Fixed aperture on ILÇE-3000 lens

I bought a lens mirror 500mm fixed aperture for my alpha 3000. Additional instructions to the dealer supposed to set the camera on the aperture priority, but that doesn't work and makes no sense if the opening is fixed.

Will be priority work on a combination of lens/a3000 fixed aperture shutter?

Thanks for your thoughts and help.


I don't know why the instruction that came with your goal is use the setting on the aperture priority. Try setting the camera to shutter priority or manual exposure, so you can adjust the shutter speed.

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  • Newbie on the aperture lens question sets

    I did have the chance to try a goal at opening fixed yet. I just wanted to know if you can still change the opening of like for example f/2.8 to f/8 or more. ? Or is the only opening you can f/2.8. How does this work?

    This is not a "fixed" aperture because it cannot be changed.  This means that this isn't a "variable" opening that changes as the focal length changes.  This lens keeps f2.8 it is thanks to its focal range.  It can and it has all the apertures from f2.8 to f22.

    This goal is, BTW, the best 24-70mm made today.  There's nothing better.

  • Satellite L750D/L755D - its integrated and DVD player does not work.


    First of all I have no idea where to post this.
    Beside that, I'm clueless about take you over the page. (which lets you choose the computer laptop/build/etc etc)
    So here I am

    I have a Toshiba - Satellite-L750D/L755D

    He came Pentecost 7 windows, but after a lot of trouble, and since I hate windows 7 more then any other OS.
    I bought windows 8, which is now upgraded to 8.1 the last update as you know.
    Since the same beginning whit windows 7 built-in speakers not work as they should.
    And small piece I want to say at the start that they have worked... BUT for 5-10 sec, then it just stopt.

    But the strange part of it is if I connect a sound box the sound works perfectly and does not either.
    I'm not an expert in the field. but since I grew up whit it I know a little bit about it.

    I think it's something whit drivers that are corrupt or don't work well together.
    Now search across the web around trying to find a solution but not done whit no progress at all.
    You may think different, but I think that this Web site is the worst of all. lol sorry I have to be true.

    He asks what kind of satellite I what I know but who is not in the list, anywhere!
    Then try to find the right driver which is probably need is a little impossible.
    Next to this no disc drive of mine no longer works.

    No matter what or what disc I put in, after all he'll say that there is no disk or the disk is empty.
    And no, this isn't the issue because if I put in another laptop / pc, it works very well.
    I'm getting a little tired of it because I paid more than 700 euros for this laptop.
    To know that I could use it properly for 3 months, after that it started to happen.
    I'm still paying every month for this laptop, which is unusable at all.

    Why? because I had no sound, and the reason I bought a laptop from Pentecost 8 GB of ram is for games.
    Now to do games come whit a disc, if your laptop can not read you wasted more money. (new)

    I really need help whit this and hope I am on the right place for it.
    Because I'm on the point just throw it out the window.

    If you want to know more information ask around. I give you everything I know.
    But also didn't really know what to write here, next to the problems I faced.
    Oh yes before I forget, I tried to get the drivers whit me serial nr.
    And guess what? It does not exist! And no, I'm not stupid, that's good.

    Help, please!


    Hi Theo

    At first, I want to clarify one important fact: it is user community.
    I guess you did not however, I want to help you provide essential information.

    First of all some ideas concerning the problem of CD/DVD drive:
    As you probably know that the lens of the laser s internal drive is important to read or write data on the disk (CD or DVD). In case this laser lens is dirty or would not calibrate properly, the disc could not be treated properly.

    I m also an owner of some different notebooks and I had the same problem in the past. I could fix it by cleaning the laser lens using cotton tip and liquid alcohol. I was not very difficult to clean the lens, and after this procedure simply the disc can be read correctly.
    I recommend you to clean the laser lens and verify if it would help to address this problem.

    Regarding the sound issue:
    You have posted some info on the series of the laptop but I put t know which model of laptop you have exactly: Satellite L750D-xxx
    It would be interesting to know which model you have exactly.

