Fuzzy camera image-update?

I can't get the camera to focus well any resolution or "scene" I select.

I cleaned the lens of the camera with a spray of cleaning for glasses and still no joy.

That is what I'm missing that will get back my phone camera, focusing properly and

Get sharp images every time?


Press and hold the camera button until the square becomes green and then release the camera button. It is the autofocus function.

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  • I installed Photoshop CC now when I download my older camera images in Adobe Bridge and try to open in Photoshop it says file not found

    I have two old cameras, a Canon Powershot SX40 and a Sony DSC - H2. Today, I downloaded Photoshop CC and when I try to open all the images that I downloaded on the bridge of one of these cameras, I get a message "Could not complete your request because the file cannot be found". I can see these image files in the Finder, Adobe Bridge, Illustrator and can open InDesign is. Help, what do I do to be able to open my photos in Photoshop?

    Hi rg,.

    If you have an older version of the Mac operating system, this error may result from last camera raw update.

    Refer to this link: error: 'File not found' when opening JPEG files

    Kind regards


  • I need a camera raw update photoshop download for windows 10

    I need a camera raw update Photoshop download for windows 10.   My photos were taken with a Nikon D750 and Photoshop does not recognize them.

    Hello bali,

    Please let us know the version of Photoshop, you use because you must have the latest version of Photoshop CC 2015 for Camera Raw 9.2.

    Download link: install plug in Camera Raw

    If in case you don't have the latest version of Photoshop, you can use the Standalone DNG Converter to convert raw images to DNG and use in an existing version of Photoshop.

    Download link: Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows: Adobe DNG Converter 9.2

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

    ~ Mohit

  • GigE camera - image grab bars

    Hello world

    I use or acquisition of vision to capture images of a GigE camera.

    I get images just as I trigger the camera - rates so so good.

    All other photos shows a few black bars.

    Anyone have any idea what it could be?

    It is not the hardware, the camera works perfectly with the shape of the manufacturer's software development kit.

    Thanks for any help

    Looks like an incomplete picture, this could be caused by the missing packets.  To prevent missing packets when the acquisition, you can do two main things: the size of the packets configured on the camera may not exceed what the network card can manage and ensure that the bandwidth of the output of the camera image data do not saturate interface band bandwidth.  I would reduce the packet size of camera for 1500 initially to determine if the size of the package is the cause of the problem.  You can throttle how much data that the camera can send by manipulating the interpacket delay, some manufacturers have a very handy feature called StreamBytesPerSecond.  According to what mechanism, you can use, increase interpacket delay or reduce StreamBytesPerSecond.

  • Why is my web cam image to feel upside down using Skype?

    Whenever I try to do a video Skype call to someone, the video image od me is upside down.  How can I put my web cam image upside on the right?


    1. what operating system do you use?

    2. What is the brand and the model number of the webcam?

    3. have you made changes on your computer?

    4. doesn't this problem only occurs with Skype or other applications?

    I suggest you to follow the steps and check.

    1. log in to your Skype account.
    2. click on tools, Options, video and settings.
    3. Select the Webcam settings and click on the Advanced tab.
    4. under the Mirror Image, make sure that Horizontal mirror & mirror Vertical is "unchecked".

    To work with this problem, check if Skype and webcam settings.

    In addition, I suggest you to browse, then post the question on Skype help support for better assistance forums


  • Camera RAW update for Photoshop CS6 9.1.1

    Hi Forum,

    I have a question for the function of Camera RAW update: I use Photoshop CS6. From time to time Iam trying to update the version of Camera RAW. In the Internet is to read, the last Camera RAW 9.1.1 vesrion is def. the latest version which is able to download to Photoshop CS6. When I'm trying to update my CamRAW to this version, the only version I f can find is RAW7.1 of the camera, but not the version 9.1.1. So, what can I do?

    Many thanks in advance and best regards


    You can download it here

    Direct download links of Adobe CC 2015: 2015 creative cloud release | ProDesignTools

    or here

    Plugin Raw camera setup

  • Camera raw update for leica vlux 114?

