Fix cards double during Contacts Apple?

Contacts from Apple has a function «Look Let's double...» "that lets you know what he finds. For example, it will report, "30 double cards and 17 duplicate entries found." The dialog box gives me the choice of either merge duplicates or cancel. I don't want to merge anything without first of all of their review and decide. Are there 3rd party for this applications? How others handle this? Mac OS X 10.10.5


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    I bought 1 month 50BG icloud storage and received an invoice from apple to the sum of EUR 0.99

    However, my account was charged with 5.04 EUR

    How can I contact Apple to check and fix this?

    What is the fastest way to talk to them?

    Thank you in advance.


    On the bottom of the receipt is an invitation to "report a problem".   Report your problem and that they will come back to you.   There is no faster way... but that does not mean instantly.

  • Video card double slot.

    Hello, so I have a hp p7 1226 s and I wanted to install a ti gtx 650 or a radeon 7770. The poroblem is that they are both cards double slot. When I was last upgrade of the gpu in this Office I noticed that the second location may not reach easy to remove. I was wondering if the second location is removable, or if anyone could tell me how to remove the second cover of the location. I see it has an icon of a screwdriver on the back of it, but the problem is that I don't know where is the screw if it is on the second slot. I'm eagerly looking for information but nothing to really is as far as I can see on the internet, so I came here hoping that someone knew how to remove or if you can remove the second slot cover on the back. I really hope there is a way to remove it, otherwise it will be a big problem for me separator because I'll have to buy a new case so that I can hold a video card double slot for this pc.


    The leg split with the screwdriver on it requires a screwdriver to be inserted in a slot in and waved the screwdriver back.  Do it a few times and then move to another location on the baracket and repeat the process. Subsequently the support stands.

    I find it interesting that adjacent the bracket with the slot PCI-E x 16 slot support seems to be a fixed location as something occupies the PCI-E x 1 slot internally.  Is this the case?  Sometimes the media raise just to the top and outside according to the PC.

  • I'm unable to delete obsolete email addresses of mail. When I change a card email address Contacts outdated address appears at the top of the queue. Is it a problem of Contacts or a mail problem. How to solve this problem?

    I'm unable to delete obsolete email addresses of mail. When I change a card email address Contacts outdated address appears at the top of the queue. Is it a problem of Contacts or a mail problem. How to solve this problem?

    Have you tried to go to the recipients of mail/window/previous and delete e-mail addresses it?

  • Try to buy a piece of jewelry through a game, it gives me this message. Unable to purchase contact Apple/support

    TTrying to do a gem purchase through a game and it gives me this message unable to purchase contact Apple/support/iTunes/ww

    Click here and ask for help from the staff of the iTunes Store.


  • I live in Ukraine. How can I contact apple support?

    I live in Ukraine. How can I contact apple support?

    If you don't have an alternate email address on your account to reset the questions yourself, try this form to contact Support:

    When they were released, and if you don't have an alternate email address, you can then add one for possible future use: on your Apple ID - Apple Support email addresses

    Or you can replace with 2-step verification: frequently asked questions about two-step for Apple ID verification

  • How to contact apple support from countries not listed for problem / apple account ID

    I'm created Apple ID using my gmail account but email is showing as already in existence (I don't remember not create) and I am not able to log in. I tried to use the e-mail delivery and it does not work and I have no idea on the questions of security. It is possible that my email was used by mistake as I donot get any email from apple products.

    My country is not listed in the list of countries to support, so I'll try to contact Apple support using "using my current location function" (who doesn't) and via link 'other Asia '. Either I'm doing something wrong, but nothing seems to work. When I do a calendar, a call, it does not recognize my number or my country code.

    I've lost nearly a week trying to figure how to contact apple support group. And the whole process is not so easy to use for those countries that are not included. The whole process is like being in a loop and not taking me to the real solution page.

    I would be grateful if anyone can give me a phone number or show me direction how to use the support of apple for other Asian countries that are not listed.

    I currently use on behalf of someone to put this question because my email does not work with the Apple.

    Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support< all="" worldwide="" telephone="">

  • Card double screen disable integrated video

    I have a question in regards to multiple monitors and Vista.

    I installed a card double screen and sound essentially disabled the on board video screen.  It appears from the documentation, I found that drivers on the double map screen and embedded video are different and must be the same.  I updated the chipset Intel G45/43 built-in monitor drivers, but still no luck I continue to make the same mistake:

    "Incompatible graphics card has been disabled.  At least a card on the system has been disabled because its drivers are not compatible with the VGA card driver".

    According to the documentation, I found the driver WDDM and XPDM drivers must be the same.  What else do I need to update (not to mention that the video driver) to make the onboard graphics still works?  Thank you.

    Hi Paul,.

    You must get in touch with the Intel to get help on this issue.

    Intel support

  • XPS 435 t - graphics card double slot?

    I guess we can integrate a video card double slot the existing PCI-Express 2.0 16 slot. I do not if I hide the adjacent PCI 1 slot because it is empty.

    If dual slot graphics cards stack up?

    It's absolutely, positively FALSE.

    Why say that?

    The Studio XPS 435 / 9000 video slots has full size. Total and 6 locations.

