Firefox starts or uninstall using any method suggested. I want to install the latest version.

Firefox worked just fine. Now when I try to launch it I get the message "Unable to load XPCOM" and it does not start. I tried to uninstall the usual way via Control Panel etc. and nothing happens. I tried through the program of assistance-uninstall suggested elsewhere on your website, but that no longer works.

I would like to delete the version I have (25.0) and install the new version (25.1) but when I try, I get "cannot create archives of the temporary folder.

I tried to connect via the link below but I get a message "Windows cannot open this file".

I am currently persevering with Internet Explorer to communicate with you.

What can I do, please?


Dear Helpers

Thanks a lot for your suggestions which I followed carefully. However, when I tried to install the new version 25.1 I received a message saying 'Cannot create temp file' or words to that effect and could not go further. At that time there my enthusiasm for Firefox evaporated and I decided that I have much better to do with my time and, unfortunately, I can't live without Firefox.


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