Hi all

I have a problem with the

My script is as follows:

-J' made a form with several fields.

-A user determined open this form and fill in the fields.

-That the user is able to send the form via PDF or save in XML format.

In Acrobat 8 Professional, there is no problem to make these features but in Acrobat Reader 9, the user cannot save data in XML format.

I placed the"",0) function in the click event of a checkbox.

I would like to know if it is possible to get the same functionality in Adobe Reader as Adobe Professional.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.



You can apply rights Reader Acrobat 9 Standard or above, but these are limited.

LiveCycle Reader Extensions is a server product, which is part of the suite LiveCycle. See here:

It does not require Acrobat in particular, because it is not 'on' for installed Acrobat. You must contact Adobe sales at your location to know the costs and components required.

If you want to export the XML data, then you are looking at all the users with the full version of Acrobat (option 1) or you want to apply rights to drive using LC Reader Extensions (option 4).

Hope that helps,


Ensure the dynamics

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  •"",0); may not work in adobe reader, why?

    Form1. Config.Button1 [0]: click - (JavaScript, client)"",0);

    export .xml file, it works in format adobe acrobat, XI.

    In adobe reader, click on the button, may not work.


    Thank you ~.

    Player cannot export data from form unless the document has been activated with the use of import/export of straight form with LiveCycle Reader Extensions. Acrobat cannot activate the document with this right of use.


    Hi, in Designer script reference, the export method of data,

    It is said that the parameter 1 (filename) is valid only if it is a "document certified where user has sufficient permissions".

    what he means by "certified document"?

    How can I do a certified document?

    Thank you

    Thus, the "certified document" means the PDF form that I try to export the form data?


    It is not on the file XML (or XDP) resulting from the action of export?

    N °

    and if I don't have Acrobat Pro, I can't use the parameter #1 the export method then?

    Fix. You need Acrobat or LiveCycle ES.

    still do not understand the reason why it doesn't allow me to specify the output file name when the document is not certified

    Security. Imagine a scenario where anyone could send you a PDF file which writes a file .bat on your hard drive and takes the file system or re-written the registry.



    I would like to use the function ('BLACK' ","MY COLOR", 3, 1);

    to display an alert message if the Text1 field is equal to the 'BLACK '.


    to display a warning if the Text1 field is equal to "YELLOW"


    to display an alert message if the Text1 field is equal to "GREEN".


    Okay, well you can just have if statements to the output value wanted:

    If (text1.rawValue == 'BLACK') {} ("BLACK", "MY COLOR", 3, 1);

    } Else if (text1.rawValue == 'YELLOW') {} ("", "MY COLOR", 3, 1);

    } Else if (text1.rawValue == "GREEN") {} ("", "MY COLOR", 3, 1);


    I hope this helps!

  • Use to trigger two consecutive beeps?

    Looks like it should be simple enough, but apparently not.

    I tried different combinations, place (1) in:

    -consecutively in the click event of the button.

    -separately in the mouseUp event and click;

    -place in a function and two calls to the function

    -call to the function then (1);

    Even tried (1) in the click event of Button1, and then click hidden event execution button 2, which contains (1).

    All work around suggestions? Thank you!


    Hi Brian,.

    Try this;

    XFA. Host.Beep (1)

    app.setTimeOut (" (1)", 500);

    Who calls the beep, then half a second (or 500 m/s) later he calls again.



  • (); beep problem (Expand); is placed below the text field. When cursore enters the field 'expand', a tone is created.

    How can I stop it?


    All the sounds you hear using created LiveCycle Forms is sounds generated by your operating system - not PDFcreated and therefore not controlled by the authoring software. Sounds can be changed in the control panel - system sounds. There are no other ways to overcome what I know.

    I know that the fact that this has - I did not like it. However, I changed my sound Setup using a theme provided by Win7 and have a much more enjoyable experience. But all users can hear what they hear, according to the settings on their operating system. I have no control over this part of the user experience.

    Good luck!


  • () in Adobe Reader / dynamic Tables to AcroForms?

    Hi all

    I have a dynamic array in my form of life cycle. Each row in the table contains a button that connects to an external PDF file (using The links work fine in Acrobat Pro 8, so far, so good... But when you click on the buttons in Reader 8, nothing happens. No error message or a security warning, nothing...

