Fuze breaks winamp


OK so I bought a fuze 8 GB Black Friday and it was fine for a few days my computer has detected very well I was able to sync properly with winamp, all was well with the world. then a few days ago, my computer crashed with the trendy "rocket" since then I can't winamp to play nice with the "rocket" all he did say writng... bed... connected over and over again for about 2 to 3 minutes and then winamp crashes


the firmware is the last 01.01.15A

Operating system is windows XP SP3

Winamp 5.54 pro


I tried foramtting/reinstall the firmware on the "rocket"

I reinstalled winamp several times

I tried to use an older version of winamp

I tried to uninstall plugins notebook and resettlement by hand

rebooted the computer several times

I really can't think what anyone else who will fix it short of reinstalling the OS from scratch but it's alittle too extreme at this point. anyone else have ideas on how I could solve this problem?


After the winamp forums, I determined that the problem was caused by a run of WMP11 installed by the sansa media converter software. I uninstalled the runtime and winamp plays well with the "rocket" now.

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  • Problems playing FLAC major Fuze v1, firmware v1.02.28A

    Ugh. Problem solved, but not a pretty solution.

    "Black Rectangle: try extraction of a track or two with Media Coder instead."  If it works... Well... you know what awaits us. »


    Well, that was the question. I have now re-RIP all my files using Media Coder. The files were initially torn off using FreeRIP 3. All the files pulled from this program has been absolutely perfect on my computer.


    Fuze is apparently very, very selective on what program encodes him FLAC. Very annoying.


    For the record, I have re-torn my compression level 8 pieces, and they all play fine. Compression level so isn't the issue.

    Hi all -

    I have major issues FLAC playing on my new Fuze (v1). Please see below.

    I read one of the FAQ, and here are the answers to questions that someone says people may need:
    1-3. Which operating system/version/SP do you use? Windows XP SP 3

    4. what version of firmware is has your rocket? 01.02.28A

    5. what version of Windows Media Player you have? 11.0

    6. What are the steps that you do?

    In order: Sync had my music to the "rocket" using SyncEXP. Tried to play a FLAC with firmware v1.02.26. Resounding failure. The installer downloaded automatic firmware and updated to the latest firmware. New automatic detection of MSC USB settings. The installer of recycled auto firmware. Had to reset the USB Service Meteorological parameter of the Canada. Downloaded the firmware and copied in the root directory manually. Formatting system. Manually placed music in MUSIC folder. Manually updated firmware to level again. Power to bike system after each update of the firmware.

    7. What do you get?

    Read files FLAC ripped CD 16-bit, 2 channels, 44.1 kHz, ~ 500-1000 Kbps (most ~ 800 - 900 Kbps). All files have been verified to be fully functional on my computer. All play perfectly on my computer (using foobar). All files were torn at the level of quality FLAC 8 (maximum).

    8. What is really?

    Fuze recognizes files, album and Vorbis tags. However, when I play the files, it reads how long the first file is, but immediately she jumps. He jumps then (name of file/song readings without playing) through all the files in this folder. He's constantly giving me a chance to take a break. I would be the behavior of the "rocket" to a seizure or the feedback without end loop sometimes it will just get stuck on the screen, it's "lock up."

    The weird part about this, is that I have downloaded a couple of FLAC of the web, and play them fine.


    Hmmm. If this isn't the tags, or mp3tag cannot correct them, it might be the encoder, which could in fact mean the re-Ripper PITA.

    I like free software for his idealism, but there sometimes whims. The "rocket" only recently added FLAC to its firmware, and he called to be picky about other things (like tags), then maybe the encoder Foobar is not completely compatible - especially since you said that you can play FLACs from other sources.

    Try searching for extraction of a track or two with Media Coder instead.  If it works... Well... you know what awaits us.

  • Album art Itunes using the Sansa Fuze.