    Camera raw update for leica vlux 114?

    What version of photoshop elements and the operating system are you using?

    This camera requires at least a 8.7 camera raw plugin that only works in photoshop elements 13 to help help > updates pse 13 Editor.

    Camera Raw plugin | Supported devices

    Applications of camera Raw compatible Adobe

  • What is the last camera raw update for CS5?

    I would like to know the last camera raw update for CS5 support a6000 Sony raw files. I also need to know how to upgrade the plugin.

    The latest version of Camera Raw that you can use with Photoshop CS5's Camera Raw 6.7. To get support for your camera, you need Camera Raw 8.4 or newer. You have several choices:

    1 use DNG converter 8.4 or newer to create DNG copies of your raw files and modify those in Photoshop CS5.

    2 subscribe to the plan of photography creative cloud and to get the latest Photoshop and Lightroom.

    3. Add Lightroom to your workflow by buying a stand-alone license for Lightroom 5.

  • I use Lightroom 4.4, I recently downloaded the last Camera Raw update, 8.8.  It will work with LR 4.4?

    I recently downloaded the last Camera Raw update, 8.8.  It will work with LR 4.4?  My current Camera Raw plugin does not recognize my new Canon 100-400 mm.

    There is no version of Camera Raw that will work with any version of Lightroom – Lightroom does not use plug in Camera Raw. It is an update of the Lightroom program in order to receive these updates.

  • CS4 and Yosemite, Camera Raw update

    I bought a new macbook from apple with Yosemite, I installed Adobe CS4.

    Everything is good so far.

    But when I tried to install the Camera Raw update, adobe refused.

    How can I install the new Camera Raw?

    You can not. The latest version of Camera Raw CS4 supported was 5.7, which is always useful to have.
    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Macintosh

    You pouvez use the latest version of the DNG Converter. Assign to his preference of compatibility to Camera Raw 5.4 and laterand folders duplicates of files raw DNG files, which can be opened by Camera Raw 5.7 under CS4.

    My article on this age-old question.


  • camera raw update nikon d610 cs6

    I recently got a Nikon D610 to replace my D600 camerabut now it says my Camera Raw version must be updated in order to open a picture. I downloaded the version 8.5 camera Raw.plugin (236) and place in Macintosh > library > Application Support > Adobe > Camera Raw. That allowed me to see the actual thumbnail pictures that I was downloading from the camera (instead of see an icon genertic) but when I go to open a picture in CS6 is always said that I need the last Camera Raw update. I have read through the many pages of the Adobe site and get more and more aggravated. It would be nice if there was a Live Chat feature. Can someone enlighten me as to what I should try next? Thank you!

    Yes, it worked! I had gone into the root library but not to not place the plugin in the File Formats folder, just in CS6 file.

    Thank you very much!!

  • Just downloaded latest updates Camera Raw update for use with my new Sony RX100 M3 but still impossible to get the RAW files to open it. Any suggestions?

    Just downloaded latest updates Camera Raw update for use with my new Sony RX100 M3 but still impossible to get the RAW files to open it. Any suggestions?

    Nevermind, I finally got it to work, thanks!

  • may I know if the camera raw updates for cs6?


    may I know if the camera raw update for photoshop cs6?

    I know no functionality will be added, but I don't speak camera support

    for how long will update to camera raw for cs6 (camera support, add new cameras)

    Sorry for my bad English

    Thank you

    Adobe only knows, but what they have said, more or less until thay stop sale photoshop cs6, whenever that might be.

    http://blogs.Adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2013/05/Adobe-camera-raw-8-support-for-Photoshop-c c-photoshop - cs6.html

  • Last camera raw update does not work. Bridge no longer recognizes my raw files.

    I use CS 6 and last camera raw update does not work. Bridge no longer recognizes my raw files.

    If all else fails, try this:

    Plugin Raw camera setup

  • When released the new camera raw update for my nikon d7100

    When released the new camera raw update for my nikon d7100


    See if that answers your question:


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