forgotten password help

My screen is locked because I forgot my password. How can I get on my pc


Try the following.

Using another PC, download the app from the following link and save it in your downloads folder.

PC login now

Once the download is complete, open your download folder and double-click on the installer - this will result in another file, which is the disk image (.) ISO) you need to burn to a blank CD.

Now, you will need to use an app like ImgBurn to burn the ISO correctly on a blank CD - a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write that an ISO on a disc is here.

When the disk has been created, shut down the PC you can not log on, press the ESC key as soon as you press the power button to access the Start Menu, insert the CD, select Boot Options (usually f9), use the arrow keys to select the CD/DVD drive and press enter - peut also have you to "Press any key" to boot from the CD if asked to.

Follow the instructions on the guide here to remove the current password.

Kind regards

DP - K

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