Formatting the USB in Windows XP disk, create a folder "system volume information" How can I overcome this problem

Hello team, I tried to format my 2 GB to Format NTFS USB in WINDOWS XP. When I format the drive, it has been formatted sucssfully, but in the formatted disk, a folder is created named as 'System Volume Information '. I tried to remove my USB drive safley but it show and error as "the generic Volume is used in another program... '. ».  Why this happens, the 'System Volume Information' folder is a virus? How can I fix this problem... reply me as soon as possible... Thank you all...


It does seem like a virus. Since you're a NTFS format, it should be a system folder. System folder is present on NTFS volumes and is used for system restore points.

If you want to remove, you may need to format the drive to FAT32.

See also:

Access to the System Volume Information folder;en-us;309531

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