Fix something corrupted in a RSC database

I recently discovered that the inclusion of some non-alphanumeric characters in a RoboHelp HTML topic file name can cause this file in a RSC database to become corrupted. The file .htm in my local working folders (Windows Explorer) is not corrupted. The offending characters (at least the ones I've seen) include:

-(tiret cadratin; l'en tableau de bord ne cause pas un problème)
… (ellispsis, where there is a single character; three periods separate, side-by-side, cause no problem)
' (apostrohphe)

Curiously, RoboSource Control allows files that contain one of these characters offending to be added to a database of version control. In addition, these files can be recovered to local computer of the customer, where the customer can then work in the file without any problems. However, when you save such a file, the corresponding file of the database is damaged. Corruption appears in the form of a change of name for the file. For example, a file named ' export_files... htm "(where the points of suspension is a single character) will be renamed"export_filesBLAHBLAH"(where"BEST"is a random combination of symbols and special characters). The offending character is always replaced with the symbols and special characters, who then do the rest of the file name; a part of the filename before the offending character remains unchanged.

I recognize the importance of restrict filenames to alphanumeric characters, but in the case where this happens again, what is the best way to fix something corrupted in a database? In this work in my head, I came up with the following process:

1. delete the corrupted database file.
2. use Windows Explorer on your local computer to make a copy of the corresponding .htm file.
3. remove any offending character of the file name for the copy of the .htm file.
4. open RoboHelp HTML and delete the topic of the project.
5 import the backup copy of the .htm file in the help project.
6. check in the 'new' (restored) .htm file.

Note: I do not remember for some, but I think that I tried to simply rename the file corrupted in the RSC, but he would not allow me so I don't think it's an option.

Your proposed solution should work. When you rename the file in the database would be a solution under optimal, as the reference to the file would always be there in the local copies of the project.

-Dirk Bock

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    You say that you have completed all the steps until step 7...

    Step 5 tells you to 'clear the Hide protected operating system files check box... "- so you should have already passed this check box in step 5 and I don't understand why you have to clear the box still in step 7 to see the files.

    If you are copy and paste all the files except ntuser.dat, ntuser.dat.log and ntuser.ini by following the instructions in step 7, then you do it right.



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    Hello BearPup,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Your impressive support is appreciated.

    I was recommended to try to repair files affected with Recuva.

    But I'll try your suggestion first two program.

    I will surely you know how it goes.

    Best regards

    MR. ML

    Separated from -.

    Hello Mr. ML.

    You're welcome and thank you for your kind words. The problem, Recuva is a file recovery application. They allow you to recover a file (or folder or partition) that has been deleted or damaged otherwise. Another freeware program, you can use - it's the only one on my system - is 7 - Data Recovery Suite, available here:

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    Good luck to you and keep me updated.

    Kind regards


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    How to analyze the entries in the log file generating the program Checker (SFC.exe) resources of Microsoft Windows in Windows Vista

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    Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7 system files

    If the failure of File Checker system in that these options are set.

    Most of the new machines come with a recovery partition, allowing you to return your purchase, you will need to check your user guides (or the manufacturer's Web Site) for instructions.  Choose this path requires you to save all the data first.

    These options are also integrated to Windows 8.

    How to restore, refresh or reset your PC

    A way to not lose data is to make backups of data.

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    Could you please share your with us .muse file to study? Please send it to [email protected]. If your file is larger than 20 MB, you can use something like Adobe SendNow SendThisFile or Dropbox. Don't forget to mention the link to this forum thread in your email so that we can identify the file.

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