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My Office page leaves on an open thumb on the top.  How can I fill the page?

In the case, it's a Dell...

Small margin superior/gap on desktop Windows 7, Dell computer

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  • Spellercheck Firefox does not work on full page

    The spellercheck does not work to full page. When a page is very big check the spelling checker works somewhat.

    As in this Wikipedia page. https://en.Wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia & action = Edit

    How can I fix?

    There is a maximum number of errors that are reported.

    • Extensions. SpellCheck.Inline.Max - spelling mistakes = 500

    You can be hitting this limit on a large page with a lot of mistakes.

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

  • I get popups unwanted full page of different companies that sell stuff & Blocker is on.

    Whenever I click on a link to go somewhere else, I get a full page ad from different addresses like www.cloud-co...cc%2C1375769771207 or please install new rocket to the bottom of the charger or shit on streaming games I don't have wantI have tried everything I can. HELP Please!

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  • How to get site close Sidebar full-page display?

    During a browsing session I accidentally left the site displayed showing full page for a narrow strip to the left of the page. The opening page of Google takes the rest of the screen. This boring display mode is now permanent. I don't know what I pressed the button, and I can't find a way to bring back the display in any menu, full page.
    I used a computer for 15 years, but with very limited technical knowledge. It is mainly for e-mail and online information / shopping.

    This problem occurs more often when you clicked on a link on a website to bookmark the site. Do not click on "bookmark this site" or a similar link/button on web sites.

    To correct each of the affected bookmarks, make sure that "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" is selected/checked by doing one of the following:

    • Open the Favorites bar (Ctrl + B to open or close the bookmarks bar), right-click on the offending bookmark, choose 'Properties', last question at bottom above the buttons ' Save/Close.
    • In the library window (bookmarks > show all bookmarks), click on the offending bookmark, click on the button "More" at the bottom of the details (right-hand) pane, item is the last item above the word "lower to."

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

    Not related to your question, but...

    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

  • After leaving the House, ready to shut down my computer, I suddenly started to get ads full page on screen for everything under the Sun.

    I remove home page ready to shut down the computer. On the screen is an ad full page, always different and unrelated to Web sites I visited. He only started recently.

    Looks like a dose of Malware.

    Install, update and run these programs in this order. They are listed in order of efficiency.
    (Not all programs to detect malware, you may need to run them all to solve your problem.)
    These programs are provided free for personal use, but some have limited functionality in "free" mode - but these are the features that you really need not to find and eliminate the problem you have.

    Note: If your malware infection is bad enough and you're poorly led to URLS other than what is displayed, you may need to use another PC to download these programs and use a USB stick for transfer to the afflicted PC.

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php

    SuperAntispyware - http://www.superantispyware.com/

    AdAware - http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/

    Spybot Search & Destroy - http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html

    Windows Defender: Home Page - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/prod.../default.mspx

    In addition, if you have a re-direct search engine problem, see this:


    If they can't find it or cannot delete it, post in one of these forums using specialized malware removal:





  • I want to reverse the display full page

    I turned on to full page display in the screen of my FB and now can't access all the tools to reverse the trend.
    I also accidentally decreased the font size & need of restoration, but don't know how.


  • How to cancel the option full page?

    I selected the option 'Full Page' from the view tab. However, in this mode, the standard toolbar is not available. How to cancel the selection of the entire page?

    Mode full screen can be displayed/hidden power with the F11 key.

    Also, when full screen, you can move the cursor to the top of the screen, toolbars will be drop-down, right-click on space empty on a toolbar and click on "exit full screen".


    You need to update the following. The Plugin version (s) below has / have been submitted with your question and is obsolete. You need to update in order to avoid the known security issues with the version (s) you have installed. Click on 'more system info... '. "to the right of your question to see what was included with your question.

    • Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152
    • Next-generation Java plug-in 1.6.0_24 for Mozilla browsers
    1. Check your plugin versions on one of the following links:

    2. Update the Flash plugin to the latest version.
      • Download and SAVE to your desktop, so you can find the Setup program later
      • If you do not have the current version, click on the "Player Download Center" link on the 'download and information' or 'Download manual installers' below
      • Once the download is complete, exit Firefox
      • Click on the installer, you just download and install
        • Windows 7 and Vista: will need to right click on the installer and choose 'run as administrator '.
      • Launch Firefox and recheck your version or up to the download link below to test the installation
      • Download and information: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
        • Use Firefox to go to the site above to update the Firefox plugin (will also install the plugin for most other browsers, except IE)
        • Use IE to go to the site above to update the ActiveX to IE
      • Download manual installers.
    3. Update the Java plugin to the latest version.

  • See also "Manual Update" in this article for update from the Java Control Panel in Control Panel: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Using+the+Java+plugin+with+Firefox#Updates
  • Removal of older versions (if required): http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/remove_olderversions.xml
  • Remove several extensions of Console Java (if necessary): _ http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firefox: _FAQs_:_Install_Java #Multiple_Java_Console_extensions
  • Java test: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml
  • 7280 scans are not full page; cultures software image; Question of TWAIN?

    I have a new c7280 on Vista Home ultimate. I downloaded and installed all the drivers and software updates that have been listed for the site of HP C7280. When you try to scan using the web tool (JAVA app to the deposit of cheques online), picture is cropped automatically to the party 'text only' image (the empty part of the image is not sent). I have 'automatic cropping"off in the center of solutions and analysis produced initially a picture full page, but before being sent to the computer, the image is cropped, and that part of the image is sent.  The two following threads describe similar issues, involves a problem of TWAIN driver, but does provide some solutions.



    The problem unrelated to sizes of large file for the pdf scans is well documented on this site, and the solution is to replace the Solution Center (SC) version 10 with v12 (for c6380).  Indications for this procedure are shown here:


    Does anyone know if there is a software fix or the solution to my problem of automatic framing of the scanner?

    Will install SC v12 for the correct c6380 than this supposed driver TWAIN for the C7280 problem (i.e. SC made v12 difficulty other issues other than the issue of large file size v10?).  Please post similar problems here; I also intend to try the customer service and will post their response here.

    Well, I tried customer HP - what a joke. They provided 3 separate solutions, and each was worse than the others. Two of their suggested solutions were things I had already tried and documented in my original request!  I am shocked by client it's terrible to HP support is - a continuous theme this entire Forum.

    If, after deletion, with the HP customer support, I took a chance and installed HP Solution Center Version 12 (SC v12) for HP c6380, and it worked! When parsing using java based web app via Twain, the image is cropped is more. I think I've also solved the "pdf scans have too large file size" problem, but I had not yet known who. " It seems that SCv12 fixes a lot of problems for HP all in those running Vista.

    Here is a link for directions:


    Some additional notes:

    1. I do NOT uninstall all software before you run that 6380 full install profgram

    2. in the installation of new software for C6380, choice for what software to install, etc. have been through hyperlinks in the installation window, vice drag the boxes that were in the C7280 installation program. Minor difference, but I almost missed the opportunity to install only the SC.

    3. my everything on a printer (c7280) is connected via the wireless network. When installing SCv12 via the instructions above, during installation, the program will ask how the printer is connected. Choose "USB" and click the box that says «if you can't connect your device now...» "Installation will be completed, you will need to restart, and when the installation continues after the reboot, it offers you the possibility to add a connection to your desktop icon. You don't need to do this, just to complete the installation, and then open the solution Center, and it will find your printer. Mine is always listed as the c7280.

  • OfficeJet 4500 G510g: OfficeJet 4500 G510g will not print full page

    I'm having a problem that gets worse.  My OfficeJet 4500 G510g will not print a full page.  I have installed the latest updates, verified that it's the default printer, aligned the cartridges 2 or 3 times, cleaned the printheads of 2 or 3 times. but no success in getting it to print an entire page

    Hi @thrandall,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    My suspicion was correct, there is a hardware problem with system of distribution of ink or cartridge.

