Forget the button will be available for Waterfox and when?

I have recently switched to 64 Waterfox, button forget will be available on it and when?


Hi diamonback68. I do not understand why you want the button to forget.

I would like to be able to say what that will come out on Waterfox. Because Waterfox doesn't not part of Mozilla, you need to ask the developer for Waterfox when they expect a version with this feature. You can message to the developer by clicking on Hare .

Hope that answers your question. If you need more information or have any other questions please ask. Also remember that you can always download the latest version of Firefox on The last being just might surprise you.

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    Your question looks like it's to ask if the Forget button is more thorough than the deletion of all close. I think it's just the latest is automatic and forget the button is for those who want to do it with Firefox always open. They do the same thing but even thoroughly.

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    I have an OfficeJet Pro L7680 AIO running Windows 7.  It has been a wonderful printer.  (I started to work on printers in 1966, so I have some experience with them).  Its quality and reliability have been superb.

    When I "upgraded" to win 8, I found that no driver was, so I bought a new HP AIO, but its controls were so poor and hard to see that I returned it immediately.   Then I returned to Windows 7, a good solid o/s.

    Now, I'm thinking 'redevelopment' of Windows 10.  I had assumed that no driver for my L7680 would be available, but I read somewhere that one became available for Windows 8.1 (?)

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    Windows 10 is not quite finished yet, is not clear what will be included.  (Last week there were three versions of the builds on the fast ring.)  The last public version includes a printer HP Officejet Pro L7600 Series driver.

    Page no details, but said toward the end of July for more information on what will be officially supported in Windows 10.

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