Font size of text too small shows in some programs and applications

Original title: small TEXT in some programs and Applications on PC.


I'm having some trouble trying to read the TEXT in some of my PC applications. It does not happen in all the and can have a mix of large and small TEXT in a box (I've included a screenshot of my desktop to show an example).

I tried to fix this with the methods are: -.

  1. Settings in the appearance of control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization\Window and Appearance\Advanced color
  2. Text control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution\Make and other larger and smaller

Looking at the screenshot, the box " ""Taskbar and Start Menu Properties"" " you can see the text is fine to read! Below, right-click on the desktop, the box that opens is reading too! "Right out of the box beside it, the ' system properties ' is almost impossible to read without having to screen! Above this area is the "ASUS AI SUITE", you can see the text is small and the numbers are too. I can read about the column titles, but can not read temperatures, the rpm or tensions. Finally is the box ' PC PROBE II ', once again, a mixture of small and large text.

For the life of me, I don't understand why it started to happen, or when it started. I have not installed, changed or deleted something for awhile also.

Thank you.

Hi Tyrone Rimmell,

Please provide the screen shot as it helps a lot to better understand the issue. We appreciate the efforts you have put in to solve this problem. Do not worry, we will try our best to solve the problem.

This problem may occur due to a problem with synchronization between the logon process Explorer and Win. When this condition occurs, certain fonts/size get resized automatically.

I suggest check the steps in the following article and check if it works:

When you change the DPI on Windows 7 setting, some fonts can be resized too big or too small

Please answer us on the State of the question to help you further.

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    For some reason any CS3 occasionally renders fonts smaller than they "should" appear. This can be replicated using the code below (I realize that this code is not 'best practices' of any measure, but it's the simplest way I could demonstrate the problem). In DW8 design see it makes exactly such that it generates in IE5, 6, 7 and Firefox (with default settings display) but in DW CS3, the police appear much smaller! I realize this is probably a question of standards with the CS3 version probably stick to standards more strongly than the browsers and DW8, but I need the design view to make the browser will be or it is useless for me

    Please, don't say I need to change my code to be more 'standards compliant' as my main use of DW is coding a great PHP/MySQL billing system that is used in a LAN controlled on IE6 only. It was written by someone else and has been added to and updated by myself. It is very large and certainly didn't need to rewrite just to make correctly in design mode DW CS3.

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    I have a solution undocumented and unsupported for DW9 Design layout
    Rendering of the view to DW8 rendering:

    Judgment of the DW. Manually add a registration/preference in the settings folder,
    type = 'String', name is "RenderToStandards", value = "FALSE". Restart DW.

    Use at your own risk.

    Hope this helps,

    > For some reason any CS3 occasionally renders smaller fonts than they "should".
    > appear.

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    As of today (version 11.0.7) the only way to put a custom value uses the registry as described above in this thread and now the Adobe Community Help:

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    Feedback from users, we could change that very soon.

    Thank you


  • These last questions w/eBay font size. Fonts page summary now too small to read.

    eBay policies is always displayed correctly using IE. BUT little by little, eBay police changed the size of font within a given page of eBay. 'My eBay' a 10 drop-down selections. These 5 are OK: offers/offers, Watch List, purchase history, my Collections, Messages. These 5 police being so small almost invisible: summary, wish list, all the lists, sales, followed by research. If all goes well, a fellow eBayer is to see these changes too.

    I'm guessing that eBay programmers have been tweaking Internet Explorer to correctly display the fonts on all pages, as Internet Explorer has had its own problems of font size of eBay in the past. But now using Internet Explorer looks good! However, at the same time, Firefox has really gone South. My guess is the tweaking of the IE has destroyed now possibility of FireFox to display the font correctly sizes in eBay. Ask me questions if you see what I see. I can send some screenshots. Thank you, Tom Smiley

    Two other thoughts:

    (1) Firefox allows you to select a font size minimum for all pages. It can destroy a large number of provisions, so usually it not very useful, but if the fonts are unreasonably tiny, you can try it.

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > content > button "Advanced".

    The top of the page, set "fonts for: Western ' and then about halfway to the bottom of the dialog box, change the Minimum font size to 9.

    At the top, the value ' fonts for other languages: ' and repeat the process. And then click OK.

    Which enlarges the tiny fonts?

    (2) there are scaling of the problems with the new screens of more-than-the-full-HD, especially when the site uses the Flash plugin. If you have such a screen, you may lodge a complaint with the site, so they can update their Flash media.

  • iTunes 12.3.3 font size are now too MUCH!