    I add album art to several of my albums on Itunes. I then put the songs in a folder on my desktop (the music opens in Winamp) and then put them on my Sansa Fuze. However, the album art is not displayed. How can I solve this problem? Thank you!

    neutron_bob wrote:

    Hands down. the best tool to check the metadata and album art is MP3Tag.  If the embedded art is not of joy, you have MP3Tag export a file as album art.jpg or folder.jpg, another name of file will work with the Sansa.

    Mp3Tag is a free download, but you can make a donation to the author.  Should be supported, as well as the tool works!

    This is for you.


    I finally gave it a try just now, so I could properly integrate album art, and the program really is up to the hype.

  • How to delete songs that came on my Sansa Fuze?

    My Sansa Fuze came with 19 songs on what I want to delete but I don't know how.  When I plug in my Sansa Fuze in my computer the songs do not appear on my computer but they are on the device when I use it.  They are not in the 'Music' folder or any folder when I manage the device to my computer.  Can someone tell me how to remove these unwanted songs?

    If you don't have any other music/photos/videos etc.  on the "rocket", or you have copies that you are ready to transfer again, the best way to get rid of these songs is to format the "rocket" that erases all content (but does not change its integrated software). Settings from settings/system/Format.

    Or if you have a friend with a new Windows computer, you can see the songs and delete them yourself.

    Why can't you see these songs? It's a long story, but a bit simple.

    The "rocket" has two modes USB, MSC and MTP (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode). They have two different lines in the "rocket" and your computer can only read one at a time. (The "rocket" sees it bit any mode).

    The songs of the sample were transferred in MTP mode. But your computer connects via MSC - my favorite - mode so it cannot see them.

    MSC treats the "rocket" as a generic flash drive. You can drag and drop manually, or if you want you can use Winamp or Media Monkey to sync things.

    MTP allows the "rocket" be controlled - sync, etc. - by Windows Media Player 10 or higher. It allows also WMP transmit codes DRM (Digital Rights Muck) hidden-in-the-user for things like the songs protected against copying and audiobooks that expire. Probably not, you use those.

    The idea was to have the equivalent of iTunes/iPod of coordination for the majority of users - but also for the greater freedom and control of Maritime safety, if a user wants to change. No Windows, on Mac or Linux users, find yourself on MSC as well.  The only real requirement for MTP mode is for DRM files.

    On a computer that has Windows Meda Player 10 or higher, Auto Detect mode the "rocket of" (the third choice in Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) - which is what the "rocket" uses unless you changed it - connects in MTP mode and these songs will be visible and removable. That's why it would be simpler to use PC a friend Windows - Vista, Windows 7, etc.

    The original Windows XP comes with Windows Media Player 9 - a too old version for PSG. If you are running XP you could update WMP (via support.microsoft.com) to empty these songs. Then, you must return to the MSC (not Auto Detect) and do all what you did previously to transfer your music., you'll have all your visible songs by you.

  • Play music from Sansa Fuze my computer speakers?

    Can I listen to music on my Sansa Fuze MP3 player in my computer speakers?

    If I can, how can I connect the "rocket" on my computer or on my speakers?

    Connect the "rocket" to your computer with the USB cable. Looking for the "rocket" as a disc or two discs (one for unity, for card) in Windows Explorer (computer or workstation). Discover music. Assuming that you have a drive in your computer - such as Windows Media Player or Winamp or iTunes - you should be able to click on a file and read it.

  • View and Winamp

    I just bought a view yesterday, and I loaded the latest firmware.

    All my music is in FLAC, so I went to use Winamp to transcode files fly to my view.

    However, although I can see files in the .m4a on view in the MUSIC folder, nothing is displayed in the database of music except a bunch of songs I have big add?

    I checked that I have playforsure plugin, I can copy the files to view any difficulty (i.e. without the attention that the file is not compatible"

    I copied a player mp3 and it has worked, but all said it will play .m4a files and even if I changed it the transcoding settings in Winamp always copy files on as .m4a.

    Clues or just make this comeback?

    See you soon


    I suggest, if you are stuck on the Sansa reallllllllllllly, resume and get Fuze.  SanDisk's new firmware for the "rocket" that supports the FLAC.

