Firefox restore closed tabs when the value "show my home page".

I put the option when Firefox starts: "show my home page". I expect to get a tab open, showing my home page. Instead, I get a bunch of tabs that were open when I closed Firefox during reconfiguration. This includes my home page under the first tab - but maybe it's because that's how things were when you saved the info. I was reconfiguration because I just updated Zone Alarm and, as usual, he fiddled with my settings. (Grrr!)


Found the answer. About: config, browser.startup.homepage had all the tabs that I was getting, not only the page I requested. I put it by clicking on 'current use' from the relevant Panel. Fixed by changing the string for browser.startup.homepage, he likely could be fixed by closing unwanted and then put tabs in homepage again.

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    RiaandSteve1 wrote:

    Thanks for your quick response,

    I tried this,



    I'm not able to click on the tab now, but he is always visible (in this case telling audio). I must be something to do with this code

  • Audio
  • above the actual div for the tab.  Do not know how to remove the tab

    Well Yes if you want to hide the tab too then you must surround the

  • tag in a similar way:

  • Audio
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    You can set the new tab page by entering "subject: config" in the address bar. Read the warning carefully, and once you are looking for the "browser.newtab.url" preference to proceed. Change its value to "subject: newtab" to the URL of the page you want to load.

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    There are much easier and more suitable methods.

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    Hi guys,.

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    Law 4th bar is not visible because the value of this bar is 300 which is excedding maxium. But I want the 4th bar to appear identical to 3 bar.

    How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Then you should change the value of Y to the maximum value.

    Another option, you should consider is changing the Render item column to reflect that the value is greater than the specified maximum value.

  • How can I make firefox save my tabs when I close it?

    Why can't make you it more comfortable and easy to use? Firefox is a great program but its lack of customization. Personally, I think that all that lack of simplicity, unfortunately has no quality. How can I fix this without having to change to another browser?

    Firefox automatically records the tabs when the user closes the it. They are available in history > restore previous Session and at the bottom of the default (topic: Home) home page - restore previous Session

    ... lack of customization?

    Modules more how much?

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    Hi, 41 of Firefox, you must use an add-on like tab override (browser.newtab.url replacement), to make changes to the page tab.

    Once installed, open the Add-ons (Ctrl + Shift + A) Manager > Extensions, and then look for the new tab override and click Options to set your preference.

    Note, if you want only the new tab to be the same as your home page, you can use the Add on new tab homepage instead.

    You will then need to restart Firefox for all changes to take effect.

    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

  • How can I get the tab of the Add-ons Manager to stop when I go to my home page of opening? (I hate that!)

    When I go to my home page by clicking the home page (more convenient way to access my most frequently used page), the Add-ons Manager will open in its own tab. I don't like this at all. How can I get him to stop?

    Looks like maybe your homepage has been accidentally updated to include several pages, including the Add-ons Manager. Try to open the Firefox options window and paste the address of just your page field "Home Page".

    For more details, see: How to set the home page

  • This morning when I started Firefox it shows my home page as screwed up as yesterday but Safari has shown as it should look like, what is wrong?

    I currently use version 3.6.24 Firefox on my PPC mac with 10.4.11 system. I use Firefox for many years without any problems. I received yesterday and on my screen to alert that there is a new update of Firefox available at the facility. I clicked on OK and the update started. When it's over, I checked and it's the same version, 3.6.24, I used and apparently nothing has changed until I went to my eBay site. Once on my site, I signed in and went to manage my Articles page. The page was different because normally it shows all the items, I have for sale and at the top of the list of points of sale are the three items to check and look at my listings, which I look at you, my profile and my alerts. When you click on one of them you are normally taken to another page. When I went there after apparent installation of the updated release of Firefox page showed my ads in a single column, my profile in another column and third column for my alerts all on one page. This is not normal. I got out and went to my home page which is Now it was different. Parts of the site have disappeared, the sections with the weather, news, and reviews. I thought it might be the site and then I launched Safari and went to the same page and it is normal. This morning when I started Firefox it shows my home page as screwed up as yesterday. Safari has shown as it should look like. I then started SeaMonkey and it showed the page as it should look like. I really like Firefox and I'd like to get it working again as it should. Would appreciate any suggestions. My email address is [email protected]

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Firefox > Preferences > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Firefox > Preferences > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

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    Are there cases where related objects do not updated?

    Yes, as I said, pass the name of the property and the value in the change manager.

    Support rating allows you to set the value, not a switch statement. Some examples of code.


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    I assume that you use a while loop to keep the updated value.

    Add a record to offset to your looping it initialize with a U32 (time in ms)

    Add the registry to offset to your loop that keeps the previous value of your bool

    When your reaches the threshold value => the light and set the current time in your shift register.

    In the next iteration of the loop weather check value is still above threshold

    => Y-online previous set to true?

    => Y-online the next iteration

    -Online N => turn switch on and set the current time in your shift register.

    -Online N => subtract the time current less time shift record-online more then 5 seconds?

    => Is => keep turning on

    -Online N => turn given

  • Is it possible a 0 is displayed after the decimal point when the value is rounded? (I get: 20-20, 1;) "I need 20, 0-20, 1).

    Using the effect of text "cursor", I am able to view replace "30 ° C" "35.5 ° C". My question is: is it possible a 0 is displayed after the decimal point when the value is rounded? (I get: 20-20, 1;) "I need 20, 0-20, 1). I use this code:

    Temp = effect ("Slider Control") ("Slider");

    sliderValue = Math.round(temp*10)/10;

    [sliderValue + ' ° C ' "']

    Here is the solution:

    numDecimals = 1;

    Temp = effect ("Slider Control") ("Slider");

    sliderValue = (Math.round(temp*10)/10).toFixed(numDecimals);

    sliderValue + "° C";

  • How to disable Lov when the value of the attribute is NULL at the level line

    Hi all


    I have a view as a table ADF jsff page object. Value of the attribute in a row may have null values.
    And I want that Lov must be disabled when the value of the attribute in the row is null or not.
    So please suggest me how can I implement this.

    Kind regards

    Set to the disabled for LOV attribute property

    disabled="#{bindings.YourAttribute.inputValue eq null}

Maybe you are looking for