FIRST HP: Solving a system of linear equations with a parameter


I know how to solve a system of linear equations by using a setting by hand but I don't know how to set up in the calculator.

Can someone please help me solve the system of linear equations below with a 'p' on the first HP Calculator next parameter?

2 x + 8z = 26

4 x-4y-14z = - 38

8 x - 4y + 2z = 14

The answer to the above equations is:

x = 13 - 4, =(45-15p)/2, z = p y p

Thank you




What you're trying to solve is not really a system of equation with a parameter, but you try to solve a set of 2 equations with 2 variables (x and y).

The case solve command can do for you.

According to the CASE, type:

Solve ([(2*x+8*z) = 26,(4*x-4*y-14*z) = - 38,(8*x-4*y+2*z) = 14], [x, y])

Come in

and the calculator will return

{[-4 * z + 13, 15/2 * z + 45/2]}

which is what you want.


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  • HP 40GS systems of linear equation with parameters


    I'm in the learning curve of the HP 40GS - a very interesting tool.

    Is it possible to solve systems of equations with parameters, for example:

    A * X + Y = 2 * 12

    5 * X - 3 * A * Y = 5

    HP 50 g, this isn't a big deal, but with HP 40GS I don't have an idea so far.

    If this is not possible, it will be possible if I have a third equation (so 3 equations in 3 unknowns)?

    Thank you very much in advance,


    P.S.: So far, I feel very comfortable with the HP 40GS and menus!

    I am not a member of the HP Calculator development team - unfortunately!


    now, I found a way to calculate the systems of equations with symbolic coefficients:

    See the document: to page 346ff

    With the command 'linsolve', it is possible to calculate with more unknown than equations.

    I hope this helps anyone with the same or close problem.

    Have fun with your calculators and do not hesitate to write other ways of calculations.



  • Systems of linear equations


    Does anyone know if there is such AS classes or functions to solve systems of linear equations? On the form A * x = c. A is a square matrix, x is a vector of unknown, and c are constants.

    In other words, a system of equations with a number of well-known (1-5) and an equal number of equations.

    Here is an implementation of the elimination, Gaussian, that you can use.  There is no error checking included:

    package com.kglad {}

    public class Gaussian_Elimination {}

    public void solveF(a:Array):Array {}

    for (var pivotCol:int = 0; pivotCol<>

    a = pivotF(a,pivotCol);

    var factor: number;

    for (var row: int = pivotCol + 1; row)<>

    factor = a [row] [pivotCol];

    for (var _col:int = pivotCol; _col)<>

    a = [line] [_col] has [pivotCol] [_col] * factor;




    Return echelonF (a);


    private void pivotF(a:Array,pivotCol:int):Array {}

    var maxAbs:Number = 0;

    var maxRow:int;

    for (var row: int = 0; line)<>

    {if (Math.ABS (a [Row] [pivotCol]) > maxAbs)}

    maxRow = row.

    maxAbs = Math.abs (a [row] [pivotCol])



    pivotCol line swap with maxRow

    var tempA:Array = a [pivotCol];

    normalize the maxRow

    var number: max = a [maxRow] [pivotCol];

    for (var i: int = 0; i<>

    a [maxRow] [i] / = max;


    [pivotCol] = a [maxRow];

    a [maxRow] = tempA;

    return a;


    private void echelonF(a:Array):Array {}

    var years: Array = [];

    var last: int = a [0] .length-1;

    for (var row: int = 0; line)<>

    var term: Number = 0;

    for (var num:int = 0; num<>

    duration = [line] [last-num-1] * and [num];


    end += [line] [last];



    Return ans.reverse ();




  • Solve linear equations - Block tridiagonal matrix


    I developed a vi that can be used to solve tridiagonal systems by block of equations by Thomas algorithm. These systems are usually in the finite differences method used to solve equations in partial derivatives.

