Flash player does not work in chrome how to fix?

Flash player does not work in chrome.

I reinstalled chrome and I selected the flash option can still execute follow this guide Enable Flash Player for Chrome

It still does not. I can watch youtube videos, but not to contract if that helps

It's the PC I use Core i7 - 6850 K 3.6 GHz 6-Core, GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB GAMING X 8 G, Saved... paragraph set S ATX Mid Tower - my first PC - zautos

I use the windows 10 education

How to operate?

@gregk13186206 ,.

Thanks for posting this screenshot.  Very useful.  Yes, indeed the pepflashplayer.dll file should be here.  It is the presence of chromium in the Flash Player file. Please, try the following:

  • delete the directory
  • launch chrome and go to Flash content
  • it download and install Flash Player, in the same directory of Data\PepperFlash of ~\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User?

Note: AppData is a hidden directory, if you do not see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14201/windows-show-hidden-files to view the hidden files/folders.

We have this magnitude within Google and your screenshot will be very useful.  I'll transfer it to them.



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    Before a reinstall of Vista, I use Adobe flash player.  Now, after having to reinstall Vista, Adobe flash player does not work. Can I get the videos to play?


    1. try to watch videos online are you using Internet Explorer?

    2. How do you reinstall Windows Vista on your computer?

    3. what happens when you watch her watch flash videos?

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    To work on the issue, refer to these methods.

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    See section provided below for instructions on troubleshooting.

    Troubleshoot Flash Player installation | Windows


    Note: The third-party products or services mentioned here are manufactured or provided by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • Re: What can I do if Flash player does not work?  Flash player work on Mac?

    March 1, 2015

    I'll just update that I can't really do anything else. I found several other unanswered questions like mine. I found an answer that mentions that it can be the video card in place, so I'll post a screenshot of my information.

    Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 8.45.02 PM.png

    Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 8.44.55 PM.png

    March 1, 2015

    I posted this question 25 and have not yet received response. Because of this problem of crash, I can't do anything on my computer apart from solitaire game and hang out Adobe communities looking for an answer. I found several issues like mine (Mac, firefox, flash player constantly crashing) who have no answers either, and I'm getting upset. I've been floating around Mozilla and Apple Help sections, and there is no answer there either. How can I get an answer? Or is there just no fix for this problem and Flash player does not work on mac more? Y at - it another program that I can use instead of Flash player? I like a lot to an answer, the answer, or anything cause I've stuck here until then. Thank you for you time.

    Here are several reports of incidents:




















    February 25, 2015

    What can I do if Flash Player does not work?

    MacBook Pro 10.6.8

    36.0 Firefox without plugins

    Adobe Flash Player


    Since last week, Adobe Flash Player did not work on my computer at all. I can't watch videos and a webpage using Flash for accidents of ads.  I tried to use Adblock, thinking at first that the ads were the problem because they froze my computer in the past. There is nothing, so I went through the guide for Flash on the Mozilla Web site problems.  I removed all plugins, disabled acceleration hardware and even uninstalled Firefox and Flash player, then the reinstalled again. Still, it crashes and I don't know what to do anymore.   Is there something that can be done? Thank you for your time.

    Incident reports are:

    EED4D9C6-DF7A-4541-B9BE-D9F85B545DF6.dmp, this one is the most recent.




    5DB17FD7-F568-4E15 - 8 D 31 2E7C38C8BB2D.dmp



    05DD72E2-D111 - 49 3 - 93D 2 - 902567F21D8A.dmp






    CB635126 - 64 c 4-4219-89 C 9 - 196EEEB34877.dmp

    213A8C2C - 4 d 11-447C-90E9 - B9E9831CA46B.dmp


    F7F307FC - 2-4E23-8319 - A0AD4DEA847B.dmp 12D



    351A53BA-251 b-4EC2-8DF4 - B442565DB95D.dmp





    19DD0479-258 a - 41 0-9621 - 1D643F2F39A3.dmp







    Bug 3947102

    Thank you very much for the help. It seems silly to lead people on the forums if it is not guaranteed help.  I have here a telephone number or an email address instead?

  • help please former flash player does not work on the game apps

    Adobe Flash Player does not work how to fix it

    depends on the problem and if you use a browser plugin (and browser) or a stand-alone.

    but it is generally useful to:

    uninstall, http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-windows.html

    can manually download and install, http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html

  • Adobe Flash Player does not work for 64-bit browser

    If Adobe Flash Player does not work for a 64-bit browser, they should stop the company, because if it doesn't work why bother to use it, I'm good?

    1. use a 32-bit browser
    2 install 64-bit of beta from labs.adobe.com
    3 wait for the release of the 64-bit version of Adobe

    'Maryam Ziad' wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    If Adobe Flash Player does not work for a 64-bit browser, they should stop the company, because if it doesn't work why bother to use it, I'm good?

  • Flash Player does not work on any browser in Windows 8

    Flash Player does not on internet explorer, chrome or firefox...