    I can't see even now the page complete!

    Hey psikofunkster,

    I understand that this font it looks like offshore when you look in iTunes. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this.

    What comes to mind, is that this may be linked to the DPI settings you have for your computer. I found two articles from Microsoft talking about this. The first will explain that the text may seem more or less important depending on the setting. For best results, you need to change the DPI back close to the recommended value. This will put the police to their original size and you should be able to see everything in the iTunes Store.

    When you change the DPI on Windows 7 setting, some fonts can be resized too big or too small

    Make the text on the screen larger or smaller
    small v = t

    Let me know if it helps.

    Take it easy

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    As far as I know, there is no way to change the size of the text in the user interface. However, you can change the size of the text in Code view by opening the preferences panel (in the Edit menu in Windows, the menu Dreamweaver CC in Mac OS X). Select the fonts in the list category on the left and adjust the size of the font of Code.

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    All of a sudden my fonts are too small. Facebook, Web sites, etc. Don't know how to solve this problem.

    Hey Carol,.

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    If your fonts are displayed too small in Safari, then you can increase the size by following these steps:

    Expand content for all Web pages: choose Safari > Preferences, click Advanced, then click on the drop down the Page Zoom and choose a percentage

    Zoom in on Web pages

    Now if this happens in multiple applications on your Mac, then the display resolution could have been changed.  Discover your options as follows:

    OS X El Capitan: set the resolution of your screen

    Take care.

  • Font size of mail to small to read

    I have an i-Phone 5 just update to ios 10. The size of the text in incoming mail is so small that it is unreadable. If I Zoom on the message, the text becomes large enough to read, but you have to scroll back to follow a line of text. Prior to the update of the size of the text was very good. Does anyone have a solution to this? It is virtually unusable as-is.

    Hello. Unfortunately there is no way to change just the font in Mail on iOS 10, but you can change the font size in the full operating system. If you go to settings-> general-> accessibility-> larger text. From there you can enable this feature. You can then adjust the size of the font on iOS 10. See this article for more information:

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    Hope this helps

  • When you move the cursor, rather than move, the police often changes a size big or too small to see.

    Original title: "when I try to move the cursor, instead of move, the font size often changes to a huge size or one size too small to see. In addition, it can jump to the top or the bottom of the page. »

    More I use Vista, more I hate it!

    It came pre-loaded on my Fujitsu Lifebook. I had heard talk were many complaints about Vista and I wanted to stay with XP or Windows 7.  Each manufacturer of the laptop has been unfortunately Vista preinstallation.

    • When I use the word processor Works Windows, sometimes without warning he automatically becomes italic police without any input from me.
    • If on Windows works WP or on any page of e-mail online, when I starts to move the cursor, a little 'target' - as the icon appears when the cursor was and, either changes in font size of microscopic or 500% or more.
    • On the Internet page of wole can shrink or get huge.
    • At other times, with one touch of the mouse or touchpad, rather than the font change, the cursor may disobey my entry and the end to the top at the bottom of a page where I won't be, or somewhere else. When I get back to the expected location, it can repeat the same action three or four consecutive times before to behave normally again.  This makes typing manuscripts or very frustrating messages sometimes, not to mention a lot of lost time.
    • When you try to type copy from a printed script, if I don't keep control of the screen I can finish with margins stange, italic where they belong or phrases that are moved where they belong.
    • Sometimes when I'm trying the high - lite a word or phrase so I can drag it to another location, it will refuse to high light, making necessary use rear brace to delete the words I want to drag and retype the words to the new desired location.
    • Another problem is that the will of cursor down stubornly and turn several times since the location of the Center to the extreme side so that the rest of the page is covered.  Vista seems to have a mind of your own.

    This set of problems seems to migrate from MS Word to MS Works, Web pages, and e-mail message composition.  I thought it was the new computer initially. I even returned it to Fry's electronics for maintenance two times.  I mean, they just excanged for another new Fujitsu Notebook.  When I got home, the replacement computer have behaved in the same way, which indicates that it's the software, not the hardware.

    Funny thing - now that I complain on this topic in this forum and have written this much, it doesn't have behaved badly again!  The ghost of Vista must have been scared and went into hiding.  ;-)

    Yet once more I use Vista, more I hate it!  -especially since I was in the middle of writing a book for publication.  In light of the frustration and the loss of my precious time because of these persistent bugs in recent months, I wish MS would trade my copy of Vista for Windows 7.  MS seems to be getting a reputation for releasing Beta quality software and call it a finished product.  You would think that MS wakes up to the fact that consumers expect to have for their money.  Everyone has the same problems?

