Firmware update failed, TC is now unavailable and no led light

Found my TC this morning flashing yellow, found a FW update was available, clicked on update, downloaded FW but then he could not update and now TC is unavailable, I tried to reboot, but still no TC, before LED is off even on/after power on.

How to treat?

How to treat?

Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen)

The symptoms are typical of a Gen 4 TC... so thanks for putting this info in your profile.

The new firmware is not the problem... However, the drop of water that makes the vase overflow. Your TC underwent a total failure due to bad soldering... the attempt of the update was this slight element of stress which caused the catastrophic failure.

If you are a handyman, there is a fix... It of free... and set up to present enough to say that I am fairly confident with your symptoms, it will fix it.


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    Please I need urgent help.

    I have connected my 9520 Storm to my computer and blackberry desktop manager told me that I had an update. So I decided to update. During the update process, when he says to connect my camera to the JAVA virtual machine comes up with the following error.

    ARM11: Touchscreen firmware update failed

    Device error: 302

    Has no task: INPUT_SYS


    Line: 0

    SP = 0X1784EAF0

    LR = 0X16119DD9


    I tried to reinstall the operating system of all possible ways. From loader.exe, Office Manager, but I find myself coming back to this same error message.

    Please, I need emergency aid. Please...

    Hello SmoothRider,

    Thanks for the reply but I was able to get the ot to start work. I had the phone screen has changed, and immediately I put in the battery, that I was asked to reload the software I did and tadaaaa... It worked all fine again. I guess that the error had something to do with the material for the screen.

    Thank you

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    I am running Windows XP SP3 32-bit. The windows firewall is disabled and I use COMODO Internet Security and I use Avira Antivirus. I tried to disable the firewall and the antivirus just to see if they are the cause of the problem, but it has no effect on the results of the installation. In addition, COMODO logs do not show any activity blocked the Installer (or whatever it is blocked at all today). My account is an administrator account.

    Now, I think it should be noted that I don't need an update of the firmware. My player integrates the latest version from the website. What I really want is to convert my videos so that I can use them on the player. Unfortanetly there is no way to install the Sansa Media Converter without installing the Firmware Updater (ahh... how many times I tried wasn't the case... but alas...).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    SOLUTION: I found a thread on the forum of Sansa View that describes the required parameters for the conversion of the video correctly to play on my device. (Here: Given that I don't need to update my firmware (and lets hope I don't) it is a perfect solution for me (especially considering the horrible things I've heard of the SCM).

  • CP1025nw firmware update failed

    Hi - I tried to update my firmware (most wireless) and get the error message failed to update and powercycle the printer and try again.  I tried several times and get the same result - update failed.

    Is there another way to update the firmware (via maybe USB?)  RFU is Enable - I think - instructions to check through GB & button yellow has not been made as indicated.

    Thank you


    PS Windows 7 x 32


    Has decided to 'take the bull by the horns' and remove the impressions and all HP software.  A lot of ghosts and files left behind so had to use regedit to clean up junk and the C:\system32 goto and delete all the driver files - what a mess.

    Started from scratch and utility installation found the printer and I also decided to abandon the bad software wireless connection and went with another Ethernet cable to my HP printers...

    Now this printer works - the back to try to get my LJ1022n to stop the perpetual printing from my wifes computer...

    Problem solved using brute force.


  • iOS 10 update failed iPhone 6 now frozen on the Logo screen

    I connected my iPhone 6 (he was stuck in endless loop Recovery Mode with closed force) to iTunes and tried to update to iOS 10. After about 20 minutes, the update failed. Now my phone is frozen on the Logo screen with the loading of updated under him bar. Force restart it brings back me to the screen in recovery mode.

    I also tried to use another cord, restarted my computer, update iTunes... nothing seems to work. I tried this several times in the last 36 hours with ZERO luck.

    MY camera got in as recovery mode well once completed the download of ios 10 on itunes.

    I had to unplug my phone and plug it in again... Make sure that all drivers are up-to-date. attention to any message of warning or error code filling on your itunes.

    ITunes and the computer must be updated. the cable must be the original.

