First and After Effects crashed. Uninstalled is not for them. Use the cleaning tool. I deleted everything else. Tried to install CC again and it fails. 201 error code, I followed the steps and it does not work.

Hello team,

First and After Effects crashed.

I tried to uninstall the utility (Mac OS). Uninstalled is not for them (which has worked for other applications).

I used the cleaning tool. It seems to work, but the uninstaller for first and AE in the utility remained.

I deleted everything I found CC remaining manually.

I tried to install CC again and it fails. 201 error code, I followed the steps and it does not work.

I don't know what to do anymore.

Could someone help me?



I got the help of Adobe support, they sent me another link to download Adobe App Mgr It was apparently a network problem but, and it was resolved after a few re-tent.

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