Format of RAW file on partition D

I have 4 partition on a hard drive.

> 1 for system Windows 8

> 1 for data

> 1 for the multimedia

> 1 for others

Everything was fine, but today 1 partition (with lots of data) has been changed to the RAW file format,.

I am tempted to use a recovery Partition but failed to access.

Any suggestion for problem below?


Hi Dian,

Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

Raw partitions are disk partitions that have not been formatted with a Windows, such as FAT, FAT32, and NTFS file system. RAW means generally that the drive has failed.

I suggest you to convert your drive to NTFS.

Please follow it below:

1) press Windows + X key on your keyboard.

(2) select prompt (admin).

(3) at the command prompt, type convert D:/FS: NTFSand press to enter.

(4) type the name of the volume to be converted and press enter. You should use the current name of the volume or the conversion are cancelled. You can view all the volumes available in the folder of your computer hard disk drives.

Warning: Although convert it to NTFS, there is possibility of corruption or loss of data during a conversion is minimal, you should back up all data on the partition before you begin.

You can search in your favorite search engine, looking for a third party recovery tool to recover data.

It can be useful, we meet with the status of your question. We will be happy to help you.

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  • How to format the RAW file system in my pen-drive?

    Dear friends,

    I have a 2 GB key USB "GENX". I used it for about six months without any problem. But now I have a serious problem that has changed its system of RAW files accidentally. I didn't really know what the reason for that! He didn't connect with any dangerous computer.

    Its file system is FAT 32. It contains a few songs, some software, photos, videos etc, but they are not important. So I don't want to put data files.

    My question is: at y - it software or sort {command type us in the command e.t.c. prompt} to format my USB? I don't want to give anything, I just empty it transform the FAT32 or NTFS file system.

    I use Windows X P-SP3. For 2 months, I searched the entire internet to solve my problem, but no use. I tried many software! They are not useful for me, because they help just to recover the files that it contains.

    When I connect my pen-drive, an error message appears "the disk in drive G is not formatted. You want to format it now? "When I click on YES an other error message is displayed-"Windows failed in the full format.

    If someone help me which can give pleasure to thousands of people. Because when I looked / was asked about this issue, I realized that many suffer from it.

    Dear friends please help...

    BY Abin cherish.

    Dear friends...

    Its with great pride and joy to inform you that I formatted my pen-drive successfully. After almost one and work hard for semesters. I tried several software but they all failed.

    I ask you all to try transcend recovery tool online to achieve this. (link:- ).

    Its a small tool. He RAW file system format, even if our pen-diving is not made by Transcend. Even if the format successfully completed, we are not able to use the device because it shows that it is write protected. So can you please do the following:

    1) click Start-> Run.

    (2) type regedit and press to enter.

    4) click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

    5) click the plus sign next to SYSTEM

    6) click the plus sign next to CurrentControlSet

    7) click the plus sign next to control

    8) click the plus sign next to StorageDevicePolicies

    (9) write click on WriteProtect and click on modify.

    (10) if the value is 1 change 0, and then click ok.

    (11) the registry editor close and restart the computer.

    Now, you're done. Your pen-drive is now ready.

    But one of the problems is that we do not have the same space as before. In my case my previous device of ability was 1.87 GB. But after I fixed, reduced ability to 1.67 GB. I'm not worried about it because I think I'm the only one to format this type file system.

    Thank you friends...

  • RAW file format

    No chance, F65/55/5 raw file format is available?

    See you soon.

    You ask for someone to post a clip of RAW file original download?

  • Compatibility of LR with Canon 5 d Mark iv raw file format?

    LR will be able to read the format of camera raw file 5 d Mark iv? at least when he puts regular raw files.  I know that a LR update was needed to read the 80 d file format

    LR will be able to read the format of camera raw file 5 d Mark iv?

    Shortly after that the device is out, Yes.

    You're going to want to wait for Adobe to publish an update.

    Each new model of camera that comes on the market, to a software update (Camera Raw, Lightroom and DNG Converter). Adobe updates of lots then releases a software update, including a few new models of cameras periodically. You never know who is included in any given update, but I guess the Mark IV will be a final registration the following given the popularity of the Canon 5 d cameras (I have a Mark III).

  • Hi, I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom output CC Camera Raw 9.5 2015.5. I am now with Nikon D4s shooting but the lightroom does not read the RAW format. Why? Is it possible to import the RAW files in lightroom? Thank you for your help

    Hi, I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom output CC Camera Raw 9.5 2015.5. I am now with Nikon D4s shooting but the lightroom does not read the RAW format. Why? Is it possible to import the RAW files in lightroom? Thank you for your help

    I'm not an apple person.  I read on a few different forums that apple has changed what is called 'writing' in a recent update to apple.  You may need to find an Apple expert to show you how to make sure you are allowed to write to files or locations on your computer.