    I searched on the web and some forums for this problem and read between the lines of some posts, I came to guess that my lifecycle of the form will not work in Adobe Reader unless I have purchase the license of life cycle of the respective Extensions... :-/

    What exactly are my options now? I cannot get the buttons to work in Adobe Reader somehow (using JS) without having to buy the Reader Extensions? Or can I somehow to recreate the dynamic table of the form of the lifecycle using AcroForms in Acrobat 8 Pro to avoid the problem I have? If so, how can I add such a table using Acrobat form... Tools?

    Thanks for your help,

    You can use:

    app.openDoc (FilePath.rawValue);

    to open another form of Adobe.

  • How to perform an action when the user clicks on the "OK" button on a script by


    I have a script that when you exit a field without the user data that a script response is mentioned.

    When the user has entered the required data in the dialog box and click the OK button I wish that the data user in the field as a value.

    Please can someone tell how this is possible?

    The script is listed as follows:

    If this field is stopped without the user to enter data, the following message is displayed


    (Employee_ID.rawValue == null)


    XFA. Host.Response ("is a required field, enter your employee id');



    I think that this script will do the job:

    If (this.rawValue is nothing)


    var id = ("is a required field, enter your employee id');
    this.rawValue = id;


  • Muse CC 2014 cannot save the programe of work/close after using the function "FTP host download"

    Hi, I'm new and try the 'Upload to the FTP host' function yesterday and encountered this problem.

    The files got uploaded, published on the site immediately... but Muse seems to screw up a bit after that. I can't save my file as I am only left with file > open recent element and a few others not. I tried to close the program, he asked if I want to save the file. I clicked 'Yes', but he has not saved. The program did not close either. I have to close the program via the Task Manager.

    My assumptions:

    -This has happened after that I used the 'Upload to FTP Host' option.

    -J' I checked on the task bar, there is an icon "edge CC inspect." I don't think that it works because it is not installed on my computer and the options just brings me to the Adobe download page.

    -Prior to this, I downloaded Flash Builder Premium, but I used it just that I realized that I need to write the code that I suck at... so much that causes the crash?

    Google and realized there was a similar, but unanswered thread in Adobe communities.

    Someone help? This is a very handy feature that I like to use...


    in case you always get this question

    Please download the, unzip it and save the figure ftpPrefs.xml file to the following location:

    On Windows: %appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe CC\2014.0 Muse (you can type in the path bar at the top of the Windows Explorer window)

    On Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Adobe CC/2014.0 Muse (you can type in the dialog box go to the folder by using shift-command-G)

    Muse uses extended FTP Mode Passive (EPSV). This is the preferred mode for optimal performance, but we find that some hosts have configured FTP servers such as EPSV is not supported or EPSV only works if you are inside the firewall as well as the FTP server. The ftpPrefs.xml file that precedes, turns off EPSV mode. So if this is the problem in this case, implementation of this file should allow you to properly connect and download without errors.

  • Argument of table by calling the function of host 3DAnnots


    with Acrobat, I try this: host.my_func (Array) from an Annots3D script.

    My_Func is a function of pdf document.

    That's what I get my_func:

    (1) console.println (Array): Arr_Element_1, Arr_Element2

    (2) for... in console.println (Array [i]):

    [object ScriptProxy]

    [object ScriptProxy]

    Table [i] is undefined

    (actually I'm passing an array of 2 elements).

    So the only way to work on the table in the document my_func must stringify Array (Array.toString ()) and recreate a table. It's perhaps a feasible way with berries literal but also passable with items that you can imagine.

    You have no work around?

    Thank you

    Global access to objects is indeed the restriction of sandboxing. What you try to do is not an object reference the transfer between scripts as you would for pages web interact with each other, but between the performers. Allowing it would be a huge problem, as you could inject methods and properties.

  • R6025 pure virtual function call, host of search filter

    Does anyone know why my PC comes up woth this error?

    I have other PCs on the same domain server the same drive without problems indexing.

    I reinstalled and removed the location then the location allowed once again - no joy...

    If I chnge the location of a local drive it works fine, as soon as I include the maped drive (where my documents are like Im on a domain server it does once again)

    any advice would be great


    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community site. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet Windows 7 networking forum.

    I hope this helps.

