Flash Builder debugger cannot connect to the running application

I've upgraded to Flash Builder 4.5 and now I get the error - old

The Flash Builder debugger cannot connect to the running application.
Ensure that:
1. for applications in the browser, you run the debug version of Flash Player.
2. for network debugging on a mobile device, you have a reliable network of the device connection and 7935 port is open on the firewall of your machine.
Device connection help

I get both on the Simulator (which is being upgraded to the latest version) and try to debug on my real playbook. There are a few other forums of discussion about this that suggest that the default Debug host IP is the usual culprit. However, which is set up correctly. I also added port 7935 firewall.

I am able to ping ip address of my playbook without problem. Any other thoughts on what I might have configured wrong?


Flash Builder 4.5 uses Air 2.6 for iphone and Android, for the moment, we can use only Air 2.5, so the compiler needs a couple of parameters. You have in the ActionScript Preferences tab build package-advanced - forceAirVersion 2.5 and under ActionScript compiler an extra line - swf-version 10

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  • The Flash Builder debugger cannot connect to the running application

    Good evening everyone. I installed my signature key, debugging debugging keys and transferred my token to the device and everything seems good, no errors except when I try and debug an application on my device. I click on debug, and it says it's installation. The app looks like it's opening on my device but closes immediately. The FB debugger continues to say "pending to connect to the running application". The icon is on my device but when I try to run it it opens and then closes immediately. I use the software 1.0.2 SDK.

    How about configuration in the app.xml file or the XML of BB? Because you are running 4.5, you have the parameters of the solution defined to force AIR 2.5 and Flash 10?

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    It will be your password for the computer. The password that you connect to your computer.

    Kind regards

    Hervé Khare

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    This require a different password? Why is it not work?

    Thank you.

    Hi @mikedog

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

    If you send to the printer use ePrint printer email print job prints without you being there.  With sweater print when you send the print job will stay in your print queue print pull until you connect to a printer to support (for example your Officejet 8610) and choose to print the document.  The document will automatically delete after 3 days, if you printed the work or not.

    I do not recommend that if you have questions about JetAdvantage from HP that you post on the HP JetAdvantage Support Forum-Forum on the sales of HP Support Forums.

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    I can not uninstall and reinstall because I have older versions of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator box and

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    I'm running the virtual appliance of the trial build 2442330 on ESXi 5.5.0, 2068190

    While I try to log on to the Web Client, I get this error.  VSphere Web Client cannot connect to the server vCenter Single Sign On.

    I put fallow the steps to disable SSO by changing the webclient.properties line add file and ad sso.enabled = false .    Then on the vCenter Server Appliance, restart the vSphere client service by typing service vsphere-client restart .

    I enclose the reference files.

    All ideas will be useful

    This answer was simple, all I had to do was remove the # in front of the statement in the file.   and SSO has been disabled after the restart of the service.

  • Help! Safari cannot connect to the server

    I really need help! I tried to forget the network and turning it back on, I have disabled the firewall and remove all extensions of safari. I seems that nothing works.

    I get the message 'Safari cannot connect to the server' on almost every site except this and facebook. I can't enter same Urbanoutfitters.com or ASOS. I just got the message "Safari could not connect to Server" I'm not a computer genius so hopefully someone here can help me...

    You may have installed one or more variants of the malware "VSearch' ad-injection. Please back up all data, and then take the steps below to disable it.

    Do not use any type of product, "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" on a Mac. It is never necessary for her, and relying on it for protection makes you more vulnerable to attacks, not less.

    Malware is constantly evolving to work around defenses against it. This procedure works now, I know. It will not work in the future. Anyone finding this comment a couple of days or more after it was published should look for a more recent discussion, or start a new one.

    Step 1

    VSearch malware tries to hide by varying names of the files it installs. It regenerates itself also if you try to remove it when it is run. To remove it, you must first start in safe mode temporarily disable the malware.

    Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or an earlier version, or if a firmware password is defined, or if the boot volume is a software RAID, you can not do this. Ask for other instructions.

