererer,
    Thank you for your question. Please try following, but make a backup of your profile first: back up and restore the information contained in the profiles of Firefox

    1. Remove the account from the device updated
    2. Go to
    3. Connect once more

    Then go to your account settings on the android device and make sure that the synchronization is not disabled for the account. Also make sure that the automatic data synchronization is allowed.

  • HTTP 403 error could not sign in-app

    When I try to sign runtime Android apk file bar, I get following error

    Error: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:

    What's not here? I give good csk & keystore password. I use BlackBerry Apk package tool for sign & deploy. Very urgent, please respond as soon as possible.

    The BlackBerry ID account must remain the same to support modernization.  There are solutions if you need to change it, but this isn't a nice scenario for your customers.  Keep this option even if possible

    The developer certificate information may change without causing problems.  Here are the settings to try to connect from a command line.  Remove the proxy settings, you do not need.

    blackberry-signer  -storepass  -verbose -proxyhost  -proxyport -proxyusername  -proxypassword  
  • In Firefox Mobile Android version 38 do not work a pageWorker! (cross-page-sdk)

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    But when I updated Firefox to version 38, page/sdk-worker do not work.
    I try to use the source code of the page , but it does not work too. I mean that without error, but the background page was not created.
    For example, if I'm using the following source code:

    var pageWorker = require("sdk/page-worker");
    var tmp = pageWorker.Page({)
    contentScript: "console.log ("Im loaded!");"

    I have no errors or warnings and did not log console "Im loaded! It is only work on android mobile version of FIrefox 38. 37 mobile Firefox, it works well (and desktop version of 38 Firefox works well).

    This is a bug or a new feature? In the changelog for Firefox 38 nothing about this...

    Thank you! I await your response!

    This is a user support forum asking on! forum/mozilla-labs-jetpack or filing a bug with the sdk of addons would be better

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    I don't know what to do, is it the phone or the software. Help, please!

    Thank you


    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Try the attached procedure, it should solve your problem.

    Thank you


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    I am a new user to dream... made my first site on the download to the FTP host, I'm in the correct FTP address, user can test name and password but I'm a mistake to check the username and password... I checked its right I used other software with the same account and it works but here, it gives the wrong password error


    Please visit the following link Re: Upload to FTP JUST host won't WORK!

    Kind regards


  • I could not update Firefox 12 using a modem connection. I tried several times.

    I use a dial-up access. I tried several times to update to 12 FF. most of the connections are at best 24 usually overnight. Last download showed Firefox search virus. I could not locate the downloads anywhere. Very often the download disappears just before closing. I tried 4 times. This connection is a weekend House where the computer is used rarely. Descent of loads are difficult at any time because of the connection is very slow.

    Try to download the full version of 12.0 Firefox from the Mozilla server instead of trying to update.

    You can find the latest version of Firefox in all languages and for all systems operating here:

  • In order to watch the dish online I need to download video optimizer and said Firefox - widevine media transformerplugin could not be installed because it is not compatible with firefox 7.0.1. -

    In order to watch the dish online, that it asks me to download the flat video optimizer... when we try to download it says Firefox widevine media transformer plugin could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 7.0.1. We would like to be able to watch videos of dish occasionally. Thank you

    This XPI has a maxVersion of 6, it must be updated for Firefox 7.

    You can save this extension on the disc and open it to supplant the maxVersion yourself if you're feeling adventurous.

    If you don't already have it, download and install 7-Zip program - this is a file management program archive utility for Windows - free and open source.

    Once 7-Zip is installed, right click the XPI file and select open with > 7 - Zip File Manager

    Once you see the content of this XPI, locate the file install.rdf .
    Right-click the install.rdf file and select Edit & your text editor will be opened.
    Locate ine em: maxVersion and modify as follows * 7.0 .
    Then use file > save money... in your text editor and 7-Zip will ask you if you want to save changes to archive - don't use any compression if you are invited to this topic.

    To install the extension en you have on the local disk, you can use the file > open file... or simply the XPI to slip into the Firefox browser window.

    You will need to test this extension to ensure that it actually works again in Firefox 7.

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