    For iterations of 1000 times, its time is ~ 500ms. Now, I want to finish the work within 100ms. is possible to improve the performance?

    Thanks, Jong Hyun

    For details of the Thomas algorithm, please see wikipedia Web page, Note that it describes how to solve tridiagonal linear equations, but same logic can be applied to block tridiagonal equations.

    * If you use the vi sparse SLE of analysis multi-hearts and Sparse Matrix Toolkit, the elapsed time is 450 ms ~

    LabVIEW basic/full/pro all use Intel MKL library for linear algebra on MS Windows and Linux.  Intel MKL designed to be very fast for large matrices and breaking a problem given out to take advantage of the different levels of cache. Linear algebra calls go through several levels of functions, including size controls, if any, and may allocate memory for the workspace each call, before finally calculate the result.  This overload problem is evident when the matrix is so small (3 x 3).

    I coded matrix-matrix, versions multiply, matrix-vector multiply, and matrix opposite in the case of 3 x 3 explicitly in soil using the structure in place and full indexation (no loops, all scalar operations).  This eliminates the overhead of controls and allows better and placeness.  This brings your reference point down for ~ 70ms on my machine.  Unfortunately this requires significant code changes if you change the block size, but it provides good performance.

    "I think that, if I can save each submatrix conversely in the first round and use several times, then speed will be better."

    I agree.  You should be able to calculate the most sweeping toward the front of the algorithm and simply replace the submatrices changed and still solve before.  This may mean re - organize the variables to have the submatrices updated or modified down to the right of the input matrix.


  • Resolution of a system of nonlinear equations

    Hey guys,.
    Currently, I am trying to solve a set of nonlinear equations in LabView with the help of MathScript and MATLAB code. I am trying to create a code of work for hours, but I have not yet reached this goal.

    System of equations:

    x ^ 2 + y ^ 2 + z ^ 2 - R1 ^ 2 == 0
    x ^ 2 + (y - Y0) ^ 2 + z ^ 2 - R2 ^ 2 == 0
    (x X_0) ^ 2 + y ^ 2 + z ^ 2 - R3 ^ 2 == 0

    R1, R2, R3, X 0, Y0 are known.

    A possible solution in MATLAB (assuming that X 0 = Y0 = 100, R1 ^ 2 = R3 ^ 2 = 11000, R2 ^ 2 = 9000):

    Create myfun.m with the contents:
    function F = myfun (x);
    F = [x (1) ^ 2 + (2) x ^ 2 + x (3) ^ 2-11000;]
    x (1) ^ 2 + (x 2-100) ^ 2 + (3) x ^ 2-9000;
    (x 1-100) ^ 2 + x (2) ^ 2 + (3) x ^ 2-11000];

    The initial value for iteration:
    x 0 = [50 50 50]

    fsolve (@myfun, x 0)

    => Works great!

    Now, I tried all these stuff plug a MathScript node:

    function F = myfun (x);
    F = [x (1) ^ 2 + (2) x ^ 2 + x (3) ^ 2-11000;]
    x (1) ^ 2 + (x 2-100) ^ 2 + (3) x ^ 2-9000;
    (x 1-100) ^ 2 + x (2) ^ 2 + (3) x ^ 2-11000];

    x 0 = [50 50 50];

    Ground = fsolve (@myfun, x 0);

    This is where the problem begins.

    When I try to run the program, I get the following error message:

    A function is defined in the present text. You must save and call
    function with input values appropriate to run the function.

    I can't really understand, what I did wrong and I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

    Kind regards


    MathScript does not support inline function defined by the user (UDF). What you need to do is

    1. Define the UDF in a ".m" file. Give this file the same name as your UDF ".m".

    2. Save the file ".m" MathScript search path. By default, the search path is the LabVIEW data folder.

    3. Pass the name of the file ".m" as the first string input to the fsolve function in the MathScript node.

    I enclose my .m file and snapshot of the MathScript node. The result I got is [50, 60, 70] which must be correct.