    Step 2

    When running in safe mode, load the web page and then triple - click on the line below to select. Copy the text to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination:


    In the Finder, select

    Go ▹ go to the folder...

    from the menu bar and paste it into the box that opens by pressing command + V. You won't see what you pasted a newline being included. Press return.

    A folder named "LaunchDaemons" can open. If this is the case, press the combination of keys command-2 to select the display of the list, if it is not already selected.

    There should be a column in the update Finder window. Click this title two times to sort the content by date with the most recent at the top. Please don't skip this step. Files that belong to an instance of VSearch will have the same date of change for a few minutes, then they will be grouped together when you sort the folder this way, which makes them easy to identify.

    Step 3

    In the LaunchDaemons folder, there may be one or more files with the name of this form:

    com Apple.something.plist

    When something is a random string, without the letters, different in each case.

    Note that the name consists of four words separated by dots. Typical examples are:

    com Apple.builins.plist

    com Apple.cereng.plist

    com Apple.nysgar.plist

    There may be one or more items with a name of the form:


    Yet once something is a random string, without meaning - not necessarily the same as that which appears in one of the other file names.

    These names consist of three words separated by dots. Typical examples are:



    Sometimes there are items (usually not more than one) with the name of this form:

    com.something .net - preferences.plist

    This name consists of four words (the third hyphen) separated by periods. Typical example:

    com.jangly .net - preferences.plist

    Drag all items in the basket. You may be prompted for administrator login password.

    Restart the computer and empty the trash.

    Examples of legitimate files located in the same folder:


    com Apple.Installer.osmessagetracing.plist

    com Apple.Qmaster.qmasterd.plist

    com Apple.aelwriter.plist

    com Apple.SERVERD.plist

    com Tether.plist

    The first three are clearly not VSearch files because the names do not match the above models. The last three are not easy to distinguish by the name alone, but the modification date will be earlier than the date at which VSearch has been installed, perhaps several years. None of these files will be present in most installations of Mac OS X.

    Do not delete the folder 'LaunchDaemons' or anything else inside, unless you know you have another type of unwanted software and more VSearch. The file is a normal part of Mac OS X. The "demon" refers to a program that starts automatically. This is not inherently bad, but the mechanism is sometimes exploited by hackers for malicious software.

    If you are not sure whether a file is part of the malware, order the contents of the folder by date modified I wrote in step 2, no name. Malicious files will be grouped together. There could be more than one such group, if you attacked more than once. A file dated far in the past is not part of the malware. A folder in date dated Middle an obviously malicious cluster is almost certainly too malicious.

    If the files come back after you remove the, they are replaced by others with similar names, then either you didn't start in safe mode or you do not have all the. Return to step 1 and try again.

    Step 4

    Reset the home page in each of your browsers, if it has been modified. In Safari, first load the desired home page, then select

    ▹ Safari preferences... ▹ General

    and click on

    Set on the current Page

    If you use Firefox or Chrome web browser, remove the extensions or add-ons that you don't know that you need. When in doubt, remove all of them.

    The malware is now permanently inactivated, as long as you reinstall it never. A few small files will be left behind, but they have no effect, and trying to find all them is more trouble that it's worth.

    Step 5

    The malware lets the web proxy discovery in the network settings. If you know that the setting was already enabled for a reason, skip this step. Otherwise, you should undo the change.

    Open the network pane in system preferences. If there is a padlock icon in the lower left corner of the window, click it and authenticate to unlock the settings. Click the Advanced button, and then select Proxies in the sheet that drops down. Uncheck that Auto Discovery Proxy if it is checked. Click OK, and then apply.

    Step 6

    This step is optional. Open the users and groups in the system preferences and click on the lock icon to unlock the settings. In the list of users, there may be some with random names that have been added by the malware. You can remove these users. If you are not sure whether a user is legitimate, do not delete it.

  • Outlook: "cannot get mail" "cannot connect to the server.

    April 6 at 7:00 PM CST, my iPhone 5 running iOS stopped syncing with my Microsoft Outlook account 9.3.1.

    I did have problems with my iPhone sync with my Outlook email over the past 5 years so far.