    In any case, always is, and the problem could be related to software or hardware problems.
    Software problems could be solved by putting the laptop back to factory settings (using the procedure of recovery, Recovery disk). Of course, this would mean that you would get the Win 7 OS on the laptop and your personal data would be deleted. So save the data if it is important for you.

    Of course it would be also desirable to reinstall the audio driver.
    The Toshiba UE driver page provides all the drivers for the laptop Toshiba EU models

    Since most of the Satellite L750D-xxx models use the same sound chip, you can choose any series L750D for the right audio driver.
    Note: the audio driver should be removed (uninstalled) before beginning the installation of the new driver.
    This could be done in the Device Manager.

  • Then hike with a goal of two times as heavy as the body damage it?

    I have an EOS 40 d and just bought the 70-200mm f / 2.8 - my first white lens! I tend to do a lot of hiking. Carrying this combo using the plant neck strap will be harmful for the frames? Thank you!

    GrumpyMonk wrote:
    Thanks for the reply, Bob! It is very true that I suffer often sore neck with just the 70-300 syndrome I have used so far. I thought about a Hip Holster system. If I leave with something like that, my concerns are if the movement of walking around (maybe sometimes strongly) with the camera suspended upside down to my hip to his tripod mounting mount would cause damage or undue stress to the frame of the lens/camera. You have experience with this type of configuration? Would it not be better to fix the plate to the tripod lens collar case instead? Thank you!

    I don't have such an experience. but I never tried the black fast system because of the reluctance to have a heavy camera dangling from the tripod mount. (Even one case where the point of attachment of BR gave, but I'm sure that BR has fixed that.) In the absence of a dedicated solution, your idea to attach the lens to the Mount of the case can be a good. My 70-200 seems to be much heavier than all the organs of the camera I used it on that. And the tripod collar will be closer to the center of gravity of the camera/lens system that would be the camera tripod.

  • Panorama has blown highlights!

    I sewed a Panorama from 3 Tiff images. In the Tiffs all the highlights are fine, that I was preparing before! In the stitched Panorama of DNG, among the highlights are blown! So I can't use the Panorama!

    Create a panorama with TIFF files produces a DNG file with cut highlights in the raw data. Here's the view in RawDigger showing the capture of raw data:

    I exported three TIFF files with a - 1.0 exposure setting to work around the difference of ~1.0 EV exposure 'in the know' and the panorama DNG has no clipping (as expected).

    The solution is to shoot with fixed aperture and the shutter speed (i.e. the manual exposure mode) settings. Doing so prevents the exposure compensation to be applied during the mail merge to Panorama. The best solution is to use raw files, which creates a panorama DNG with the raw image data unmodified regardless of exposure setings.

    EDIT: I checked one of my raw panorama file sets with an EV 1.0 as the difference in exposure to lead shot. The panorama DNG has sunk areas that are fully recoverable in the original raw file. So the only way to avoid this is to shoot at an opening and fixed shutter speed. Counter on the area most brilliant to prevent highlight clipping.

  • LR6 versus CC2015 LR:

    What kind of updates are available in LR6?  Adobe said no functional upgrade. Are new camera models (e.g. Nikon 7200) functional updates? I hope that bug fixes are available because LR6 seems to be very slow.

    Bug fixes, new camera Support and new lens Support will be included in LR 6.x

    New features will not be.

  • Correct the lens aperture in lightroom 6


    Why taking picture with my lens Leica Summilux 50 mm f1/4 at f/1.4 asph report the correct aperture of the lens in lightroom 6

    If it is a Leica M lens, then there is no way to save the setting of the real opening that you have on the lens in the metadata of the image file. Digital camera Leica M only to record the name of the goal, Summilux and summicron and so one, and the maximum aperture the lens has. None of the Leica M lenses have electronic in them. Is the only way that the camera knows what lens is joined by the 6 black or white, coding of the cavities on the lens and the optical drive to the recesses in the lens on the camera mount.