    Have you tried these steps in my previous post?
  • Bad analysis - don't scan full page

    I have Adobe Acrobat 8 on Windows XP.  When I scan a document in full page (with white edges and a little space of white around several objects that is scanning ID cards) - it only scans the objects - not the entire page.  The person on the other end must receiver print on 4 or 5 pages for all the information.

    I checked the settings and can not find anything wrong.  Help, please


    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    Please follow the steps from the link below.


    If you are still experiencing a problem, I suggest you to contact Adobe for assistance support team.


  • How can I get a full-page printed my e-mail without printing folder with her column.

    I want to get a full-page printed my e-mail without printing the file column.  Is this possible?

    And the e-mail program you are using is...?

  • If I have a page on the computer and to open another page it starts outsmall and I have to type a Max to come to full page why?

    When I have a page up and to open another page it will appear to half way and I have to type max sign so he could see the full page.

    Hi AngeliaNovel,

    · With what application this behavior is displayed there?

    To work around this problem, try the steps:

    a. open the window you want to open in maximized and close by pressing the cross of the window button.

    The next time you open the window, it would open an enlarged page.

  • When I open a link "in a new window' in IE - 8, the window is small, how can I do open in full page?

    When I open a link "in a new window' in IE - 8, the window is small, how can I do open in full page?


    Do not use the maximize button (or property of start-up).

    1. Start it IE as you normally would.
    2. Open a link in a new window (or whatever your nommal procedure that causes a window IE smaller size).
    3. Close the original windows, leaving only the small size, a
    4. Resize this last IE window by dragging the edges to be almost full screen - do not use the maximize button!
    5. Close the window of the latter and the size parameter should stick.


    God will not look you over for medals, but for scars. Each winner has scars; I do this either on the same heart

  • Get off at full page in the browser

    I managed to get the full page on my browser. I don't have the controls at the top of the page that I need to copy, paste, etc. How can I restore the controls at the top of the page and go down to full page, which extends the content of the page anywhere. ?


    try pressing F11 if you are using full-page

    or repost in the forums of the internet Explorer


  • OfficeJet 4500 G510n-z, HP Envy, Windows 8.1, cannot print full page color or b photo

    OfficeJet 4500 G510n-z, HP Envy, Windows 8.1, cannot print full page photo color or b & w, prints the text of the entire page.  Tried several programs with the same result.  A run all diagnostic tests, Test the printer prints full page, but HPdr test does not completely print page.  Pilots to consult.  Where should I go now?

    Hi there @DFK43 , welcome to the Forums!

    I saw your post and I would like to offer my suggestion for the problem you are having with printing photos in color or black and white.

    First of all, to perform all the updates of Windows, select those optional too:

    Windows Update - ' do I need to check the updates?

    Try printing now, if the problem persists, try:

    1. uninstalling the printer software

    2. restart your PC

    3. Reinstall in 2 ways:

    (a) HP printer install wizard for Windows

    (b) HP Officejet Full Feature software and driver

    Best wishes

  • right - click on print to a page will not print full page

    I have a problem, make a right click to a page and get the full page to print. It is printing only what is visible in the window instead of the whole page. I ensure that I click in the window before printing. I CAN print to PDF and THEN print and that's fine. I guess that there is a setting that allows a sense of complete window. I had a few colleagues are trying and a couple had the same problem. Windows 7 and Windows XP. Help!


    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. what web browser do you use?

    2 is the limited issue print Web pages?

    If you are using Internet Explorer then I suggest you follow the steps in the article and check if it works.

    I can't print or preview before printing a Web page in Internet Explorer


    Hope this information helps. Please come back for any clarification on this or any issue of Windows. We will be happy to help you.

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