  • Export quick question (I hope) for the reader

    I use the following button created in livecycle:

    Form1. Submit::click - (JavaScript, client)"",0);

    In Acrobat Pro, I got a prompt to save the file .xml (behavior)

    I have activated the form with 'extend the functionality of adobe reader' using Pro and have the menu option "save under" available in Reader, so I know that works.

    However, when the user clicks the export button in Reader, it flickers and does nothing.

    Any ideas on this one?

    Thank you!

    LiveCycle is a range of products and not a specific product. You are referring to LiveCycle Designer to create your form. To be able to extend drive to export/import data, you would need the LiveCycle Reader Extensions Server product. It cannot be done in the designer or Acrobat. As it is a server product a complete platform (Web applications, database server) is necessary. The good news is that you can download a trial version and use a turnkey facility which will give you a JBoss server and a mySql database. The bad news is that you need the appropriate server hardware to run all this.


  • Submitting a form on client local disk?

    HI -.

    I created a dynamic form that I used to do a small number of recipients to me by e-mail as an XDP file, but due to the difficulties of the end user get it still works, I need to add a method to submit which will save the data on disk local to the end user so they can slide on a shared folder in Google.  Y at - it a submit button option that will open a save window that allows the user to access a location of their choice then save the XDP file under a name of their choice (as the similar step by sending an e-mail with a web mail client not recognized do not email script)?  It should work with Mac and PC and cannot have a fixed "save" location because the users machines are all different.  I guess that once it's done I have to activate extended for Acrobat rights.

    I tried to find a way to do this with a click event of the button "submit format ="xml"textEncoding =" UTF - 8 "target =" but cannot find a way to specify 'target' that will work, so I don't know if this script only works with the mailto: Protocol.»»

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Bernie,

    I don't think that there is a shipping option, but you can try setting up you own button with a click with this JavaScript event. ("", false);

    This will give you the XML of the form.  If you want to change the false to true XDP.



  • JavaScript for XML Export & Import XML button button


    I'm a Newb Javascript and I think that I little bit bigger than I can chew... I am trying to create a series of forms (15) and I would like a Data Export and Import button so that the schematic form information could easily be exported and imported into eachother. I was wondering what would be the code required to program a shape data export button and button import data in a form.

    Once an employee submits the form, the submit button will turn into a button "Export form data" where management can click it and it will export the data from the form in XML format to a local folder (download folder?). "The Manager can then choose the appropriate form, open the blank form, click the"Import form data"button of this form where it will be important the ' form_data. XML"file from the folder download and continues to fill the rest of the information. Now, the loop is complete between the forms.

    It is one of the last things I'm finishing on this gigantic project, any help is greately appreciated!

    Thank you


    I think that exportXFAData is not supported in the designer. I think you need to use:


  • Importing data from XML form in hidden form fields & making it visible if the book value


    I export the data in the form submitted, and important in the 2nd-> 3-> etc... Forms, however, a lot of these areas, I want to be kept hidden, unless they have a value. When I import data from field of forms 1, it will be smooth, however if the fields are hidden, you must go through the selection of checkboxes to make it visible again or just do all visible all the time. I was wondering if there is a feature or coding that would go in the direction of: Once imported XML favorite on click on the button "Update fields", go through fields and if hidden fields now have a value do what subform/Sub-sous-form Visible.

    The reason is that if you do have an incident report form which can take 10 names of employees, but only 2 were involved in an incident, it would look very cluttering on the survey form, if there are 10 fields name employee, 10 fields, 10 fields of plane location, etc... But only 2 employees have been involved in a minor incident on the incident report form which does not imply anything else.

    Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for gratefull to any answer.



    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction... A little elbow grease, of coffee, patience, and did I mention the patience and the following works without fault

    Created at the mouse from the export button:"",0)

    The button import of other form value:

    See the sections "Check boxes" to see if this article is supposed to be visible and makes visible the value of import form form: Ready:

    if(Button_DelDep.RawValue == 1)


    Del_Dep.presence = "visible";


    if(Button_DelArr.RawValue == 1)


    Del_Arr.presence = "visible";


    if(Button_Div.RawValue == 1)


    Div.Presence = "visible";


    if(Button_MADiv.RawValue == 1)


    MADiv.presence = "visible";


    if(Button_DelDepXD.RawValue == 1)


    Del_DepXD.presence = "visible";


    if(Button_Other.RawValue == 1)


    Other.Presence = "visible";


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