Formatted external HARD Canvio - lost disk software pre-installed

Hello guys, I bought a disc slim canvio external hard.

I did a format on exfat to make this work on mac and pc, but I lost all the pre-installed features provided with the reader as 10 GB cloud storage, remote access software, password lock, backup software, backup and recovery.

can someone help me please to recover back?
Thank you.

The HARD drive password tool can be downloaded from this page:

Software v1.1.2.77 of NTI Backup Now EZ can be downloaded here

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  • Lost my software pre-installed "Power2Go" - How can I reinstall it?

    My PC is Windows 7, model HP Pavilion # p6802

    Try HP Recovery Manager in your Start menu. It has options for resettlement to select items:

  • How to install the software pre-installed on dm1-4118au?

    I have a pavilion dm1-4118au that comes with windows 7starter kit. I upgraded the memory to 4 GB and installed windows 7 ultimate. How can I install the software pre-installed?

    (1) more simple to get this working is machine to recover from drive D by pressing f11 when the computer starts.

    (2) install OS using the media created by you (incase you have created the media before formatting the computer or OS currputs). Start with 1 disc, and follow the steps to install the operating system.

    If you have already formatted the computer and there is no D drive or drives more.

    (3) order support from HP HP recovery and install the OS using these disks. Here's the link.

    Please be informed that recovery is going to re install the operating system, drivers, and applications. in this process, you lose all the data on your computer, please take care of the data before you start the recovery process.

  • Satellite Pro P100 Question on software pre-installed

    I bought a Toshiba laptop in July and although I am very happy with the machine.

    I'm very upset that he came with very little software that I expected at least MS works or similar for a professional laptop, but there is nothing (no spreadsheet, text or data processing)

    After spending more than £1,000. I'm a little annoyed - don't know if it's a world of Toshiba or PC Business (people, I bought it from) error.

    One of my colleagues bought a laptop the week £600 last and which have very many useful software pre-installation.


    You talk about the Satellite Pro P100 PSPA4E series?

    If you really this machine then I put t agree with you!
    To my knowledge of many tools and utilities and additional programs have been installed on this laptop.
    Maybe a small list?
    Here you are:
    -Office OneNote2003
    -TOSHIBA utilities
    -Platinum WinDVD Creator2
    -Sonic DLA
    -Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2006
    -PC Diagnostic tool

    Please note that the software package Microsoft Office OneNote offers several useful simple programs!

    May I ask why you compare one satellite Pro P100 with other laptops who don t support the same processor, the graphics card performance and additional features?

    From my personal experience of many manufacturers of laptop while customers with software pre-installed because that the performance of the laptop or simple parts (graphics card, HARD drive, memory IE) are not approximately the same mostly.

    Last but not least; I put t really understand why you're a little annoyed.
    Why you didn t check the laptop and the description?
    Do you always buy a cat in a bag?

    Really strange guy?  :|

  • Software pre-installed on Satellite L10-194

    I bought my new laptop with XP Home Edition and all the preinstalled software Toshiba like Norton antivirus and MS OneNote.

    I upgraded my laptop with XP pro, of formatting my hard drive and do a fresh install. How can I get my Norton and MS Office OneNote 2003.

    The CD with laptop computer contain these two software. Help, please.



    It is not possible to install individual programs appearing on the recovery disc and Toshiba do not provide their stay.

    You can buy them.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot find "automatic detection" to reinstall the software pre-installed on my desktop after installing win7

    I did a full install of win7 from vista on my hp Pavilion a6250z desktop which has deleted my preinstalled software that came with the computer.  They told me to go to hp and run detection system to reinstall the software, but after a lot of research were not able to find auto-detection. Any ideas on where should I look for?  Thank you!

    What we call "automatic detection" can be found HERE. The only thing he finds some drivers and install some software updates for your original Vista. HP no longer provides the software pre-installed on their Web site.

    My experience is that if you have created your HP recovery disks when you got the computer or just before you did a clean install of Windows 7, you should be able to find most of the original software on the discs. Insert the HP recovery disc in the DVD drive and navigate to the folder "HP". In this folder should be a file 'Drvr' and a file 'Apps '. You should be able to find the software preinstalled in the "Apps" folder Note that some programs may not work correctly because they were not designed to be used with Windows 7.


  • Re: Satellite C870 - Questions about Toshiba software pre-installed


    Instant Messaging user a new SATELLITE C870-1JV
    Or seen a review on an American site saying that all software pre-installed Toshiba slowing down the operating system.
    The site has recommended that a windows clean install to remove all...