    My Outlook account is to these servers-

    web mail:

    for Windows Live Mail 2012:

    I tried to delete my Outlook account from my iPhone and re-establishment and the account Outlook 'checks' correctly - but this does not solve the problem.

    The iPhone keeps displaying a pop-up message:
    "Cannot get mail" "cannot connect to the server.

    My iPhone is syncing correctly with my Gmail accounts and iCloud.

    Also, I created my Outlook account on iPad to my daughter who is running iOS 8.1.2 and I have the same problem.

    This seems to be a situation of the Apple servers, do not sync with Microsoft servers.

    Thank you

    It seems that Outlook is to have questions, not only with iPhones but W10, see this thread:

    I lost all my contacts.

  • How can I fix it? "Money cannot connect to the store purchases.   If you have any firewall software, make sure it has been set to allow communication on port 443.

    This message p [ops upward when I run iTunes]

    Money cannot connect to the store purchases.

    If you have any firewall software, make sure it has been set to allow communication on port 443.

    How can I fix it?

    me too... same problem... just started

    iTunes can't connect to the store purchases.

    If you have any firewall software, make sure it has been set to allow communication on port 443.

    MacBook Pro, osx el cap 10.11.1, itunes

  • Remote Desktop cannot connect to the remote computer

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem on my server running Windows Server 2008 R2.

    I can not can not on the remote server by using remote desktop (mstsc).

    Here is the error I get when connecting:

    Remote Desktop cannot connect to the remote computer to one of the following reasons:
    (1) remote access to the server is not enabled
    (2) the remote computer is disabled
    (3) the remote computer is not available on the network

    Make sure that the remote computer is on and connected to the network, and remote access is enabled.

    I tried to restart the services, but nothing helped.

    I even restarted the server, which did not help.

    Also, I can ping the server without any problem.

    Kindly help. !


    Search logs events on the Terminal Server and the Local user's PC

    Try disabling the firewall - may have to be reconfigured.

    I suggest that repost you the question in the TechNet Windows Server forum for assistance.


  • HP Envy 4500: Printer says it has solid network connection, but cannot connect to the internet

    So I have not been able to use my printer wireless lately, so I decided to check if it was connected to my wireless network. It is; I checked, re-connected and checked several times. So I decided to reactivate my web services. I have them turned off, and now whenever I press the button on the printer ePrint, it says connection for a really long time and then displays the message in the sense of "the printer cannot connect to the server. Check the internet connection and proxy settings.

    I have re-connected the printer to my wireless network, I checked that if I use a proxy server (I'm not), I used the HP print and Scan Doctor - just, it won't just matter what I do.

    All I can think about is the fact that I have recently purchsed a new router, but says that its connected which is what really stem me.

    This printer makes me crazy - please help

    Hi @mastersword64,

    Welcome to the HP community!

    I hope you have a pleasant experience with us.

    I want to help you with the connection error, you get on your e-all-in-one of HP ENVY 4500 printer when you try to enable web services.

    Here are some steps, I suggest trying to get your web services up and running it again:

    Network Power Reset:

    We'll leave the router and unplug the power cable (NOTE: do not reset the router.), and then do the same with the printer and shut down the computer. After a minute, plug in the router, wait to fully turn on, then plug the printer back in and wait for the wireless light become solid. Once the router and the printer are on, go ahead and re - turn on the computer. This will refresh the network connection.

    Restore the default settings of the network and reconnect:

    1. on the front panel of the printer, press your up wireless icon

    2. Select settings.

    3. Select restore default network settings.

    4 turn on your printer.

    5. once it is initialized to save, press the wireless icon again.

    6. Select settings.

    7. Select Wireless Assistant , and then follow the prompts to enter the details of your wireless network.

    8. try to activate the web services again.

    Configure a manual DNS for your printer:

    1 obtain the IP address of your printer

    a. This can be done by pressing the icon on the printer wireless.

    2. Enter the printer's IP address in a browser on your computer.

    3. Select the tab network at the top of the page.

    4. on the left, select network.

    5. Select network address (IP)

    6. Select manual DNS server

    a. manual Preferred DNS should read

    b. alternate DNS server should read.

