Flash Player 10.2 does not work with my Win 7

I have problems with flash player and windows 7 (32 bit). Since the last update (version 10.2), simply stoped working here. I tried several types of approaches to correct, but so far nothing. I can not watch videos on internet, to always have a green screen and then crashing and is happening with opera, firefox, chrome... I tried to install an older version (, but does not work as well, and what's weird, before the upgrade, it worked!

I installed windows 7 again, but does not work with the new version again. I did a test: use the version, almost everything works, except a few Web sites that require the latest version (NHL Centre ice, for example). I don't know what's going on and don't have any ideas how to fix, so if someone could help, I would be grateful.

'Green screen' often indicates problems with hardware acceleration; have you tried to disable it (Flash Player settings)?

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  • FLASH PLAYER 10.1 does not work on my 32-bit browser

    the latest version of FLASH PLAYER 10.1 would not work on my 32-bit FIREFOX browser.  So I installed flash player on a 32-bit VERSION of internet explore. It worked fine for a few days until that ADOBE asked me if I wanted to update my player.      NOW IT DOES NOT WORK!      NOW HE FACT OF SAME "GREEN FLASHING SCREEN WHITE" HER WORK ON MY FIREFOX BROWSER!    WHAT GIVES?

    Hi, it would probably be best to have your own thread, but to save you the trouble of typing whole, I'll see what I can do. I have not checked for a few days to see if Mozilla Firefox updated the browser since 6/26. It is 3.6.6. The 3.6.4 was created by design by Firefox Flash Player crash on purpose in order to not crash the browser Firefox together. Then a lot of complaints from users of Farmville and other brought up-to-date 3.6.6 so to extend the timeout and give more time for them to load before crashing.

    Now the 10.1 has the hardware acceleration feature that is enabled by default. Many users find that turning it off has helped. In addition, it is recommended to update the graphics and the latest video drivers. These three things helped in the use of the 10.1, because there is no other issue.

    To disable hardware acceleration, just go on youtube (videos load faster it I'm told), right-click on the video as soon as it starts and you should see a display setting that turns off.

    Hope this helps.--

    Thank you


  • Someone help me please!, IE8 and Flashplayer. I loaded the version beta of Flashplayer, they said, would be to make it work, but I keep getting invited to load Flash Player. It does not work. Can I go back to IE7 and load the regular Flashplayer and remov

    I am running Vista Home premium, IE8, the latest version and after what Adobe says since I have problems with Flash Player. According to them, is not compatible with IE8, so they came out with this beta. It does not work! I am always prompted to load Flash Player for windows! Can I go back to IE7 and delete the others and the version beta and regular old flashplayer? Please help, that's all what I do perform, even Facebook is messed up because it requires flashplayer. But it seems that Windows does not recognize the flash drive I have loaded in beta. Does anyone know where I come from? I can also be reached at * address email is removed from the privacy *.

    Thank you very much!


    How to uninstall or remove Internet Explorer 8?


    Try this:


    Uninstall Flash by using the uninstall program Flash Adobe link above.

    Flash is sometimes corrupted.


    Reinstall Flash, after 1st unchecking / uncheck the toolbar Google download option there.

    All other questions: Contact Adobe.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Flash player for mac does not work?

    I tried to update flash player several times for games on pogo, that looks like it works on my end, but when I go to pogo to play games, it is said that I have to update? I tried to fix it with the help page his does not work?

    Apple has changed the default behavior of plugin Safari 10 (disabled by default).  Please make sure that Flash Player is enabled in the browser, Activate Adobe Flash Player for Safari

  • Flash Player 10.3 does not work


    I just got an iMac "nine" with OS 10.6.7 and installed Flash Player 10.3 which does not work properly. I can see videos from Youtube and I can still watch the video on the page with the CS 5.5. on the. But for example I can't watch any video from the Adobe TV page. Any ideas what is going wrong?



    PS: Yes, I restarted my mac already after the installation of Flash Player.

    Hi brimi, click-to-flash may be the problem. This info comes from a very nice user who has had this problem and here's what he found. I'll make sure that you have click-to-flash completely uninstalled first.

    If you have modules for Safari blocking Flash or turn off Flash on websites you visit then this is probably the problem. It's not always obvious as the 'Flash' Mat grey appear normally when the Flash is prevented from automatic loading is unable to draw on the screen.

