Firefox sync, said bad recovery key

I need to know how to recover my passwords and bookmarks/pin tabs of firefox sync. computer has been updated to windows 7

What you did to save the sync key (aka recovery key) before moving to Win7?

Without the right key of your data recovery on the synchronization server are useless and cannot be recovered. This 'key' has been used to encrypt your data as these data has been downloaded to the synchronization server.

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  • I have a Firefox sync to a device key I have anymore, how can I sync my new camera?

    My computer had to be reformatted. Until I reformatted it, I created an account of synchronization. I have a key to Firefox Sync with my old settings and I also copied my profile firefox to a USB port. How can I sync my new firefox or replace the profile?

    It is preferable to transfer only the files you really need (for example files, sqlite and signons3.txt If you include passwords) and reinstall the extensions and do again the other customizations.

  • Is it possible to recover deleted bookmarks in Firefox Sync?

    I have reinstalled the operating system on my computer, operating systems installed as well as all instances of Firefox with Firefox Sync to wiping.

    I installed Firefox on the new OS and set up Firefox sync using the recovery key. However, either because the device name was the same as previously (my bad), or it is also possible that I'm theoretically possible that I accidentally selected the option to erase all data on the server with one in my browser (which is none).

    As a result, Firefox Sync signals that my favorites are now 6.1 KB - i.e. all my favorites have been removed.

    (Since it is a new installation of the OS, I don't have access to one of the automated bookmark backups).

    Is there a way to return to an earlier version of the server data?

    No, there are no backups available - no earlier version of the server data.

  • Want the old data of Firefox, old PC died, new recovery keys will remove old data on server.

    I created Sync on my hard drive now unusable, with all my goodies of Firefox on it. I am now on another hard drive but when I try to set up the synchronization and recover my old data, he said that I need a recovery key. I can't get a so it generates one, but a new will apparently remove the old data that I want to do unnecessary synchronization. How to access my old data without a key?

    I was and am now running Firefox 28.0 on two hard drives.

    Hello, it is not possible to recover your old data sync without the recovery key, because the data is stored encrypted on mozilla sync servers and it's the only key to decrypt. If you have already generated a new recovery key and then also data on the servers was overwritten - so I'm afraid that this data is lost for good...

  • I have the recovery key, but when I try to use it, I said it's the wrong recovery key?

    Please can someone give me some tips or advice to help me with this problem is annoying.

    As I mentioned I saved my recovery key (RK) because I think it's a great tool, but when I tried to use it for the first time on my brand new computer, I was quickly told - bad recovery key. So I clicked on the "I lost my other device" to get one new/another one? RK, I put the key in the box only to tell the same story again? RK hard. What I'm doing wrong, I can't make heads or tails of it.

    Any suggestions would be grateful...

    The link "I lost my other device" to reset the key of the synchronization only works if you have entered the user name and password of an existing synchronization account.

    To find your key (must be device with synchronization already install)

    • At the top of the Firefox window, click the Firefox (Tools menu in Windows XP), and then click Options
    • Select the Sync Panel.
    • Click on manage the account, then select my recovery key. It will open a window that displays your recovery key.

    To generate a new key

    See: replace your synchronized data

    See: How to choose what type of information to synchronize on Firefox?

  • Cannot set up Firefox sync on desktop - no recovery key and will not let me connect to get

    I downloaded Firefox for my new android phone and wanted to sync my office with the mobile app. When I went it said I had an account already set in place, but since I don't remember the information about this I just ended up changing the password so I could identify and then deleted the entire account.

    I have advanced and set up a new sync account, but he never gave me a recovery key. I don't think not that anything like that, but then the failure of the initial synchronization and I got an error message indicating the user name or password is incorrect.

    This happened twice and every time I went back and was over by resetting the password or deleting the whole account. But whenever I have go through the steps of creating another account never gave me a recovery key.

    I looked around and I tried following the steps to get a recovery key, but I don't have the ability to manage my account (perhaps because it was never entirely created and never went through an initial synchronization?) and I get an error message indicating the user name and password is incorrect, whenever I try to go through the steps to reset the recovery key. This is despite the fact that I can connect with the same credentials on the page of Firefox sync - for some reason any he just does not accept the normal browser sync tab.

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and 13.0.1 Firefox version. No matter what help you can give me would be most appreciated as this has been driving me crazy for the last hours I'm trying to work through this.


    Please see this for more details about the recovery key. You can also try to start over again using these steps (three parts):

    If you are able to connect to the synchronization site which means the account still exists. In this case, you can try to delete the account, wait a few minutes and then try to configure the synchronization as described in the previous link.

    To check potential temporary disruptions of synchronization:

  • can firefox sync please send my recovery key to my email so I can recover my data?

    I built a new pc and formatted my old hard drive and before I formatted I thought to create a firefox sync account to get my stuff back, and I didn't notice I have the key recovery needed to do this.
    firefox help would be appreciated

    If the recovery key has been registered anywhere it would negate the need for a recovery key, because it would immediately make Firefox Sync precarious. The private nature of the recovery key, this is what makes it an effective form of security

  • What is the different between firefox "Sync Key" and "key recovery"?

