First elements falls down for the transfer of the DV camera

The following is an extract from my event log...

Application Adobe first Elements.exe, version, time stamp 0x48e15f40, module ImporterAVI.prm, version, time stamp 0x48e1644c, exception code 0xc0000005, offset error 0x000250f7, 0xdf4, failed failed application start 0x01c9bd9eb4633399 process id.

I was in the middle of a transfer that had worked for about 45 minutes when the vista message box appeared saying that the application has stopped responding. First firm and at the same time, I also lost my bottom of windows and the taskbar is a shade of grey not black that it is normally.

My system has a drive high speed dedicated to write for and who has a lot of space.

My operating system is Vista Ultimate x 64

I have 4 GB of RAM.

Look forward to a fix.


Considering that the Capture had progressed during 45 min. two things come to mind:

1 saver). screen

2 power management.)

For all work NLE, Capture, edit, burn, whatever, I have screensavers to OFF and Power Management to OFF, as well. Could be useful to research in these two areas.

Good luck


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    Thank you.


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    You are looking in the wrong place - sharing settings. The recommendations that I gave you are for the setting of the project you use when you set first to the top of your project.

    You will know if the setting is correct when you add your clips to the timeline. If there is a red bar across the upper part of the clip you are using the wrong project setting.

    See you soon,.



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    Kind regards

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  • Crash of first elements 12 connecting to the source of DV


    I hope I can find help here. Tried lots of things but nothing works.

    I have first 12 items and use the software to capture DV to my DataVideo DAC200 (DAC100 MKII) signal. Never had a problem with my system. It worked perfect all the time so far and I don't know why.

    If the unit is running and connected to a firewire card in my desktop PC. Normal, first sees the device and video signal, he gives. But now, when I open the video capture screen it hangs. Sometimes, I see that he sees the device but most of the time it crashes before I can see the screen.

    So I thought that the device was ore broken something, but try with freeware (WinDV) software that worked instantly and I saw the video source. No problem.

    When the DV device is off there no problem open the capture window in Premiere Elements. So I was wondering what's going wrong between the first and my device?

    I tried several drivers for the FireWire card, even the old driver and even some incompatible drivers. Nothing works with first. But other software (WinDV) has no problem with one of these drivers installed.

    I also tried to uninstall first and install again. But the problem is still there. Even tried to delete all the files on my desktop and software Adobe (but some of them are running in adobe software, I can't get to stop...) "But I think that this has nothing to do with the first).

    It would be great if someone can help me ore gives me some tips to try.


    Here are some pictures:

    The firewire card:

    The failure in the first screen:

    No problem here:

    Hardware information:


    Thanks for the advice. But I'm not quick with abandon.

    If it's working again now. I don't know why, but change two dipswitches for the DataVideo converter does work again. Very strange because the dip switches are sealed and were always in the same position. And it worked without task so far.

    Well, I'm glad it still works.

    So my lesson here is that when I'm troubleshooting something, not only look at things where there is a possibility that something has changed, but also in things that has always been the same.

  • First elements 14 crashes during the installation

    I am looking for support from Adobe with first elements worm. 14. I bought and downloaded 3 days for use on a Windows 10 to 64-bit Pentium based i7 system with 8 GB of RAM.  The Prime Minister takes forever to load and crashes without explanation.  I need to return the support or credit for the purchase.

    Hi Jeffreym40311862,

    You can certainly Contact Customer Care [Note: make sure that you are connected to the Web site with the valid Adobe ID under which the product is] @Ned % 20Murphy suggested that, in addition to this we would like to understand if you were able to install Premiere Elements on your machine or not? If you have already installed and you are unable to start, we recommend that you display ask you about Premiere Elements, so that our community experts can help you properly.

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    We invite you to update this discussion in case you need more help.

    Thank you.

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    I have not found my solution with the link above, but on contact a technician from Adobe via chat, he was able to solve the problem of screen sharing.

  • First Elements 13 asking for disk at startup

    Whenever I start the first elements at startup it asks a disc. The error message says there is NO disc in the drive. Insert a disk into drive E.  I bought the update of the elements of Premier and Photoshop 13 and received the files electronically. If I click on the close button in the window of the error several times will eventually disappear.

    How to solve this problem?


    What operating system is involved?

    It is a known problem with the elements 13/13.1 first and No Disc error. The Adobe solution is removal or disabling of the file named OldFilm.AEX.

    In Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64-bit, the file is found

    Local disk C

    Program Files


    Adobe Premiere Elements 13




    and in NewBlue folder is the file OldFilm.AEX that you remove or disable by renaming it to OldFilm.AEXOLD.

    Please consult the bulletin and then consider, let us know if it worked for you, as he has many others.

    Thank you.