    I used the module 'Click-to-Flash' Safari, but it has been disabled; nothing less he still prevented flash Adobe TV loading but other sites have worked perfectly.

    If you want to continue using the click-to-Flash, I advise to use the version of Safari Extension which can be installed from the official 'Gallery of Extensions Safari"Apple Open Safari and click on the Safari menu, it is the second element of the name above.

    Œuvres TV Adobe very well using the Safari Extension installed, so you can have the best of both worlds. When the Adobe TV site loads Flash video does not automatically load, you need to click the gray box that is engraved with the word 'Flash' to start loading the video.

    I hope this clears to confound those I've been watching television content Adobe.

    I would like to know if it works for you.

    Thank you


  • completed the download of Adobe Flash Player 11, but does not work

    I have downloadred flashplayer 11 to the point where it says that it is comprehensive, but it does not work because it wants me to download it again when I want to use it.  While downloading, he asks me to sutdown internet explore what I do and he tells them that it is complete.  What do I do?

    Assuming you're using Internet Explorer 9, try the procedure described in this FAQ:

    Allowing Flash Player in Internet Explorer 9

  • I've upgraded to Flash Player and it does not work it tells me to reloadhave to keep redowloading

    It s telling me load flash player over and over again and it still does not work

    To help us to understand your problem quickly, please follow these guidelines when posting:

    • Specify your operating system (including 32-bit or 64-bit edition)
    • Specify your browser and its version (including 32-bit or 64-bit edition)
    • Specify your version of Flash Player
    • Give us a brief explanation of the problem, please include any information that you consider to be important
  • updated flash player and still does not work.

    Recently, my games on Facebook and Youtube stopped working and prompted me to update my flash player.

    He included the link to Adobe, like all the sites who need.

    So, I did. It says successful installation, but it does not work.   When I check to see if any version, I see the Red Cross.  Help, please.

    I use Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 3

    I.e. 8 32-bit.

    P.S. I use Firefox and Chrome, but I don't like the quality of how Flash Player works on them.

    Hi, I see the other thread that you comment that the Kill bit is your problem. Glad that worked for you :-)

    Reference thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/829621?tstart=0

    If you, please mark this thread as answered even tho your solution was not from here.

    Thank you


  • Media player shortcuts keyboard does not work with Windows Media Player 11


    I upgraded my version of player 10 or windows media 11. Now my keys does not work. I was wondering if there is a way to solve this problem.


    Do you mean the command buttons from Toshiba which control the WMP function such as play, pause, stop, etc.
    On some Toshiba laptops, Toshiba command buttons can be configured manually.
    Please check in the control-> Toshiba Panel controls.

    If you won't be successful I recommend reinstalling the Toshiba utility again

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.3 does not work on my computer - HP with windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit and Internet Explorer 9.0 32-bit

    When I load Adobe Flash Player 10.3 he says he has successfully installed, but if you go in Panel, programs and features, it shows Adobe Flash Player 10 Active x, the date of installation, but the size of the file is empty. Also in the internet Options tag program, manage add-ons, as it does not appear. I removed Adobe Flash player and tried to download again - same results.

    • What were the changes made before the show?
    • How long have you been faced with this problem?
    You can check this link:
  • Flash Player installs but does not work

    I've recently upgraded to Flash 11.6.602.171. I am running Windows 7 x 64 and IE 10 (32-bit edition). Installation said successefully Flash installed, but embedded Flash content does not appear on the web pages. All I see is a blank section where should appear the flash content. Still works fine before, it started just after an upgrade to the latest version. Shockwave Flash object is enabled in Internet Explorer. Go to Flash in my control panel shows that the latest version activex controls are installed. Here's what I've tried;

    • Through all installation and uninstall procedures set out on the Adobe web site. No differerence.
    • I uninstalled Flash and checked that it is uninstalled as described on the web page of Adobe Version 'find' according to the
    • Reinstall Flash and it says "Flash installed successfully."
    • Go to the page to find the Version and the Flash object is not displayed. When the page is loaded a gray area appears, then disappears, and no flash object shows. Do right click makes up the menu of the flash objects and I can access the Flash drive configuration manager, but can not display flash content.
    • I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and get the same results.
    • Videos YouTube work fine. Only embedded objects do not work.

