For Windows 7, what are the locations and names of the circles of the game 'Architecture' of circles?

I'm looking forward to know the places and possibly the names of structures in all of the backgrounds shown after right click on the home screen and select 'Customize' and selecting 'The Architecture' photoset.

Some info about it here:

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    Original title: Windows 7: what are the individual "file system type" files in the folder system volume information accumulating [not the files system restore I already know and don't use yet]


    I stopped using the system restore, I found a better solution, for me, that's what I have to do.
    Then I noticed that several 'file system' 'type' was being created, 12 times yesterday, 3 up to today in the early hours of the morning and stored in they System Volume Information folder, anywhere from 30 MB to 2 GB.
    three of these file names 'file system' 'type' are:
    {debb21da-eafc-11e2-ba92-00241dc5d84e} {3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}
    {3debe675-eaa7-11e2-a462-00241dc5d84e} {3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}
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    Anyone know what it could be?
    Can I follow up to what program/process they are related?
    Are they safe to delete?
    Ideas?  Suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Hi John,.

    Yes, you can delete the system volume information data if not to use the system restore.

    You will need to give permission to the folder until you delete it.

    How to open a file if I get an access denied message?

    Please post with the State of the question.

  • I bought the 14 for Mac adobe elements.  Is there a download error.  I received an email with the serial number, but when I went on the site to download the illustrated product was 14 for Windows.  What is the download link for adobe elements 14

    I bought the 14 for Mac adobe elements.  Is there a download error.  I received an email with the serial number, but when I went on the site to download the illustrated product was 14 for Windows.  What is the download link for adobe elements 14 for Mac?

    Download & install instructions can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

    -Cloud desktop

    -Cloud Getting Started

    -you will need to enter your original serial number during the installation for non-Cloud programs

    - or kglad links in response to #1 here can help

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  • keyboard for Windows 7: what of the Australia?

    Hi can anyone help just bought a PC laptop toshiba qosmio f60 with windows 07:00 in the initial report of process start and asked that the keyboard layout. I do not know what select United Kingdom improved, United Kingdom and United States + other options no Australia or Qwerty with the United Kingdom do not know what to do?

    Hi 000girl,

    I guess you're Australian? For the English language, you have two options, to the United States or the United Kingdom. You choose depends on your keyboard layout. Take a look at your keyboard. Is the @ and ' button located on the line ASDFGHJKL:@~ of the keys? If so, choose United Kingdom. If the @ key is located on the 'number' keys choose the United States.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: Web: ; Web: ; Web: ; Web:

  • What are the games are running on the Satellite A200-1GH

    In fact, I want to know * what games * _exactly_ now run on your laptop with the following config:
    + Satellite A200-1GH (PSAECE) +.
    Mobile DualCore Intel Core Duo T2450 2000 MHz
    2 GB of SDRAM DDR-2667 Kingston
    Chipset - Mobile Intel Calistoga-PM i945PM
    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 (256 MB) VGA BIOS Version
    Sound - Realtek ALC862 @ Intel 82801GBM ICH7-M - High Definition Audio Controller
    HARD drive - TOSHIBA MK1237GSX ATA Device (120 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA-II)
    Optical - TSSTcorp CD/DVGW TS-L632D ATA Device
    Network - Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI - E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)
    DirectX 10.0
    DirectDraw - - nVIDIA ForceWare 156.16

    I really wonder about your question.
    Do you know how many PC games exist on this wonderful and beautiful world?

    So maybe this might help you.
    Check the details of the game! For most every game developer publishes the hardware configuration requirements for each game.

    Then compare it with the specifications of your laptop and then you have it ;)

  • What are the speeds of the USB?

    I bought a USB memory key, it's USB 2.0 2GB...
    Can someone tell me why I can't use this Flash DRIVE for ReadyBoost?
    What are the speeds of the USB?
    Kind regards


    Can you please tell me how should he know the speed of this USB stick if you n t writing details on this sick USB?
    We are not blind!

    However, I think you know the manufacturing of this USB so why you don t google a bit and you are looking for more information.

  • What are the devices will be extensible to OS 5.0?

    Now that the OS 5.0 JDE Beta is out, I wonder when I'll be able to start using it. The question for me is what are the devices will be extensible to OS 5.0? I'm mainly interested in the enterprise space (upgrade via BES?), but the consumer (updates through carriers?) space is also interesting.

    I have not seen instructions update. Have I missed them?

    I think the 8700 to pearls later devices are extendable to 4.5, that this includes:


    all Pearl 81xx



    As far as I know, there is no support 4.6 or later version for these devices.

    4.6 devices and later versions include:

    Flip 8220



    8900 curve

    Hope this helps

  • What are the drivers, I need to connect to the internet for a GT5432 of operating Windows XP and not Vista?

    I asked before, but try to reformulate my question. In my opinion, it miss a driver I need or have bad installed. (of the re - install after a storm)

    Charter, my I, said that there is a problem with my drivers or the Ethernet connection. I installed a new Ethernet connection-SMC1244TX. Still no connection.  I called SMC customer support number - they me Charter connected - which gave me the number to the catwalk, who want to $99-149 to ask a question because it is not under warranty, because someone changed the Vista to Windows XP, I thought I found the download for the correct drivers, but when I put my flash drive on GT5432 - I was not able to get the files-now I can't locate the download again.

    So what are the real drivers that I need on the GT 5432 operating Windows XP so you can connect to the internet?