    Are there realistic solutions out there?    Hmm, no spell no checker on this page.  Sorry for the typos. :-)

    You can get in trouble with your mouse device drivers, firmware and/or software.  This may be due to a Microsoft Update or any number of things (and could have happened to these two machines, if you did the same thing in both cases).  Go to the Device Manager by going to start / find and type Device Manager and enter and then double-click on the program icon that appears.  Check each device to a red x, yellow! or white?  These identify devices with problems probably (drivers, but also of conflict or something else).  Click on each for more details and troubleshooting tips.  If you need to get drivers (and you should get for your mouse at the very least and I consider the keyboard as well and make sure they are compatible with your device, and your version of Vista) and all you have time to do - they can help way beyond simply solve this problem) leave the computer dealer or the manufacturer of the device (NOT of Microsoft Updates).  In fact, you must disable automatic updates in Windows Update driver as follows: Follow these steps to get the drivers:  Once you have the drivers, you can install them via the Manager device as follows:

    Also, your mouse may have the functionaality to change the font sizes and jump from one end of the screen to another by doing some things.  Read the user manual and/or research through start / Control Panel / mouse to see if this is the case and if so, it may be able to be disabled.  The problem with some of these "features are that if you don't know about them they can cause difficulties when they activate for apparently no cause when you actually not what caused the feature must be enabled." It took me a while to realize the CTRL-0 would change my IE screen at 100% size and I first thought there was something wrong until I discovered the problem by chance.  I say that, because the odds of two computers with the same exact defect are astronomical - it looks more like a problem as described above or a certain type of function you are unaware of (perhaps in combination with a keyboard input that is why I suggested that you update those as well).

    I hope this helps.  If not, I am sorry to say that your best option would be to go back again to see if they can reproduce the problem (you use your way computer in case it is something you do) and either repair or replace again (or change to another computer entirely).

    Good luck!

    Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • print the text too small when you try to print from email to yahoo using the IE browser

    printing text is too small when I try to print email to yahoo mail using the Internet Explorer browser


    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.

    See if anything here helps:

    Manage the print with preview output before printing

    Click on the Thumbs - Up Kudos to show that you appreciate the help.

    Click on accept as Solution when the answer provides a fix or a workaround!

    I am happy to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP.

  • Stor.e TV + menu text too small to read

    Bought a Stor.e + multimedia hard drive, the software is poorly designed icons are larger than the text, it is very difficult to read the text that cannot be changed. The design team should be fired for overlooking the simple aspects of software design. The software must be upgraded and when you have an update made me know

    I have read many reviews on the Stor.e TV but I've ever read on the letters too small.
    The icons are larger than s clear but in my opinion, letters are ok, they are not too large, but also not too small.
    Of course, this is my personal opinion and your opinion is different

    PS; I didn't find the new updates for this device on the European driver Toshiba page.

  • text too small Web browser

    When I go to browsing the web, I can't actually read the Web sites because the text is too small!  How can I Zoom in on the screen?

    You must make one called a pinch to zoom. It is one of the many things that webOS uses.

    You can learn how to do the pinch to zoom as well as many other things here

  • Set the font size as system as "small fonts"?

    I am launching a game using Vista.  When I click on the application icon does appear this error message-

    This application requires the size of the font on your system must be set to "small fonts".  Please change this setting using the Control Panel, and then restart the game

    But I don't know how to do this.  Any ideas?

    How to change the font size in Windows Vista

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    I searched high and low for a way to increase the font size for the subtitles that appear in my training. Currently, they appear at 8pt. My target audience ask legends that they can read without a magnifying glass.  I try to avoid creating text captions with a larger font size, because that ignores all the features of sync integrated interface subtitles.  Any thoughts are appreciated.



    You must change your skin.

    Click project > skin Editor...

    Click the settings... button under the box subtitles.

    See you soon... Rick

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  • the numbering font size is not the same as the font size of text

    After generating the chm file, I noticed that some of the numbering sizes police were not the same as the font size of the text. Some of them seemed OK tho. For example, on a single page, it would be like this:

    font big.gif

    The numbers are greater than text. But on other pages, the size would be the same. What is the cause for this and how to fix it?


    This is very probably a css problem, check the html code of your lists. My guess is that the 'correct' lists have a class list attached, while the "incorrect" lists are not and use the default settings of the browser for the font family and size of the police.

    Please send the HTML for a correct and an incorrect list.

    Take a bow


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