Flash player is not installed properly

I have windows 7 home

I have ie 8.0.7600.16385

I have installed McAfee

I closed all programs, uninstalled (with the adobe uninstaller) disabled mcafee + firewall, restarted x 2, installed, rebooted and nothing...

My internet security settings and trusted site settings are both set in the Middle

There is no evidence for adobe flash player when I go to tools/manage add-ons/all

I do not have a c:\windows\system32\macromed folder in my system32 folder?

I was recently infected with the virus both avg looking.  Removed McAfee.  Flash player worked well before this and stopped working some time after the incident.

I don't know what the issue is here.  Can someone please.

Thank you.


Hi, I read your latest messages and when though seems inactive, just disable it if you can anyway. Good idea on the 'never' :-)

First download and SAVE FP uninstaller on your desktop:


Next move the archived site http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html download the Flash Player 9.0.280 21.8 MB on your desktop. It is a zip file.

Search and extract: Internet Explorer flashplayer9r280_winax.exe and place it on your desktop.  (1.46 MB)
Download the FP for IE Installer and SAVE to your desktop:(latest version)

Once you have on your desk, using the administrator account, you CLOSE all browser windows.
Disable McAfee
Look in your tray (area near the clock) system for instant messengers, yahoo, aol, etc and turn them off.
Your computer, run the program uninstall and when it's finished, Reboot (restart).
Check and make sure that McAfee is always disabled.
Run the Setup from vs 9 and when you're done, restart your computer
Test your browser here and you should be able to see the Flash animation (spin) logo and the Flash Player version must be listed.
http://www.Adobe.com/software/Flash/about/ Must vs 9
Now, you run the program to uninstall again to uninstall vs 9, when finished, restart your computer
Check and make sure that McAfee is always disabled.
Run Setup vs and when you're done, restart your computer.
Then test your browser and you should have now installed vs. If you can see the logo Flash animation (spin), then you have probably Shockwave Flash Object in IE addons, so check that.
You may want to print these directions to make it easier to follow.

Read these and let me know. I'm back on the forum now.


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    trying to get Adobe Flash Player to work properly... tried to uninstall my current version (do not uninstall correctly) so that I can download a n install a newer version... but uninstall seems to do nothing and Flash Player does not work properly

    trying to get Adobe Flash Player to work properly... tried to uninstall my current version (do not uninstall correctly) so that I can download a n install a newer version... but uninstall seems to do nothing and Flash Player does not work properly

    Hey JodyTolbert

    Download and run the flash uninstall program in the link below, then download flash directly from adobe to the second link here


    Uncheck the toolbar google in link below before you download flash


    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • Flash player will not install white Installer, full download? tool remove flash?

    Untitled.pngWindows 7 64-bit, Firefox, Explorer, Chrome

    For a long time flash player will not install (updates for upgrades).

    If I go to the home page that I can download the 1 MB file then open it and the installation box opens but never does nothing and is all black except for the top bar. I can not even close. I have to 'end task' it. I has been underway for a year or two.  I usually find a link to the version of the full installer, but don't find it anymore.

    Is there a tool to remove all the remains of Adobe flash player?

    Link to the full installer version of the player?

    I tried to uninstall all versions, but still the same problem

    Thank you

    Wow, I saw a post from m_vargas (personal Adobe): this is a known problem, so obviously there is a problem that nobody knows how to solve. Fix Adobe is use use only Chrome or installer - reinstall your operating system the offline. Great job Adobe.

  • Says that Flash Player is not installed

    I installed the latest version of flash player several times and it keeps telling me that flash player is not installed.  I went through all of the troubleshooting and I can't understand why this is happening.  Is happening here?

    What you see is the result of this:

    "User-Agent Strings.

    Doesn't mean a lot, I'm sure, but it is the root of your problems, and Flash Player has nothing to do with it.

    Microsoft 'rewritten' User-Agent strings for the abomination they call their latest and greatest browser (learn more).

    User Agent strings are what sites Web allows to identify the browser you use and provides content for its browser engine, as ActiveX stuff and video Flash or HTML5.

    Thanks to geniuses in Redmond, WA, strings of User-Agent for IE11 (which has a Trident engine), ID like "Gecko" (Firefox) or "Webkit" (Chrome).

    The problem is: when the site dictates the content of one of these two engines, the engine Trident in Internet Explorer cannot interpret this site then sees IE as a browser 'unidentified '.

    The problem with a browser not identified is that plug-ins in this browser are not recognized either, so even if you are up-to-date, he said: you need the latest version of Flash Player when you use IE11.

    YouTube... has converted to HTML5 video, so if it doesn't detect Flash Player, it can display HTML5 video (MP4) which requires no plug-in to play.

    Facebook cannot do, because HTML5 does not apply to... video games only.

    Microsoft does not plan to "fix" the mess that they created because they think it's a good idea to block you on Web sites that visit you.

    They recommend using 'compatibility view' and pretend that you are using an older version of IE...