    I just skimmed the old thread. It's too long. I think you should have stayed there.
    This has probably already been given to you in the old net but that's...
    Go to and download the driver. You will need your card, part number. He also says it's a SMC1244TX-1. Don't know if it's the same thing as what you have.

    I can offer help any more than that. If you need additional help, go to the old thread.

  • In XP, what are the default fonts and font sizes by default under advanced appearance for these items listed below?

    What are the fonts by default and default font for these options size? I've changed them - problems. Also why can't you post a record of original fonts for users of xp with all the fonts required default? It helps users strongly tempted to extract did not work properly.
    Need default font and size for each Option below
    3D objects
    Caption button
    Title bar active for example. (Arial - 8) or NA if nothing
    Resident of the active window
    Context of the application
    Title bar inactive
    Inactive window boarder
    Title bar inactive
    Message box
    Palette title
    Scroll bar
    Selected items
    Icon spacing:
    Icon spacing V
    Thank you

    Hi Scott,.

    If you change the settings in display properties, you can change it to default by selecting the Windows XP default theme. This will change all default Windows fonts and their sizes.

    To do this, follow these steps.

    a. right click on an empty space on the desktop and then click Properties.

    b. on the themes tab, click Windows XP in the theme box.

    c. click OK.

  • Where and what are the registry keys for profiles

    Where and what are the registry keys for profiles. There is a new virus/malware, which is destroy the profiles. It is not only for machines XP, but all operating systems Windows which is destroyed.

    Hi PennyLang,

    ·         What exactly is the problem you are having?

    ·         What is the antivirus installed on the computer program?

    You can run the Microsoft Safety Scanner to check the infection by the virus. Check out the following link.

    Microsoft Safety Scanner - free online tool for PC health and safety

  • What are the differences between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Pro?

    What are the benefits of Windows XP Pro on Windows XP?

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010 22:24:33 + 0000, Dave1939 wrote:
    > What are the advantages of Windows XP Pro on Windows XP?
    First of all, note that it is not Windows XP Pro and Windows XP, there
    Windows XP Pro vs Windows XP Home Edition.
    XP Home and Professional are identical except that professional
    includes a few features (primarily related to security and networking)
    away from home? Most individuals need not and would never use
    These extra features and will see no benefit from the upgrade.
    For details, go to
    Also note another point, not included in one of the foregoing:
    Professional only allows ten simultaneous network connections and home

    Ken Blake (MS-MVP)

  • I still need a fax of legal documents. What are the options for p-1030 pavion with Windows 7?

    What are the options for p-1030 pavion with Windows 7.  I still need a fax of legal documents?

    I would like to add a modem fax boarding card.  Is this possible with windows 7 or HP?

    Linda, welcome to the forum.

    I suggest try Windows Fax and Scan (Control Panel / devices and printers / Fax) to see if it does what you need.  It allows to send and receive faxes without a fax machine.  When you click fax it will open and give you instructions on how to configure the application.

    Please let us know if this solved your problem or not.

  • What are the details of the AMD SMBus-update for Windows 7?

    Windows Update wants to install an AMD-SMBus update on my computer.  What are the details about this?  Change?  This update will allow Windows 10 Build 10130 start without generating any violation of guard dog DPC as a USB 3.0 card (by VIA) has been installed on the machine?

    Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for posting the query on Microsoft Community.

    It is an update of Windows for AMD SMBus drivers. It can solve any problems associated with this driver.

    What is the brand and model of the computer?

    Alternatively, you can refer to this topic.

    You can see the links below for more information about installing Windows 10.

    I hope this helps to solve the issue. If the problem persists, get back to us. We will be happy to help you.

  • What are the size of partition recommended for installing Windows 7 Professional 64-bit?

    What are the size of partition recommended for installing Windows 7 Professional 64-bit? I have a 2 TB internal hard drive and want to install Windows and Norton Internet Security on the drive C, drive D and drive E data programs.

    Thanks for a response.


    Original title: size partition Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    For technical purposes, I recommend you only keep utilities all programs that you install on the startup disk. This is recommended if you plan to upgrade to future releases of Windows such as Windows 8 because you will experience problems with the installation program.

    I recommend however, you can keep accumulated data such as Documents, Photos, music, videos on a separate partition to ensure custody.

    The recommended size for the boot drive around things like Windows, future growth for applications and the Windows updates and program updates will be considered.

    So I recommend not more than 200 GB, for a lot of space, I would shoot up to 300 if you want to keep things like System Restore Points.

  • What are the causes my print spooler continues to operate, and quickly stop again when I restart it? Lexmark P4350 - Windows 7 Edition home premium

    What are the causes to stop working during printing and stop again shortly after I start my print spooler. I also find that my printer takes a long time to start printing after I clicked "Print". I use an all-in-one printer Lexmark P4350 on Windows 7 Home Premium.


    Hi David,

    Thank you for the update.

    Use all the dependency services?

    The solution for slow printing is the print spooler reset.

    When we press the Windows key + R, a window opens. This is called the immediate window.

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers and check. Lexmark is not Windows 7 compatible drivers for the printer. So, you can download the drivers for Windows Vista and install in compatibility mode.

    Follow the steps to install in compatibility mode:
    a. right click on the driver installation file and select Properties and then tap or click on the compatibility tab.
    b. check the box run this program in compatibility mode .
    c. press or click the menu drop down and select a previous operating system, and then tap or click OK.

    Video: Compatibility of software and hardware in Windows 7

    Let us know if the problem persists.

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