    A range of maps of graphics ATI including the Radeon HD3450, HD3650 HD4670, of the HD4850 and HD4870

    The map in the image below is a DOUBLE WIDE 4870.

    I recommend the upgrade of a corsair CS750M power supply if you plan to use a map of hunger of power such as Geforce 960 because the 475W stock power is a bit too small IMHO.  I had an EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0 + 2 GB memory GDDR5 128 bit, 02 G-P4-2966-KR to work with the power supply but I was not comfortable leaving in this way.

    The Studio XPS 435 t uses 1333 MHz DDR3 non - ECC and non - ECC DDR3 1066 MHz.

    The User Guide , page 24.

  • How can I contact Apple with a problem?

    Earlier today, which I called Apple Support with the question that my iPhone could not connect to iTunes. First of all, the woman asked me if I was on the speaker, and I said yes because I was looking at my computer screen so she can help me solve the problem. She replied with "it would be nice if I wasn't on the speaker. (already coming off rude) Then she told me to let him see my computer screen. She never gave me the Web site to enable him to do this. After that, she ran a scan to see if something was wrong. She found a small problem in my computer and I asked how to fix it. She told me that she could connect to a certified technician who can fix this. (never mentioned anything about a cost) I told him he was fine, then she said that it would cost a small fee. I said I'm sorry how much would it be. She said, "it would be a small fee of $99.99. (no case is a small fee) I proceed to tell him I am a student who doesn't have that kind of money right now and she started to treat me as a child and said: why don't ask you MOM and dad and give us a call. Where to go to school, there is a technical team that solves such things for free. I wanted Apple to fix the problem and that person does not. I'm very angry against how I was treated and would like to contact someone to complain. So I wonder how I should contact them?

    It's not Apple, you just been deceived by some random criminal. Try to be more careful in the future.

    Now, why you called it.

  • How can I contact Apple by email?

    Hi, I hope someone can help.

    I'm new to this forum so apologies if I put this question in the wrong place.

    I received an email that appears to come from Apple saying my subscription to Apple at £9.99 per month will start from 09/06/2016.

    There are several links in E-mail to change your account information / cancel and manage your subscriptions / report a problem, etc.

    This Bill looks a lot like my other bills of Apple and the links go to what seems to be Apple Web sites.

    Stupidly, I went through the links using my user name and password for Apple.

    The site asked for my credit card details to cancel this subscription.

    I do not give my name and address.

    I want to forward this to Apple, how to contact them by E-mail?

    See the link at the bottom of this article:

    Identify the fraudulent 'phishing' - Apple Support e-mail

  • Import the VCF files multiple contacts Apple

    Is it possible to import more than 1 VCF file both Apple Contacts Ver 9.0? I only see 1 both import instructions. I have 9377 to import.

    Select all, and then double-click. They should be sent automatically.

  • network interface card double deployment for Expressway EI

    Hi people,

    I'm currently implementing expressway-E for this I need to deploy using double-nic deployment. The question is how can I configure double-nic deployment during the configuration of the server, I only see the LAN1 parameter. While in the settings of the virtual machine, I could see 3 network cards, there is no LAN2.

    Have you installed the license for dual nic?

  • My Apple ID has been disabled for some reason (Ukraine) and I can not contact Apple support

    MY Apple ID has been disabled, I do not know why this has happened. Since I live in Ukraine, I can't reach the Apple support. Reset the password did not help.

    As well as reset the password as you did: what to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password - Apple support ?

    If you have, and it did not work, to contact iTunes Support and see if they can / will reactivate it try:

  • e-mail to contact apple about spyware?

    This is going to be a long post im sorry but I have tried to provide as much information as possible.

    I have an ipod 6th generation and I managed to download something w/spyware I guess? I got a vpn on and was a downlaoder app, I learned a bunch of tabs open after recording something and suddenly my ipod froze a bit and went on a page on my ipod screen white and then open the mail to show that he tried to send an email to anyone with the subject by saying that :

    "WARNING: call Apple Tech Support + 1-800-891-8 * 9 your device can have SPYWARE VIRUS call Apple support immediately for help on how to remove the virus."

    the screen that flashed only for awhile and then I could not open my mail app more, my first reaction was to remove my vpn and download app. I continued to try to go on my app mail without success. Then I got a message saying I had a wrong password on my emails (I don't have anything to this e-mail) I started to delete my emails one by one and even then, I couldn't open my email application, and then I noticed that my application of chrome has been updated by himself (he was in the same folder as the downloader and vpn) so I deleted everything on this folder and updated my ipod to the latest ios, after that, I saw that I still had my chrome app? but on another page on my ipod so I deleted who and then I fear that the spyware was on something else so I have reset the settings on my ipod and I could FINALLY open my mail application and see the email correctly and I even took screenshots this time.

    I'm not sure if there was really a spy software, or if its actually went, should completely reset my ipod? connect my ipod to my laptop is a bad idea right now?

    screenshot I took,

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    This kind of message is a scam.

    Double click on the Home button, and then drag upward on the preview of Safari.

    Go to: settings - Safari - clear history.

    Restart Safari.

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