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Cannot add my iphone



Firefox is unfortunately not available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) devices.

I hope this helps!

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  • Photos, iCloud and OneDrive sync

    Hi all

    I have a question on how to better organize my photo library.

    For the moment, on my space OneDrive (mapped to a partition on my MacBook SSD), I have a folder called 'Images' containing just about all of my photos and organized by folders.

    Since my tech ecosystem is roughly marked Apple (iPhone, iPad and MacBook), I would use the power and versatility of the Photos and iCloud, so that everything remains in all of my devices and free space memory iPhone sync.

    Here's the question: I want to keep my pictures saved on OneDrive, then put the Photos on my Mac to view photos from this folder and use iCloud to share through my devices.

    -I see the same folder structure on iPhone and iPad a synchronization is complete?

    -More important, if I take a picture with my iPad, it will be placed not only on iCloud but also automatically added pictures on Mac which, in turn, puts it in the folder of photos on my OneDrive?

    -Finally, take pictures of my iDevices will store them in the film. If I move them into folders, photos will be mapped (copied to iCloud) on my other devices constantly (in the folder)?

    I would like to notice I'm not trying to avoid using iCloud premium space - I already have a subscription plan of 50 GB that I don't mind mounted. I just keep having just all my photos on OneDrive.

    Thank you in advance for any comments you may have!


    The answer is simply not

    The photo library can not be stored on a basic system to pictures not work will have a referenced library, so you may not have a local library references photos on a disc - the photo library can be on a local drive connected directly to the Mac OS Extended format

    You can synchronize between the Mac and IOS devices using iCloud library that synchronizes the photos and the structure of the album/folder between devices

    When you import pictures you can export them to your OneDrive record and have a copy (not associate Photos somehow) on a disk

    You can not have the same physical pictures in Photos and on one disc - each must have its own copy of the Photo


  • How can I have two desktops on iCloud sync at the same time, without having duplicate files?

    Hi all

    I have two computers, a MacBook Pro and iMac. I use the new feature for Sierra macOS, which allows me to continually synchronize my office on iCloud. I welcome the Office on my iMac be synchronized on the cloud. Now, I would have the exact same office on my MacBook Pro. I tried many ways, including by dragging files to iCloud Drive on my desktop, but the synchronization does not work. If I enable syncing on my MacBook Pro, I know that I have duplicate files.

    With this method, I would like to: whenever I have add a file on my desktop iMac computer, it shows up on my MacBook Pro Office without the need for me to keep about iCloud road opening.

    Thanks for reading this.


    If you enable sync on the MacBook Pro, it should not be duplicates.  What makes you think it?

  • Is no longer able to sync to iPod album art

    All my album in my library artwork iTunes stopped syncing with my iPod - even the music I bought on the iTunes store. How can I restore it? I've been deleting music from my library to create capabilities but no joy so far.

    According to me, iTunes syncs and stores separately, album artwork to optimize the way iPod displays the album (on the small screen of the iPod) artwork and minimize storage space used by the illustrations of album on the iPod.  There may be data corruption on the storage of the iPod originally this problem; iTunes is syncing, but embedded iPod software is unable to properly access this optimized work data.

    If all the songs on the iPod are stored in your iTunes library, you can do a Restore on iPod using iTunes.  This erases the iPod and it affects the "factory" condition by default.  The restore button is on the settings of the iPod summary screen in iTunes.  If the cause is corruption of data on the iPod, it should be resolved by doing a restore.  After the restoration, access music from the iPod settings screen in iTunes and set it up to Sync music as before.

  • I have a music library of about 7.6 GB.  I have an old nano iPod which has a capacity of 8.0 GB. When I try to sync my library on the nano it accepts only about 1.68 GB.  How can I fix?

    I have a library of about 7.8 GB of songs iTunes music.  I have an iPod nano to 8.0 GB.  When I try to sync my music on the iPod the IPod does accept that about 1.68 GB.  I tried to restore and re-synchronization-the same results.


    Are all your songs stored locallyin your computer's iTunes library?  iTunes cannot sync the songs that are accessed by streaming from Apple servers ("iCloud").  To check, find a song that does not sync your iPod to your iTunes library.  Do a right click and get information.  On the tab of the file Info window, browse to the location.  This site shows a path of the file to the location the file of that song on your drive, or should I say iCloud?  Expressed the iCloud, download it.

