Four express airport Wireless extends through the other, instead of directly through my airport extreme


I have a small question which I hope someone can help me with.

I have an airport extreme that I use as base station, and since I live in a big house, I extended wireless network with four Airport express devices. I put express devices from the airport in mode "expand the network."

The question I have is that two of the expresses correctly connects directly to the Airport extreme, but the two other go via the two expresses first and not directly to the airport extreme base station.

I am worried that I have will lose speed because of this and wondered if I can implement all the features four Airport express way so they all connect directly to the base station and not by the other?

Any advice would be appreciated - thanks.

I am worried that I have will lose speed because of this and wondered if I can implement all the features four Airport express way so they all connect directly to the base station and not by the other?

Apple "extend a wireless network" feature works on the strength of the signal, so the ideal situation would be to have AirPort Extreme, located within your home with each Airport Express located approximately the same distance from the AirPort Extreme around the perimeter of the House.

Think of a 4-spoke wheel. AirPort Extreme would be the "hub" in the center of the wheel and located at the end of a ray separated from each AirPort Express Terminal. In this way, each AirPort Express connects directly to the 'hub' and expand properly.

The question I have is that two of the expresses correctly connects directly to the Airport extreme, but the two other go via the two expresses first and not directly to the airport extreme base station.

The two airport expresses which connect to other expresses 'extension' of the network are not all. They 'join' the network... so they could be used for AirPlay or a printer USB remote... but the Express do not 'extends' the network when he "joined".

You will need to experiment with different places until you see all four expresses connect directly to the main AirPort Extreme.

As loss of speed in the network is... whenever you try to extend wireless network, nearly half of the potential speed on the network will be lost in the process. It's just a character of the beast to the extension of a wireless network.

You can avoid the loss of speed in the network by configuring each AirPort Express Terminal to connect to the main router using a wired Ethernet cable connection. There is no loss of speed at all through the connection Ethernet cable up to 300 + feet, so full power is stored on the network when you do it this way.

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  • How to connect the Airport express as an Extender for airport extreme to El Capitan

    I have a model extreme A1521 airport and a model express airport A1392 and upgraded my OS to El Capitan. I want to use the express as an Extender for the extreme because my old House is long and has thick walls. My problem is that Airport utility will not 'see' the express, regardless of its proximity to the main router (extreme). I tried to move and reset.

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    Unplug the Express and put it in the same room as the AirPort Extreme.

    Put power on the Express for a few minutes, then hold down the reset button on the back of the Express for 7 to 8 seconds and release.

    Allow a minute for the Express to restart

    Click the WiFI icon at the top of the screen of the Mac

    Look for an announcement of the new AirPort base station

    Click directly on the AirPort Express Terminal

    When you click on AirPort Express, the "Wizard" will open and take a few seconds to analyze things, and then see a screen that looks like the figure below, except that you can see your cameras.

    Type a short and simple name that you want to call the Express

    Click next

    The installation wizard will take care of everything for you

    When you see the message Setup is complete, unplug the Express and move to halfway between the AirPort Extreme and the area of the House that needs more coverage of wireless signal

    Turn on the Express and you're all set

    Important note... the Express to expand the quality of the signal it receives. About half of the potential speed on the entire nextwork is lost when you extend using a wireless connection between the airports.

    It would be much better if you could connect the Express to the extreme by using wired Ethernet wired, permanent, since there is no loss of signal via the Ethernet cable and there is always a lot of loss of signal through the air, the (thick walls especially) walls, ceilings, etc.

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    Hope these helps.

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  • Speed degrades with Airport Extreme


    I have an Airport Extreme and need to extend the wireless range to improve the signal - so I added an Airport Express.  Setup was simple and I had no problems.  Firmware is up to date on both units.

    When connected the intensity of the signal is full, but overall wireless performance decreases over time. I have a 100 GB cable connection.  Sometimes it will get between 75 GB and 100 GB, but most of the time that it is of the order of 20-29GB.  When the Apple Express is connected it can go below 10 GB.

    I had the supplier go out and check on the signal of the street in my house and they claim that the signal is very good.  I have read several posts suggesting to change the channel of 2.4 Ghz 11-to-1, so I did.  5 GHz running at 149.

    Should I reconfigure the network so the Express is the main unit connected to the Arris SB6121?  Then set up a WAN to the extreme? Or any other suggestions?

    Thank you

    Extend wireless will slow dramatic wireless... that is part of what extend wireless because of the design.

    In addition, the Express is a slow device... It is not in the same League that the extreme... its absolute maximum speed by ethernet is 100mbit. So it is hardly usable as a primary router.

    I doubt, exchanging the roles of the express and extreme will help even if we can solve another problem.

    The airport the last extreme IE height Gen6 model is not compatible with SB6121 cable modem. There is nothing wrong with any of them... they do not work together. If you just test the express... but are not wireless extend with the extreme... Use ethernet or ethernet EOP (called homeplug United States) on the power adapters... which may or may not work... but when they are far superior to wireless technology extends the installation program.

    Is be another post down 3... It is a common problem.

    Airport Extreme & Motorola Surfboard SB6121

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    All my express airport extended (one for music, one for the printer and one to extend range) lost their connection at the same time.  In other words, they all went from green to yellow flashing.  I was not able to reconnect.  Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    Your first step is always power off the entire network... what... and then restart in good order.

    Modem... Wait 2 min

    Main router... Wait 2 min

    Extenders... Wait 2 minutes.

    Printer and other clients... wait that see everything toward the top.

    If this fails, then you need to find how the network is down... Connect the modem to the computer by ethernet... didn't you internet... If Yes... then try to the main router... If so, try again the next step... When you find the scene of the breakdown, reset it to factory and redo the configuration.

