Fix for Yahoo mail account?

A few weeks ago Mail simply ceased to be able to connect to Yahoo. There seems to be a problem with Mail. All my other accounts connect fine, but wonder a user name and password of Yahoo, then told me they are incorrect (which they aren't).

Is anyone else having a similar problem?

Latest version of El Capitan, the latest version of Mail, MacBook Pro mid-2009.

I use Yahoo and no problem.  Are you sure you have the appropriate ports and the box ticked off SSL?

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  • Password changed on a Safari but Yahoo Mail account, I cannot save the new password and username.

    Yesterday, I changed my password to a Yahoo Mail account but Safari on iMac OSX 10.7.5, (6.1.6) won't let me save the new password.  Now, I have to type my username and then auto Safari fills the old password.  I can access my emails by typing the correct password, but I can't find a way to update Safari to remember the new password or user name.  I had a look on some forums and followed the advice given there, but none of them have worked:-check that the username box and password is checked; Delete the entry in the preferences of Safari; Check the drive in disk utility and click on repair disk permissions. Click on "Repair" in S.o.s. keychain and add the password etc in the keychain.  Remove all data from the Web site and clear the history.  Switch off and unplug before returning.  Can anyone help, please.


    You must remove the old keychain.

    Open Keychain Access located in Applications > utilities

    Then select passwords on the left.

    Type the name of your e-mail account Yahoo in search field top right of Keychain Access window.

    Then right or control click the keychain, and then click Remove.

    Now on Safari, go to Yahoo, sign in with your user name and password. You should be prompted to save the data in a new keychain. The next time you visit this site, Safari should automatically fill your login for you.

  • Yahoo Mail accounts through forms

    Hello, I just noticed something to do with yahoo email attributed to a yahoo account in the forms options, and I don't get an email when a person fills out the form. But when I assign a different e-mail account tell I get the email. If someone knows this problem? And if so, anyone know a fix.

    Thank you


    Hi Carlos,

    Yahoo has recently changed their policy DMARC, which causes this problem. You cannot use email @yahoo as "from" e-mail a form more. For more information, please see the link according to - do

    Kind regards


  • Failed to connect to the Yahoo mail account

    Hello world

    I'm having the following problem. The new Macbook for my wife, when I set up Yahoo mail email he accepted the password in the set up procedure, but when I pulled upward the mail in the dock button, it says the connection failed on the Yahoo account. The problem is solved by going to Preferences, select the account and then go into "Edit smtp servers. When you do that, you see that the space for the password is blank, so you put in, hey presto it works. The problem is - the next time that you connect to the post office, you are to square. I don't understand why the password is not stay there. Obvs we don't want to have to go through this rigmarole every time. Someone at - it ideas?

    Thank you


    You can try a logout and then login again.

  • Windows mail and runs under Vista, recently started asking passwords for e-mail accounts, I had defined for the years

    I have several e-mail accounts defined in Windows Mail (WM). In 2008, I created these accounts and WM has never had any problems email from their recovery. A few days earlier, a "Windows Security" pop-up appeared asking me to "Please verify that the user name and the password are correct for your mail server." I enter the user name and password and let the box 'Remember my references' checked. WM then recovers successfully by e-mail of this provider. I repeat this process to enter email ID and their password for each e-mail and WM account gets successfully mail from them all. Subsequent recoveries automatic email (that occur every 20 minutes as specified via 'Tools', 'Options' and ' check for new messages every xx minute (s) ' in the 'Général' tab) run without problem until I restart WM. So I must return all identifiers and passwords.
    I deleted the entry for one of the accounts, WM restarted and then recreated the account. Once more, it works fine until I restart WM, date on which the impulse begins again. It seems that WM has lost the ability to remember the ID and password between sessions.
    Comments for similar problems indicate that McAfee antivirus can be the cause of the problem. I use BitDefender Antivirus. I don't see how my AV product could be the problem because once I re - enter usernames and passwords, everything works fine.