    7. Select apply. You can get a warning simply select OK.

    Please reply to let me know if these steps resolve your issue.

    Good luck!

  • Windows cannot connect to the printer. The name of the printer has been correctly entered, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server.

    A Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 32-bit computer is a field, the file and print server.

    A computer on the domain is a machine of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit with HP DesignJet 500 24 printer connected via USB.  The printer is running the latest firmware.  The PC is running the latest 64-bit drivers with no problems to the host machine printing.  The host also has the latest drivers 32-bit (x 86) installed by downloading by other computers on the network.  The printer is configured to share with the share name of HPDJ500.

    Now, on a machine Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit on the field, I'm trying to connect to the shared printer.  Add a printer > click Next in the wizard of > check "a network printer or a printer attached to another computer" and then click Next > click on "Find a printer in the directory", then click Next > click Find now > HPDJ500 in the list below (the XP machine can see the shared printer on the Windows 7 computer!) and click OK.  At this point, I get an error that says: "Windows cannot connect to the printer.  The name of the printer has been correctly entered, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server.  For more information, click Help. »

    Alternatively, if I right-click on the HPDJ500 printer listed, then click on connect, I get the same error message but I also see a separate window that says "Connecting to HPDJ500 on H2.ws.net" with the lively projector.  This window also disappears as soon as I clear the error message.

    Please note that this printer worked perfectly as a printer shared, hosted on a machine XP 32 bit on the field.  It works perfectly for the new Windows 7 64-bit machine, but we cannot connect from anywhere else on the network (including the server which translates the same exact error message).  On the server, I also preinstalled drivers thinking there was a problem with a 32-bit computer, trying to grasp the correct drivers from the host 64-bit Windows 7, but that doesn't change anything.

    How connect to this printer?

    Try using the path UNC path of the printer in the Add Printer Wizard.

    Add a printer > network printer > connection to this printer ((deuxieme point)

    Click next to browse (leave blank, the name field) or type the UNC path of the printer (i.e. \\Computername\Printername) path

  • Programs cannot connect to the internet, while IE8 and firefox work very well on the internet.

    I used google chrome as my default browser, but one day it stopped working, while firefox and IE always worked / work fine now.  When google chrome no longer works, all my programs stopped to connect to internet, like Skype, itunes, WMP, etc.  The itunes gives error me is "make sure that your network connection is active and try again.  When I download programs through to firefox or IE8, now my default, they download but used to install or connect to the internet (I tried to reinstall chrome after that deletion but it will not be completed).  I was certain this isn't the router or the Internet itself, my wireless works very well to navigate through the Internet and other computers on the network do not have this problem. problem when I connect to other wifi networks.  The help and support center will not be to the point after that I click on it.  I use windows xp sp3 home edition 2002.  I looked through the other threads to see if I can solve the problem, check the exceptions in the firewall, disabling firewalls and other security, running an antispyware/malware, someone suggested (super antispyware), lowered or disabled security settings, but all without success.  I don't know what to do at this point but to restart the system.  Please help, any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

    Hi unlucky2013,

    Follow the steps from the link below: Windows XP Internet programs cannot connect to the Internet through the connection broadband:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307164

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows cannot connect to the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. __This is probably caused by settings of firewall on this computer. __

    I recently installed the version of Norton, after that I was unable to use the internet, I thought it was the Norton firewall settings. After having playing with her for 30 minutes, I gave up and uninstalled Norton. I have disabled the firewall, I have reset the default settings. Here is the message I get when I run a diagnostic. A crazy thing is that I can connect to internet when I connected to this same computer as a guess.

    Please help me!

    Windows cannot connect to the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP.
    This is probably caused by the settings of firewall on this computer.

    Check the settings of firewall for the HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21).

    Hi rhonda9937,

    1. what browser you are using to connect to the internet?

    It is not recommended to keep Windows Firewall disabled on the computer.

    This would happen if the ports are not open in the Windows Firewall.

    I suggest that you open ports in Windows Firewall and check if it works.

    How to manually open ports in Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP


    Troubleshooting settings of Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2 for advanced users


    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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