  • just bought a new EOS 7 d mk2 camera but can't open the CR2 raw files in Photoshop CS5. I downloaded the new raw converter for the camera which is the DNG 8.7 format for my windows computer operated. When I click on a CR2 file I get a subventio

    I just bought a new EOS 7 d mk2 camera but can't open the CR2 raw files in Photoshop CS5. I downloaded the new raw converter for the camera which is the DNG 8.7 format for my windows computer operated. When I click on a CR2 file I get a notification to come as States "could not complete your request because the file appears to be a model of camera that is not supported by the installed version of camera raw.

    I'm entered in Photoshop and loaded the dates above, but have met 3 mistakes when you do this (1) Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.5 (2) Adobe extension Manager SC5 5.0 update (3) 12.0.4 for Photoshop CS5 Photoshop

    I tried for 2 days now to try to get the operating system for your support/help will be most appreciated.

    My old camar is an EOS20 D and I have no problem with CR2 files it produce

    Hi rodaks, george

    Images II 7 d would be directly supported in Photoshop CS5 as requiring a new camera raw.

    So, you must download the free DNG Converter to convert these images to DNG and then open the DNG converted in Photoshop.

    See this link for download DNG Converter 9.0:

    For Mac: Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Macintosh: Adobe DNG Converter 9.0: thanks

    For Windows: Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows: Adobe DNG Converter 9.0: thanks

  • Developing RAW files, is not formatting correctly in


    Today, I installed LR6 and my RAW files are not formatted properly developing. In previews and library, they open you very well. Opening both in Photoshop RAW files.

    It is an urgent job with a period very tight-help welcome! Thank you!

    Screenshot 2015-11-01 17.27.56.png

    Hi Cate,

    • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
    • Please go to the preferences > Performance tab and uncheck the box "use graphics processor.
    • Restart Lightroom and see if it works.

    Kind regards


  • Y at - it a 16 - bit file format which will edit as a RAW file?

    Can I export the files of a RAW converter (and use the converter color conversion/tone mapping) and still be able to edit the files as a RAW file in another converter (let's say Lightroom)?

    I tried to export in TIFF format, your mapped with a tone curve average. The problem I encounter is that the recovery of light/shadow cursor does not work with the same efficiency that I am used to when working with RAW files.

    Or maybe it's an inherent limitation of working with non-linear 16-bit files? If so, it would help export the file in linear TIFF (light/shadow recovery sliders would work as they do with RAW files)?

    Thank you!

    I think that I just got my answer:

    Here's the big takeaway of the forum, which refers in fact to another Adobe forum:

    Our concept of ACR/LR is to make images for display or printing.  When starting with images of scene (e.g., raw), this means the tone and color mapping linear light input data (for example, if entire 12-bit or 32-bit floating-point) values adapted to reproduction (output-referred).  Given that the result is always intended to be referred to the exit, the resulting images are always stored using 8-bit or 16-bit values.  We do not all need to represent the data referred to in the output using the 32-bit values.

    (ACR/LR is not intended to be a "transmission system" that can say, take the 32-bit input image data and also broadcast to end 32-bit image data.  It is possible to do so, although clumsily.)

    It appears from this forum, we could actually use DaVinci Resolve to successfully create a high dynamic range EXRs of raw data and don't lose any of your original data.

  • Please advise: I have a problem displaying RAW files correctly on Lightroom. The thumbnails look good before the import, but once that Camera Raw is applied when importing they turn green and are cropped. I'm shooting to the CR2 format using custom white

    Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.01.21 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.01.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.01.59 PM.png

    HannahMahassen wrote:

    Open the images in iPhoto gave correctly colored final images.

    iPhoto is only to display and to use the preview JPEG embedded within the raw file.

    HannahMahassen wrote:

    Unfortunately, the toolset is not so advanced that LR would prefer being able to edit my photos out there. Any suggestions as to why it cannot interpret the correct values in files? Camera Canon G15 btw.

    If you use the auto white balance setting in the camera it is remove the Green tint in the embedded preview raw file (JPEG files). LR White Balance tool is more limited in range compared to the correction of the White Balance in the camera. On your screenshot posted the tint WB slider is set to 150 (Magenta), but clearly it is not sufficient to correct the under cast of green water. You can create a custom profile of DNG to extend LR Temp WB and range of hue as shown here:

    Lightroom: Setting the white balance for underwater photography

    One of the Green images issued by export to the DNG format and open it in Adobe DNG Profile Editor. The corrections described above and then name and save the new DNG profile in below the location of the folder. Restart LR to load the new profile of the camera.

    Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC

    Windows Vista through 10

    C:------users------[your user name]-AppData-Roaming------Adobe------CameraRaw------CameraProfiles------.