    I do not think that such an update is coming to view as it is my opinion, but also the opinions of others that the view was abandoned.

    If you're not stuck on Sandisk, and I hope you're not, resume and get something else.

  • What is the best way to load multiple playlists on a V1 8 GB Fuze?

    I have a version of 1, 8 GB Sansa Fuze firmware I want to load some previously created on .m3u playlists.  I can't get this to work.  If I managed to get all the music of such playlists on the player, I'm unable to play through a playlist - they are right on the player as individual tracks, without organisation of playlist.

    Can someone give a step by step how to do what worked for them?

    Thank you!

    Create playlists with Winamp & MSC mode

  • Fuze freaked - out and fixed

    OK, it happened to me.

    My assumptions are: 1) the SanDisk 8 GB MicroSD card was a little problem. It's my first theory.

    (2) try something with the mode MTP and WMP for you all, I use ever, has left a few bad artifact

    (3) I got a bad file out there, even if everything has been implemented through mp3tag

    But it was a severe disorder.

    Turn on the unit and nothing in the artists or Albums except the letter V and the letter F, which each then listed as [empty].

    Tried several soft resets (down the power 30 seconds button) - same result.

    Released A card MicroSD - the same result.

    At home with the computer, connected Fuze with MicroSD card and saw that I could read the albums in the internal memory. Ran ChkDsk/verification of the errors to the case where. Disconnected, and albums were again properly.

    MicroSD inserted and update the database has frozen. Stop, removed MicroSD, the unit itself have behaved properly.

    Put the MicroSD card into a reader of cards for the computer. As a first step, it would not recognize it at all: "Please insert a card."   Finally, after having put the MicroSD card in the reader and the connection and disconnection of the drive, you have the map is displayed in my computer and ran ChkDsk/check the errors on this subject. (No message after checking).

    MicroSD in unity, refresh the database was still frozen.

    Card in the drive again, the computer wouldn't read. Looked in the Device Manager to see the that the computer (Ricoh) card reader driver was the yellow exclamation point. Uninstalled, run add new hardware, it reinstalled. Now, he reads the card.

    Has raced once again error checking, which took much longer and maxed out the CPU (running at 95 - 99 for 100 during nearly an hour). Still no messages after verification. MicroSD returned to rocket. Updating database still frozen.

    Time format. Memory and external being readable, I backed up the on an external drive. I deleted a Winamp .ini file and a file .xml for Windows on the map.

    The internal memory format, formatted card, return to music each - less the last five albums added to the MicroSD card. Everything works fine. Add the last five albums. And always smooth.

    Conclusion: something has happened on this map. Whether the parameters in these .xml and .ini files. or flash memory, exhaust, I don't know. But work methodically and formatting, fixed it.

    When the map includes the files it contains in MTP mode, try to have the card in MSC mode or in a card slot pc may not work. I did not understand files of the PSG on the FLEURIDAS card in a slot for pc not having card does not, but often impossible even to delete the files on the card or format the card in the pc until after that PSG files have disappeared. To do this, put the player in MTP mode, put the card in the reader, then you connect. Now the DPW files can be deleted. After that, the card will be recognized in a pc card slot.

  • Read everything and still the problems of winamp playlist

    Hi all

    I am able to save the playlist in winamp on the "rocket" but it's empty when I go there to play.

    Ive read to be mode msc, ive read on record in the music folder on the "rocket" (which I do) do not have the opportunity to save playlists.

    I read on text editing and folder roots and this stuff is over my head, as internet Explorer components on winamp. IM im scared silly.

    Someone can it break down for a fool like me? How can I do this? Thank you.

    Ok. Then put the songs I want on the "rocket" and transfer it to winamp playlist? Think I get it now, I'll try it tonight. Thanks for holding my hand through this.

  • Why my 8 GB Sansa Fuze has just 7.3 GB available?

    I have had my Sansa Fuze for a few months now, and I just noticed that there is only 7.3 total GB of memory available to the advertised 8 GB, and I have epuise.61 GB. What gives? Please bear with me, I had a very unpleasant experience with this drive recently and I'm very tempted to break the thing blown now.