    Thank you Gary, but I don't know why BitDefender or any other product of anti-virus (AV) would be a problem. As I said, once I entered the login details and passwords, I am able to send and receive mail several times without the prompt that appears until I restart Windows Mail (WM). I speculate here but I feel that the AV product would have not had invoked until there was the mail for her to analyze. This would not happen until AFTER WM was authenticated by the mail server, and then began to receive mail. The authentication command prompt was certainly appear BEFORE WM tried to contact different mail servers. I know this because I could see send/receive the WM status window, where it shows each email account and compares it to the coast after a successful login.

    In any case, when I started this morning at WM, it worked well! The only thing I can think of that would have fixed this problem as if by magic is that I applied the following Vista hotfixes yesterday:

    • Windows malicious software removal tool - January 2011 (KB890830)
    • Update security for Windows Vista (KB2419640)
    • Update security for Windows Vista (KB2478935)
    • Update definition for Windows Defender - KB915597 (definition 1.95.3662.0)
    Then I did the required reboot. I'm skeptical that these corrections have a direct effect on this problem because when I started at WM after the restart, he asked once more the ID and passwords. I did nothing with the AV product
    The key here is that WM works very well this morning in the same environment as yesterday, except for the above mentioned fixes. I consider this problem in the past, but I do NOT know what caused his in the first place or what fixed it.
    Thank you all for your help!
  • How to open 2 separate Yahoo mail accounts at the same time? I can do this in Internet Explorer by clicking file | New Session. I don't see how to do this in Firefox.

    How to open 2 e-mail accounts Yahoo separate at the same time, without using an add-on or plug-in? I can do this in Internet Explorer by clicking file | New Session. I don't see how to do this in Firefox.

    You need two independent sets of cookies to achieve and that an extension can do this.

    You can get a second series temporarily passing to private browsing mode and open the current session, but still allows you the same account only one way at the time and you have to identify you again after returning to the first account by stopping mode PB.

  • Installation of MS for Embarq MAIL account

    Could someone tell me how to correctly configure MS MAIL to an ISP Embarq account? In other words, I have account ISP Embarq and have set up my MS MAIL account to use it. I got Embarq for 10 months and still have not understood that. My operating system is Windows VISTA - business 6.0.

    Most gratefully, Kevin


    There is NO response by email from here and by displaying your address e-mail here, you expose yourself to spammers.

    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server:
    Use your email as your username address.
    See also, out, check the box "my server".
    requires authentication.
    Mick Murphy

  • Changing passwords for Microsoft mail accounts

    I have two e-mail accounts in Microsoft. I want to change the passwords, but, as I used my secondary address for the security code to access my main address, I can't code, while the main account is open. Closing it loses the code input area. I don't have a second browser or computer. How can I solve this problem?

    Send the code, copy the code from the email, go back, change your password and click on "I already have a code. Paste the code in the e-mail, change your password.

  • recovery password for my mail account

    I've updated to Sierra today and now Mail continues to request my password ".me". I typed in my password and it does not recognize. I thought that the password is the same as my password Apple ID, but maybe it's not? How can I recover my password mail ".me"? Fortunately I use especially another email address - Phew!

    Thanks in advance

    Hello ChrisRo,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding that you need help with your password to .me. I keep contact with all the passwords that we have these days can sometimes be difficult. I'm happy to help you.

    These accounts can be used as Apple ID or for use in general electronics. Follow the steps in the link below to help reset your password to use.
    If you forgot your Apple ID password

    Have an amazing day!

  • BlackBerry Q10 need help with settings for e-mail account on Q10.

    I used to have Bold9900 and possible to set different "Username" and "E-mail".

    Both will be in the form of e-mail, so recipients will see my name of the sender as the enamel on the 'User name' field and cannot see my real mail. (Provided by loxinfo

    However, once that the device was introduced to the new Q10. It is more possible to do.