    The problem with THIS is that it has had limited success, and you must enable it for EVERY page that has problems... individually.

    I'm not big on "pretend" so I recommend you to use another browser.

    Firefox (from Mozilla)

    Opera (from opera)

    Safari (from Apple)

    Chrome (from Google)

    NO one who will work where IE11 won't, with the Flash Player plug-in (for all other browsers), and chromium has not even need that, because he has his own plugin Flash Player built in.

  • Flash player will not install on Windows XP using Opera. Can you help me solve this problem?

    Flash player will not install on Windows XP using Opera. Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.149 has downloaded to my computer. Opera is the browser in use. Can you help me solve this problem?

    I have good news! I managed to install Adobe Flash Player 11 by going to my temporary download folder and remove Adobe Flash Player 11, I then downloaded it once more. This time it installed on my computer.

  • Adobe Flash Player is not installed in Firefox?

    Adobe Flash Player reaches 28% install and says it loses the internet connection. I try again and it immediately gives me the same message and it cancels the connection. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection! Any suggestions?

    After the download is complete and you launch the installer from Adobe, or even the small download fails?

    If the regular installer does not work, try the Installer "complete". It is available on this page:


    In the first table, find the row corresponding to "browser plugin", and you can use either the EXE or the MSI installer.

    To ensure that the old version is removed, please close the tabs that are using Flash, or quit Firefox, during the update.

  • Flash player is not installed


    I was using Internet Explorer 9 as my default browser. I downloaded Firefox and all imported via, but Adobe Flash Player is not on Firefox. It is required to manually install the plugin and when I click the icon, it does not install.

    Since I have already installed, how can flash player that works fine in IE, I solve this problem?

    Thank you.

    There are 2 versions of Adobe Flash; an ActiveX version for IE only and a plug-in version for most of the other browsers like Firefox. On a Windows system, you must always update both individually. You do not have the Plugin installed for Firefox version.

    1. With Firefox, click the direct download link below and SAVE the download on your desktop, so you can find it later: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player.exe
    2. When the download is complete, close Firefox (file > button OR exit Firefox > exit)
    3. Click or double-click the file that you just saved on your desktop
      • In the install window that appears, select the check box to the left of "I read and...» "to place a check mark in the box of
      • The button 'Install' in the lower right corner is now highlighted, click it.
      • Installation is quick.
    4. Launch Firefox and test your installation here: https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
    5. ActiveX for IE onlydirect link version: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_ax.exe

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

  • Adobe Flash Player will not install.

    I tried several times to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, but it WON'T install.  It downloads fine, but when you click on install, load the Adobe's Installation file (window), but that he was doing the lock of my computer.  Why?  I had 13. What is installed and it has worked well, but kept getting a message that I needed to update the flash player, but the computer will not be installed.  He installed the other updates very well, so what gives.  When you try to install, the window is displayed, but does not install and the computer crashes.  I DO not close the Explorer window and even updated my IE from 10 to 11.  Still will not install.

    Another problem I have is that the ANT downloader will not work either.  I click on it to download a file will not download YouTube downloader, but when you try to use it, it says that it is disabled.  Yet, when you go to "Manage Add on", and clicking it, it shows the Ant.com downloader is indeed enabled, but it will not work too.  They are linked, or do I have to have two separate problems?

    Uninstall Flash player and re-install the latest version of download and run the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller.

    Flash Player: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


    Troubleshoot Flash Player installation - Windows

    Troubleshooting of stability and performance


    Flash Player Support Forum

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • Unable to open Windows Media Player - Windows Media Player is not installed properly

    original title: Windows Media Player

    I have Windows 7, when you try to start Windows Media Player (which I have no problems in the past) I get the message: the file wmploc.dll has a version number of xxxx where xxxx was expected.  Windows Media Player is not installed correctly and must be reinstalled.  Wonder if I want to install the player from the Microsoft Web site?  But I don't see a download for version compatible with Windows 7.

    Click Start, type toggle windows feature tour

    Press enter

    Extend the functionality of media

    Uncheck Windows Media Player

    Click OK

    Restart when prompted

    Click Start, type toggle windows feature tour

    Press enter

    Extend the functionality of media

    Check Windows Media Player

    Click OK

    Restart when prompted

    Try to play again.

    If the problem persists:

    Click Start
    Type: CMD, according to the results, right-click CMD
    Click on "Run as Administrator"
    At the command prompt, type: sfc/scannow

    This will check for any breach of integrity

    Restart your system

  • Adobe Flash Player will not install on Vista

    I have Vista and for some reason that it won't let me download adobe flash player, no matter what I do. Nothing works. My computer says it's a security issue, but I don't know how to fix it.


    Troubleshoot installation of Flash Player for Windows


    Uninstall Flash by using the uninstall program Flash Adobe link above.

    Flash is sometimes corrupted.


    Reinstall Flash, after 1st unchecking / unchecking the Google Toolbar download option there.