    If this is the General reason why much of the music library will not sync to the iPod, you can select the pieces all affected at the same time, right-click on the selection and download.  Once all the music files are stored locally, they sync to iPod.

    If this is not the cause of your problem, thanks for posting back with all additional details, such as any error message that appears when you attempt to sync.

  • iPhone SE sync - memory almost full

    When I sync my SE I see that my phone memory is almost full. Most of the memory is used by Documents and data. What is this and how can I reduce it?

    "Documents & data" so often in large part album art associated with music on your iPhone.

    Another way to measure the use of storage of your iPhone is on the iPhone: settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (in storage).  Remove some of the elements of y.

  • Setting to change the number of days to sync e-mail

    Where the parameter move to if you want to change the number of days that will be synchronized to your e-mail accounts? Or he is let out iOS 10 for some reason any?

    vrmcw wrote:

    Where the parameter move to if you want to change the number of days that will be synchronized to your e-mail accounts? Or he is let out iOS 10 for some reason any?

    account settings - sync mails - 'Exchange' on my phone - spam day-

    Not an ios 10 issue that I don't have the function to my yahoo account.

    Maybe you should ask your email provider.

  • error message when try to sync the iPhone, "invalid response from the device?

    What can I do when I receive this error message when you try to sync to my iPhone 5 s - "invalid response from the device?

    -What are your 5 updating to 10.0.2 iOS iPhone? If this is the case, you must have the latest version of iTunes on your computer, which is required for Mac OS X 10.9.5 12.5.1, or above. To meet these specifications will be receiving this error.

  • Suddenly sync with my iphone, my ipad mini photo stream stop 6

    Please I need help!

    My cry of my mini ipad picture suddenly stopped syncing with my iphone 6. It started already before the 10 updated both ios.

    I tried all the tips I found here and at google and it still does not work.

    Thank you very much.

    vively wrote:

    Please I need help!

    My cry of my mini ipad picture suddenly stopped syncing with my iphone 6. It started already before the 10 updated both ios.

    I tried all the tips I found here and at google and it still does not work.

    Thank you very much.

    Since you don't specify what you tried actually, here, you can:

    Get help using my photo stream - Apple Support

    My photo FAQ - Apple Support stream

  • Contacts on my iPhone 6 will not sync with Outlook 2016

    I changed my computer and my Contacts Outlook 2016 will not be synchronized. My calendar and notes synchronization through iClloud and they are OK.

    I ticked the box "Remove Contacts using what is on my computer" 3 times and I'm showing still some contacts on my iPhone 6.

    How to get contacts on my iPhone? I don't want to use iCloud for contacts. He keeps double and triple contacts.  want to manually sync Contacts via iTunes.

    Thank you

    Hi ACEs of the crime pool.

    I see that you are having problems of synchronization of your contacts from your computer with Outlook 2016 to your iPhone. I want to provide a resource that should help you.

    Take a look at the site of the direction to take to this issue:

    If you are unable to synchronize your calendars and Outlook contacts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via iTunes for Windows - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • All my messages on my iPhone were mysteriously deleted after I restarted - is it possible to sync my old backup iPhone with my iMessages on my Mac?


    This past weekend, I noticed that my Messages app acted strangely on my iPhone 6. Accordingly, I turned and turn it on again and noticed that all of my posts have disappeared. I then did a hard reset and turned on - still no messages.

    I have my settings to keep my messages forever, what really saddened me to see all of my messages disappeared. In any case, I'm about to restore my backup iPhone on a new phone (6 s). Luckily, I backed up my phone the week last before my messages disappearing.

    I understand that when I restore a backup, everything that happened on my phone since will not appear. However, I have also the Messages on my MacBook Air app, when kept all my messages before and after the mysterious disappearance on my phone. Once I have perform this restore, I was wondering if it is possible to synchronize in any post-restore on my laptop to my phone messages.

    Thank you!

    Hi masizh,

    Congratulations on your new iPhone 6 s! I understand that you want to synchronize the restoration of post messages on your Mac Messages app to your iPhone 6 s. If these are the iMessages, your new device needs to load the entire conversation once you send or receive an iMessage from the recipient. SMS messages may not work in the same way, however, you can contact your operator for support with text messages.

    To continue to have your Mac with your iPhone SMS sync, don't forget to implement continuity with your new device.

    If you have an iPhone, the SMS that you send and receive on your iPhone may appear on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch as well. You can then continue the conversation from any device is closer to you.

