Focus adjustment camera mode

G ' Day,.

I'm trying to set the camera focus mode and have encountered a problem.  Modes of return of camera_get_focus_modes (*) indicate that six modes of development are now supported.  But when I try to put one of these modes via a call to camera_set_focus_mode (*), that the call returns


who is documented as meaning: "the function call failed because the requested operation is not supported.

Is it simply an artifact of the DevAlpha?  In other words, the modes of development returned by camera_get_focus_modes (*) * will * be implemented by real hardware, but not on the DevAlpha?  Or I'm doing something stupid blinding?

EDIT: With the help of DevAlpha B.

Thanking you in advance... - Sam.


The viewfinder must run first.

There is here a sample which passes through different modes of development:

See you soon,.


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    I tried to use some applications, but it's really hard to find a good. Now I use 'Caméra Pro', but it doesn't have the setting. I found "MoviePro: VCR with unlimited options", but the focus adjustment is not stable for the registration of a computer screen (I use the computer a couple times a lesson screen).

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    You can try the "professional camera. The app will allow you to adjust the focus point and exposure.

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    You have loaded the latest version of the software to ?

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    You will find the answer when you contact technical support on the camera manufacturer's website, or get their manual from their Web site or try to Google for the manual for the unit.

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    For some, this may seem obvious, but in LR3, the camera mode appears anywhere. I find that ISO, shutter etc, displayed below the histogram, but nothing as to the actual camera, AV, TV, M mode?

    Thank you


    Change the display of EXIF metadata and you will find lots of information about the way you shot, including exposure mode.

  • Basis of adjustment of modes / monitoring LUT with SLog2 - F55


    IM writing a function and possibly using the F55. Anyone help me with the following queries?

    Is it possible to shoot 4K XAVC 4:2:2 in S-Log2 monitor but still with a LUT?

    Ive been just read the manual. It seems the State-

    p. 50

    You can monitor only to READ when your shooting mode = mode MOVIE EI in your basic setting

    p. 57

    and you can only shoot in S-Log2 when your shooting mode = mode custom in your basic setting

    Rob Wilton

    DoP, based in London

    When you see how this camera images to look good, don't you think its on-board too early. the Slog2 looks great. It's a very nice picture to research which can be cooked in and for the clients/Director to examine to yet while preserving the dynamic range

    one thing I can say from experience, RED and ALEXA had a lot more problems and deficiencies out of the box than the F55

    Finally LUTS will work for XAVC too, but it having so far works fine for RAW. XAVC kicks *.

  • List of the camera modes

    I use a firefly pointgrey camera...

    How can I list all the methods supported by the camera

    Hi comodity.

    You can use IMAQ 1394 GET VIDEO to list all modes supported.

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    Hey everybody I just bought the Xperia Z3 a few days ago and when the definition and power, I was browsing through the camera by looking at all the features that is nice, today I noticed that when you pass the superior auto to manual mode, you can no longer "scene select" sound now in gray. Has anyone encountered this problem? Any input would be appreciated.

    If you select the resolution of 8 megapixels, you can.

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    In order to view the live stream, Flash Player asks a camera resolution mode the driver. This mode is requested?

    For example, it would be 160 x 120 @ 30 frames per second?

    Or is it of 176 x 144 @ 30 frames per second?

    So so the default would be 160 x 120 according to the AS3 API Reference

    We use a Hauppauge camera driver and the test live stream is empty in this dialog box settings of Adobe Flash Player. While we try to coordinate with Hauppauge to add support for their driver of the camera so that the dialog box settings of Flash Player can preview correctly the supply unit.

  • Constantly loses focus of the mode code in OSX CS6

    DW constantly loses focus on the editing in code view pane and seem to focus on another part of the interface.  Two big problems with this:

    1. When I expect to be always in code view and the first thing I do is press DELETE, DW wants to DELETE MY FILE - and worse, the pop-up confirmation is automatically centred on YES, so if I hit enter, the file was gone before I could even watch what happened...
    2. I have to keep dating back to my mouse and find the exact line and place in my code where I had my cursor (and can still see the cursor, simply not carried) and click here to get the update.