    Everyone does this, or would you recommend?

    Anyone like the software installed and recommend keep it?

    Thank you!!

    > Someone has he done this, or would you recommend?
    You always want to use the advanced features like function keys laptop?
    If so, don t remove the feature key Toshiba software that controls the keys.

    You always want to be informed of updates to the driver through Toshiba Tempro or Toshiba Service Station?
    Then don t delete these software

    But as far as I know there are also other additional software installed on the laptop.
    For example: TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA Eco Utility, TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor, etc.
    All of these tools provide additional functionality, it s your decision whether or not you want to use.

  • Disk utility finds several files and folders after formatting external hard drive

    It is somewhat an Enigma to me. I bought an external hard drive that I wanted to use to store my Time Machine backups. I formatted in Mac OS extended (journaled case-sensitive) without any problems, however, I noticed that disk utility indicated that I had 18 and 59 files (space used = 448,1 Mb)!  I ejected the disc, it reconnected and utility found 64-19 records to disc now! How is that possible? What is going on?  I used the 'diskutil list' command on the Terminal, and I found the following:

    / dev/disk2


    0: GUID_partition_scheme * GB 500,1 disk2

    1: disk2s1 EFI EFI 209.7 MB

    2: Apple_HFS disk2s2 backup 499,8 Gb

    I see there are 2 partitions, even if I made a partition during formatting of the drive.  I don't know if this 'normal' or if I'm doing something wrong. I would be very happy any help you can give! Thank you very much!

    It's normal. new disc format have information. When you start the firmware queries drives to see what is on them to find if they ae bootable

  • Format external hard drive for "Photos"?

    Go to my library of Photos together a new external hard drive which will be connected to my iMac. Suggestions on the layout of form or something else I might want to think? I would like to change is moving with it, too.

    10.11.3 running; connects to the "OWC Mercury on the Go Pro"

    Plan to just drag my photo library on (it is huge - over 400 GB). Maybe create a new library of pictures, too, but store them all on the EXT HD.

    It must be partitioned and formatted for use on your Mac:

    1. Open utility disk from the Applications\utilitaires folder.
    2. After loading disk utility, select the external hard drive (entrance Out-bumpy with of the mfgr.) ID and size) in the list to one side. Click the utility tab Partition or delete in the toolbar of disc. Adjustable circular diagram to set the number of partitions if you want more than one.
    3. In the Group dropdown set the GUID partition scheme. Define the type of Format Mac OS extended (journaled).
    4. Click on the apply button and wait for button done to activate it.
  • Satellite Pro A40: Is it possible to format the HARD drive without disk

    I am passing on a Satellite Pro A40 to a brother. It is in very good condition, but has slowed down over the years. I want to get rid of my data (I have on a new machine) and speed up the system by formatting the hard drive.

    The machine didn't come with a disc for Windows XP, or a recovery CD (just a CD "tools and utilities"). I'm sure the drive HARD will be partitioned, and I can format the drive without such a disc.

    If this is true, how should I do?
    Thank you.


    I can't believe that you do not have recovery media.
    The laptop must be supplied with recovery CD, Tools & Utilities CD, and WinDVD.

    But back to your question;
    If you insert a new HARD disk, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows to install the operating system.
    The new drive is not partitioned HARD and doesn't have any OS pre-installed!

    If you n t have the original CD of Microsoft OS you can contact the service provider allowed in your country and you can order it.

    I hope I could help

    Good bye

  • Cannot format external hard drive

    Formatting an external hard drive
    I can't get my external hard drive to format, the window says it is not formatted, so can someone please help me get this format?

    It is a 20 GB 2.5samsung, or is this even compatible with a Telechareger?


    1. What is the brand and model of your external hard drive?
    2. you have any data on the disk?

    Try to format the drive on another computer and check if it helps.

    In addition, run the command chkdsk (check disk) on the disk.

    Follow these steps:
    1. click on start and then right click on computer.
    2. click on properties.
    3. now click on theTools menu, and then click check now.
    4. Select the external hard drive.
    5. check the "automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".
    6. click on check now.

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher-Microsoft Support.
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  • Can WRT1900ACS use an external hard drive with disks in RAID 0, 1, or JBOD?


    Happy new year.

    Is an external drive with more disks RAID 0, 1; JBOD compatible with WRT1900ACS?