    Because that's all ' yer going to get, and there is no more!

    Seriously, this is a cause of confusion for many. The short answer is, the computer math is not the same as math 'marketing' In other words, what is sold as 8 GB is not really 8 GB total.

    Here is another discussion on the subject with some explanations, much better techno details as I can.

  • How can I customize my desktop wallpaper? [For a Sansa Fuze]

    I just got my Sansa [Fuze] last Sunday and I really like it, but I was not able to customize my desktop wallpaper.  You can download wallpapers various yourself, or do you go to a special Web site?

    [I only have one color and the Blue]

    Have you updated to the latest firmware (01.01.15) published a few weeks ago? You should have 6 different colors. They are under SETTINGS > SYSTEM SETTINGS > WALLPAPER (top of registration page). They were all solid colors; not very interesting. Unfortunately, there is no way to customize yourself until the moment where the Rockbox people break the code. SanDisk can do something in a future update, but I doubt it.

  • Will this work with Sansa Fuze?

    I just received an FYI Emerson iC2196 CD Clock Radio with docking station for iPod - as a gift.

    I have a Sansa Fuze and this was bought to me because it says no entry to connect iPod and other Mp3 players...

    It seems that the "rocket" will link- but I don't want to break anything!

    OK - I'm writing this, I went to this Web page:


    I see that it says that it has a line-in for MP3 players - so I guess that means that the dock works only for the iPod - Yes?

    Is there a unit similar to this - CD clock (with or without radio) will be also dockable and play the Sansa Fuze.

    I'm not very technical on this stuff - so any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    NEVER plug a Sansa into an iPod dock connector. They may look alike, but they are wired differently. Chances are good that you will FRY your Sansa. If it says "works with other MP3 players", which means that it works by connecting via the headphone jack of your MP3 player, and not the dock connector.

    There is a Timex clock radio that has a dock from Sansa. Search for "sansa clock radio timex" on Amazon or similar sites and you should find it easily enough.

  • How to download video to Sansa Fuze?

    I'm in love with my 4 GB for a month Sansa Fuze.  I have no problem at all downloading music to the device (I call it the 'model-safe MP3'), but I'm a total newbie when it comes to video download.  Is it possible to download video from a TV or Youtube network website?  If so, can someone break it down for me very, very simply?

    It is quite some references on how to do it, but in a nutshell, you need to use the Sansa Media Converter program available for download here. With your rocket connected (this is important, it should be connected during the conversion) raise you the program and drag & drop files and click on convert. Conversion converts the files and place them on the "rocket". Any file as SMC (S Media Converter ansa) cannot recognize it will tell you talk and those who will be executed by another program to convert them to a format THAT SMC likes it. For more details, search these forums

  • new firmware Fuze, no more "creat playlist?

    When I got the firmware 01.17 fuze, let me make a right click on a folder that was on the "rocket" and I see the

    choice, creat playlist. I did that and renamed the file pla and he left the folder music for my fact

    folder on the "rocket". then I can just go to the selection of playlist on the main menu and see what that reading lists

    I did. no stinkin' win media player tool to use, it just me.

    Well, the new update that broke, they also took the choice of Radio region, Japan.

    OK, I got a lot of good info here.   : womanhappy:

    I had the 01.01.22. new firmware detonators and the info on it said it was good 22 p Pacific version I am the Japan.

    but I couldn't get the choice of Jpn RADIO.   : bravohelen: FIXED that by reinstalling the old firmware of the Pacific 01.01.15P.

    (Thanks to have the link on the map here, but perhaps make it easier to find on the homepage of the rocket?

