Flash is on always enabled on a Web site and it crashes; does not activate if I click never. How to disable it for a Web site.

Had problems with Firefox hanging and script errors. Later decided that it was Adobe Flash, he did. Uninstalled Flash, reset Firefox, reinstalled Flash and asked activation on request; worked very well. However, by mistake allowed him to be always activated on the site of the newspaper and now he returned to hang and the script errors every time I access the journal stopped me access anything on the tabs. How to reset the activation to be 'enable on demand', without having to reset Firefox?

Hi, take a look at this article, in particular, how to set permissions.

Hope that helps.

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    --> Updated Firefox to version 10.0.1

    Follow the suggestions mentioned in the section "Flash does not work properly or will not update" in the following article:

    Check and tell if its working.

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    The phone is new (5 days). It's a wedding?

    If you encounter this flicker, then the next troubleshooting step is to restore from a backup. If the behavior persists after the restore, then the last step is the factory restore. If after the factory restore and adding no additional content, you see always this problem, then you must make an appointment at the Genius Bar to the nearest Apple store or service provider authorized Apple to have the material examined. If the behavior goes after the factory restore, then sync again your content manually, without using the backup. It seems to me it's corrupted content in the backup.

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  • Site Flash does not update unless I click off the site!

    Site Flash does not update unless I click outside of the site and then again on the site!

    My Flash website presents to the user a list of customers to select

    When the user selects a customer of the user is presented with a full discription of the customer

    But when usage goes back to the screen containing all customers and selects another client, the previous client is displayed ' until I have click out of the site, click back on the site ", then the customer profile automatically updated! which is not what I want as I want the customer info to display when the user clicks in the list!

    I have worked on this issue now for 3 weeks so if someone has something to say help please help

    Well, after searching for a month and thinking maybe flex was not capable for dynamic web sites, that I decided to start over with my search

    Turns out that the answer was really simple way just had to clear my mind and think about

    protected function itemrenderer1_mouseOverHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


    Main.ClientData.ClientsID = clientIdNumber.text;

    ScrollPanelSkinClientScrollingContentSkin.getClientResult.token = ScrollPanelSkinClientScrollingContentSkin.customerService.getClient (Main.ClientData.Clien, tID);

    trace ("Trace one113" + Main.ClientData.ClientID);


    As all ways, stupid I feel

  • Acrobat Reader plugin does not activate, always get prompt

    After update of FF13, but after a series of malware clearing, plugin Adobe Acrobat Reader does not work. By clicking on a pdf link, the dialog 'that should Firefox do with this file' box. MimeTypes.pdf pluginreg.dat were deleted with no trouble, so uninstalled and reinstalled drive 10 and delete the two files again. Always the same behavior.
    I have Acrobat 8.0 and 10 player installed. I also tried to sever the nppdf32.dll program Files/Acrobat 8.0.

    Sorry, I was testing with what turned out to be aberrant link that was not properly typed:(catalogue page)

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    1. what operating system do you use?

    2. what exactly do you mean by ' Application Incompatible mobile partners and detected but does not always '?

    3. What is the exact problem you are facing the computer?

    Provide more information on the issue to you help again.

    You can also visit the link of the article of Microsoft that will guide you on how to ask questions below.

    Suggestions for a question on the help forums


  • Just opened a new vista Windows upgrade disc and my computer does not recognize it? My computer always tells me to put a disc in when it is already.

    Just opened a new vista Windows upgrade disc and my computer does not recognize it?  My computer always tells me to put a disc in when it is already.  I can't my PID because I can not install the program.  I can't get help from microsoft because I do not have my PID.  Help please

    Your optical disc drive must be able to read the DVD to install Vista.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • my power green LED flashes and the laptop does not start

    Mr President, I have laptop computer Sony vaio, when I press the power button, my power LED green light begins to blink, sometimes sometimes brighter Sun, but nothing else happened, my fan remains closed, screen remains black, just POWER green LED flashing, flashing in the same way as orange light flashes in case of in standby mode, it is usually solid green , but now it flashes and the laptop does not start, what should I do Sir...

    My model number is the model of Sony VAIO PCG-61911W... His VPCEG18FG of the product name


    It seems that your device is not post.  You can try reinstalling the ram or simply by using a single module at a time, but other that that the device would need service...