  • First elements vs Pro for Pan and Zoom Photo Slide Shows

    I'm a professional architectural photographer. I need to create videos using a series of photos, and I need the ability to pan and zoom to specific parts of each photo.  I need to be able to tell the software where to pan and to and where to zoom in or out.  For example, I could start on the left side of a picture, pan to the left side of the photo, then stop panning and zooming.  I need to control the speed of the pan and zoom and control where they occur within each photo.  I won't be dealing with video, only still photos.

    I saw a video showing this capability in Premier Pro.  It can also be done in first elements?


    If please check out Adobe document on this panoramic and Zoom Tool and workspace function

    There is a difference using this tool for video from still images. And, since you mention that you use some photos, I

    not entered in the pan and zoom applied to the video with this tool.

    Please review and consider. If any questions or need any clarification, do not hesitate to ask.

    Before all decisions, good idea to look at the free 30 day trial of first elements of Adobe to purchase 13.


  • First elements 11 - anyone know the fix?  -Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error

    Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Error - closing of the premier 11 elements

    In my view, there are fixes out there for Photoshop elements, but cannot find the fix for Prime Minister 11 elements. Anyone know where it is?


    Which operating system do you use first 11 elements? For now, I'll assume Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 64bits.

    1. delete the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file and, if it does not, remove the whole 11.0 folder in which the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file exists.

    Local disk C






    First Elements


    and in the 11.0 folder is the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file that you delete. If this does not work, you delete the together 11.0 folder in which the file Adobe Premiere exist. Don't forget to work with folder Option show hidden files, folders and disks active so that you can see the full quoted path.

    2 uninstall/reinstall according to the following specific

    a. disable the program in an open with Menu on/off project help

    b. uninstall the program in the usual way of Control Panel

    c. a free ccleaner Cross (parts regular cleaner and registry cleaner) to get rid of remnants of incomplete uninstalls reinstalls

    d. Resinstall with antivirus and firewall disabled

    The Adobe document that makes the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error

    Solve the C++ runtime errors. Adobe products | Windows

    Please consult the bulletin and review, and then let us know the result.

    Thank you.


  • First Elements 11 - Renaissance of the PC or buy a new one?

    I am tutoring a gentleman on how to use first elements 11 for a major project which includes 6 minutes slideshow narrated and 1 and a half hours of video high-definition 1920 x 1080.

    It will come out his project on DVD, so I implemented a project of widescreen PAL 720 x 576. This will allow to zoom in the subjects and the interviewer for interest without losing quality.

    I do not have the specifications of the computer in front of me at the moment, but from memory, they are fairly close to the plug according to the and the operating system is Windows XP.

    It is on a very tight budget and the problem we have is that the preview is painfully trolling, jerky and even after an eternity made is still very inadequate. It is very difficult to get done editing.

    I can recommend that he buy a newer and more powerful computer, but I know that money is very tight right now.

    I'm just wondering, with all the experience you guys have, if you think he should get a satisfactory result on the machine there and it would be interesting my do a reinstall complete operating system and re - install only necessary programs on his machine.

    If the basic specifications are not good enough, then I'll recommend a new computer, but if not, if he should get a better experience, I will rebuild the current for a nominal cost.

    Would be very grateful for your opinions.

    PS: The computer is about 5 years old and did not have a lot of hard use, but also has never been properly maintained, and I know I can improve its performance, just a question of who will be sufficient for the first elements 11.

    I agree with Steve, it would be useful to know a little more about computer the gentleman.

    For editing AVCHD material, here's my "minimum specs.', for the computer:

    1. Intel i5 CPU (faster, better)
    2. OS Win7-64
    3. Installed RAM 8GB min.
    4. 2 physical 7200 RPM HDD (hard disk drives) - one for the OS and programs (can be smaller) and the media and projects (must be big enough)
    5. nVidia or AMD/ATI GPU w / 1 GB of VRAM (this recommendation is more for support for the pilot and also provide VRAM dedicated, so that the video card does not need to share the system installed RAM)

    While you can get with less, a computer of this type would allow more than an adequate return for editing.

    I also know that a "regular" here, John T. Smith, built a computer for his wife and managed to get the right computer at a value price. I hope he can also comment.

    Good luck


  • Where can I find download first Elements 10 internet for mac?

    I just got a MacBook Pro and want to install my copy of first 10 items on it, but the disc does not work. On my iMac last year, a technician in Adobe told me that he had problems with the installation disc and tells me to download from the internet and then put my serial number in. It worked.

    But now, when I go on the internet, all Adobe has listed is version 11. I don't want to upgrade and pay more money as version 10 works perfectly for the project I have to do. How can I get good download for version 10 - the version that I paid for the last year?

    Thanks for any help.

    Try l

    Follow the very important Instructions on this page first otherwise the download links will not work.

    Adobe hosts always the latest version of their software on their Web site.

    Once you have properly downloaded and installed from the link above, save the downloaded file. There is no guarantee that the download links will be up the next time that you need.

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