G570 Intermittent wifi network / slows down as a whole

Hello. I have a Lenovo G570 and there problems of slow wifi. As soon as I opened the laptop, our entire network begins to have horrible download speeds and most of the time will not even connect to Web sites. My max download speed is about 50 kBs with this computer and even other computers/phones on the network, but only when that computer is running. Many times, the computer disconnects from the router but the router always present in available networks, but does not connect automatically, I have to manually connect to him. I contacted my ISP and they said that our internet has been operational 99.97% of the time, if the ISP is not a problem. I have a belkin router, so the router could be a problem. Simply, this started happening a few weeks ago, and it was a real pain, I thank you for the help!

Well sorry for all the display but I found the solution. It turns in addition to my Atheros card, there was a miniport Windows wifi #3 in the control panel network connections section. I disabled it and my internet started to work perfectly. I just uninstalled and my internet worked at a speed ever since. I hope this helps many people.

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