    Although I made a backup, recovery mode was not something I wanted. It worked for me, once I followed this step.

    Install the latest version of iTunes. (

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Automatically search for updates of your Mac or PC. If you restart your computer for an update, check the updates again after the reboot.
    3. Strength of your unit to restart. ()When you see the option restore or update, choose update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. Please wait while iTunes downloaded the software for your device. If the download takes more than 15 minutes and the device out of recovery mode, let the download is finished, then repeat these steps.)

    The Apple logo with the bar of progression after the update or restore iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If you see errors 9, 4005, 4013, 4014, when you restore your device iOS - Apple Support or

  • Portege R400 - Firmware update fails for 3G card

    During the Firmwareupgrade of the G 3 embedded (expedite EU870D) in my protégé R400 card, I have a power fail. The next time you start, I can't countinue with the upgrade. The card no longer works.

    The Modem and the COM Ports, I don't see in Device Manager. Is there a solution for this error? Thanks for the help!


    Why do the update of the firmware?
    You should do this only if the Vodafone SIM card does not work properly!

    I found this info that pop ups before performing a firmware update!

    + Atten-tion of the FW update: +.

    + Please do not forget to read carefully before place the FW. +

    + 1. FW update is not necessary when the Vodafone SIM card works fine in the customer environment s. run the FW update only when the Vodafone SIM card is not detected. Please note that the FW is more reversible to the previous state once updated. +

    + 2. This upgrade tool will apply to the following models with built-in 3G module: +.

    + Portege R400 +.
    + Portege R500 +.
    + Tecra M9 +.

    + 3. Please leave 3G communication and close the connection utility before running the FW update. +

    + 4. Close all applications before you run the FW update. Please DO NOT launch any application during the upgrade process. +

    + 5. Please ensure that you use an AC adapter to power the computer during the process of FW update. Power failure during the upgrade process can lead to failures of 3 G modem. +

    + 6. Please DO NOT sleep/standby extended/Shut Down the computer during the process of FW update. This can lead in mode 3G +.

    So please first these points before you is trying to update the firmware!

  • P1102w firmware update failed


    I tried to update the firmware for HP P1102w, and he seemed to be omitted. After waiting for a long time, he ended up with the error message, "restart the power of the cycle, and then try again" or something like that.

    After that, he does not appear in my network, and I lost the web interface and the print function. My rounter does not show its presence. The printer has solid purple lights on the WiFi and the triangle of light.

    I tried to do a factory reset, but I could not find.

    I understand that the firmware has failed is critical. Someone knows how to fix this?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi ttanemori,

    Please connect the printer to your computer via a USB cable, and then restart the update of the firmware.

  • Photosmart C4780: HP Photosmart C4780 Firmware Update Fail

    I downloaded the updated of the "C4700_FWUpdate_4362_HPCOM_v1" firmware, but every time I try to install the wizard says that my printer is not connected.  In fact, it is connected by USB cable and wireless.  I can print to it, printing and scanning doctor sees and checks that it is OK.  The HP Digital Imaging Monitor reports that it's OK.

    The printer is running its original software and works OK, except for the occasional low response to the control panel entries that this firmware update addresses.

    My Device Manager shows all the correct drivers OK and my control panel shows the printer OK.

    Any thoughts, please?

    You won't be able to reflash the firmware now. Looks like it is ready to be discarded. Time to buy a new printer, I'm sorry.

  • Sansa Firmware Updater fails to install on my PC

    Hello world

    I can't install the update on my pc.

    This is what he wrote when it fails: "Downloding last sansa updater...»    X '.

    "The installation fails. "Please try again later".

    I have tried many times in the past 24 hours and its still the same.

    My pc is clean no viruses, spyware, etc., well maintained, firewall does not block it.

    Any suggestions?

    Most here do not recommend the use of the update. It's a resource hog that will slow your system down and nag-ware is most of the time as whenever you plug your player will be 'phone home' looking for updates. Firmware updates are not very numerous and widely spaced and manually updated (or reinstall) updates usually takes less time than downloading and installing the update.

