Firefox uninstalled, reinstalled, but the profile is missing, can I retrieve information about the use of Sync?

Looking at the previous subjects of support, I know there is little hope (I write from another computer). Someone else uninstalled Firefox on my PC, probably by using Control Panel. I don't know if they chose to keep the user profile. Then, I don't know the left behind, started Firefox profile from an external drive. Then, I installed Firefox on my computer again. Between the two steps above, I made a backup of my profile (not sure if it is from the external drive or there all along after uninstalling) but after reinstalling Firefox and the movement of the backup, it turns out it's the profile by default since nothing had changed. I did a sync once, with the computer, I am currently, but I updated this PC and I had to reinstall and do not synchronize since then. So currently, none of the info is being synchronized, and I am not connected both sides (whenever I browse the synchronization Panel, he asks me to associate a device and it isn't my goal). I also don't have my key to recovery because I intend only to synchronize once. And change and wiping the servers are besides the point. Tell me, this is a lost cause?
Also, how long are sync data stored on the servers of Mozilla (in the pathetic hope they will change their policy in the future)?


The strange thing is that the backup and my default folder have the same names even before the restoration, except that they have different things inside. I think it is unnecessary to pursue the matter more since today, I tried to power on my old computer and basically it died on me. Sorry to be so confused and then ending without solution.

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