Fix my problem of SVG file in Adobe Muse!

I saved the SVG file from illustrator on my desktop but when I go in muse to the file > place, I can't see the SVG file, but it is on my desk? Please help.

Hey there,

First: make sure that the. SVG, you have saved on your desktop has the '. '. SVG extension"on the end of the file name.

If this still does not work, try to copy elements from Illustrator (or another program) and paste it directly into the Muse.

Kind regards

Kami Shah

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    How can I fix the problem of 'linked file' when opening file on other computers?

    The links must travel with the illustrator file. In other words, you can't send someone your page layout and not send them all the assets placed in the layout. However, you can embed links, but their incorporation will make your file much more available.

    Use the links Panel to incorporate images. Click on the small icon in the upper right corner of the control panel link drop-down list. I've included a screenshot.

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    Thank you and best regards,

    Umang Sharma

    Hi Umang,

    I see that your system is a 32-bit operating system, and in this type of system, you can get the first version of Muse, which is 7.0.

    The tutorials that you download have been upgraded to the latest versions of Muse, therefore, you cannot access these tutorials.

    For all versions and later versions, you must have a 64 bit OS.

    For detailed system requirements through this doc - Muse system requirements

    Thank you & best regards


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    For my project of HTML5 (canvas), I put this code in the first frame of the project. Works for me: = "rgba (0,0,0,0)"; " = 'rgba (0,0,0,0);

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    Thanks for everyone helps

    Hey alishaoldford,

    I suggest to incorporate your form using the iFrame code integration in Adobe Muse and this should solve your problem. The following guide should help you how to recover your form code iFrame integration: get the form Code iFrame

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Kami Shah

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    You can embed videos using html insert where you bind the video in your page using html.

    I explained how it can be done here:

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    About panorama 360, you can use as flash or convert any other format and then embed in your site.

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    Thank you


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    Safari on Windows? SRSLY? It's a non-issue. Nobody uses it. It of buggy as hell, has security problems, and Apple has pulled the plug on it, anyway. Safari on Mac is something completely different, so unless you actually have a Mac, completely ignore this and never bother again.


  • How can I transfer html files from adobe muse on mediawiki?

    I used muse for adobe to make a Web site, then exported it as a group of html files, but my goal was to make a well designed on mediawiki page. Please help and give details! I would appreciate it a lot.

    Hi wikingsmith,

    Please check the explanation here Php basis... Adobe Compatible Muse? . as a result, you can see their converters that can help their download Mediawiki Manual: importing external content - MediaWiki

    Kind regards

  • How to add images and text from a txt file in Adobe Muse?

    How to add images and text from a txt file in muse

    Hello Tony,.

    At you can easily found in your text, copy and then paste in the new text box within the Muse, following a normal copy and paste.

    but images can be copied and pasted, so you need to save the images first as normal JPEG or PNG formats, and then you can import them into your file of muse.

    Best regards


  • How to place the html file in adobe muse

    I created a web banner with animation (html file), how do I put in my website?



    You must call these files in an Iframe in Muse. You can try following steps.

    1. export the files create in Google Web Designer and put in the folder root of your hosting server.

    2 name the folder as "Animation1" and according to the name of the html screen shot file is nfisk.html. (Remember to include the assets of image as well in this folder)

    3. go to Muse and open the page in Design view.

    4. go to object > insert HTML code and paste the code below and click OK

    You must change the values of width and height according to the width and height of the html that you created in the Google Web Designer.

    review of customization over the tag iframe HTML link that shows more iframe properties.

    5. Overview of the site in the browser and you should be able to see it.

    Kind regards


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    Is it possible to add a button 'upload file' on my site of muse?

    A form can be sent in different files in one place - no formats only by email?

    Thank you.


    Please see the link below which provide a workaround to get the ability to download files.

    Download the document (pdf/word) by using Muse

    Widget Muse form currently provide the opportunity to receive the form information in emails only.



  • In the browser of Muse CC edition there was a problem reading the manifest file Adobe Muse CC for the site - how to fix this?

    I just uploaded the site via the built in ftp upload in muse he then uploaded successfully. When I go in the edition of the browser and enter the name of the site ( it says then this "there was a problem reading the file of Adobe Muse CC manifest for the site. Since Adobe Muse CC use file > load on the FTP host... to export the new site. ' I then exported the site again, but it still does not work also, I went my hosting provider file manager and deleted the file muse_mainfest.xml and then re uploaded still no chance. " How can I fix this thank you, james.

    You need to transfer your domain to your new site. At present, the URL is a web page that encapsulates the in a frameset. This isn't how a domain is successfully transferred. He doesn't bother with editing in the browser, will prevent redirection to versions Tablet and phone of your site (if you create), and can cause other problems.

    If you enter to it will not work, because this is the URL where your site is currently hosted.

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