  • Flash Player and Vimeo, Youtube does not but don't?

    Hi guys,.

    We currently deploy Windows 7 out to all employees and student PCs, we had it on PC our service for the past year and have had no problems with Flash Player and Youtube.

    However, a guardian has reported that when they go to YouTube and select a video, it buffers, play a second or two and headed then towards "an error has occurred, please try again later."

    If we disable Shockwave Flash Object it redirects to the HTML5 Web site and which works very well.


    OS: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

    CPU: Various (Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel i5, Intel Xeon E5

    RAM: 2-4 GB DDR2, 4 GB DDR3,

    Browser: IE10, Mozilla Firefox v19 and v24

    Adobe Flash Player ActiveX: v11.8.800.175

    Adobe Flash Player plugin: v11.8.800.168


    • Tried completely uninstalling Adobe Flash Player, restart the PC, install Adobe Flash Player
    • Tried Adobe Flash Player version beta
    • Tried to disable hardware acceleration
    • Uninstalled IE10, tried on IE8, same problem
    • Tried to delete all the computer and user policies
    • Checked if it was a question VLAN, but happens on 10.32.x.x (student) and 10.64.x.x (staff)
    • Tried same question on IE9
    • Scroll along the search bar at the bottom shows all the stills is fine.
    • Enable ActiveX filtering solves the problem, but it's just because he goes to HTML5 too.

    Any help is appreciated


    We have just recently at the bottom of a problem even incompatible by which we got the message "an error has occurred, Please Try Again Later". It was only a problem in Internet Explorer, and it turned to be that you should now have speakers/headphones plugged and recognized by Windows 7 to play a Youtube video. Given what you have said, is perhaps the cause of your problem?

  • No matter which web page opening causes crashes and several scripts does not

    Once I open firefox, it hangs on nearly every Web page. After a few minutes, a script error does not appear. The shutdown script does nothing most of the time. Most often, one to ten more script errors does not answer will appear. I tried reset firefox and firefox running in safe mode, neither of which has helped the problem.

    I had this problem recently, after Windows updates on all sites that use Flash. It is many, many sites...

    It is a standard orientation which addresses the most common issues with Flash. I'm sure you've seen some of it before, but just in case:

    (1) make sure that all recorders/downloaders who interact with the Flash media are as up-to-date as possible, or turn them off.

    (2) disable graphics hardware acceleration in Firefox and Flash

    (A) in Firefox, see the post above

    (B) in Flash, see this article from Adobe technical support: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/video-playback-issues.html#main_Solve_video_playback_issues

    (3) turn off protected mode (Windows Vista/7/8)

    See this article from Adobe support under the heading of 'Last resort': Adobe Forums: how to fix protected Flash Player for Firefox mode?

  • Satellite A30 - electric light flashes and the battery does not charge

    Hi guys,.

    I have the model above and recently, when I plug in my power cord to the back of the laptop instead of the usual constant green light loading, the indicator flashes and the light orange low battery always flashes as well.

    I have checked the plug, unplugged the power cord from the laptop and plugged back again but does not help. A few times it started loading so everything went well and now he again refuses to load.

    Any suggestions how I can solve this will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Looks like a hardware problem

    Usually if the power light blinks then it does not sound good because the LED provides an error code which can be read by a technician for laptop

    But before you will contact the technician for laptop for help, try to do it:
    Remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter from the portable computer
    Wait about 20-30 minutes and then reconnect the two parts.

    Then try to turn on the laptop

    If it doesn t help that it s time for the call of the ASP

  • Pdf forms can always send the xml data (even if the pdf does not extend)?


    My problem is the following. I have Acrobat Professional license, so I can create pdf forms.

    I added a shipment through the mail button to my form and sent to the end user, who had only the acrobat reader software. He was able to complete the form and send its data via the e-mail button, and I got an xml with the data file.

    Because I had not extended the document, I suppose it's always possible, so I can always receive the xml data in completed forms, I can't?

    Then also extended the professional Acrobat document (Tools-> enable usage rights in Adobe Reader), because I need the final customer, be able to save the form. Now, I just sent this document extended by mail (do not use the tool Distribuite form in Acrobat), the user has clicked the button and again once I received my xml.