    If the above does not solve it:

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.


    They will help you with your Flash question in Forum Internet Explorer above.

    They are specialists in IE it.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Flash player will not install can not watch videos

    I want to see the videos. Be it the latest new ones, music, whatever. Got this useless Vista & these are some messages I get when I TRY to watch a video:

    Yahoo says:

    Yahoo requires Macromedia Flash Player version 10: Action required
    Macromedia Flash Player needs to be updated / installed on your computer.

    YouTube says:

    Hello, you have disabled JavaScript or an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Download the latest version of the Flash player.

    Fine. I'm not dense. Go to the site. do as he says. NOTHING! Said that it has installed yada is... wrong! It won't work... said again & again, it is installed & is NOT! Stop, restart, remove and reload! Nothing! STILL no playback of videos. Ok. Call HP.  I am told that I have 32 bit op sys & 64-bit. I am told will work if I go to Internet Explorer via 32-bit. FAKE! Sometimes I can watch videos. Most of the time... no way! What is the one & only solution that will solve it & fix it right & why I see some but not all? I'm not called a tech in Mumbai yet either! Reading of a manual is no solution. My old clumsy slow piece of crap PC NEVER made me this in. ' ed! Freakin computer ' brand new that gave me pain early. Also had a printer problem. FINALLY got to be resolved!

    Thanks to everyone who cares to help. I'm really not bad. LOL just very annoyed!

    Computer model number would be useful.

    1. open computer.
    2. go in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\.
    3. scroll down and open the C:\windows\system32\macromed folder.
    4. open the Flash directory.
    5 click right FlashUtil9b.
    6. Select run as administrator.
    7. when the UAC prompt appears, select continue.
    8. follow the installer of Flash Player.

    If this does not in any 64-bit try 32-bit

  • Adobe Flash Player does not download properly and I have no idea why.

    I have Windows 7 64 bit and it's a laptop Windows HP Pavilion G6.

    I bought this laptop brand new 4 months ago.  Everything worked well, until about 2 weeks ago.  Then all of an error message would come so I couldn't watch videos on YouTube or elsewhere more... saying "update your flash player"... so I would like to download the latest version of Adobe... it looks "download completed", but I could not even watch videos.  I am looking for the program and it seems.  I would go back to the Adobe site and the version that is on your computer is supposed to fill inside this box, well nothing does ever meet for me.  But when I go to "Programs and features", it is there... I can remove it, but can't do anything else and have no idea why there is a problem or what it is... but I seriously spent hours trying to rectify the situation. I'm ptaying that someone has encountered the same situation, or knows how to fix this for me.


    Try the following.

    First, download the Flash uninstall utility on the link below and save it to your desktop.

    Flash Player Uninstaller.

    Once the download is complete, close all browser windows and start the program uninstaller.  Once done, restart the laptop.

    Then, download and install Firefox , then using Firefox, download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash. Note: You can deselect the option to include McAfee Security Scan Plus before download. 

    Close all browser windows before you run the installer of Flash.

    Start Firefox and see if the video play Ok in this browser - if they do, close Firefox, open Internet Explorer and click on the same link Adobe Flash above to get a command prompt to install the ActiveX component.  Once completed, restart Internet Explorer.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Flash Player is not installed on my pc


    I try to install flash player on windows PC 10.  Any process to install flash player? I can't work for it, I also need to work here at the end of the video.

    Thank you

    Hi CherieCord,

    Microsoft integrates Flash Player Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and updates are distributed by Microsoft via Windows Update, as such, is not a separate installation program.  Please refer to the following documents, help for assistance:



  • Why Flash Player is not installed?

    I have installed Adobe Flash Player 5 times, but I get a pop up dialog box telling me that I need to download an updated version.

    It is downloaded using 14.9 MB, but advice "blocked plugin" and can not watch videos on YouTube for example.

    Why is it so hard to do and why it is so complicated to get help?

    Two hours for uninstalling and installing.  Maybe my incompetence that it took so long but I think I finally found Flash Player!

  • Flash Player is not installed, even though said installed on MacBook Air. Can you help me please?

    I have a macbook air. My computer crashed 2 days ago and since I rebooted it, since 2 days I have ' plugins blocked» I installed, update... what he said I needed, although there was an option to pay for additional stuff I didn't pay. but the update was installed, didn't work. I uninstalled flash player and reinstalled twice, he still considered blocked. I closed and restarted twice, after uninstalling and after installation. No luck. I get a check for installation message that it is not on my computer, or I don't have the right to run. I read something on the search for programs on IE... but I use safari. I need help please.

    I got it fixed with a personal link gave to someone else with the same problem. The link was problematic... I had to use it 3 times... but finally I found the download for version 15.0 on my computer and finally I installed it and finally things work again. The problem seems to be related to having to find the version 15.0. Nevermind, I lost two days trying to do what should be a simple update.

Maybe you are looking for

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