    I also can't just right click on a folder on the "rocket" which was under the music folder and RIGHT click and

    See the choices, "creat playlist": smileyvery-happy: FIX that by changing the USB MODE to how I got it, it's


    When you have it on AUTO, you see more cases on the "rocket" and you have a Playlist file and the above

    Difficulty of the words. It's really nice to simply move a folder to the "rocket", put it in the folder music rocket. then just

    Right-click on the new folder and choice, the playlist of creat. then rename this folder I've done in music

    folder, and move it to the folder Playlist Fuze. NICE, don't Win Media or Winamp necessary tool.

    as I read on this forum very informativ, Yes, delet to stuff that has been added to an another USB MODE, you

    have return to this mode to delet or Formate, so make sure you put your rocket to

    AUTOMATIC DETECTION in usb mode.

  • PSG - MSC, WMP, Winamp, drag-and - d├⌐poser that nothing works for me to create playlists!


    Was very happy to buy the 8 GB Sansa Fuze player and now I am totally frustrated with it.

    I have 2000 songs and I put them on the drive by drag / move (player was still in the factory settings). I had well organized my songs into folders because the ID3 tags are not all good, and I don't want to sit and edit the tags of 2000.

    Obviously the player does not function to browse the folders so I started looking in the creation of playlists and he hass nothing but frustration since then.

    I read almost all of the discussions about this and tried modes of the MTP and MSC and everything. Nothing works.

    Windows Media 11 and Winamp player always without success.

    Here's what I want to do:

    1. create playlists for each folder, I added in the 'Music' folder on the rocket, using the files on the "rocket" and not my computer being the music that I have loaded on different media (external hard drive / CD / etc).

    2 be able to navigate to these playlists and play according to what I want.

    I'm not a geek, but I'm not a starter. So all sorts of solutions welcome.

    Please help me. I really want to throw the player rather than scroll through the songs of 2000 or modify their ID3 tags.

    Feeding you the Lil Monsta first.  It's OK, but the "rocket" can have problems, find the files if they are not correctly tag tags ID3v2.3 ISO-8559-1.

    Music files display correctly when browsing the device?

    The "rocket" recognizes a variety of bit rates, as long as the files are in mp3 or wma format.

    What you need to do is to take the files you have created and edit the ID3 field data as you wish, to group the files if you want.  If the files are grouped together in folders, you can extract the files (or pull the source even if they are available on your PC) and work top with MP3Tag, available for free download.

    I have not tried, but it may be possible to change the files on the device, and then save them to the "rocket" and delete the mtable.sys file in the root directory before you leave or disconnect the "rocket". What I hope will happen, is that the original ID3 tag database will be rebuilt using your tags edited.

    I mention this workaround solution, since you have already loaded 2000 files on the device.

    The sticky issue is the 'default', used when you load your music.  MTP mode out-of-the-box, by default the "rocket" at less than your operating system of the Sansa queued data to open a session of MSC mode communication, based on automatic detection.

    The probability is higher that, since you mention WiMP11, PSG is the mode of choice.  The file mtable.sys in the root directory is not seen in MTP mode.

    Have you tried to synchronize your rocket with WiMP11?  The synchronization process can work in the opposite direction, pulling songs from the device in the library of your Media Player.  Once there, you can use the "Advanced" tag editor to correct tags, but MP3Tag can work on whole batches of similar files for you, or it may even take your entire collection of, say, ID3v2 tags and rewrite as 2.3 with the correct character set.

    Chicken can allow you to generate playlists on your PC and send the .pla playlist file to your Sansa. (No, the files are NOT duplicated in a teeny .pla file, here is only a list of files!)

    Finally, when you're connected in MTP mode, navigate to the music folder.  You can generate playlists at will, especially when they are already on the device using Windows Explorer in MTP mode. Choose a desired file, right click to create Playlist.  Rename this playlist as you want and open it.  Now, drag and drop all your titles in this list box.  Note Please!  You're not actually dragging the files in the list, just the TITLES go from there - how cool is that!

    Two towers with lots of files: If you have a list, hold down the [SHIFT] key will allow you to extract all the files between the two clicks as a group, or now the [CTRL] will allow you to consolidate each individual file clicked until the release of [ctrl key].  Then, drag one of the files selected to the playlist, and all selected files will follow.

    I prefer to drag these new playlists in playlist file, which makes them easier to find later, compared to the research of the multitude of files in the music folder.


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