    I noticed that this happens repeatedly:

    • When I do command + S to save and then command + put you, put the command focuses on the 'Files' DW component and does not return to the mode of code as it should,
    • If I switch between applications with command + TAB then return to DW, once again my accent is further code where my cursor is still, but does not (yet once, he seems to think I'm trying to handle the file, such as the Delete on the delete key),
    • Sometimes, complately randomly when I insist on something, even loss of focus...

    It's extremely annoying (on the top of the chrome custom already lag and poorly designed).

    10.8.2 and latest DW CS6 OSX.

    Someone knows how to fix this, or is this just another bug that adobe is ignorant?

    It's a documented bug that engineers are trying hard.

    Nancy O.

  • Notes - camera mode and the draw

    Hello. I have 4 ipad air2 in my nursery for staff to use. We're just using notes, however, we see that 1 of platelets has the camera and function of the draw of the keyboard but the other 3 don't. I checked all 4 at software date wise, all other parameters such as icloud etc. are identical.

    For our work, the possibility of having the function of draw and the camera on the keyboard is very useful. The other 3 have only the text ("BOLD", police etc), on them where are the images of the camera and the tilde. No idea what we're doing wrong?

    First go to settings > general > keyboard > shortcuts > on. Then launch the application Notes. Under the topic files, make sure that you select iCloud so that you use iCloud Notes. Start typing a new one note you should see the shortcuts and camera and drawing to the right above the keyboard tool.

  • multi-angle view z liquid jade s57 camera mode (what should be done, how to use it)


    I brought Acer and nobody seem to be able to explain to me what is the view from multiple angles in the camera.

    When I press the photo button there is a green line ranging from the left to the right, I guess so I can move around the object im taking a picture, but I don't know m.

    Only one officer of acer told me take several picture and it will merge them into one, no it's not.

    What is the multi-angle notice, how I use it and what is its role?

    From what I've seen online of other phone its supposed to do a 3d like this image when you turn the screen on the left, you see the left of the object, the same goes for when you turn the phone to the right. But I tried to take a picture while moving the camera 180 degrees around the object and its actually not not something special.

    Thank you for helping me.

    kalmeq wrote:

    From what I've seen online of other phone its supposed to do a 3d like this image when you turn the screen on the left, you see the left of the object, the same goes for when you turn the phone to the right. But I tried to take a picture while moving the camera 180 degrees around the object and its actually not not something special.

    Yes correct.

    I was able to use a picture of multi-angle using Acer abPhoto, select the picture of multi-angle, press the icon of the cube at the bottom on the left, then move your finger on the touch screen left or right, and it will move.

  • Adjustment for mode 'sleep'

    When I'm not active on my desktop, after 30 to 60 minutes it stops automatically and the on/off switch flashes and sometimes the fan turns on.  The screen goes black.  Then after a certain while lights return.  I can get it back by pressing the Start button.  Does every night anywhere from 1 to 15 times.  Down in the status bar, it puts an icon with a bubble that says that he lost the internet connection.  If I touch the icons with the slider, they disappear.  I know there is an internet connection, because my wife's cell phone still works fine.  Y at - it no adjustment for this.  He began doing this a few months ago.  Thank you!


    Welcome to the forums. It was probably a long time since you read the manual for that machine circa 2004. The manual will tell you how to adjust settings. on pages 4-6.

    Nice to see that someone else like XP. (I have several XP machines at this time).


    Is it possible to get the software and drivers for a device jvc mini dv cam model number GR-D290U pilots would be great... without that I just get the device unreconizable or he wout even back on the usb plug n play? Help, please

    Contact JVC support:

    Their phone number is at the bottom of the page,

    J W Stuart:

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