    The problem is: I can't get my data from server. I have my key to 'Sync', and I used it several times before, but now Firefox says its wrong. Are 'sync key' and two 'recovery key' names to a single key or its two different keys?

    There is no difference between tho two names, they both refer to the sync key that is used to encrypt data locally before sending it to the sync server.

    Try creating a new profile as a test to check whether your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "create a profile":

    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a profile in the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.

  • Firefox Mobile sync gives me "incorrect recovery key. Please try again. »

    It is a continuation of this issue, which has been closed without resolution:

    I use a custom synchronization server and get the "incorrect recovery key. Please try again. "whenever I click on"Connect ". The synchronization log that exists in the desktop version of Firefox is not present in the mobile version, so I have no idea how debug this further on my own.

    OK, I think I thought about her. There is a disparity of the bug/feature in Firefox mobile compared to the desktop version.

    The mobile version will only accept the most modern "encoded friendly" AES key. However, desktop version will accept any old rope, you give him (which he then turns into a key using the magic).

    There is a way around it. If you have a desktop version of firefox, you can get the mass of the key of the synchronization version. Just set up sync with your password. Then go to Preferences-> Sync-> manage account-> my recovery key. There is a version of your key mobile Firefox will accept.

    Unfortunately, it is now crapping on another bug and refusing to accept the URL of the server. God this thing is buggy...

  • Key recovery Firefox Sync is lost. No solution on the net works. Help

    I have a sync FF account. I bought a tablet. I want to synchronize the tablet. During the process, I am asked to provide a recovery key that I don't have.

    Each solution that I find on the Internet is either aged two years or markets (Tools/Options/synchronisation/manage account) are no longer valid because an account is no more under the synchronization.

    I need to find my recovery key, remove the account in order to get a new key, or stop wasting my time and take this process to a different browser.

    Can anyone help without pointing to the same web pages, I've been repeatedly?

    So, you were able to get the synchronization set up on both devices, correct?

    The initial synchronization of each device may take awhile, like maybe as much as an hour (by one of the Sync developers) to complete, according to the data of types the user has chosen to be "synchronized". And if you have both connected at the same time, it could slow down the process. Sorry, there is no progress indicator to "measure" which was sent to or from the sync server. Sync is designed to operate entirely in the background.

    Once the synchronization data are fully charged on both devices, the process is almost instantaneous from my own observation. Remove a bookmark on a "peripheral" and less than a minute what disappears from another device.

  • Why Firefox Sync saying that my recovery key has been changed when I don't have another camera to change?

    I am trying to do my first synchronization, but the progress bar on the tab that opens does not move. I've left all night and still no change. When I click Synchronize now, a message appears indicating that I am using the wrong recovery key. I tried to use the same key and generating a new several times without success.

    I understood the question, FIPS prevented synchronization. Unfortunately, the error logs were not too useful, there are constant references to errors in connection with error.login.reason.recoverykey and no traceback.

    Anyway, once FIPS is off sync started working. This level of encryption is probably overkill for standard web browsing in any case.

  • How to connect to the firefox sync through sync key?

    Prior to re - install Windows, I saved my Firefox Sync key.
    After installing windows, I can't to access my firefox sync account for my favorites! It is said: unknown account, register!
    But I have a KEY, I need my favorites back!

    Help me, please, to the recovery of my favorites back!
    Thank you.

    You must use a very old version of Firefox if this version has always used a separate key for synchronization.
    29 Firefox and later no longer use a specific key synchronization, but derive the key to the synchronization of the password of the Firefox account that you use to sign in to this account.

    You need a version of Firefox 28 to connect to an old account of synchronization that uses the key of the synchronization.

  • I have a key to firefox sync. How can I synchronize a new device with it?

    I want to synchronize a new device, but all I have is a sync key and I can't find anywhere to enter the key of the synchronization. How can I do this?

    Firefox Sync (Aka recovery key) key has not been used since version Firefox 28. All you need is the email address used when you set up synchronization and the password for your account synchronization - assuming that you updated your account synchronization to a Firefox account after update beyond 28 of Firefox.

    And the former function of 'twinning' has disappeared, too.

  • Set up synchronization for the 1st time, never had a recovery key; no option running firefox under Linux

    Never had a recovery key. Firefox running on the Linux desktop, no synchronization option.


    Can clarify you what your question is? You describe a situation, but there doesn't seem to be a problem. If you want to get the key to recovery for more information, you can go to the tab sync in the Options window and select "Key recovery" in the fall of my account in the menu Manager drop-down.

    I would like to know if this is what you are looking for.

  • After a new installation of OSX Lion, I want to reinstall my firefox sync preferences. I saved my key before clening the computer, but not firefox indicates that the key is incorrect. Any ideas would be most appreciated!

    After a new installation of OSX Lion, I want to reinstall my firefox sync preferences. I saved my key before clening the computer, but not firefox indicates that the key is incorrect. Any ideas would be most appreciated!

    Try typing the key to recovery without 5 dashes.

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