Fotor for Windows 8


I loaded the request above (Fotor for Windows 8), but it stops working when I try to save an edited photo file (JPEG).

Everyone is faced with a problem of this nature? If so, is there a solution?



Your best bet is to contact the developer.  They are the only ones to know the application and can offer authorized support, we cannot but support products Microsoft here on this site.

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    I tried to update iTunes for Windows, and then uninstall it and then install again iTunes and iCloud for Windows, but I can't do any. I'm mainly getting the security file error when I try both uninstall and reinstall. Works fine on my laptop, but not in my office. I've recently updated to version 10 of Windows Home 1607, build 144393.222 - don't know if that has anything to do with the problem.

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    The latest Version is the 6.0 and most likely a new Version does not solve your problem.

    It would be nice if you could provide the full error message-> if this is a Windows Installer Package error please check if you could install all Windows updates.

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    I updated my Windows on the 4 Surface Pro "update for the Windows Version 10 1607 for x 64-based Systems (KB3176936)" on September 29, 2016.

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    I also downloaded and ran the MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta but does not really.

    Please let know us if you have a solution to this.

    Thank you.

    What happens if you chose the repair?  Did you do that?

    Did you reboot safe mode and tried the facility from here or maybe even repair?

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    The feature you are trying to use is on a network unavailable resource.


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    Can someone please help?

    Kind regards


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    Have you tried to remove the old version first?

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    Last update of itunes did not or does not install.  Download installation errors.  TBH, I tried so many solutions I forgot if the following was the original errors.  But is not serious... This is what is happening.

    Windows 10 PC.  I tried most of the solutions I found.  Through solutions offerred in HT204275.  Then I uninstalled itunes and its related components and services (software update support for mobile devices, Hello, and 32 and 64 application support).  And folders deleted, etc.  Rebooted, restarted in SafeMode etc etc.  Same mistakes.

    1 error security file C:\... \kdrl\GetLastError:5

    2. failed to start services.

    3. Repeat steps 1.

    I also tried to install the component by component after the opening of itunes6464setup.exe to winrar.

    Basically, it gives me the - error getting file security.  After trying to install apple application support. 32 and 64.

    Go to Mobile Device Support I selected and tried both repair and installation.  Nevertheless he gves me a cannot start service error.  I tried to start it manually, it does not start.  But it says the software good lol (mobiledevicesupport) installed.  Oh is morning then it installs OK, whoopee.  I go to itunes itself 6464.exe.  Will loop to the application supports the error.

    I also tried the solution of adding permissions to a file that I don't remember now.  Also used windows install cleanup utility.

    I am at a loss.  What bothers me, it's too much I'm subscribed to itunes in icloud and itunes game.  good luck getting a refund lol

    I suspect that you should remove the file mentioned in the 1. above.

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    The download button uses javascript to trigger the correct download for your platform, or at least should be.

    If you have trouble downloading the installation file from iTunes to the current address try; Uncheck the box "Keep me updated", clearing your browser cache, changing the settings of the blocker of pop-up, right click or ctrl - click on the download button, using a different browser, or by using the direct links of here.

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  • Is there a version of Safari for windows?

    I'm trying to find a version of Safari for windows. I like to use Safari, but my mac is requires little work and I can't get used to netscape. Firefox is a close second, but I need my files and preferences of Safari, so I can continue to do some kind of work.  Any information would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!


    No, sorry. Apple has been singularly Safari for Windows a few years back.

    Many users are happy with the Google Chrome browser.

  • Videos of my iphone won't download for Windows PC


    I have an iPhone 6 more and I stop using iCloud because I run out of space. I disabled iCloud and using only the flow of pictures to download photos from my iPhone to my PC Windows 10. Photos are always download but the videos are not download on my PC.

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    version of Safari for windows

    Apple has continued to develop Safari for Windows years ago.

    Please use another browser of your choice.


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    I do you

    You try to download it? Download iTunes 12.1.3 for Windows (32 bit)

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    I can't update the iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Currently, I have the version and I'm trying to upgrade to the latest version. I have Windows 7.

    Here is what I tried:

    • Download to iCloud for Windows from the Apple site
    • Running the Apple software update and let it try to install the update
    • Running Apple Software Update and by going to tools > download only, and then manually by running the Setup program

    They all produce a similar error message:

    When you run Setup manually, the stage in which Setup is always hanging on is "drops the backup files. Based on this information, what can I do so that it can be updated?

    You may have to disable your software security temporarily.

  • instrucyions for windows custom installation 10 for firefox

    There was an email from Firefox who asked the upgrade of Windows 10 custom installation.

    I need to know what are the steps. I have not yet installed.


    Once you have updated for Windows 10 and Firefox installed, you will find this article useful to set Firefox as default browser.

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

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