    Another thing I noticed is that Silverlight video does not show as well. Move the mouse around section of the white screen where video Silverlight should be, the mouse pointer changes to the finger and I click, playback of video with audio but no video. I also noticed that aero live preview on my taskbar now shows white screens with icons instead of a real overview of the windows. I think this may be a video display problem, but have no idea as to how to proceed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Issue is resolved for now. By reading another post, I came across this;


    I posted my find there. The bottom line is by uninstalling Windows update kb2670838, all my problems disappeared. Feel like lately I spend hours and hours the weekend to try to resolve the problems as Microsoft Updates create the Wednesday and Thursday of the previous week. Thank you Microsoft!


  • Flash Player 10.1 does not work in Firefox, works in Internet Explorer

    I use firefox, but every time I go to watch a video, I get this error message: video currently unavailable.

    I tried to use IE and downloaded the flash player and I can watch the videos in Internet Explorer, however, I use FF.

    Can anyone help? I tried all the suggestions on this forum and reinstalled Flash player repeatedly. I have run windows

    Vista Basic on a 32-bit.

    Thank you for your time,

    Hi, did you mean you installed FF 3.6.3? The 3.6.4 had problems with FP10.1 and it's one of the reasons FF updated their browser to 3.6.6 but it has problems as well. If some users have been going back to FF vs 3.6.3 and it worked well.

    If you do not have these problems with Flash Player, then you can consider 10.1 uninstall and installation of the previous version. Either that or installation of Safari and see if that helps. I think just to install the browser Safari would be much less of a problem since you have all Flash files for her. You wouldn't need to worry about Flash Player.

    Since you do not have Java and can not need, however you don't have the Javascript Language. You want to make sure you have that?

    Let me know.

    Thank you


  • Flash does not. I downloaded the new version of Flash. However, it does not work with Firefox. We continue to request to download the new version of Flash. I have no problem with IE, Chrome or Safari. What should do?

    On several occasions, I have installed the new Flash Player. However, when the use of Firefox continues to ask Web sites (e.g. maps.google.com, etc.) to download the new Flash Player. I did so completely and repeatedly and restarted.

    I don't have this problem with other browsers.

    There are 2 versions of Adobe Flash; an ActiveX version for IE only and a plug-in version for most of the other browsers like Firefox. On a Windows system, you must always update both individually. You don't have the Plugin version installed for Firefox, if you did, you will see "Shockwave Flash" in the Add-ons > Plugins.

    1. With Firefox, click the direct download link below and SAVE the download on your desktop, so you can find it later: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player.exe
    2. When the download is complete, close Firefox (file > button OR exit Firefox > exit)
    3. Click or double-click the file that you just saved on your desktop
      • In the install window that appears, select the check box to the left of "I read and...» "to place a check mark in the box of
      • The button 'Install' in the lower right corner is now highlighted, click it.
      • Installation is quick.
    4. Launch Firefox and test your installation here: https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
    5. ActiveX for IE onlydirect link version: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_ax.exe

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

  • Flash player 10.2 does not work

    I have instaslled and uninstalled flash player from adobe .com three times and when I go to the game site it tells me I need to down load flash player. I turned off my avg and malware when you perform the installation. I get a message saying win32 activex cannot be found. How can I solve this problem?

    I would try Adobe forum for Adobe related questions:

    http://www.Adobe.com/sea/support/forums/ For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Vista Business - > Win 7 Home Premium upgrade does not work with my Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade disc

    I bought a Windows 7 upgrade for $99 at Dell when I bought a new computer Win 7 and am finally getting around to upgrading my Vista Business.  The reason for road upgrading rather than clean install was to avoid reinstalling all applications, a major, major time sink, even if I find all the drives in application.  Is the upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium.

    After starting the upgrade, he stopped, telling me that I can only switch to Win 7 Pro, Ultimate or enterprise. For the upgrade to proceed, told me that he needed a clean installation and that I would then have to re - install all the applications.  I looked on the Microsoft site, trying to find how to set my Windows 7 Pro upgrade disc, but I have been unable to find how this could be done after through many convolutions of web pages.

    Could someone tell me please how to put my Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade disk to a Windows 7 Pro upgrade disc?

    Thank you very kindly for any response.

    I guess it depends on what side of the coin of your on. If someone bought the Windows 7 Pro upgrade, whereas they would have only a single lane of evolution, which is the more common scenario.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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