firmware for the iPhone bluetooth headset original work with the 5s iPhone

Hello to our community,

I have a beautiful original apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset model n °: A1221

This helmet does not work correctly.

When I connect the headphones to the computer (iMac 27 "mid-2011, el Capitan 10.11.3) with the original Headset USB travel cable, headset LED is bright orange and the LED color changes to green after a few minutes.

When I disconnect the headset no lights are bright and the headphones does not work.

After charging more then 1 hour the same answer.

When I put the headset with the USB cable connected in my ear, I can hear the sound signal very low volume of pitch high e. When I push and hold the button of the headset tone is stronger.

When I disconnect the cable, the helmet is instantly dead, no lights, no sound, nothing happens when I push the button on the short headset, for a second, four seconds, 10 seconds or even longer.

Is there a possibility to reset? A new firmware? An Exchange program? Any help?


The helmet has been abandoned, I think that 2009. So, it's long after the warranty. BT headsets have come a long way since then. The Apple headset does support A2DP, now standard. I he write off and buy something current.

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