    Now, I want to back my document to a maximum of 500 customers, I have no limitation?

    I quote acrobat licenze agreement:

    14.13.3 for any unique Document extended, you may only either (a) deploy this Document extended to an unlimited number of recipients unique but shall not extract information from more than five hundred 500 unique of this extensive Document instances or any representation of a paper copy of this Document extended with fields of form [...]

    Since the function I described before (the xml data emailing) is granted even if the document is not extended, I think that this limitation does not apply to me. Am I wrong?

    The limitation applies instead if I use the function 'Distribuite form' (forms-> Distribuite forms...) in acrobat professional. If I use this feature for distribuite the form, an email is automatically sent by acrobat (and not manually by me, as before) and pdf dataset is created. When the end customer cliks button, a pdf file (and not an xml) with the data are sent to me. If I double click on acrobat fills the dataset that was created with the data. It is the extraction of information to which the license relates?

    This is my conclusion: a pdf form can still send data xml by the player, and if I Express with acrobat, the end-user can also record. The only restriction is to distribute the form using "Distribuite form", but if I use it not I have no limitation on the number of times where ever I can get xml data.

    Can anyone confirm that my conclusion is just?

    Thank you very much

    Giuseppe Romeo

    You can try the link "contact us".

  • Firefox does not meet password when the choice of multiple passwords stored for a Web site

    I don't understand, I seem to be the only one with this problem. I use Firefox on Android, and when I have several passwords stored for a website, the password does not automatically.
    Things work very well when I only have a password for this site: load Web site and the password appears automatically with the user name.
    When you have several passwords stored for a domain name, no password is filled, but you can choose between all the names of registered users. When I choose a user name, the password is not met.

    Expected behavior:
    I chose a user name to log in with the password appears on its own.
    Actual behavior:
    I chose a user name to log in with, but the saved password does not automatically, as if I chose a user name from a list of saved form data.

    Steps to reproduce:
    -Use Firefox for Android.
    -Save 2 different user names on a Web site like for example google.com.
    -Load the website.
    -Choose among 2 saved connections. -> Password is not displayed.

    I'm doing something wrong? Or is this a bug? I can't find anything online, that is why I am discovering here...

    Thanks for reading!

    I have two theories:

    1. If you use a master password and sync again, passwords will not be synchronized.
    2. What preferences on mobile you in settings > privacy > "password main user ' and 'Remember password' and what preferences on Office: menu Tools > Options > Security >"remember passwords for sites ".

    See also http://kb.mozillazine.org/User_name_and_password_not_remembere...

    You can try these https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/que.../976537#answer-497999 measures

  • Safari and Google Chrome does not open Web pages

    I have a macbook Air, about 1 year ago. On safari and chrome are the only sites that will open: apple (like this forum) Web sites, netflix, youtube and gmail. I can look for other sites, but when I click on the link, the following message appears like this-(for example on weather.com):

    Www.weather.com page does not work

    www.Weather.com has not sent any data.


    So, the Web site of cnn, another example, looks like this:

    Does not the www.cnn.com page

    www.CNN.com has not sent any data.


    Of course, I don't know what happened, any help greatly appreciated.

    You can follow the article: If Safari does not load a page or Web page elements are missing - Apple Support

  • down loaded more recent firefox and now it does not connect to the web.

    Just did the new down load and restarting the Fire Fox cannot connect to the web.
    No problem before this new version.
    IE works fine. Chrome works very well.
    Only fire fox does not.

    You get this error message.

    See also article Firefox cannot load websites, but can other browsers .

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    Two days ago, my iMac 2013 end ceased to recognize the external CD/DVD drive I have been connected to it for more than 12 months. Put just the blank disc in the drive resulted in a lot of rumbling and resonate but nothing appear on the screen. Tried

  • "ok, cancel, help to" buttons missing on the page options. A change to v38.01?

    Hello and thank you I only have a button at the bottom of the page options, in categories like security or advanced etc. Once the three, ok, cancel and help. Now just one with a '? ' in this regard. Is it a simple change in v.38? Just hoping I don't

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