    Set up SMS and MMS messaging

    Use this feature with any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that satisfies the requirements of continuity system. Make sure that your devices are configured as follows:

    • Each device is connected to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
    • On iPhone, go to settings > Messages > Send and receive. Make sure the Apple ID at the top of the screen is the same Apple ID you use for iMessage on other devices. Add a check to your address, phone number, so that you can be reached by both iMessage. Do the same on your iPad or iPod touch.
    • On iPhone, go to settings > Messages > transfer, text messages, then choose which devices to send and receive text messages from the iPhone. A verification code and then on each device. Enter this code on your iPhone.
    • On Mac, open Messages, and then choose message > Preferences. Click accounts, and then select your account from iMessage. Make sure the Apple ID shown here is the same Apple ID you use on other devices. Add a control to your phone number and email address.

    Use the SMS and MMS messaging

    To use this feature, simply start conversations as usual in the Messages application on any of your devices. Alternatively, you can start a conversation by clicking a phone number in Safari, Contacts, calendar, or other applications detecting phone numbers. All your incoming and outgoing messages on all your devices.

    Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Enjoy your new iPhone!

  • Sync with iPhone iOS9 IOS10

    Hi all

    I have an iPhone 6 with iOS10 on it, but I'm about to receive one with iOS9 (with more disk space), and I would like to know if it was possible to synchronize all content that I had on the previous (accounts, text messages, snapchat memories etc.) to the new, free update to ios10.

    I kind of liked iOS9 and I would like to continue using it for a while.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards


    Hello Ilimano,

    Looks like you get another phone but not update to iOS 10 and to synchronize the content from your old device. While you will not be able to restore a backup from a device with a new version of the iOS to one with an earlier version, you will be able to synchronize the content you have in iCloud.

    As for any content sync you to iTunes on your current phone, you will be able to synchronize this content even in iTunes in the same way you did before:

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes on your computer through a USB port

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Remove photos from my iphone sync

    Hi, I would ask for a solution for my problem, my problem is that my photos are synchronized with i tunes while he takes up a lot of memory in my phone, even though I have no pictures roll behind closed doors, but there are some memories but not enough to deal with the large amount of space that they can not be deleted.

    I tried a solution I thought this might work, but it didn't, the solution was to start I tunes and click on the device, click pictures, and then "uncheck synchronize them photos" but the sync was already unchecked and I couldn't remove synchronize them photos that cause a lot of problem for me. So please help me out with that and if possible solution with an easy one.

    Thank you

    Try reconnecting the phone to iTunes on the computer and on the Photos tab, select an empty folder (a folder without images inside) and sync to the phone

  • ALAC songs do not sync for iPhone

    7. more than 256 GB iPhone

    iOS 10.0.2

    10 Pro 64 bit Windows


    Because I have the 256 GB iPhone, my intention was to fill this space with music files without loss. Were rip CDs to the ALAC format using dbPowerAmp. Apple Lossless, default profile.

    I've tested this two days ago with just a few files and everything works great.

    Today, I'm unable to transfer these files to the iPhone during synchronization. I put all those I want in a playlist, then checked the as a playlist to sync with the phone.

    During synchronization, he dies in the first file to be copied. 'Copy 1 of 728...' and it just is there forever. I thought that maybe there was a problem with an individual file, I have so removed that out of the list, try to synchronize again, same result.

    At this point, sync just seems to "freeze". Hit the little 'x' to stop synchronization doing nothing. I need to unplug the phone so that it can synchronize.

    Have restarted the PC, phone rebooted but still get the same result.

    What could I do it wrong?

    Thank you

    Update - it seems to work now, but I deleted all THE music from the phone and started around. As I have now 10,000 songs to synchronize again, I hope I won't have to do it several times.

  • iPhone 5 (iOS 10.0.2) with iTunes (12.5.1), sync has failed to start.

    Hello, yesterday I bought an iPhone 5 with iOS 10.0.2 and while I am trying to sync it with iTunes 12.5.1, an error saying that: "I phone cannot synchronize because sync could not be started."

    So far, I tried to re - open iTunes and try new but no luck, I also deleted the last device back upwards (as it has been mentioned as a solution on a forum), but didn't work. I also tried to do it after I closed all the applications on my phone and restart it but no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!


    In addition to restart iTunes, try a reboot of the strength of your iPhone: restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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