Firefox will open 4 or 5 thin legs, but then do not load any other sites after the first 4 or 5 or you can update one of these first tabs - including: config and the addon page

Firefox 5 worked well. I installed Firefox 7, and when I ran, tabs just say «connecting to...» "and hang up. Rebooting did not help. Sites Web open correctly in IE and Chrome. Disabled all firewalls and antivirus, nothing helped. Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox 5, everything has worked again. It was using Vista 64-bit.

Upgrading to Windows 7, uninstalled Firefox 5, installed Firefox 7, had the same problem. Uninstalled Firefox 7 completely (including profile information, I saved this information in another file), restarted the computer and installed Firefox 7 using a clean profile. Do not install add-ons, checked to make sure that all plug-ins were updated and updated plugins up-to-date.

Now when I run Firefox, I can load 3 or 4 or 5 tabs very well - after these first tabs bit are open, I can not open or refresh all other tabs - with about: config and the add-on Manager - I have to restart Firefox. The hangup does not appear to be associated with what websites I try to open, but it seems that the number is the problem. I ran through all the procedures of the FAQ, including changing the maximum number of connections to 48, and the problem does not seem to go away.

As a side note, I had this same problem when I tried to go from version 5 to version 6 more. Version 5 is the latest version which worked on my system.

The default value of the pref Network.http.Max - connections has been increased from 30 up to 256 in versions of Firefox 6 +.

Try to decrease the value of the pref Network.http.Max - connections from 255 to a setting like 30 such as used in versions of Firefox 3.

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