Firwfox new version 12 does not download on Mac. will not open... etcetcetc

Tried several times... they also don't have any ruined tech support.
Followied invite you to download... does not open etcetc...


UPDATE: * Corel - got it to work! I open the dmg file to preview... and it worked... did all the things you mentioned
Thank you very much.

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  • In fact, I need help but can't find the answer. Please... Lately when it is open a new tab it does not open with a blank page. I don't want to put my home page as

    In fact, I need help but can't find the answer.
    Please... Lately when it is open a new tab it does not open with a blank page. I don't want to put my home page as empty as when I open Firefox, it automatically load my hotmail page. But then if I open other pages I don't get a blank page. Help, please?
    Thank you.

    [Personal information deleted by the moderator. Please read the guidelines and rules of the Forum, thank you.]

    Hello, please refer to customize the page new tab to turn off the function.

  • When I click on the new tab, new tab button does NOT open.

    When I click on the new tab, new tab button does NOT open.

    Please update your browser Firefox 3.6.24 or 8 and check

  • Firefox won't open the popup or when I do ' file > new window "it does not open it too.

    When I click on a link that opens a pop-up window, firefox does not open it. Ditto for "file > new window.» Then, often after Firefox starts to malfunction and won't open my favorites. I uninstalled and reinstalled firefox, removed all extensions... But this does not solve my problem. can you help me please?
    Excuse me for my mistakes in English, I am a French person and I try to speak English the best I can so that you can solve my problem. Thank you.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == I click on a link that opens a popula

    Your above posted troubleshooting list shows quite a few extensions.
    You have really turned off all the and still had the problem?
    See Troubleshooting extensions and themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems

    What security (firewall) software do you have?
    Some may block pop-ups as well.

  • New windows program does not open in front

    I'm having a problem with Windows 7 not allowing not new programs that I begin to open at the front.  This happens not all the time.  Most of the time system works very well, but I've noticed when I have several windows open with several programs all running at the same time, he decides to take action and new windows will not open in front.  I have an external display connected to my laptop Dell Precision.

    When this happens, I notice Outlook seems to be dominate what he won't let any other window open in front of him, so I have to in order to see the other windows.  My Adobe programs do the same thing, IE. Photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, etc.

    When it happens, I also tried the option tab of the window to scroll through open windows and select the one that I would have in mind, but even if I can scroll through windows, when I stop and select the window I want to work on, he won't come to the top.  It's VERY frustrating when I work and a small window opens behind the window, I'm working on and I can not select the prompt window so it freezes ultimately my job because I can not move the program window, because an open window that I can't get to.  Is an example, you are working on a file and you want to save, you click on save and the dialogue window opens behind, asking where to save it to.  You can't get to the prompt window so you cannot tell him where to save it and can not minimize the file you are working, therefore, stop the entire program, hoping that it backs up automatically and pick up then from there.

    When this happens, the only way I can fix it is to restart my computer.  I tried settings regedit to fix it and those who did not.  Any help would be appreciated.  It is difficult to diagnose the problem, as it rarely happens so I can't recreate the environment in which he begins the questions.


    Please contact Microsoft Community. I understand most of the time when you open a new program it does not appear at the top of the screen. This can happen due to the entriesor of incorrect registry due to corruption in the system of Windows. file So I will help you solve the problem. So I will help you solve the problem.

    Please follow the steps mentioned below:

    Step 1:
    Start your computer in a clean boot because it allows to start the computer with the minimum set of drivers and startup programs and check if that helps. See the link below to run clean boot: 
    How to perform a clean boot in Windows  
    Note: After troubleshooting, refer to the section «How to reset the computer to start normally after a boot minimum troubleshooting»

    Step 2:

    Check the registry settings if there are all variations of the default value , change default and check if the problem is resolved:

    1. Press Windows + R, type regedit in the box open called to run and click on ok.
    2. Open the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.
    3. Now in the window of the registry editor in the pane right, you will find the keys to the foreground Flash Count and foreground Lock timeout.

