First HP axis line bug in Boolean expressions (Adv. Graphing App)

When the graphic representation of an inequality and excluding a part of it using Boolean expressions, there is a bug where the first will be graphic axis lines are part of the solution by using 'AND NOT '.

An example of this is that if you were to graph a circle of RADIUS < = 5 and remove a circle of RADIUS < = 4.


V1:=(X^2+Y^2<=5^2) AND NOT (X ^ 2 + Y ^ 2 < = 4 ^ 2)

Axis lines X - there exist in the excluded (X ^ 2 + Y ^ 2 < = 4 ^ 2) and can be traced back as if it were part of the solution of V1.

Interestingly, if V2 is set to be equal to V1 (X - 0.5, Y - 0.5), axis lines are no longer aligned with the axis of the grid, but are rather shifted-0.5 on the X and Y as well as the rest of the V2.

In this case, the equation can be modified to work around the bug by removing the NOT and change the sign of the circle radius 4-more of:

V1:=(X^2+Y^2<=5^2) AND (X ^ 2 + Y ^ 2 > 4 ^ 2)

Does anyone know if there is a reported bug?  Where I might be able to look to see a list of known issues?

Thanks for the detailed examples. It took me a while to see what you were talking about, but once I did I had the info the graphic calculator expert.

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  • 2D axis graduation Bug in reports (Tiara 2014)


    I ran across a rarther annoying bug in 2D for reports of scale axis.  Here's how to recreate:

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    Also, if I go back the and redefine scaling on automatic mode, click Preview to update the plot, then opt for the manual mode, all seems good.  However, if I copy Sheet2, the plot on Sheet2_Copy1 is messed up the same way as if Sheet2 is OK, but I hit Cancel.

    Worse still, the undo function does not work on this unwanted change of scale.

    This is a bug that makes plots in the report almost unusable files.  I hope it's re-producable on other systems if a patch can be issued.  Let me know what you find.

    The only solution I found is to click OK instead of cancel, which is not always preferred.

    Thank you


    Hello jrasco,.

    You are right. There is a bug in DIAdem 2014. We have set for the DIAdem service pack.

    Here is the link to the 2014 DIAdem English SP1

    Thank you


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    If it is impossible to capture using a single node, that's fine. But I want to assure you that I can make full use of this node without combining several others.

    Thank you!

    > start([\w\s]*) > end

    A point matches any character except line break characters.  You have two of them.

  • apex5 pre-release - available IR second broken when no filters on first return no line

    If I create a filter on the first IR, which translates into zero rows are returned, the trace of the second IR has a layout broken, demonstrable in the image below.

    Screenshot from 2015-03-29 08:19:18.png

    Note: you must refresh the page to see you broken available


    Please let us know. It's bug #20764255, which has already been identified and corrected on our development environment. A fix will be released in our production release.



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    Thank you


    Hi Louis,.

    Okay, I think I might know how to do it now but don't have access to Eloqua for the moment, so I'm kind of make this Store, but try below.

    Use the regex below in the "Regex for find" and let the "Regex to replace white": "."


    This will be after the hyphen and the replacement string will be empty, so I hope you should be left with just the first five digits that you can map to a new field.

    Let me know how you get on, I might be able to test myself so tomorrow so I'll see if I can make it work.


  • Multicolored lines/Bug on images


    The weekend last just bought/installed Adobe Premiere CC 2015. Summer works completely fine - up to one hour, 10 minutes or more after the operating system update to El Capitan. Images in the Source window and the preview window of the sequence, made its appearance with a multicolored type of window above it, the visuals of a bug/error, seems. See below-



    Hi Martin,

    Go to the file/project settings/general and change the rendering on "Mercury Playback Engine software only" engine.

    Press OK, you will get a dialog box in which select "remove previews."

    Try these steps and it should work.

    Check out this post on the forum for more details: Heads up on first with El Capitan

    Kind regards

    Navdeep Pandey

  • Where can I find a complete list of updates in first CC 2015 (including bug fixes)

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    I have an interactive report with 3 select parts.

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    I am looking for something simple and good to get the first two lines / selects "BOLD"?

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    Select null, null,... twice.

    Someone at - it an idea?


    Thank you for your help.

    I want to just use the first 2 rows, I use following code Javascript: (when the page loads)

    If (document. GetElementsByTagName)


    var table = document.getElementById (gTable);

    lines of the var = table.getElementsByTagName ("tr");

    Rows.Item (1).style.fontWeight = 'bolder ';

    Rows.Item (2).style.fontWeight = 'bolder ';


    Thanks again for your help

    This problem is solved

  • No AAC audio in first CC 20141? [bug - solved]

    -Original message for reference

    I've just updated for first CC 20141 today.

    I have a set of files that I regularly converted with Handbrake MP4s with an AAC audio stream. I had no problem at all with the CS6, CC and CC 2014. But now with CC 20141, I have no sound when I import the mp4 files.

    The project window says it's a "Vidéo" file, not a 'Film '. The corresponding icon in the project window also missing the wave form on it.

    When I drag him in the timeline, only the video track appears, as you would expect. The only video appears correctly.

    Restart of PP CC 20141 did nothing.