  • PS4000 firmware update failed

    The event ID: 30.4.1 table firmware version V6.0.11 for 7.0.1 update failed. Reason: Another copy of the update is already running. .

    I'm moving to 6.0.11 to 7.0.1, so I can add my new ps6100 to the group.  FTP seems to happen when I do the mistletoe group management.  But when it gets to step 2 from upgrade fails before reaching 1%

    My other set ps4000 up-to-date without problem.

    Any thoughts?

    Gift of greetings,

    This problem has been resolved.   It was a problem with the controller, the controller had been for more than 500 + days.  This support has me initiate a reboot on the controller, once it was full, I ran the upgrade to 7.0.1 of the other controller without problem.  Then I switch to 7.1.5 to match new hardware, I install and when new material is attached to the group I will switch to the current 7.1.X

    Thanks for the help

  • using the player for years, this new version available message, choose update, update failed. current version now does not, uninstalled attempted to load the new version of the download site. Download did not say the latest version already exists but is n

    IV ' e use player for years. received message new version available. has chosen the update failed. current version does not now. Drive not installed. I tried downloading newer version of site download failed saying existed, but it doesn't. Help?

    You can try to use this tool first remove all traces of your computer:

    Then you can download the complete player offline installer from

    After downloading, restart your computer and run the Setup program before anything else.

  • HP9250C - Firmware update fails

    I work with a client with three 9250c Digital Sender.  We use the send to folder option and want to upgrade the firmware to make sure that the file name of the PDF file are always unique.  A technical note HP information indicates that we need 48.140.2 firmware or higher to achieve. See the attached Technote

    We have tried to install the latest firmware 48.293.1 via ftp.  The ftp commands indicate that the. The RFU file has loaded correctly, but when you return to the control panel of HP9250c that she went from 'Ready' to 'Suspended' but the firmware has NOT improved.

    The old firmware updated is 20070626 09.081.4

    Can anyone offer a solution to resolve the update.  I checked and the ability of the firmware update is enabled.

    Thank you Murray Croft

    Thank you for your comments.  You are absolutely right. I was finishing this work remotely and subsequently discovered that I had given the IP address of a 9200c rather than the IT Department of 9250c.  You're going to want to retry the upgrade today.  My apologies for the confusion.  Murray

  • Windows update fails to initialize wuauclt.exe and window update will not work.

    Windows update fails to initialize wuauclt.exe. Update history shows update Cumulative security for Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista (KB2699988) has failed. Command window appears every 20 seconds in train to run wuauclt.exe and closes instantly.

    I tried to restore to a restore point prior (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit Service Pack 2). I also run AVG Anti-virus (no virus not detected) and Microsoft Fix it Microsoft difficulty he says he finds and correction of errors in windows update, but the problem persists.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Hi Patrick_Sims,

    1. you receive an error with the message code?

    2. what Fixit did you run?

    Method 1:

    You can reset Windows Update components and check if it helps:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    For more information, you can also refer to the following article:

    Solve common installation issues in Windows Update, Microsoft Update and Windows Server Update Services

    Method 2:

    You can try to install the stand-alone package to update based on the version of Windows Vista installed and check if it helps:

    For Vista 32 bit.

    A security update cumulative for Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista (KB2699988)

    For Vista 64 bit.

    A security update cumulative for Internet Explorer 9 Windows Vista x 64 Edition (KB2699988)

    For more information, see the article:

    My PC running the 32-bit version or 64-bit Windows?

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    Impossible to extract the downloaded files.  Press Retry to download again.

    (U44M1l210) »

    Retry, fails, retry, fail, retry fails, ad infinitum.

    Adobe has a problem with this update for some reason any and to remedy.

    Computer: ASUS Sabertooth Rev 1.0, 8150 to 4.4 GHz AMD; M 16, 1866 DDR3, 1 TB SATA III HD

    OS: WIN 7 Ultimate

    U44M1I210 - creative cloud help / error U44M1I210 | Install the updates:

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    Someone at - it a list of what are voice commands for the Endeavor HX1?

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