  • can a wifi with an airport extreme network be extended with two Airport express wireless?

    I have developed successfully the range of my wifi network by connecting an older brick of Airport express to a new airport extreme. Unfortunately, there is a room more than I would like to achieve, so I'm trying to add a second (newer) to bring in this room to get full coverage. When I try to set up in the airport utility it hits an "unexpected error" message continually or breaks down the network. should I change in the settings? the express environment be on something else (like a relay?) in order to allow the new express to join the network? I have reset the factory default final express and tried to let the wizard implemented to extend my existing network.

    I understand that I will sacrifice speed, but there is no way to connect them at the present time. worst case, I should better results if I break through the floor and the extreme of wire in the Middle express?

    Thank you


    Sorry, but Apple will allow you only to wireless "extend" the network once, not two.

    In other words, just about any device that "extends" the network must connect directly to the 'main' router... not to another router that is already expanding the network.

    Another way of saying the same thing... both your need for extensions at about the same distance from the 'main' router and two extensions should be closer to the main router they are to each other.

    You want to continue trying to implement the 2nd AirPort Express Terminal?

    "I should better results if I break through the floor and the extreme of wire in the Middle express?

    Yes, that would allow you to do what you want, assuming that the 'remote' Express can pick up a good signal of the Middle Express wireless.

  • Please let know us if it is practical to use Airport Extreme to extend the network wireless in a big house.

    I suspect that an original device connected to the modem cable... an intermediate device... and there should be a final device in a place further from the original device. I note that tech online article does talk to a wireless network using the 802.11ac signal. Would be grateful for advice on the feasibility of this. I currently have a Time Capsule, Airport Extreme connected my cable modem. I have a ~ 6 600 feet at home with the press on the 2nd story room and the other end of the House.

    You can use Airport Express to extend wireless created by an AEBS. If the AEBS is a model of turn then it supports 802.11ac, but most dishes are not. New the AEX take in charge 802.11ac, but it is of little use if the AEBS model is not.

  • Impossible to extend the AirPort Extreme wireless network

    I have a wireless network set up with a time Capsule airport 4th generation.  I'm trying to take my old AirPort Extreme wireless 3rd generation. I have double. Kettle has implemented, but I get the status message on the extreme that it cannot extend the network.  I can get a strong signal on my iPhone from the point that I have placed extreme itching so I'm close enough to the time Capsule.

    Could I use a connection by current bearer through my home wiring to the extreme and extend it like that?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Please follow these steps closely and report on your results.

    Power off time Capsule airport.

    Wait 10 to 15 seconds

    Power up Time Capsule airport

    Reset the AirPort Extreme back to default factory

    Set up AirPort Extreme still extend wireless signal of the time Capsule

    Report on the results

  • Interruption of the WiFi connection.  Green light is the Airport Express. Settings Network said the cable for the Wi - Fi connection is not connected or the device at the other end does not respond.

    Interruption of the WiFi connection.  Green light is the Airport Express.  Settings Network said the cable for the Wi - Fi connection is not connected or the device at the other end does not respond.  Tried to reset Airport Express, but remained light amber or orange flashing.  I unplugged it and waited and plugged back into the light turned green.  Rebooted computer (Mac Pro). Parameters of said the same thing.  Managed to create a WiFi "network with the ethernet in the network settings section, and yet I am wireless.  I am online but not wired and WiFi settings still says not connected, and either the cable for the Wi - Fi is not plugged or the device at the other end does not respond. I don't understand this situation.  My original WiFi name disappeared.  How I am on the internet?

    What is the brand and model of the modem Internet you have the AirPort Express directly connected by Ethernet? What exact model number is your Express?

  • no more WiFi which extends from the airport express and Time capsule

    I have no more WiFi which extends from the express airport and Time capsule.

    and once it worked...

    airportconfiguration-app also works, but the graphic display allows to have a straight white line. now, it's one interrupted...

    Your unbroken lines in airport show connections ethernet utility... broken lines show the wireless connections.

    So it depends on the extend method you used.

    I think at this moment, things are configured wrongly... for some strange reason things happens and elements on a stand-alone basis, return to a default mode.

    The best way to manage it is full factory reset on everything... and repeat the installation.

    I have no more WiFi which extends from the express airport and Time capsule.

    It seems to me that you extend a NON-APPLE router... in this case, your Apple routers must connect by ethernet and create a wireless network. Routers Apple cannot extend the NON-APPLE router wired.

    The express could extend the TC or visa versa... by wireless...

    Then I suggest say us what is the main router in the network?

    You have connected by ethernet to the TC or Express or both?

    If so please reset completely the two elements and try again. Make sure they are in bridge mode... It's the network tab. Router Mode is turned off.

    And your wireless tab is configured to create a wireless network...

    Use the same name (SSID) and even the security setting and the password as the main router to network roaming (extend wireless ethernet).

    If the Express and transport CANADA are the same, both will have this configuration... If the express extends to wireless then it should NOT be connected to all the way to ethernet... (sequel to wan side at least) and it will be set to expand wireless on the wireless tab.

  • Express airport, used for the speakers, loses the connection to the network wireless after about 30 seconds

    Second generation of airport express base station used to play music loses connection wireless, also a second express network, gen airport after about 30 seconds.  Tried to change channels, reorienting the airport, using a different device - ipod and ipad, to listen to music - nothing works. Interestingly, my Amazon Music plays fine on the same airport and speakers and loses no signal.  Any help?

    Where the two Express base compared to the other station? Same room, different rooms or different floors? The host of iTunes (iPod or iPad) location when the streaming? Near the Express which provides the network Wi - Fi or the one used for streaming?

Maybe you are looking for

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