    Leica introduced the software to guess at what real openness could use the sensor of ambient light on the camera body and the amount of light reaching the sensor image from the camera as well as to know what is the Max aperture for the lens which is attached.

    I have thousands of images with a lot of different glasses, Leica M8 most Leica lenses and none of them show the value of opening correct, real, I was fixed on the goal. Some are close, and some are not. Maybe every now and then the camera is it good track but it's just dumb luck.

  • How to fix cracked iPhone 6s is more the camera lens?

    I have an iPhone more rose gold 6s and I dropped and cracked the camera lens. I was wondering how much it would cost to repair.

    Apple will not fix it. They with you offer a replacement warranty that you can buy off.

  • Satellite 3000 x 4 connector broken, is it easy to fix and how?

    Hi, I'm looking for Info for my sister. She has a Satellite 3000 x 4 but the connection is broken and must be replaced.

    Initially, I was going to buy him a motherboard to work of second hand to replace the broken Jack but it's still very expensive. However, I have recently purchased a jack for his model similar to that as this because I read that the connector can be solved this way.

    The person who will fix my laptop computer sisters has never used something like this before and is not familiar with it. If everyone is familiar or fixing these type of catch up then do it me know how you do it. If you know any good sites with instructions for this task then I will also appreciate if you have linked to them. I also intend to pass this info on the technician who will do the repair work.
    Thank you


    Unfortunately, I n t found any documents on the change of the framework. But I think that to replace this part you must remove all the covers and the keyboard of the device.
    Also I don't know if the part about the photo is compatible with the motherboard and as far as I know it's not easy to replace the electric parts of m.

    In my opinion, you should ask the service Toshiba for the right part and education partner exactly. But the best way is to give the unit for service partner. They have more experience.

    Good bye

  • I want to enter the information specific to my camera and lens corrections lens P options'shop 2014 and 2015 the room but they are not on the list. (D-750 of Nikon with 24-120 lens). How can I fix it?

    I recently upgraded to a Nikon D 7000 to a D-750 with the Nikkor 24-120 mm, but they are not on the list of options in P'shop or Lightroom under profiles of cameras and objectives. Since every tutorial I've read on the suggested 24-120 lens fixing distortion problems in P'shop, how to make the choice without these specific products being on the list? (P'shop, 2014, 2015 the room)

    In Lightroom, have you tried the automatic correction of profile? In addition, I don't think that there are and the support profile of correction for digital SLRs so you shoot JPEG.


  • Fixed the LR4 goal. When will add canon 10-18mm lens

    I recently bought a 10 to 18mm canon lens. But when I tried to use the lens correction facilities that I discovered that he was not on the drop-down list of the lenses.

    You know a date where it will be added?

    I have a similar version of Windows I can give you specific instructions.  This is how to copy the profile of lenses for the location of Adobe PS 10-18 for the location of the users so an older LR can display it.

    Download and install the DNG Converter 8.7 from: this will put the new profiles to a known location.

    Find the profile that you want to copy under C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0\Canon and do a right click copy

    I think the file you want is: Canon EOS 50 d (Canon EF-S 10-18 mm F4. 5 - 5.6 IS STM) - RAW.lcp

    Navigate to the location of the users profile: C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\LensProfiles\1.0\Downloaded

    You may need to create some of the path to the folder, but down through Roaming must exist.  The AppData folder is hidden, so you may have to type in the Solution Explorer and press ENTER to go down into it, or type %appdata%\microsoft\windows\sendto in an address bar of Explorer and press enter and you should be down in the roaming folder.

    Once you're in the downloaded folder (that you create) make a paste to copy the profile on him, and you're done, once you have restarted LR if you go see the new profile.