    Macintosh HD / users / [username] / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / CameraProfiles /

    Lightroom 1, 2, 3

    Windows XP

    C: \ Documents and Settings------all users------Local Settings------Application Data------Adobe------CameraRaw------CameraProfiles------.

    Windows Vista or 7



    Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / CameraPro! them.

  • How the D610 Nikon raw files can be imported into Lightroom 4.4? The files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom

    I bought a nikon d610, when I tried to import raw files in the same way that I had always done with my old nikon d80 before I could not. I got a message saying that the files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom. I also tried with photoshop cc and I couldn't either. Any suggestions?

    Camera Raw plugin | Supported devices

    The D610 was first supported by Lightroom 5.3.

    You will have to pay to

    1. Lightroom 6 upgrade, or
    2. Join the cloud, or
    3. Download the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all the D610 Raw files to DNG, and then edit the DNG in Lightroom 4.4
      Digital Negative (DNG)
  • C500 and RMF Canon Raw file format

    Does anyone know if Adobe has the intention to include the native support of the Canon 4 K Raw file format (.) RMF) specifically for speedgrade and Adobe After Effects? I'm looking at the workflow for an upcoming project which will very probably turned on the C500 in 4 k registered gross on the 4:4:4 recorder external Center but my suite adobe has no way for the color grade the newspapers or even link to the top online and offline edit without support for raw files. If there is something coming on what is the period of time if it is there, a 3rd party solution?

    Thank you

    To close the loop on this thread support rmf Canon RAW has been added in first Pro CC 2014.

    Peter Garaway


    Premiere Pro

  • Adobe will generate a patch to activate 4.3 Lightroom import of Nikon D-7100 raw file format?

    I tried to import a 7100 D raw files in Lightroom 4.3 on a Windows 7 computer.  Lightroom not able to generate previews and jumped an error message saying: it cannot interpret the file format.  Adobe will generate a patch for this problem?

    Adobe routinely adds support for new cameras and lenses in his press briefing. The next version of the dot is 4.4 and might soon as a 4.4RC has already been made public. It is possible that the final version 4.4 will include support for this and other new cameras.  Adobe generally does comment on future versions in terms of timing and content.

    This isn't a bug in itself and so no need for a "Patch" to use your Word. It is simply a case where your device is too recent for the current version of Lightroom to have support.  It is always wise to check the compatibility of your new hardware with your existing software before in order to buy and understand when you buy new products that the software may have to be updated to include your support and who is not an instant process.

    That all said, it is possible to use the software provided by Nikon in the meantime to create a Tiff file or two for you to work in Lightroom until the next version is released.

  • Cannot save Camera Raw files in JPG format.

    Since the execution of updates in my program Adobe Elements 10 recently I can't save Camera Raw files in JPG format any longer. I can save files in other formats, but not in JPG format. I need to save files in JPG format to submit for a photographic journey, that I do.

    Pleasae help.

    My contact emailo is as below

    [email protected].

    You could have chosen 16 bit by bit depth when importing file in the ACR dialog box editor. After you open the file, select it click on Image-> Mode and click on 8-bit. Now hit-> file save as and you should see JPEG from the drop file formats.

  • Use of the file format for saving file after eating a raw extension file

    Can someone explain the below please.

    (1) gross via Apple Photos and go edit the open module where it opens as a raw (nef pending).

    (2) open extension to step it up. Modify and save files.

    (3) file recorded while still in editing Photos watch module is like a jpg in the title. Right-click on the image and select Info and watch as raw

    (4) close edit module and look at the files in the photo browser and again and with all recent changes in place, it becomes a raw file (in the title and information).

    (5) raw open again file to modify the module and it says jpg (but Info says gross)

    What is going on? Any ideas? It's the jpg or raw or he's just read jpg info in the raw file? Or is it a big one. My ideal would be for the first to be kept in a form original and edited our at least edited to be tif.

    Thank you


    Don't worry about this. Photos must save the JPEG preview to view your changes in the RAW.

  • The DNG format conversion and loss of the original RAW file?

    I was guided to implement my structure of import so that Lightroom would take my Canon. Cr2 files and convert them to DNG on import. Now, I find that for a major competition, they want to see the RAW file origin but while in the preferences panel, I've had 'data fast loading Embed' checked, I had not checked the box for "Embed original RAW file. Thus, it is impossible for me to produce the original RAW file now?

    If I check the box to embed original raw file, what are the implications for the sizes of files and disk space?

    99jon wrote:

    After you click Import there are choices in the upper part of the import dialog box. If your photos are imported from the camera or camera card select copy. If the CR2 files are already in a folder on your computer, choose Add. LR will bring in the original CR2 files and create a XMP sidecar for each of them.

    Create a XMP file does not by default. You need to tell Lightroom to do by turning on an option or by using a command. Some people never use the XMP sidecar files.

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