    I have this idea to tie a big (6-8 TB) external drive and use the DLNA feature as an alternative to a computer as NAS and DLNA server. The external drive could be four 2 TB Western Digital hard drives in RAID 0, 1; JBOD. The boxes can be:

    - Western Digital my book Duo.

    - IB-3640SU3 - external case of JBOD 4 x with eSATA and USB 3.0 for disks 3.5 "SATA hard.

    I hope someone can help clarify if I have misunderstood something.


    Jan Rouvi

    Hello. It is not recommended to use this type of enclosure with the WRT1900ACS, since most of this is managed by software that are installed on the computer. The software will not be able to detect hard drives, whether they are connected to the router and the router does not have this capability to configure drives in RAID 0, 1, or JBOD. The configuration of the router storage tool is just very basic. If you really need to configure RAID 0, 1, or JBOD in terms of network, you must obtain a SIN.

  • Format external hard drive

    Hey guys
    I used an old hard drive from the laptop to create a usb key recovery for a netbook without a disk drive.
    How do I now the format of the hard drive for use again as it is no longer present on my pc, if I set to boot from it, it get up she just try to run recovery which was copied on it used.

    If the only thing on the external drive is recovering files to the netbook, then chances are that your PC is not going to see this player.  The two computers to the same operating system or are they different?  If you don't need the files on the external hard drive recovery and see it the netbook, you may need to format it on the netbook so then the PC should see it.  But if you need to copy the files of recovery out there, I don't know what to tell you.  I would recommend to put these files on the hard drive of the netbook and get an external optical drive that you can make a CD or a DVD backup recovery files.  The two computers are linked by chance?  You can connect and use the transfer tool to copy the files from recovery on your PC, so you can burn it to a CD and then you could be formatted externally.

    Transfer files and settings from another computer

    I hope this helps.  Let us know the status.
    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows could not complete the format (external hard drive)

    I use windows 7 64 bit and my external hard drive crashed and has converted his car to RAW format rather than NTFS

    I tried to solve the problem by changing the name of 'L' discs to other letters and retry the format without success

    I also tried to use the disk management format and changed to an optimal device

    And also I tried using diskpart.exe

    This has not just to reformat the drive, so I can use it I do not have the information about this because it's still all on my computer any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


    could a. you give us the exact error message and the error code, if any?
    b. what commands did you tried the diskpart utility?
    c. I recommend to do the full format rather than the quick and check.
    d. also try to format the drive on another computer and check.

    I recommend you to use the clean command to remove and format all partitions on the external hard drive and check. See the article below for more information.
    A Description of the Diskpart command-line utility
    (This article is valid for Windows 7 too.)
    Note: Run the clean command, you delete the content and the partitions on the external hard drive.
    For more information, refer to the article below.
    Formatting disks and drives: frequently asked questions
    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Transfer of photos to an external hard drive, lost photos

    I had a new hard drive LaCie today, connected and started a new folder on the drive to store my photos.  In Lightroom, I dragged my first record, one that contained about 2 000 images on the new folder on the external drive.  He began to transfer files, but stopped after 532 files and said that everything was transferred.  Photos of ~ 1500 remaining seem to have disappeared - they are not appearing on my laptop or external hard disk.  Could someone help me through this and understand what has happened to my photos?  I have transferred the wrong way?

    sargonz wrote:

    I had a new hard drive LaCie today, connected and started a new folder on the drive to store my photos.  In Lightroom, I dragged my first record, one that contained about 2 000 images on the new folder on the external drive.  He began to transfer files, but stopped after 532 files and said that everything was transferred.  Photos of ~ 1500 remaining seem to have disappeared - they are not appearing on my laptop or external hard disk.  Could someone help me through this and understand what has happened to my photos?  I have transferred the wrong way?

    You experience a rare but persistent and nasty bug that Adobe says they have searched and cannot find (see answer 27 here: Re: lost photos )


    Moved the files in Lightroom 2/3 flat disappeared?

    Hello, I have a problem with a folder endangered while I was with lightroom

    Tried to move a folder and it delete files on disk

    Lightroom deletes pictures while moving

    Moving files in Lightroom - lost all my photos!

    Re: Lost photos

    Missing 6 months worth of pictures of my kids, HELP!

    In the future, it would be wise not to move the photos in Lightroom. Instead, you can move the pictures in your operating system and then reconnect in Lightroom using Adobe Lightroom - find folders and files moved or missing;

    For now, you must restore the photos of your backups.

    Hey people Adobe, perhaps you should look into this new.

Maybe you are looking for