    Check out the links below and check the default values on your computer. Check if you have the same values as shown in the links below:



    Note: Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    If the problem persists, then move to step 2.

    Step 3:

    Let flow Sfc and check as it helps to find corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files. Please visit the below mentioned link to run sfc:

    Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

    Hope this information is useful. Please get back to us for assistance.

  • new popup window does not open on Windows


    When I open a new window in an extension of first HTML5 on Mac, it works,

    but no window opens under Windows.

    NewWindow = ('', 'name', 'height = 200, width = 150');

    Trying to apply moveTo() or focus() after open() returns cannot... call to undefined method.

    I wonder what causes this, probably he just gets blocked. By Windows? First on Windows? Chrome in the extension on Windows?

    Is there anything I can do about it?

    I can't open it in the default browser because ultimately the popup window is a Paypal popup

    opened by a Web page loaded in an iframe - that gives the same result while trying to open a window directly from inside the extension as described above.

    Thank you


    It is a known issue with the CEP; We have disabled these methods (with or url >) to open a new page. A work-around using the API CSInterface.openURLInDefaultBrowser (url) to open it in the default browser in the system. I'm afraid that CEP provides no other methods to bypass if openURLInDefaultBrowser() does not fit your needs.

  • New private window does not open

    I've updated my browser Firefox yesterday. Not problems after that. Close my laptop. Rebooted the laptop today. Firefox has started which opened after a long delay. "Clicks on the icon to open ' new private window. He has not opened even after several attempts. Restarted my laptop. Same problem persists. I use Windows Vista SP2 on my laptop Dell Inspiron. Please suggest a solution.

    Refresh Firefox – reset settings and Add-ons can help you with any problem of Firefox

  • New Adobe 11 does not open pdf files?

    I have access to a file on the internet which is an adobe pdf, and then downloads that the download bar rises he finished but doesn't always open I wait and wait for nothing. then I found the link copy open Adobe reader from my desktop, click on the open file and paste the link I've been tring to read in there and opens the file? I never had a problem like this before with adobe so I even downloaded the latest update again and said that she still had the same problem, I even used the option to repair in adobe and have always had the same result.

    PS I also talked to a co-worker who has a simular problem now also with the new adobe he is a programmer and write too.

    [removed email address]

    So if I understand this, you click on a PDF link and it will download the PDF instead of opening in the browser? Or do you prefer to download and open in the player and it downloads only?

  • Since the update today to 3.6.17 when I click to open a new tab it does not open

    the plus sign to the right of the tab open {s] no longer works since the update.} Is - this intentional or just a bug? It's the same on both my PC running firefox.

    Hello, How68ard!

    I thought that I didn't an Ask bar as well... the thing is: I had a bar of Foxit for my pdf reader and Foxit bar had a built-in Ask search tool.

    I just uninstall my bar of Foxit (and the search for the Ask, accordingly) and the 'new tab' function (CTRL + T and sign "+") works again!

    Don't you think it might be something similar with you?

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards

  • New items 12 does not open the files of the opening


    I just installed 12 out of 10 on a Mac Pro running 10.9.4 and 3.5.1 opening previously opened files via the contextual option in the external editor successfully. Now 12 is open, but no picture. I tried Raw and JPEG formats.

    Images of the workstation open just fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    When you set the External Editor photos in Aperture, you point to Adobe Photoshop éléments

    inside supported files located in

    / Applications/Adobe Photoshop elements 12/Support Files

  • Adobe first 9 does not open


    All of a sudden, I have problems with Adobe first 9. The Welcome screen opens, then when I click on "open a project"or"new project" it does not open. I used it a minute ago and it crashed and closed, then when I tried to open it again it didn't work anymore. I restarted my computer, but it will not always be open. I get no message of dysfunction, nothing, it does not open. The only place where I can go is in the Organizer.