  • Pavilion dv7t-3000 mobile: stuck on the startup screen, must repeatedly perform a hard reset to fix

    When starting after a successful boot & use, the PC is stuck on the startup screen that is black with the logo blue & white HP in the middle and "press ESC for the start menu" at the bottom left. I have to perform a hard reset to get a normal startup. Everything works fine. I stop the PC from the start menu. At the next startup the PC hangs at the HP splash screen. A hard reset solves the problem, but the problem occurred on & repeatedly.

    Problem was solved by uninstalling a number of HP programs! Unfortunately I have lost the paper on which I wrote exactly what programs I uninstalled. If you find this issue that may arise on your notrbook, try to uninstall the HP programs

  • PCL error on dell 3000 printer, how to fix

    Please help, all said the error is PCL error-press Set, I checked all usb ports and I get the same error?


    1. you remember to make changes to the computer before this problem?

    2. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    Understanding printer Messages

    Follow these steps.

    a. disconnect the USB cable and remove all toners.

    b. press and hold the CANCEL button for 30 sec.

    c. USB cable and reconnect.

    Check that any security software (if nothing is blocking the printing process)

    Temporarily disable your antivirus and check:

    Disable the antivirus software

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    e. restart the system.

    Check out these articles: printer in Windows problems


     Why can I not print?

  • Course Lightroom / camera Raw profile for Sony ILÇE-6000 inaccurate: green in shadows! Capture the best! Please fix it!

    Hi people from Adobe!

    Please note that the course Lightroom / Adobe Camera Raw for the Sony ILÇE-6000 camera profile is very inaccurate: there is a serious green cast in the shade!

    Capture One Express for Sony (which incidentally is free) makes much more correctly!

    Please fix this, because I prefer to buy the LR6 coming mainly to keep my workflow established instead of going the road of Capture One.

    A good example can be found in the forum dpreview "shadow LR5 A6K pulling, a mess! Adobe LR is broken? "

    Or search for Philp Reeves 3 weeks with the Sony A6000 review "3 Wochen mit der a6000", where he compares to the A7 from Sony, using Lightroom both times to push in the shade.

    The Sony A7 is very well where the Earth resembles the Brown Earth, the A6000 photo looks like grass instead.

    Please fix this! It is a high volume camera often purchased by passionate or as second body for photographers of FF. Would be really great!

    The Reeve photographer explained it, he used on the A6000 f8 and f11 on the A7. Since the Canon FD 20 is a fully manual lens, the EXIF information was added through Exiftool, where he replaced by mistake the correct EXIF information for the aperture used and purpose.

    Canon FD 20 mm lens used only on the A7, Sony SEL1018 used on the A6000.

    RAW images should be all too bright, since they were also exposed. Jpg files indicated were pushed into LR differently if are not so important. If its not different exposure that causes the problems of shadow, but the Adobe profile of the camera used for the A6000. Of course the A6000 has a bit more noise than the fullframe A7, but as seen after the ARW file running by Capture One and THEN process in Adobe (see flickr link above), the noise difference is low and does not explain the Green cast.

  • The "green dot" lens flare in the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 more

    I wrote on 'green point' lens flare issues I have with my iPhone 6 Plus. See Green dots in the iPhone 6 more photos - it's something that can be fixed? photos, for example.

    I was hoping that this problem has been resolved with the new iPhones, two years later. But as I see in this review of the iPhone 7 - _ source = Sailthru & utm_medium = email & utm_cam... - if you look at the car first two photos, the author shows 'green point' stray light is present in the iPhone and iPhone 6s 7 photos.

    So I'm disappointed to see that this problem has not disappeared.

    Does anyone know if this is also the same with the iPhone 7 Plus, which has two glasses?

    Just wondering if any iPhone 7 more users have been able to test this.

    Before the upgrade, I would like to know if the "green point" lens flare problem that exists with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, 6s iPhone more and apparently also with the iPhone 7 also happens with the iPhone 7 more.

    It has a system of different lenses, so I'm curious to know if this problem persists or not.

Maybe you are looking for