    I've loaded PP CS6 and imported the exact same MP4 file and it works as expected. Windows Media Player has no problem playing the video file with audio either.

    What has changed between 2014 CC and CC 20141 which could have caused this?

    That's what MediaInfo report for the file:


    Full name: D:\temp\Test-MP4.mp4

    Format: MPEG-4

    Format profile: Base Media / Version 2

    Codec ID: mp42

    File size: 45.6 MiB

    Duration: 4 min 46 s

    Overall bit rate mode: Variable

    Overall the rate of bits: 1 334 kbit/s

    Encoding date: UTC-2014-10-07 06:48:03

    Marking date: UTC-2014-10-07 07:18:53

    Writing application: HandBrake 0.9.9 2013052900


    ID                                       : 1

    Format                                   : AVC

    Format/Info: Advanced Video Codec

    Format profile: [email protected]

    Parameters of the format, CABAC: Yes

    Parameters of the format, Reframes: 4 frames

    Codec ID: avc1

    Identifier of the codec/Info: Advanced Video Coding

    Duration: 4 min 46 s

    Flow rate: 1 200 Kbps

    Width: 1 024 pixels

    Height: 576 pixels

    View picture format: 16:9

    Frame rate mode: Constant

    Frame rate: 25.000 fps

    Color space: YUV

    The chroma subsampling: 4:2:0

    Color depth: 8 bit

    Scan type: Progressive

    /(pixel*Frame) bits: 0,081

    Stream size: 41,1 Mio (90%)

    Library: x 264 130 r2273 base b3065e6

    Encoding settings: cabac = 1 / ref = 1 / unlock = 1:0:0 / analysis = 0 x 1:0 x 111 / = me hex / subme = 2 / psy = 1 / psy_rd = 1.00:0.00 / mixed_ref = 0 / me_range = 16 / chroma_me = 1 / trellis = 0 / 8x8dct = 0 / cqm = 0 / deadzone = 21, 11 / fast_pskip = 1 / chroma_qp_offset = 0 / threads = 18 / lookahead_threads = 4 / sliced_threads = 0 / nr = 0 / decimate = 1 / interlaced = 0 / bluray_compat = 0 / constrained_intra = 0 / bframes = 3 / b_pyramid = 2 / b_adapt = 1 / b_bias = 0 / direct = 1 / plombb = 1 /. graves GOP = 0 / weightp = 1 / keyint = 250 / keyint_min = 25 / scenecut = 40 / intra_refresh = 0 / rc_lookahead = 10 / rc = abr / mbtree = 1 / bitrate = 1200 / ratetol = 1.0 / qcomp = 0.60 / qpmin = 0 / qpmax = 69 / qpstep = 4 / vbv_maxrate = 20000 / vbv_bufsize = 25000 / nal_hrd = none / ip_ratio = 1.40 / aq = 1:1.00

    Encoding date: UTC-2014-10-07 06:48:03

    Marking date: UTC-2014-10-07 06:48:32

    Primaries: BT.601 NTSC

    Transfer characteristics: BT.709

    The matrix coefficients: BT.601


    ID                                       : 2

    Format                                   : AAC

    Format/Info: Advanced Audio Codec

    Format profile: LC

    Codec ID                                 : 40

    Duration: 4 min 46 s

    Bit rate mode: Variable

    Flow rate: 126 Kbps

    Maximum bit rate: 164 Kbps

    Channels: 1 channel

    Position of the channels: Front: C

    Sampling frequency: 44.1 KHz

    Compression mode: lossy

    Stream size: 4.31 million (9%)

    Encoding date: UTC-2014-10-07 06:48:03

    Marking date: UTC-2014-10-07 06:48:31

    Thank you!

    Post edited by: Kevin Monahan

    Reason: it is there no first Pro CC 2014.2, you probably mean 20141. If not, please PM me.


    Thanks for this solution. wrote:

    OK... after I finished my post below on how 20141 CC PP would not recognize my MP4s AAC mono audio track, I decided to produce the same MP4 with Handbrake, with a stereo audio track instead.

    It worked. After you load the stereo MP4, I re-imported the original mono MP4 which didn't work (without restarting the first or anything like that) and mono audio is now recognized. Looks like there is a strange bug with Premiere Pro CC 20141 and mono AAC audio tracks, which got solved after you import a MP4 with a stereo AAC track for the first time.

    I thought I should leave it here just in case someone else meets the same thing.

    Thank you


  • Report lines bug number

    Http:// example:

    (1) create a classic report with the simple query 'select empno, ename from emp '.
    (2) set 'Report attributes' > 'Number of lines' = 5.
    (3) run the page. Everything works fine, I have a report with paging "1-5 of 14.
    (4) set 'Report attributes' > 'Number of lines' = 10.
    (5) runt page. I still had only 5 rows in the report instead of 10.

    Only copy and paste report can fix it. This is a bug or there is another action to solve this problem?

    Pagination parameters get set cached for the duration of the session. This change is visible immediately, close the session, restart the brower and connect again or manually re - request the page from the browser's address bar, adding the ClearCache position 'RP' in the URL.

Maybe you are looking for