  • Non-linear equations


    Is there a way to solve non-linear equations and find x and y of them using LabVIEW MathScript and MatLAB (do not have those on the PC lab)?

    Maybe someone has an example...

    Thank you.

    When I ran your VI, I got error-23023. When I go explain that error and I get ill start dimension. Error-23001 is a syntax error. In your second equation you sqrt (x ^ 2 - y ^ 2) while the equation in your initial post was a +, not a-.  Gives me a syntax error, but nonetheless find a zero.

    The reason for the error-23023 is that you have specified the start but not end. create a control for end and enter two values immediately find a zero to 1518.178612...

    Here is the VI I've used.  You may need to recreate a link to the reference to the function VI because it will be in a different location.


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    Original title: help

    It's my first Siu of this system, so I want to make some friends from different countries, how do?

    Hi hangfenge,

    The purpose of these forums to answer is to help people having problems with their computers and the various products we cover here - it is not a place for personal conversations in order to make friends.

    To do this, I would say something like Facebook: or among the multitude of alll chat rooms available on the web.  Here's a search that can help you find a:

    If you have problems with your computer or software, can find here appropriate forum and ask your question and someone will be happy to help you.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • System drive Qosmio G20 with an image or a clone backup

    On another thread, I asked problems with Acronis True Image to backup and cloning of my system (C) disk. Whenever I'm trying to clone my system disk or recover an image, I can create and restore the image, but when I install the player recreated and tries to start, I get as much "windows did not start successfully, I would like to start in safe mode... last good config known... or normal. All the options to return to the screen.

    I have two drives 100 GB sata, with the first disc of the op system, programs and the second with my data and therefore has set up the raid as two independent disks and the raid console option disabled.

    After trying another product of cloning with the same result, I guess there is something in the Qosmio implemented that is the cause. I read that Qosmio Player is installed on a hidden partition of Linux on the system drive and am wondering if it may not be picked up by the cloning and imaging software and that may cause boot failure.

    So I have two questions. First of all, nobody knows why I might be problems starting from a clone or recovery using third party disk image backup software and second, anyone successfully upward and restore a G20 Qosmio Player system, and if so with what software and do you perform all the special functions.

    Thank you very much.


    Well, I use the Toshiba Recovery CD to restore the operating system on the Qosmio G20.
    It has also 2 x 100 GB, but under my computer, I saw only one a HARD drive. I created 2 partitions with the ghost (second option on the recovery CD).
    However, I have now 2 partitions but after this procedure, the Qosmio player has been removed. I though that I need to install again simply because of the Qosmio player but I tried to install the Qosmio player after the recovery procedure and it has been successfully.

    2 existing partitions and I also have a Qosmio player on my laptop.
    But one thing is very strange; I can't locate the partition in disk management.
    But everything works ok

  • How to build an equation with variables

    I want to solve an equation below shows zero finder vi by the Newton Raphson:

    z a * b * c * exp(-z/a),.

    a, b, and c are variables

    I can build the equation with constant a, b, c, but how do I build it?

    Thank you very much!

    Use the number to the string functions in the palette of string with the antiderivative of string concatenation to create a formula with your values of a, b and c.  Read the detailed help for more information about limitations on the variable names carefully.  'z' is the only variable in your formula for the detector zero.  Example is LV2009.


  • I just bought a new has windows 7 64 bit operating system, it is good with the exception of my call of duty games running, they used to run very well on my windows vista 32 bit system, what is the problem?

    There are video games that are compatible with windows 7 64 bit operating systems?

    Hello Peter.

    Yes almost all games in 10 years works perfectly on 64-bit Windows.  What Call of Duty games are you having problems with?  If the first two, you might have to enter the video drivers for your graphics card/computer manufacturer as the first two required OpenGL which is not included with the drivers that Windows uses by default (this has been the case since at least Windows XP).

    Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet at and Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

  • 0xC000021A {fatal system error}, the initial session process or the process of the complete system in unexpected ways with the blocking state 0 x 00000000 (0xc0000034 0x001008ac) the system has been halted

    Hello! I got this message from malware (I clicked to delete) in surfing on firefox and after awhile the explorer.exe closes with an error. I try to open the Task Manager and it says explore cannot be found!
    I rebooted and then I got this message "0xC000021A {fatal system error}, the initial session process or the process of the complete system in unexpected ways with the blocking state 0 x 00000000 (0xc0000034 0x001008ac) the system has been halted" and can't get anywhere.
    I can't even go in safe mode, the same error messages appears.

    Hi James,

    You could try the Startup Repair to see if it solves the problem:

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Two operating systems;  Windows 7 Professional with an option of Windows 10.

    As a Neolithic Windows, I'm comfortable with Win 7 like all my old XP applications have continued to work with Win 7.  Now I want to try to get around the current Win 10 operating system through experience to see what Win 10 offers me in every sense of the use practable. I don't want to lose the existing installation of Win7 which works well, I think to a new PC.

    I need a route which can accommodate my learning needs.  I'm open to suggestions that might involve touchscreen options to win 10 OS while keeping the mouse driven navigation for Win 7 applications.  Clues on a postcard!

    10 dual-boot Windows, you will need to buy retail (it's only free if you use it to replace Windows 7, not to start the long side).

    So first, buy an installation Windows 10 CD/USB stick to your favorite tech store and install it as a dual-boot option.

    You will find that there is no dichotomy of the 'touch' vs 'mouse' use Windows 10.  You can use the mouse as you do today in Windows 7: there is literally not a single instance of a hidden mouse-gesture-operated menu, you need to know the secret movement to activate (unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 has been designed so that a user of Windows 7 could jump in without any training).

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    If someone checks the mail from yahoo to my computer, their code is displayed if the first letter from my ID is the same with theirs. How can I delete their history on my computer?

    Hey ioanaatc,

    Go in Tools > Options > Security tab click on passwords saved. This will give you a list of sites that you have saved passwords yahoo just find and delete other connections

    There are a lot of useful information in this article on the Firefox Password Manager. He should answer any other questions you might have.

    It can be saved as Auto form fill data. If this is the case, the article I just linked will show you you how to remove these entries as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • It began to appear in the first inch of each merchant site I visit with the new version, "Congratulations!" Every $5 spent at JCPenney saves you a chance to win a $500 gift card. I have run scans and nothing appears not infected, but I do not understand t

    It began to appear in the first inch of each merchant site I visit with the new version, "Congratulations!" Every $5 spent at JCPenney saves you a chance to win a $500 gift card. I have run scans and nothing appears not infected, but I don't get that annoying block in Internet Explorer. I uninstalled and reinstalled firefox and when I did, the first thing is present at his inauguration was a message that says: "you have joined the shop now...". "something or another and I had to click OK, it was a microsoft OK message. How can I get rid of this?

    URL of affected sites,, any site of retail trade

    Your problem can be caused by Malware. You can run and update according to free anti-virus software:

    1. Malwarebytes (free version) -

    2. Spybot Search & Destroy -

    3. Spyware Terminator -

    In addition, there are a number of forums, you can use to help get rid you of your infection. It is:

  • my system is not compatible with %p! ???

    just bought sony vaio VGN - FW5 windows 7 Home Edition premium, 1 GB, ATI, 320 HD, 4 GB Ram, 2.53 processor and 16.4 "display, as you can see my laptop has high specifications and so I bought the large GTA theft auto IV, I was surprised when I received a message that my system is not compatible with %p! ??? What does that mean??? Please help me thanks

    No problem.

    Find the setup.exe on your disk, right-click, choose Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab.  Replace the XP SP2 compatibility.  Run the Setup.exe again and it should work for you.

Maybe you are looking for