    I tried several treatments that I found in this area and other forums as not activex filtering, changing the internet options, clear browser data, saved flash data, deleting uninstall flash, re - install flash...

    Uninstall browser, reinstall, uninstall the antivirus, re-installed, installed another, disabiling, nothing works.

    When you access a site using flash, such as youtube, all browsers shows the control but not the video, then crashes and displays a message effic that flash is not meet and sometimes say that a script is unresponsive, either...

    Hello, I did something else at the end and it worked after the reboot, I installed all the updates that are available for windows 8, recommended and proposed, I didn't have the chance to try animations, flash works now, unfortunately I don't know exactly how it was fixed.

  • Adobe Flash Player does not work

    I have down loaded many times flash player and adobe says it is now running, but it does not work. It does not appear in all programs, but if I remove programs it is there.   My printer is connected wireless and prints fine, when I try to scan the printer and the computer says that the other is not there.

    Flash Player is a web browser instead of a standalone application, so it is not supposed to appear in all programs. To check that it is correctly installed:

    -Go to Start-> Control Panel-> programs and features and check that it is registered.

    -Open Internet Explorer and go to Manage Add-ons , select all add-ons from the drop-down list on the left, and then select toolbars and Extensions and check that you have Shockwave object shown at right and that it is enabled.

    -Go to a Web site that uses Flash Player (like YouTube) and verify that you can watch videos, etc.

    How your last comment regarding your printer/scanner related to Flash Player does not?

  • Adobe Flash Player does not work in Win 10

    I installed Windows 10 at the end of July and immediately noticed that I couldn't see all the videos and Adobe Flash Player does not seem to work, but the noise was present.  The video screen was a series of green lines and nothing visible.  I tried 10 IE and Mozilla Firefox, and neither wouldn't work.  I couldn't get any help from Microsoft, and on the community positions, is not any problem similar to mine.  Finally back to Win 7 Professional (easy to do) and no problems at all with the videos.  Ongoing MS do pop - ups ' "remind me to install Win 10, but until I think they corrected this problem, or at least acknowledged, I'll stick with Win 7.

    In previous versions of windows, the adobe 'hardware acceleration' caused green screens often, try to change that if you can Flash W10.

    See - https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1927939?start=0&tstart=0 and follow up on the link for details and other things to test. Don't know which applies directly to W10 however, but it can at least give a few pointers.

  • Flash player does not work in Window 7 64 bit IE9.

    Since I upgraded my IE8 to IE9, flash player has not worked. For example, white screen will appear in the box of flash player. Therefore, I did some research to try to solve this problem of re - install the reader flash from adobe and re - install IE. I tried all solutions through forums, but still no luck. What I have to wait for a update 10.3 or there is a possible solution for this?

    Hi beenzino, it's good to hear. When the uninstaller sometimes that happens that an old file is left behind. Every time that happens that's why I love having a clean uninstall and you did this by checking to make sure before you run the installation program.

    Thanks for posting back :-)

    Be sure to mark your thread as answered when you have time.


  • MSG for error ProgramFiles\SearchExtensions\Client.exe & Avira does not update & Adobe Flash Player does not work

    Hello.  My computer is running XP.  My cpu is Intel Core 2 Duo processor.  Sometimes I use Firefox and Chrome.

    At startup, there is always a prompt that shows "C:\Program Extensions\Client.exe Search make sure that you type the word correctly and try again".  With it, there is a white rectangular black box with label on top "C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe.  With her, I also noticed my antivirus Avira will be not updated.  It says "Your PC does not work properly", and when I click on "Difficult problem", it says "error" and does not always update.  And with her also, I can't update Adobe Flash Player.  It downloads, and then when I click "Run", he always says 'error' could not retrieve the data it needs.

    I tried to uninstall and install new Avira, and it's always the same problem.  I am also afraid that I can't watch my favorite videos from YT because it requires an update to Adobe Flash Player.

    I searched the internet for problems Client.exe and svchost.exe, and in one of the answers with Client.exe and taskeng.exe problems microsoft, I tried to follow somehow solutions step by step.  They require that you are looking for a task scheduler or folder tasks and I discovered my computer is not all that.  Any Scheduler task and in System32, no task folder.  Because you need to search for files with "rocket" in there and delete it.  Others find it useful.  I don't know if this is the case even with my computer.

    I also try to do a system restore.  He has yet to eliminate the prompt error Client.exe and svchost.exe.  After I did, there is a message box that says "Avira CCPLG. XML file is missing.  I searched the internet, but nowhere, you can download this missing file.

    I hope that my computer has no need of a reformat.  I hate reformatting.  Also, what is ADWCleaner?  Is it advisable?

    Help.  I need "simple" solutions  If you have any other questions regarding this problem, please bear with me, because I'm not a techie.  Hope that everyone out there can help me.

    Thank you.

    Oh Yes...