    Can someone help me with this problem?


    What operating system runs your Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1? For now, I will assume to Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 64bits.

    Have you looked at the problem with and without the antivirus and firewall disabled?

    If you really want to delete the settings file, then follow these steps

    Local disk C



    The app data



    First Elements


    and in the folder 9.0 is the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs (file) file that you delete. If it does not, you delete the whole 9.0 folder in which the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file exists. Don't forget to work with folder Option show hidden files, folders and disks active so that you can see the full quoted path.

    You confirm that you are running the program as the 9.0.1 update. If not, please download and install the 9.0.1 update from the following link Adobe rather than a project helps day Menu/set.

    Adobe Premiere Elements: For Windows: Premiere Elements 9.0.1 update

    Make sure that you run first Elements 9.0/9.0.1 and latest version of QuickTime from the account of a user with administrator privileges and that you also Run As Administrator applied to the Office for the program icon.

    If all else fails, do an another uninstall/reinstall, but this time

    a. Uninstall (the usual route of control panel)

    b. ccleaner Cross (regular parts cleaner and registry cleaner)

    c. reinstall with antivirus and firewall disabled

    In addition, if you are assured that your video graphics card is updated according to the manufacturer of the card, then delete the file BadDrivers.txt

    Local disk C

    Program data


    First Elements


    and in the folder 9.0 is the BadDrivers.txt file that you delete. A new BadDrivers.txt file will be generated when you reopen Premiere Elements, but now the problem will be gone. Same comment on folder in the Adobe Premiere elements prefs file Option.

    Let us start here and then decide what then.

    Thank you.


  • This morning, any file, attachment, received, or stored on my HP PC pdf does not open. Could someone advise me?

    I opened my screen on my HP PC this morning and for some reason any anything affiliated with Adobe Acrobat Reader opens. New pdf files does not open, nor will be stored Adobe documents. I received a message that says "unable to connect to a DDE server Acrobat. I confess that I don't know what a DDE server. Can someone advise me on how to find and fix my problem with Adobe?

    Hi melcrissey,

    Try the solutions below: -.

    Solution 1) (this error occurs when you have more than 1 process of Acrobat running)

    • (1) go to the task by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del Manager
    • (2) go to the process in the Task Manager
    • (3) terminate all processes associated with Acrobat
    • (4) start Acrobat again.

    Solution 2) open Acrobat access to menu help & repair installation.

    Solution 3) control the association of file on your system.

    Solution 4) course for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\acrobat\shell\open\ddeexec\application and change the "AcroviewA10"key to "AcroviewR10.

    I would like to know if it works.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot open iPhoto Library as it says library version is too old - have tried to download the iPhoto library valuation tool - still does not open.

    Hi, I saved my photos on my passport, since I upgraded my phone and now I can't open the photos as it says that the version of the library is too old. I've uploaded my photos from my old laptop to my new office using my passport and still can't open. I tried to download the iPhoto library valuation tool but still does not open. Can someone please?

    Thank you

    I tried to download the iPhoto library valuation tool but still does not open.

    But install you and run the iPhoto Library upgrade?  Just the download is not enough.  You need to open the library in upgrader iPhoto library and let it prepare the library.  After installation, you will find the iPhoto Library upgrade in the "Utilities" folder in the "Applications" folder

  • How can I download my photoshop on my new computer that does not have a hard drive

    How can I download my photoshop on my new computer that does not have a hard drive


    What version of Photoshop?

    You can choose and download earlier versions of CC here: other downloads



  • RT News showing extension does not then update to version 40.

    I have re-installed the latest version and new RT extension does NOT appear where the other extensions (for example, ABP) appear.
    Is returned to the 39.0.3 Version and it is very good.
    Of course, there is a bug that needs fixing.

    An updated version of the - - has been released and now works in Firefox 40.0.3.

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