    I have to use the same information on both fields.

    Is there anyway that I can check the parameters of Q10?

    Note: It is always also work the same way as Bold9900 on the iPad.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I don't know, from your description, exactly what you're looking for. "Username" and "E-mail"? You may be looking for the ability to enter a 'reply-to' e-mail address which is different from the actual email address of the account you are sending from? If so, this feature is indeed not currently available in BB10. Among other features, this is perhaps one that many hope are added to the BB10 platform with future versions of the operating system. But for now, it is what it is.

    Good luck!

  • How can I fix gmail on mail account

    my gmail account sent or receiver. How can I re-do without losing all my old gmail messages?

    Address postal (El Capitan): Mail troubleshooting

    Address postal (El Capitan): If you are unable to receive messages

    Address postal (El Capitan): If you are unable to send messages

    Post not send or receive messages after updating to OS X

  • Need to find my password for Yahoo mail

    Trying to add my Yahoo account email to google, can't find my password anywhere. Its on Mozilla auto thingy.

    Hi Neiceytoo, if you have stored passwords in firefox, you can view them with password manager: Password Manager - don't forget, delete, modify and import passwords saved in Firefox

  • several user sign component software plug-in for the mail account

    When I start each day, the computer goes directly to my account and e-mail.  I would like to have the possibility of another user to choose his account.  How do I do that?  I'm on Vista and his email is set up and on the current desktop.

    You will need to set up a second account of user login and have this person to enter his e-mail in their account.

    "bstephen19" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    When I start each day, the computer goes directly to my account and e-mail.  I would like to have the possibility of another user to choose his account.  How do I do that?  I'm on Vista and his email is set up and on the current desktop.

  • My Yahoo Mail is "" forcing me to switch to Firefox by turning my functions in basic. Firefox is compatible with windows 7 for home and student?

    Hi, I have a Yahoo Mail account for many years. Now, they have turned my account in base saying that my IE9 is no longer supported and they are "" forcing me to download Firefox otherwise I have to continue with basic messaging. Firefox is compatible with windows 7 for home and studens? If I download firefox it will affect all the files I have on my computer? Will this affect my windows mail? Thanks for a quick reply.

    Fortuna2015 said

    Firefox is compatible with windows 7 for home and studens?

    As far as I know, Firefox runs on all variants of Windows 7. Firefox works better with a lot of memory, so if your system has 2 GB of memory, you may be limited in the number of windows and tabs you can open simultaneously before things get bogged down compared to a system that has 4 GB of memory.

    If I download firefox it will affect all the files I have on my computer? Will this affect my windows mail?

    As a web browser, you can configure Firefox to your default program to open web pages and links. If you do this, while some icons may change, for example, links to web pages can change to an icon of Firefox. In addition, Firefox has a built-in PDF reader, but you can still use Adobe Reader or another program to read PDF files if you want.

    Are you using Windows Live Mail or another standalone program to retrieve messages? Firefox be involved with it because these programs to get the mail directly, not not using your browser. But if you make Firefox your default for links Manager, when you click on a link in the e-mail software, it will open in Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

    Other things:

    (1) attention to the download links at random in search engine results. You can get Firefox here (scroll to your preferred language):

    (2) I'm sure after Firefox is started the first time, you will have many questions. The program should give you a little tour of routine, and you can use our support articles for more information:

    (3) you must install IE11 because there are still a few sites that use patented technologies and are not displayed in Firefox, such as Windows update

  • How can I add add a password is not included (for example, my yahoo email account) in privasy?

    I don't know how I add my personal information (password and my yahoo in yahoo mail account name.)

    Web sites can specify whether browsers should be able to save the name of user and password (through the AutoComplete = "off" attribute in the login form in the html source code) and many banks and webmails choose for this probably to increase security.

    You can either install an addon or use a bookmarklet to work around this behavior.

    Usernames and passwords are not saved

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