    Looking at a different Google search results, in addition to deleting "rocket"-oriented tasks, they mention using Autoruns to delete any "rocket" focused on the startup items that you may have:


    It is a good idea and you can get Autoruns here:


    Autoruns is the program Windows msconfig on steroids.

    Just download it, unzip it in our office or somewhere you can find it, run Autoruns.exe, enlarge the window, you can see everything and wait until it finishes populating the list of entries.

    When the Autoruns is finished scanning your system, it will say "Ready" in the lower left corner.  Autoruns can be a little intimidating to first if you have never seen it before because it displays a lot of information.  You are really interested only a few sections.

    Look at everything and log tabs and you can also see your scheduled tasks.  You can also click on the "Find" button (looks like binoculars) and looking for something to do with the 'rocket', and delete them. "."

    The items that appear in a color shrimpy came not "signed" with third party programs, that you have installed, and are not usually a problem.  The manufacturer just didn't "sign" their files properly.

    The items that appear in a yellow color are the entries that point to a file, the path, the place that doesn't exist so that they are a bit suspicious because they probably don't make sense more.  I usually just delete those yellow, but sometimes they come back.

    Autoruns does not install anything on your system - it just runs on request, so you can keep around or remove it when you're done (nothing to uninstall).

  • Flash player does not work on my Win 7 Desktop

    Words cannot express how disgusted I am, so here are the facts: Flash not working not not on Win 7 Desktop, (even if he is responsible for thought, release 19). It does not work on my laptop Win once I disabled Active X I read everything (I think) to try to get help.  Turn Active X, Java Update, turn off my virus and internet security (AVG) - same read it was a problem.  But, this isn't a problem on my laptop win 7.   Also, I rebooted whenever I make a change.  I'm pretty smart tech.  I uninstalled (even with the Revo) and re-installed.  Is there anything else to try to get this to work or should I give up and say to all Adobe Flash is so inconsistent and I have no answers.  I am president of a computer club and in main development in Florida.  I talk to many old people and everybody is so frustrated with Adobe Flash player.  It really gives YOU a bad reputation.  And it's sad - because senior really want to have a good experience on the computer - but, as you make it impossible.     If anyone has any suggestions, other than what I tried - please help.

    Have you tried the following Adobe Web site? Descend to the bottom where it says, always "of problems?" and click on the link for your browser.

    Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows

    If it works on the Web site a favorite or bookmark.

  • Flash player does not work in ie 11

    Manage Add-ons in 11 shows shockwave flash player on ie, but it does not work, why not?

    When I google "find the version of flash player", Adobe site says your Version of the Flash Player: is not installed, your browser name: Gecko, your operating system: Windows 7

    I downloaded and installed (and uninstalled) Adobe Flash Player 11 several times, unable to enforce.  What gives?

    It works well in Google Chrome, an integral part of

    Internet Explorer 11 seems problem... Please HELP

    Unlike many users of problems with Flash Player on IE11, I have no problem running it.

    Issues related to the:

    • the add-in to Shockwave Flash object is activated?
    • is disabled ActiveX filtering?
  • Flash player does not work

    Hi support them.

    The problem I have is flash player will not play Channel 4 TV, ITV, Facebook games, live or on demand, TV etc. The drive flash just turns and turns and a few other laps

    I am running Debian Linux 8. Firefox version 42.0. When I check if works on the site of Adobe flash player, the plugin works, but I have that Flash Player is outdated (11,2,202,548) can you please help?

    Kind regards

    The only other option for Linux users who want to use a newer version of Flash in Firefox and SeaMonkey is to use a plugin wrapper freshplayer to use the pepper Flash which uses Chrome/chrome.

    Not sure if Debian now in one of its depots.

    Edit: wrapper and not warapper

  • On our 32-bit Vista, adobe flash player does not work when downloading

    We also have a 32-bit windows vista computer, and when we try to use a program that requires adobe flash player, it says to download, show programs it is downloaded and whenever we download, it appears, but does not work. What should we do, thank you


    This can help you:

    Download and run the Flash Player uninstaller program.


    Then download and reinstall Flash Player; After unchecking the option Google toolbar:


    If the problem persists, you may want to ask in the Forums of community Flash Player:


    See you soon.

  • More recent Verision of Flash Player does not work

    Latest version Flash Player want to work, what can I do?


    Check with Support Adobe and their forums.

    Adobe - Support

    Adobe - communities

    Adobe - Forums


    How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control - download utility uninstall

    Troubleshoot Flash Player installation | Windows


    Download Revo Uninstaller - free Version - and use it to uninstall Flash


    Now try Flash:

    Download Flash Player (do not install the Google toolbar unless you really want to).



    Test of Shockwave and Flash players



    If there are still problems when running Flash Player:

    Troubleshooting drive stabiility and performance

    Flash Player Support Forums<-- more="" knowledgeable="" flash="" player="" help="" available="">

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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